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chapter 1

/It seems what we have no choice but to send them in, Sugoroku./

The short, old man with the weird hair style sighed. "I was afraid you'll say that, my friend."

/You knew it has to come one day, Sugoroku. He was raised to./

"I know, I know. It's just...he's my only family left and he still seem a bit young and innocent for this." the old man said and scratched his bread and mustache.

/He's 16./ the voice said flatly.

"I know that! But even that, he's still TOO INNOCENT to be thrown into a tank full of blood-thirsty sharks!" he said in a over-protective way, shaking his fist.

/Heh heh heh. Still worried about him, aren't you old man./

"Look who's talking."

/Don't worry, my friend. Have faith in your grandson. He will be fine and we need him on this mission./

"I know, but this will be Yugi's first important assignment. I don't want him to get hurt in anyway."

/Fear not. He won't be alone. He'll be with his the top crew./

The old man nodded. "He'll feel safe with his friends. Alright. I'll tell him tomorrow."

/Good. Fear not, Mutou. They will be safe. They are the top agents we have./

"Yes." he agreed then a bell ringed. "Look like it's time for me to open the shop."

/Still working as a game store owner, Sugoroku?/

He just shrugged. "Eh. It's a living. Until the morrow, Charlie."


"Yugi! Wait for me!"

"Hm?" a teen with innocent violet eyes stopped when his name was called out and turn. "Oh, hey Ryou!"

A boy about 16 with long white hair ran up to him and was breathing hard from the running. He has hair that reached to his back, his skin is pale as if it hasn't been touched by sun for years. With is somewhat true.

"Thanks. Yugi. for. stopping." he panted and looked up with his soft doe brown eyes.

"Sure. Anytime, Ryou." the young teen smile brightly to his friend. "Wanna walk to the shop with me? Grandpa said he has to tell me something important today."

They walk down the street together.

"Really? What a strange coincidence." the albino said, surprise laced with his British

accent. "I was called to meet with your, grandfather too."

"That is strange. I wonder what he wants to tell us." Yugi pondered on the thought for a while before some voices brought him back.

"YUGI! RYOU!" two voices shouted.

"Huh?" they both turn to see two very familiar faces. " JOU! MALIK!"

"Hey, guys, wassup?" the teen with dirty blond hair said in a Brooklyn accent, waved. "Been a while."

"How have you guys been?" the other teen with platinum blond hair ask, his accent very Egyptian.

"You're back!" the violet -eyed boy cheered and jump into hug them. "When did you got back?"

"Oof! Jus dis mornin'." Jou grunted but send his short friend a grin, his brown eyes filled with laughter. "Guess ya still haven't changed, huh Yuge?"

"Nope!" he singed brightly. Jou just laughed.

"Ok, enough love. How's things here, Ryou?" Malik asked after he pulled out of the boys embrace.

"It's been sort of quiet with you guy gone but ok." he answered then thought of something. "Wait, why are you guys back so early? I thought you were on an assignment? "

They resume with their walk to the game store as Jou explained.

"We were, until we gotta message sayin' we gotta get back here." he explained and shrugged. "So we hurried up with our assignment and got here as fast as we can."

"We could have been here earlier if you would of hurry up hacking in to the main computer." Malik said and scoffed, rolling his purple eyes. "And you were suppose to be the top technical agent."

"Shaddup! It was yer fault! Ya were da one who attracted dat sap and tricked da alarm before I could shut it off!" Jou growled at the other blonde.

"Can you blame me for being dead sexy?" he said with is hand on his hip.

"I should blame ya for almost making us dead." the brown-eyed blond said flatly.

"Whatever." he said and held up a hand.

"Jou, what did the message said?" Yugi asked, interrupting their conversation.

"Wha-? Oh, it jus told us ta go ta your grandpa's store." he said reading the piece of paper.

"This is strange. That what Yugi and I were told too." Ryou said. "I wonder what's going on."

"C'mon! Let's get there now!" Yugi yelled and ran.

The others stared after their patiet friend and shook their heads.

'Same ol' Yugi.'

And ran after him.


They arrived at a small store the sign 'KAME GAME' on it. They walk in with a ding from the bell.

"Grandpa! We're here!" Yugi called out from the door.

"Ah! Yugi, you're back and you brought your friends." the old man said as he walk in fro the back. "How are you boys? Assignment went ok?"

"Sup, Gramps. Dere was a little problem but nothin' too bad." Jou said with his friendly grin.

"Hi, Mr. Mutou. It was ok." Malik comment and lean on the wall.

"Hello again, Mr. Mutou." Ryou said respectfully and bowed.

The old man let out a laugh. "Enough with the formality. It makes me feel old!" he laughed again at his own joke.

"Grandpa, what was the urgent news?" Yugi asked.

He then turn serious and nodded. "I'll tell you in the office. We have to meet with Charlie."

Hearing the name, they all went serious too and nod. They help close the store first then follow the old man to the back room. He moved a box aside and opened a closet. He stepped into it. Then the other 's followed.

It was large enough to hold them all. Then Mr. Mutou held out a pendent that was the shape of and Egyptian eye and fitted it to a small scanner hidden on the side of the closet. Suddenly the door was shut and everything turn dark. Then they all felt the floor moving down and slid forward.

They didn't seem surprise with the floor moving as a soft elevator music was heard from the corners. They all waited patiently for a couple of minutes, humming to the tune of YMCA. (it's a good tune! even though it took a few years to understand the lyrics)

Just as the song ended, so did the ride.

The door opened and they all walk out to a whole new place. It was clean, organized and very white. They walk towards the glass elevator and went up tot he top pent house. Once there they were seated on a round white loveseat on front of a desk. There was a small speaker on top of the desk.

/Good afternoon, Hikaris./

"Afternoon, Charlie!" They all cheered happily tot he box.

/I see you are all well. There wasn't much trouble was there?/ it ask.

"Nope. Ding's went A-OK." Jou said.

/Good. Good to hear./

"Um, Charlie, If I may?" Ryou ask shyly.

/Yes? Go on, Ryou?/

"Well, I was just, uh, wondering what, er, is it you called us for? um, sir?" he stuttered.

/Ah, thank you for reminding me, Ryou. Yes, I know you are all wondering what it is I summoned you all hear for./

They all nodded eagerly and lean forward, awaiting for their answer.

/Agent Yugi, Agent Ryou, Agent Jou, Agent Malik- I am sending you all on a Code Red Mission./


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