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Ada came to my room last night and saw that I was feeling better and told me of a summons from Gondor. That was asking Ada, the twins, me, and anyone who wanted to come to Gondor for Aragorn's Coronation that was taking place in a week in a half. I asked if we were going, he acted like he was thinking about it, then shook his head yes. I hugged him then. The next week was passed in a blur. The first couple of days were filled with packing supplies for travel and getting a dress made for the coronation. The next couple of days after that were filled with traveling from Rivendell to Gondor. We arrived in Gondor a day before the coronation. Legolas met us and told us that he had taken the duty of greeting all of the Elven guests, since Aragorn had so much to deal with already. All the elves laughed at that, because they all knew it was so my presence could be kept secret for a day more and surprise Aragorn.

The day passed quickly and I hardly paid attention to the Coronation itself, I was so nervous. I don't think I really started to pay attention until Aragorn, or should I say King Elessar, was standing in front of Legolas, giving him a warrior greeting. Legolas smiled at his best friend and tilted his head to look to his right were my father and me were standing. Aragorn frowned slightly and looked in the direction that Legolas was facing. Confused, Aragorn walked over to Lord Elrond who smiled at him. That is when the banner caught his eye and I slowly moved it aside. When he saw me, I knew he could hardly believe it. His eyes spoke of the fear of it being nothing more than a dream. But then, he took the banner from my hand and handed it to the person next to me. I lowered my head, bowing to him, when he stopped me and caught hold of my chin gently and kissed me and then spun me around. The people cheered us and it warmed my heart that they held no ill will toward me, though I had once been Elven kind. I started laughing, I was so happy. Aragorn soon remembered where he was and grabbed my hand and together we walked, greeting the people of Gondor and the guests from other lands until we stopped in front of the Hobbits. Those sweet, humble creatures right tried to bow to us. But, rightly, Aragorn stopped them simply saying, "You bow to no one." He and I then bowed to them and we were soon followed by everyone who attended the Coronation. I do think it must have been a little startling for those shy, noble souls, though I suspect the two called Merry and Pippin were a little more at ease than were Frodo and Sam.

Our wedding was held about a month after the Coronation. Everyone was there, and so I officially became the Queen of Gondor. Aragorn and I spent many wonderful years together and have one son and three daughters. We saw Legolas, Gimli, and many of the hobbits many times over the years. When Aragorn spent his last breath, the only people that were present were our children, Legolas, Gimli, and myself. We spent hours retelling memories and saying our goodbyes as did he. When Aragorn died, Gondor mourned. Eldarion soon became King, following in the footsteps of his father. Our oldest daughter became an advisor to him, my two youngest married. Legolas and Gimli went to the harbor and began to build a ship to carry them to the Undying Lands. As for myself, I left Gondor after I knew my children would be all right and traveled to Lorien and eventually joined my husband in the afterlife. Our time on Middle-Earth was well spent and I do not regret my choice. At the breaking of the world, we will be reunited with our kin and friends who sailed to the Undying Lands, but for now, we are happy and content together.

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