Title: A Long Awaited Sentiment

Author: nahimana

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Author's Note: Well, I was pretty much going to post this once I got the tenth yes, because eh. You guys deserve it. And then I got another 70 or so. Most reviews for a chapter ever! So go you guys! I hope this satisfies some of your curiosity.

Epilogue- 2 Years Later

This is the last time

That I will say these words

I remember the first time

The first of many lies

Sweep it into the corner

Or hide it under the bed

Say these things they go away

But they never do

Something I wasn't sure of

But I was in the middle of

Something I forget now

But I've seen too little of

-This is the Last Time, Keane

"Severus Snape. Here for Lucius Malfoy."


"One of your front brutes took it."

"How do I know to believe that?"

"Summon it."

"Accio Severus Snape's wand."

A wand came flying down the stairs minutes later, a portly man in bright purple robes chasing after it.

"Artie! What'd you do that for?"

"Sorry, Joe." the guard handed the wand back to the man Severus identified as "Joe" and he walked off irritably.

The guard, "Artie", nodded to Severus. "You're free to enter, then. Cell 12"

Snape nodded courteously and stalked off through the area where the big security door had been moments ago. There was a foul stench in the air of Azkaban prison, Severus noted, and was extremely glad he hadn't found himself there for more than a week at a time. There was the sound of water crashing on the nearby rocks of the island and Severus imagined after a while it would become maddening. He ignored the chill he felt down his spine as a Dementor floated past him and was suddenly thankful Harry, still unable to cope well with dementors, had refused to come with him.

Finally, Severus came to a cell with the number "12" above it. At first, it appeared to be empty, but on closer inspection Severus could see a figure curled in the corner of the room, his filthy robes blending with the dark grey stone walls.

"Lucius." Severus said tersely. The figure lifted his head, which was as dirty as the rest of him.

"Severus." he said coldly. "Why are you here?"

"I am here to make sure that you remain. That you haven't found a way to worm yourself out again."

"No such luck, as of yet. You wouldn't be willing to help out an old friend?" At this, Lucius got up, wincing, and moved to stand opposite Severus, only the bars separating them.

"I would hardly call you a friend." Snape told him, folding his arms across his chest. Lucius' eyes were drawn to his left hand.

"So you married the half-blood boy, did you, Severus?" he asked, nodding to the simple silver band on his left ring finger.
"No. We're not married. Potter refuses to do it until it's legal in the muggle world."

Lucius laughed a harsh, dry laugh like he hadn't done it in months. He probably hadn't.

"The perils of shagging a half-breed. The perils of shagging a student, I should say. Really Severus, I never pictured you for a pedophile."

"And what did you picture me as, Lucius?" He and Harry had gone over the same issue a hundred times, now. Harry was not a child. "A Death Eater? A fuck toy? Hmm?" Severus asked calmly.

"I mistook you for a Death Eater one too many times, didn't I, Severus? You had so much potential..." Lucius almost seemed wistful. Severus snorted.

"As lovely as this has been, I merely wanted to wish you a nice life with nobody but Dementors to bugger you. Good-bye, Lucius."

Severus turned and walked away, and felt the corners of his lips turn up in a smile.


Severus winced as the door slammed shut. It was impossible to close without a racket, and was next on the list of things to fix with the old house. Bloody tenants had been extremely lazy with the upkeep.

"Severus? Is that you?" A voice yelled.

"Yes. Where are you?" Severus yelled back.

"Dining room!"

Severus made his way through a hundred or so boxes cluttering the entrance to find Harry in the dining room, objects floating out of boxes all around him as he lounged in a chair reading a Quidditch magazine.

"When you said you were going to spend the day unpacking, somehow I imagined a bit more effort would go into the process." Severus said, moving out of the way of a flying plate and sitting on one of the chairs surrounding the large dining table. Harry looked up from his magazine.

"If you've got it, why not use it?" he asked cheerfully, gesturing to his wand, which lay on the arm of the chair next to him.

"Because some wizards enjoy a little hard work every now and then."

"Some wizards didn't grow up in a cupboard doing all the hard work, and defeat Voldemort at the age of seventeen. I deserve a break, especially from mundane work like this. I'd prefer to do other kinds of work." he said petulantly, but grinned at Severus anyway.

"Does this mean you will be leaving the ranks of the unemployed and getting a job anytime soon, then? You have the scores. Even in potions."

"I had a good teacher," Harry said, giving Severus a suggestive wink, but continuing normally, "and, yes, I would like to do something, sometime, but I just haven't figured out what yet."

Severus "hmm"ed and Harry rolled his eyes.

"I did do something without magic today." He told Severus eagerly. "Want to see?"

"I suppose. Will it require me getting up?"

"Yes." Severus instantly regretted agreeing. Apparition was tiring at the best of times, especially when apparating to and from Azkaban, where the Dementors drained one's magic.

He stood up nonetheless and followed Harry to the mantle of the fireplace, where Harry had arranged photos of Snape's mother, Harry's parents and their various friends and acquaintances, with a few of just them thrown in.

"Well? What do you think?" Harry asked happily.

"It looks ridiculously homey." Harry laughed slightly.

"I thought you might say that. What d'you think of the one in the middle?" Harry asked, pointing to the picture Lupin had given him while Harry was still gone, the one of them in the snow. "I still reckon it's strange that you can't see my glamour anymore; that it just looks like me." Harry said to Severus. The photo Harry and Severus were whispering to each other.

"Mmm." Snape said, feeling the insane urge to wrap his arms around Harry from behind. Harry smiled and rested his hands on top of Severus' as he did just that. It had been a while since he had stopped resisting his urges when it came to Harry.

"How did it go...with Lucius?" Harry asked quietly.


"Did you find out...what you needed to know?"

Severus looked at the top of Harry's messy hair, and turned his eyes to the photo. Photo Harry moved his head and grinned up at him. Photo Severus rolled his eyes. Lucius would never compare to Harry. Never had, really.

"Yes." he said, and kissed up Harry's neck. Harry moaned, and turned to face him. Snape kissed him deeply, passionately, placing his hands on Harry's back. Harry moaned again and kissed back eagerly, and began undoing Severus' top buttons. They started stumbling backwards, knowing they wouldn't make it upstairs to the bedroom, but at least hoping to make it to the lounge, where there was a semi-comfortable couch and they were less likely to be hit in the head with a plate.

On the mantel, the photo Harry turned and kissed photo Snape, who smiled.

It took half the time

I am still afraid

So stay by my side

And hold on to my hand

Try to teach me that

I'm alright I guess

But there's so much wrong

But there's so much right

I guess we'll agree

To differ on one thing


Make Love to Me Forever, Snow Patrol

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