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Son of Apocolyspe

Summary: The night that Hagrid came for Harry Potter another man made it before him. When he arrived the man looked at him and disappeared. Harry Potter has been adopted.

The Adoption

Albus Dumbledore sat at his desk and sighed. He had failed. Harry Potter was gone, taken by somebody he didn't know. He should have gone to get Harry himself, but instead he had sent Hagrid. "Curses!" he muttered. "I knew I should have had done something else. Now the wizarding world is truly doomed." then he sighed again. Suddenly he heard a knock from his door. Who could that be at this ungodly hour of the night? he thought. He sighed, Ah, I might as well go get it. Nothing worse could happen. "Come in!" he shouted. A man entered the door, dressed in a suit. He had a black tux, black pants, black bowler hat, black shoes, red shirt, silver tie, and a cane which had a large emerald at the top and looked like it was made of ebony. He also had a child in his arms. A baby. Harry Potter, to be exact. Albus sat up happily and beamed at the man. "Ah, I see you have brought young Potter. Please sit down, tell me your name." "I have not brought Ixidor here to give to you Dumbledore. And by the way my name is Apocolyspe. Recognize it? No? You should. I'm a god Dumbledore. The one that created everything. Ring a bell? No, not yet I see. Perhaps this name will tell you. Demon of Darkness, the name my enemies gave me. Ah, I see you recognize me." Apocolyspe said. "So you are Apocolyspe. I always wanted to meet you, the legends about you are infamous. And don't you mean Harry, not Ixidor?" said Albus. "No Albus, I mean Ixidor. Ixidor Caleje Master. My son. You see Albus, I am adopting the young one here, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Oh, don't worry Albus, he will be well taken care of. My best will train him. I will send him back when he roughly thirteen million years old. Oh, don't worry Albus, that is only about twelve, thirteen years in this world. He will be a god. The god of magic. Won't you Ix? Won't you my son." He said. Albus looked defeated. "What do you need me to do then? You already have him! You don't need me!" "On the contrary Albus, I do need you. I want to make this legal in this world. You are going to sign this contract. In blood. Got it?" Albus nodded. "Good. Sign here and here." Albus signed the paper with his blood defeated. "Ah, perfect. Goodbye Albus, I'll see you in thirteen years." And with that Apocolyspe left.

After he left. Albus Dumbledore broke down into tears. "What have I done, oh what have I done?"

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