Insert Sailor Moon! – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a semi-fusion, alternate story.

Part 1: "Oops, I did it again!"

The battle between Negaverse ruler Queen Beryl, the avatar of the dark goddess Empress Mattalia, and the champion of Love and Justice "Sailor Moon", the reincarnated Princess Serena of the late Moon Kingdom, was a fierce one. Her fellow "princesses", known as "the Sailor Scouts", had fell in battle. However, though alone, Sailor Moon used the strength of her friends and loved ones to overcome the full power of the "Negaforce", the very essence that fueled Mattalia's power.

"Aieeeeeeeeee-!" Beryl/Mattalia screamed, as they were torn asunder. Using the full power of the Silver Millennium Crystal, Sailor Moon both destroyed her enemy, and sealed away the dark dimension Negaverse…perhaps forever. Sadly, the use of her crystal had a price. Slowly dying, Sailor Moon wished that she and her loved ones had a second chance at life.

Be careful for what you wish for.

At the same time that Sailor Moon disappeared, to be reborn, a certain pig-tailed martial artist and his father was about to meet their destiny. Though it would be more accurate that "destiny" will proverbially sneak up behind these two, and club them in the back of the head.

And now, on to our story…

Ranma Saotome was bored. He wanted to get back home, but his father Genma was insistent on taking him to this training ground before heading home. All before him was a collection of springs, most of which had varying number of bamboo poles in them.

"Welcome to Jusenkyo," the portly guide said, as he brought up the rear. "Once used as a training ground, not used because of its cursed nature."

"Feh, yeah, right!" Ranma said. "This place doesn't look so tough."

"Well, we'll see about that, boy," Genma said, as he sat down his pack, and adjusted his glasses. "Come, let's train."

"Bring it on!" Ranma said with confidence, as he and his father jumped on top of the poles.

"Sirs! Didn't you hear what I just said?" said the Jusenkyo guide.

Both father and son fought in their impromptu sparring match. Their martial arts style, called "Anything Goes", relied on speed and agility in aerial combat, something Ranma was very good at. At first, they were evenly match, as the two exchanged blows. Finally, Ranma made a lucky shot, and slammed his father into one of the pools.

"Over so soon, Pop?" Ranma said with a cocky smile.

Suddenly, something pops out. Or, should that be, SOMEONE pops out. Standing on another pole, was a long-haired, blond girl who was wearing a bald cap and glasses. She appeared to be around Ranma's age.

"P-pop?" Ranma stammered.

"What's matter boy?" the girl says. "Cat got your tongue?"

And with that, the girl began to attack Ranma.

"I don't understand," said the Jusenkyo guide. "Customer fell in 'Spring of Drowned Panda'. Customer should have taken body of panda!"

"You're telling me!" Ranma said, as he tried to dodge the girl. However, an accidental peek in the girl's "gi" was more than enough to distract Ranma.

"No!" Ranma said, as he fell into one of the Jusenkyo pools. When Ranma fell in, he felt odd.

"Oh, no! Customer fell in 'Spring of Drowned Girl'! Customer should take body of girl!"

Sure enough, Ranma was now a girl. Like Genma, Ranma now sported blond hair. However, her body was more lither than Genma's. Also, her hair was much longer than Genma's.

"That's it, Pop!" Ranma yelled, as she cracked her knuckles. "You're going to pay!"

Meanwhile, another visitor was making his way to Jusenkyo.

"Finally," the boy said, as he trudged up the hill. "I'll finally have my revenge!"

"Get back here Pop!" yelled a voice.

The boy turned to the source of the yell, only to be bowled over by a girl with glasses. He got up, and wondered what was going on, only to be bowled over again by another girl. This time, the boy was knocked over the side of the pathway, and into one of the Jusenkyo pools.



The boy, whose name is Ryouga Hibiki, felt himself changed. When he surfaced, he realized that something was…off. For one, his hair was slightly longer and blue, and two, he was now a "she".


After some serious thrashing, Ranma and her father came back for their packs. The guide had taken them to his cabin near the springs, where they saw another girl, also in ill-fitting clothes.

"You too, huh?" Ranma said.

"Yeah," the blue haired girl said. "My name is Ryouga Hibiki."

"Ryouga…sounds familiar," Ranma replied. "My name is Ranma-"

"Ranma? RANMA!"

The blue haired girl got into a fighting stance. However, there was a small voice in the back of her head that was telling Ryouga to calm down.

"I ought to…ought to-!"

"I don't know why you want to fight," Ranma said, as she stepped forward, "but-"



Ryouga saw this, and laughed.


"You're being mean! Wah!"


"Boy, be a man!" Genma said. "You must believe in the power of love to see yourself through."

Ryouga and Ranma looked at Genma.

"What the heck are you talking about?" Ranma asked.

"Never mind that!" Genma said.

"Customers," the Jusenkyo guide, "I have good news about curses…"


Author's note: There you have it. Sailor Moon and Ranma Saotome are now "one". As time goes on, more and more of the Sailor Scouts' personalities will come to the forefront. By the end of the "Ranma ½" part (i.e. Vol. 38), Princess Serena/Usagi Tsukino will make a full comeback (in what manner is anybody's guess), and then on to the rest of the Sailor Moon saga. Later!

Next time: "Meet the Tendos!"