Sam and Danny lay in a field, gazing at the clouds in the blue mist that was the sky. They were going to graduate the next day, and were softly whispering to each other, saying random things and such to comfort each other. Sam, finally exasperated with the way the conversation was going, got on her elbow and stared at Danny, contemplating him while he was still looking at the clouds.

His blue eyes seemed to glow softly with the light cast by the sun, and his hair had a surreal look to it, softly waving in the wind, in a way that made Sam want to run her fingers through it. He lay on his back, and his arms were behind his head, showing off the muscles he had acquired from years of fighting ghosts. She sighed softly, causing him to glance and her confusedly.

"Sam? I've been asking you what you see in that cloud for the past minute..."

Sam blushed hotly and followed his eyes to the cloud. After a moment of staring, she grinned and looked over at him.

"It kind of looks like a man and a woman." Her voice came out as a murmur, even though there was no one near them and they were in a huge field on the outskirts of Amity Park.

He peeked at her while her eyes were on the fog above them. Her amethyst eyes twinkled merrily, and she had a small smile on her lips. She had undeniably 'grown up', and even though it caused him to redden, she was no longer little Sammie. She had gotten older, and he had too. Now they were going to be going their separate ways, and Tucker was going to a collage that majored in technical studies out of state. Right now he was with his parents, getting ready to move.

He nodded at her answer and turned like she was on his elbow, and nudged her slightly with his shoulder, causing her to look at him. He opened his mouth, but somehow, the words he wanted to couldn't come out. It was like he couldn't put all the things going through his mind into words.

" you ever wonder what its like?"

She rolled her eyes and grinned at him.

"I'm glad you weren't vague. Otherwise I might be confused," she remarked sarcastically.

"Sam, I mean life! Living, having to grow up. Sam, we're not little kids! We're going to have to make really important decisions soon, and I'm...I'm sort of scared." His words came as a mutter, and she had to lean close to hear him.

She bit her lip. The same thing had been going through her mind. As a teenager, as a freshman, she had never imagined them apart. The three amigos, three musketeers, always together. She placed a trembling hand over his on the ground and gazed into his cerulean blue eyes.

"Danny, even at the risk of sounding like a cheesy idiot, just because we grow older doesn't mean we grow apart. We might not be friends forever, but we don't have to end our friendship just because high school is ending. Danny, I wasn't friends with you since kindergarten because of your adorable looks! I really care about you and Tucker, and we'll keep in contact."

Danny glanced at their hands, which had somehow become locked together, fingers intertwined. He blushed and gripped her hand tighter.

"Sam, I don't want to have to grow up."

Sam laughed, and ruffled Danny's hair lovingly.

"Danny, just because we get older doesn't mean we grow up. You and Tucker will still be the same stupid goofballs you always were, and I'll still be the sarcastic Goth girl! Danny, not everything changes when you graduate. All this means is we have to work hard and get good jobs. Besides, how could I live without you? Your Danny, savior of Amity Park, my favorite little ghost boy..." she smirked softly, happy to see Danny perking up.

"I, you'll still love me even though we might be far apart?"

Sam blushed, and glanced at Danny for any signs of joking. He had an extremely uncomfortable look on his face, and she decided to avoid the topic at hand.

"Danny, no one says that I'll be moving to Antarctica! I might even go to the same collage as you. I'll never forget you wherever I am. You're my best friend Danny..."

He sat up and wrapped his arms around his knees in a fetal position, making him look like a little kid in trouble.

"Sam, if we do get separated, just remember that no one will ever replace you. I'll never love anyone like I do you."

His cheeks were tinted pink, but he held a determined look on his face, while Sam flushed red outright, and looked at the ground, playing with a blade of grass. A flower caught her attention. It held the most beautiful petals, but looked as if it might break apart at any second. 'Why does everything perfect fall apart? I might never get to love him like I want to, and now we're might be going to different collages and...everything's all confusing.'

"Sam crawled over in front of him, and he looked up from his knees and into her purple eyes.

"No one will ever take YOUR place Danny Fenton, because I'll never love someone like I love you either."

Without any warning she leaned forward as he did, their eyes closing slowly. His lips melted against hers, and all thoughts were banished from both of their minds. They lay there kissing, in an abandon field filled with gorgeous flowers, as two of the petals off Sam's flower broke off together and settled on the ground, still connected.

No matter how old you get, you never grow up. No matter how far apart, love can reach great distances. And no matter how big the problem, friendship will last anything.

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