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chapter 17

"No, Yami! Ah!" Seto yelled out as he try to stop his friend but was too late.

They watch as their leader ran into the black vortex. Painful screams were heard from the trap and the insane laughter of the mad man, Pegasus echoed into around the black shadowed room.

"Yami." Seto said softly, then angrily turn to Pegasus. "Pegasus! Stop this now! Yami's in there!"

But the man just continued to laugh.

"Hahahaha! It is too late, High Priest! He's gone!" he laughed again. "And to sacrifice a pharaoh to the God is a reward of more power to me!"

"You!" Bakura growled as he finally figured it out. "You! This is a trap just so you can get more power!"

Understanding it now, they all turn to him and was ready to kill.

"You used us!" Marik growled, grabbing hold of his Millennium Rod.

But Pegasus didn't seem fazed with the weapon, instead he looked amused and laughed again before holding up his hand, showing a magic card. He chanted a small spell and suddenly a haze of green fog descended from the card and surround the three.

"PARALYZING POTION!" he summoned.

The three choke on the poisonous gas and felt the effect on their body as it begin to go numb. They dropped to their knees, their arms too heavy to lift as it hit the ground with a thud. They glared up at the snickering man above them.

"Pegasus!" Seto growled, trying to struggle through the magic.

"Oh, don't worry, Kaiba-Boy, " the white-haired man smirked as he knell next to the fallen CEO, lifting his chin up. "if you ask nicely, I might let you live long enough to see me become the new ruler of the world."

Seto sneered at him and turn his gaze to the screaming of pain in the dark vortex. 'Katsuya.'

Yami grab the knob and yank it open harshly. The room was pitch black. Taking a breath in, he stepped inside.

Just as he stepped into the room, it flashed open a bright light. Yami have to shield his eyes before he adjust them to the light. When his eyes are clear, he looked around in wonder at the room. It was a bright room, decorated as a child's room with little toys and puzzles spread around the floor. There was colorful paint in the room to brighten the room, childish pictures everywhere.

The room was overwhelmed with innocence.

"Yugi!" he called out, taking a few steps in.

Then the door slammed shut behind him. He look back at the door and could see that it's locked. Not intimidated by the door, he continues his journey in the strange room of innocence.

"Yugi! Where are you?" he called out again and was rewarded with a quiet sob.

Hearing it, Yami starts to run towards it. He ran to the back of the room. He didn't noticed the sudden change of scenery as the light starts to dim and the darkness lurks closer. He was too concentrated in finding Yugi.

It was then did he notice when he can to a stop in front of another door, but this door was different from the first. Instead of a welcoming door, it was a dark black door that glows with dark energy that Yami could clearly see.

'Evil, dark, yet...familiar.'

Staring hard at the door, he think what to do. Should he open the door and see what's inside or play it safe and not?

Suddenly a helpless cry broke this train of thoughts and he immediately know his choice.

Reaching the knob, he hissed as he felt a cold shiver that jolted his back but tighten his grip and open the door...

Another blurring light flared in front of him, blinding hid once again with its intenseness and heat. Yami lifted his arm to shied his eyes as he step forward. When he walked, he found his steps difficult as the ground below it feels as if it's sinking and slipping but he was able to hold his balance.

"Pharaoh! Pharaoh, what are you doing out here!" a low, raspy voice called out, sounding very pestered.

"Wha?" Yami mumbled, bemused of the voice.

"You know you know you have an important meeting today in less than 5 minutes and what are you doing? Lolly-gagging in in the garden!" the same voice scolded him. "There's no time to play around, now go!"

Then he felt a grip on his arm and found himself being tugged towards somewhere.

"Hey! Wait, what-who!" Yami stumble as he's literally being dragged, half blind towards somewhere he doesn't know, to this meeting he know nothing about, by this strange guy who seem to know him. Even though Yami doesn't know him! "Would you just stop!"

The man huffed in annoyance and halted Then he turn to face him and Yami could see now that who was dragging him was indeed another man, much shorter, surprisingly shorter that him, wearing a full robe that covers his entire body only showing a pair of old, impatient purple eyes.

"I know how you dislike long board meetings, your Highness, but this is VERY important and we don't have time to waste" The old man said in a incredibly calm tone. "And to be late for a meeting is a shameful thing to do for the King of Egypt. Now, if you're quite done with your childish behavior, I suggest we get going!"

And with that he continue his dragging towards the grand palace with Yami in tow, speechless and baffled.

They were half way to their destination when Yami finally have recovered enough wit to pick up his jaw and get his mind in motion.

Giving his head a small shake, he narrowed his eyes and force his voice to come out cool and compose.

"Who are you and where, by Ra, are you taking me?" he demanded, not bothering to stop as he was now at the same pace as the mysterious, short man.

He heard him sighed again and shake his head.

"Of all the time to act." he heard him muttered in a wary, hopeless tone before raising his voice to say, "Alright, I'll play along. Greetings, I am Solomon, the Pharaoh's mentor, and who are you, you ask? Why you're the Pharaoh! And do you know what that means?" he asked, thoughtfully sarcastic.

Yami blinked a few times, not used to be treated like this, as if he were a uneducated child.

"Uh...no?" he responded as a question.

He paused again and turn to face him.

"Let's try this again. I am the Pharaoh's mentor." he said slowly, pointing to himself.

Yami nod.

"You are the Pharaoh." he said pointing to Yami.

He nodded again.

"Which makes me...?"

"...My...mentor?" Yami finished.

The man smiled in his eyes and nodded with progress.

"Good. Good. And do you know what a mentor do?"

He shook his head.

The shorter man folded his hands on his back and walk around the still bemused teen.

"A mentor is a trusted adviser, a teacher, someone who takes you under his wing and shows you the rope, in a matter of speaking." he explained.

Yami nodded again in understanding.

"And now, as your mentor, I give you one more wise advise for your journey in the future." he said, full of wisdom and intelligences. He has his hands still on his back, his eyes closed.

"What is it?" Yami whisper, leaning in close to hear the wise advice.

"Think fast."



Then he pushed him on the shoulder with surprising strength, leaving Yami to stumble backwards through a door.

"What-! Whoa!" he cried out as he lost his balance and feel on his back. "Ow..."

"Um, Pharaoh?" another voice called out, sounding very uncomfortable.

Yami opened his eyes, blinked and see three pair of eyes set on him, all very familiar. "huh?"

"My Pharaoh, as your Right-Hand man, and High Priest, I'd advise you to get off the floor before someone sees you." a bored tone said flatly, though you can hear a smirk in the tone.

"Or if you like, Pharaoh, you can stay there and make a complete ASS of yourself. Ha ha ha." a lower, harsher tone voice said with much humor in his state.

"I would like to see him make as ass of himself!" a third cheerer, strangely menacing voice laughed along. "It'll be very funny!"

Yami blinked again in disbelief as he slowly turn around and pick himself up.

"Kaiba? Bakura? Marik? What the hell?" he said in surprise.

The one with cobalt eyes snorted and crossed his eyes. "At least your brain didn't crack that hard, but I rather you call me by my other name than whatever you'd just called me if you don't mind." he said arrogantly.

"Pity, I'd thought he would at least be bleeding. How dull." The silver-haired one scoffed and lazily lodge on a large chair that's set next to three others.

"So no fun? Aww." Marik pouted in disappointment, then slouch down next to Bakura.

After Yami steadied himself on his feet he just stared at them.

"What the hell are you guys doing? And where are we!" he yelled, annoyed and angry for the confusion he's feeling.

The others just stared back surprised at his outburst.

The one, Seto just lifted a brow at him. " Did the crash actually hit you so hard that you can't even remember that you're in your palace?" he asked.

Yami blinked in bemusement for the hundredth time since he stepped through the door. "...Say what?"

Bakura slapped his forehead. "Oh for the love of Ra-! Just sit your ass down and let's get this damn meeting over with!" he curse in aggravation. "Retard or not, I would like the to get the hell out of this annoyance. I do have better thing s to do than waste my time hear listening to crap!"

"Heh. Bakura's moody." Marik chuckled.

"Shut it!"

Yami, still confused but starting to understand, numbly walk to the empty throne, in the center with Seto on the right side, and Bakura and Marik on the left, sit down.

'This...this must be...my forgotten past.' he thought. 'Am I reliving it again? But if this is, then why-?'

Glad that everything's finally in place, the brunette raised his hand to signal the guards to open the door. Stepping in was a man, dressed in a similar robe as Solomon's but black.

"Ah! I see you took your sweet time to get ready. And for me. I'm flattered." the man chuckled a flimsy chuckle.

Yami's eyes widen as he faced with the man whom he wanted to kill.

'PEGASUS!' he growled in his mind and try to control his raging anger inside him, screaming him to beat the living shit out of the bastard.

Instead he just narrowed his eyes predatory, his hands tightening to the arms of his seat.

"My Pharaoh, how good it is to see you in good health." Pegasus said cheerfully, not noticing the glares that are being sent to him. "Now, to get to business I would like to start the business we were discussing before?"

"And what was that, Pegasus?" Yami said his name with a different tone, his voice full of venom.

His sidelines watch him with confusion of his tone. Even Pegasus looked taken aback at the tone but kept the smiled fixed on his face.

"Why, the talk we had of gaining great powers from the Gods, of course." Pegasus answered.

Yami slit his eyes in suspicion. "'Powers from the Gods' you say? May you please explain to me once again, how do you believe we do to obtain something as outrageous as that?"

Pegasus 'tsked', saying something of great people losing their memories sometimes but stopped when he found Yami's glare on him and answered.

"Oh, by sacrificing 4 most pure-hearted innocents, of course." he said simply.

"Innocents!" Yami repeated in rage.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, I brought 4 of them myself right now."

Just as Yami was about to jump out of his seat to rip Pegasus to shreds, a guard rushed through the doors, panting and looking very panicked.

"Sir! Urgent news!" he yelled out.

"What is it?" Pegasus demanded, his face frowned at the interruption.

The guard looked nervous. "One of the prisoners for the sacrifice has escaped."

"Which one?"

"The small one with amethyst eyes."

"Amethyst eyes?" Yami repeated then widen his eyes. 'Yugi!'

Suddenly she shot out of his seat and grab the guard by the throat, hoisting him off his feet with one hand, his face darken.

"Where did he ran!" he growled in a low tone.

"Ahh! I don't know!" the guard screamed in fright, instantly trying to struggle out.

"Wrong answer!" Yami tightened his grip, choking the guard. Then the guard gurgled, waving his arms as he try to say something again. Yami loosen his grip just s fraction, enough to for him to talk.

"Last chance. Tell me!" he ordered.

"Th-The Garden!" the guard choked out.

"Yami stood there for a moment before he threw him down and ran out the door. He didn't even notice his friends called out to him as he ran down the hall, shoving anyone, anything out of his way. His mind was focused on one thing: Find Yugi.

Even though he doesn't know the way, his body takes him to where he wanted to go. Pushing open another door, he finally reached outside.

"Yugi!" he called out. "Yugi!"

Then he heard the same sound of sobbing he heard and ran towards it. Pass the flowers. Pass the trees. Pass the light, to the darkness.

He kept on running until he came to a full halt as he gasp at the sight in front of him.

There, his precious Yugi , trapped in a cage of blackness, around his are darkness and dead claws hands reaching for him. Yugi inside, dressed in a thin, white robe, sitting in fetal position with is arms around his brought up legs, rocking slightly, muttering at nothing. In his eyes were hallow emptiness.

The Gods are trying to claim him.

"No. YUGI!" Yami yelled out and try to reach him but was stopped but an unnatural force of evil. "What! Damn! No, Yugi! Wake up!"

"no. no. it's wrong. wrong. no. not true." Yugi just kept on repeating.

"Yugi!" Yami screamed out again. "It's me, Yami! Listen!"

Slowly, Yugi turned his head slightly towards him. "ya. mi?"

Yami smiled in relief when he heard the faint words. "Yes! It's me Yugi!"

Suddenly, his wide, shadowed, amethyst eyes well up with tears and fall on his cheeks.

Yami looked horrified. "Yugi!"

"no. no. you're wrong. you're bad. you're not real." Yugi cried as more tears leaked out of his eyes. The darkness grew closer, surrounding him.

"NO! YUGI! Don't let it get you! Yugi! Wake up!" Yami yelled out, slamming his fists on the invisible glass barrier. "Yugi!"

"No. No. No." Yugi kept repeated, his voice getting hysterical. He grabbed his head and shake as if in denial. "No. No. NO!"

"YUGI! No! Don't do this! I LOVE YOU!" Yami screamed at the top of his lungs, tears streaming down his own cheeks.

Yugi opened his eyes in chock, his lifeless eyes now shine with surprise. He jerked his tearstained face to Yami, who was still beating the wall, his eyes still crying.

"Ya..mi?" he said again.

"YUGI! Don't leave me! Please! I Love You! Don't go!" Yami begged.

"Yami." Yugi whispered, then got up to his feet holding the black bars. "Yami!"

"Yugi?" Yami looked up to see Yugi reaching his hands out through the bars. "Yugi!"

"Yami, please, save me!" Yugi cried. "I don't want to leave!"

"Yugi! I'll save you!" Yami yelled out then reach in his pocket to pull out a card. Chanting on an ancient magic spell, he hold out the card in the air. "I summon DARK MAGICIAN!"

Bright light flashed out of the card, blinding the darkness away, breaking the evil barrier, and then a warrior clad in violet robes appears , wielding his long black staff.

Yugi watch in awe.

Yami watch in determination.


The powerful wizard raised his staff and blast out shocking amounts of dark magic from the orb and aimed it to the black hands of the Gods.

"-GGGGRRRAAAHHHHHH!-" the God hollered in pain, releasing Yugi's cage.

"Ahh!" Yugi screamed in fright as the explosion hits near him.

Then the Dark Magician flew through to Yugi, Using less power now, he break the bars of the dark cage and carried Yugi in his arms.

Quickly, before the Gods had a chance to recover from the attack, Dark Magician flew away with Yugi in his arms. he flew to Yami who held his arms out. Yugi saw him, unclench his hold on the Dark Magician and fall into Yami's arms.

"Yugi!" Yami cheered for joy, hugging Yugi tightly in his arms and he spin him in circles.

"Yami!" Yugi cheered also, returning the hug with his own , tears of joy rolling down his puffed cheeks.

Yami paused his spins, pulled back at little and kissed Yugi tenderly on the mouth, slowly asking him for permission on entrance.

Yugi gradually opened his mouth, welcoming Yami's wet tongue into his mouth, kissing him back with the same amount of love Yami is putting into the kiss. After a moment longer, they pulled apart, breathless.

"Yugi. I swear, I'll never let anyone hurt you." Yami promised, tightening his hold around the boy.

Yugi smiled lovingly up at him. "I know. I love you , Yami."

"And I love you, Aibou. Always." Ymi said softly, wiping away the tears that are falling to his cheeks.

"Yami." Yugi sighed, lifting his head up to kiss him again. Yami slowly lowers his head to kiss him. Then...


Both Yami and Yugi looked u p to see the Dark Magician still present, his face expressionless but his eyes are filled with bright amusement with a single brow up.

They both had the grace to blush.

Gathering up some courage, Yugi smiled sheepishly at him, his cheeks still tinted with pink. "Thank you for saving me, Dark Magician. I don't know how to thank you." he said sincerely.

Yami also smiled. "Yes. We are forever in your dept, old friend."

The wizard just nodded and turn his gaze to the recovered Gods.

"How dare you go against the Gods! You will now suffer by out wrath!" Gods roared out and the hands hold together to create a huge ball of dark energy.

Yugi watch in horror of what's going to happen, Yami growled. Then he hold Yugi's shaking hands into his and Yugi look up into his eyes. Yami smiled gently at him.

"Let's fight them, together." he said softly to him, holding up their joined hands.

All fears left Yugi as he smiled back at him, nodded and tighten their hands. "Together."

"Now you will all DIE!"

Yugi and Yami look at them with great determination, holding up their joined hand s in the air, together they command.


"HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's too late now! The Gods should have taken the sacrifices by now and soon I will be returned with their immense power! Hahahahaha!" Pegasus laughed madly again, at the fallen Desert Kings. "And there's nothing that can stop me!"

They glared up at him, getting real sick of hearing him rave insanely of his exchange of power, sick of his stupid laugh, and just plain sick of him! But what hurts the most was hearing their loves screams of pain and the fact that they can never see them again.

"Bastard!" Seto hissed at him, trying to raise his fist up but was still paralyze from the magic poison.

That just made the insane man laughed out loud again.

Then all of a suddenly a single bright beam of light shot out from the dark vortex.

"What?" Seto gasp.

"What the bloody-!" Pegasus yelled out then shield his eyes as more streams of bright light shoots out from the black darkness.

Then there was so many lights that it created a huge beam and blown away the black vortex.

"Aaaahhhh! What's happening!" Pegasus yelled out.

The force of the light was so strong that it overpowered Pegasus, sending his flying back to the wall.


The bright light shines brightly, bringing everything into the light. Seto, Bakura, and Malik squinted their eyes through the blinding light, looked up and see two dark figures. Then the short one lifted up his arm and called out something.

"RAIN OF MERCY!" he called out and suddenly showers of bright, holy rain falls from the clear clouds, pouring on them.

Seto blinked, surprised as the water touched him, but he is not wet. When he try to get up, his body can move again. he looked down and see that the poison from Pegasus's Paralyzing Potion being washed away. Bakura and Marik noticed that too and got up.

They turn to the figures and there stand...Yami and Yugi!

"Yami!" They called out.

He smirked at them and waved.

Then They turn their gaze behind them, to the three persons who are still on the ground.

"Katsuya!" Seto called out, rushing towards the blond boy.

"Ryou!" "Malik!" The others did the same.

The rain has also washed away the chains that bind them. They held their Hikaris in their arms, whispering gentle words to them to wake.

"Katsuya. Wake up. Please." Seto whispers to his love's ear, squeezing his hand. "Please, Puppy. Please."

"Mmm." Katsuya moaned then slowly peeked open an eye. "Seto..."

"Puppy." He hugged the teen close to him.

"Ryou. Ryou. Open your eyes, dammit!" Bakura cursed softly, brushing his angel's face gently.

"Mnnhh. Ba. Kur. a." he mumbled, fluttering his wide eyes open. "Bakura."

"Ryou!" he hold the albino in a gentle hug.

"Malik. Malik. C'mon. Get up. Malik?" Marik patted his cheek lightly. "Shiny? Mini-Me? Hikari?"

"Kah. It's. Malik. you. nut." Malik whispered in a tired moan, his eyes still closed.

"Baby? baby!" Marik cheered and brought Malik into a steamy kiss.

"Mmm! I awake."

Yugi and Yami chuckled at their friend's happiness. Everything was perfect. They have each other, no one is hurt, and once again, things was at peace.

"NNNNNOOOO! This was NOT suppose to happen!"

They all turn their heads to the sound of the voice. It was Pegasus.

He was holding the wall for support, his breath coming out in ragged breaths, his face losing all cheery amusement, now showing full-blown rage. Blood was dripping slightly from the corner of his mouth as he grind his teeth, drawing blood. He was PISSED!

"Pegasus!" Yami quickly pulled Yugi behind him. The other's did the same.

"You! You little fuckin' bitch!" Pegasus sneered, his sight is at Yugi. "You ruined everything! EVERYTHING!"

"Yugi, stay back." Yami ordered, reaching for a weapon.

"Why? Why did he choose you?" Pegasus said, his voice cracking into hysterical.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I don't give a damn. If you come any closer, I'll send your ass to the Shadow Realm." Yami warned, holding out a card.

He was about to summon when Yugi stopped his, grabbing his arm.

"No, Yami, wait!" he cried out.

"But Yugi-" he look down at his Hikari.

"Yami, don't attack yet." Yugi told him, then turn to look at Pegasus. "I think he's trying to tell us something."

"Yeah, that he's crazy and want me to send his fuckin' ass to hell." Yami growled.

"No. Wait. Please listen."

He pause, only because Yugi wanted him to and look at the mad who seem to be talking to himself now.

"Why? Why Charlie? Why did you betrayed me?" he muttered. "And to him!"

Yami blinked at the pain in his words. Then he turn to Yugi.

"What does he mean? And who's him?" he asked Yugi.

Yugi shook his head. "I don't know, but I think he and Charlie was once more than friends."

"More? As in lovers"

He nodded. "Uh-huh."

"You think this is why he gone mad?"

"Uh-huh." Yugi nodded again.

"No! I'll never let you have him! NEVER!" Pegasus burst out, pulling out a dagger, his eye red with madness. "IF I CAN'T HAVE HIM, NO ONE WILL!"

Then he drag the dagger high in the air and plunged it down to his chest.

Everyone gasps in shock at his action, thinking he has really became mad.

Pegasus choked, more blood starts to come out of his mouth, his chest was soaked in blood that's spurting out of the dagger that's in his chest. He bared out his teeth from the pain. Then he smirked, the smirk widened into a grin, soon he was howling with laughter.

The others looked at him in surprise again.

"What the fuck are you laughing at, you crazy fucker!" Bakura screamed at him,. "You just stabbed yourself and now you're gonna die!"

Pegasus laughed out again, looking at them with a strange glint in his eye.

"I'm not going to die. I'm sacrificing myself to the be reformed into another greater being and when I do, I'll DESTROY you all along with the WORLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"You're crazy!"

He smiled. "I know. DARKNESS RITUAL!"

Suddenly a beam of darkness falls over his head and dark energy starts to consume him.


They watch in horror as they watch Pegasus's body being eaten by the darkness and a new evil is being born.

"oh no."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHO HAS THE POWER NOW, PHARAOH!" Pegasus laughed, in his now monstrous voice.

His human body has been replaced with a huge monster body everywhere he is covered with hundreds and thousands of eyes, and in the front it's chest was a small gold eye, the Millennium Eye. He is now... RELINQUISH!

Yami glared at the hideous monster. Then he turn to his partners.

"Kaiba, Marik, Bakura! Summon your monsters and we'll attack!" he ordered.

They nodded and stepped forward. They each touched their Millennium Items then hold up a monster card.

"Shadow energy, come forth, we summon-"





The monsters appears in front of them like soldiers, all lined up in front of their masters waiting for the command.

"BLUE EYES, use WHITE LIGHTENING ATTACK!" Seto command. His great white dragon opens it's mouth and let the shock blue energy form a huge blast.

"WALL SHADOW! DARK MEGA FLARE!" Bakura ordered. "The dark creature pulled out of the shadow, it's long sharp claws hold up as it construct the black energy around itself.

"HYOZANRYU! Attack with DIAMOND DUST STRIKE!" Marik called, his diamond dragon raised it's horn in the air, light shining as it opens it's mouth, sharp crystals preparing to shoot.

"DARK MAGICIAN! DARK MAGIC ATTACK!" Yami waved his hand in the air, as his dark mage raise his staff.

"Monsters, attack!"

And then they released their powerful attacks at the horrid Pegasus-monster. The blast was so great, the explosion was too much. They waited as the huge smoke from the blast to clear.

"Yami?" Yugi called out from his position on the floor, where Yami told his to hide. "Is he dead?"

"I don't know." Yami said slowly, walking up to the smoke.

Then they all froze when a familiar laugh was heard.

"Hahahaha! What? Is that all you have?" Pegasus's horrid voice laughed. "And here I thought you would be a challenge. Pity."

The Desert Kinds gasp.

"How! We attacked him with our strongest attacks!" Seto said, horrified.

"Now, if that is all you can do, I think I would show you MY attacks! Ha!" Pegasus cried and opened his eyes.

"Aaaahhh!" They screamed as a strong forced blasted them and their monsters back.

"Seto!" Katsuya yelled out, moving out of his hiding place and rushed to Seto's fallen body next to his BEWD.

"Bakura!" Ryou cried out, also pushing aside his worries and ran to his love.

"Marik!" Malik jumped out when he heard his other half crying in pain as he crashed into the tables.

"Yami!" Yugi screamed in horror, holding Yami's hand, tears running down his eyes.

Then he growled when he heard the same laugh. He jerked his angry eyes to Pegasus and fist his hands. Getting up, he ran in front of Pegasus.

"Bastard! You'll pay for what you've done!" Yugi sworn, glaring venomously at the ugly monster.

"Oh? Is the little Hikari going to attack me? With what? Your eyes? Hahahahaha!"

Yugi narrowed his eyes into slits. "You wouldn't be laughing when we're done with you." he said in a menacing low tone. "We may be only spies, but we are also known as the Hikaris for good reasons! And we'll show you!"

Pegasus watch in fascination as he watch the four Hikari's lined up in front of him. "What now? Are you going to dance for me?"

"We'll be sending your ass to Hell!" Yugi yelled out, then raised his hand. "Light energy, come forth, we summon-"





A bright light appeared out of their chests and their monsters appears in front of them.

"WHAT THE-!" Pegasus gasp in shock.


"ULTIMATE HOLY BLAST!" they all cried, and all their monsters open full on attacks!

"AAAAAHHHH! NO!" Pegasus screamed in pain as the shining light shoots straight at him.

With all his strength, Pegasus pushed to the side but wasn't quick enough to dodge the attack.

"GGGAAAAAHHHH! AAARRRGGGHH!"he screeched in agony and the light burn half his body. "Why you little-!"

The Hikaris panted, sweat dripping from their faces. They had used up most of their energy into the blast and is now very weak.

"How. you. like. that. BITCH?" Yugi grinned satisfied.

Pegasus growled in anger and with his undamaged hand, he attacked before any of them could counter it, striking them with his many-eyed arm.

"Aaaahhhh!" they cried out, hitting the wall hard, leaving crack marks, then sliding on the floor.

"Yu-gi." Yami grunt, forcing an eye open. "Yu-gi."

With what ever strength he has left, he used his elbows to drag his body towards Yugi's unmoving body.

"Yugi. Yugi." he call softly, touching the boy. "Yugi, speak to me. please."

Slowly Yugi weakly open his lashes. He smiled up at Yami, a small trail of blood on the corner of his lips.

"Yami. hi." he said quietly, wincing at the pain on his back. "ow."

"Yugi, don't move." Yami said, wrapping his arms around his small body.

Yugi returned the embrace. Then he felt something sharp poking his chest when Yami hugged him. With a small grunt, he pulled back from his arms a bit to look down and saw the Millennium Puzzle. He smiled at the sight.

"Yami. Remember how we did the Puzzle?" Yugi asked, running his finger over the gold surface.

Yami look down at the puzzle around his chest. Then he also smiled at the memory.

"Yes, Yugi. I remember." He said softly.

They didn't notice that Pegasus chanted another healing spell for his injuries and was preparing a finishing attack for them.

They were too busy in their own little world, remembering the good old times.

"We still haven't finish it yet." Yugi mentioned, reaching inside his shirt to pull out the last piece of the Puzzle.

Yami grinned at his hiding place and touched his hand holding the piece. "Then let's finish together. This might be our last chance."

Yugi smiled back at him and nodded.

Yami hold up the puzzle, Yugi lifted up the piece, together, hand in hand, they pushed the last piece in place.

"NOW I'LL GET RID OF YOU ABOMINATIONS ONCE AND FOR ALL! ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION!" Pegasus cried out and blast his attack at them.


"Finish." Yugi and Yami said together.

Then the Puzzle starts to glow brightly, golden light brighten the whole room.



"FUCK!" Pegasus finished and cry out as the blinding light touched him, forcing him to shield his eyes for it burns. "AAAHHHHH!"

The gold light touched everyone, and soon they slowly wake up.

"Uhh. Wat happened? Seto?" Jou mumbled as he shook himself awake. "Seto?"

Then he heard a groan next to him and turn to see the said person. "Seto!"

Seto groaned again and opened his eyes to see his puppy. "Katsuya."

It was the same with the others as the pain earlier has mysteriously disappear, leaving them stronger.

Yugi gasp and stare up at Yami.

"Yami, what's going on?" he ask.

"I don't know Yugi."

"Aargh! you little worms! I'll destroy you all if it's the last thing I'll do!" he yelled out again and prepare for another attack but stop when he heard a familiar voice.

/I believe that would be impossible./


"What?" the Hikaris repeated him as they look up for the voice of their boss. "Charlie?"

Then a small card slowly float down from the air. Yugi looked up and hold out his hands to catch it. It landed in his hands.

"Huh?" there was a small note attached to it. "'-use it. C.-'"

They looked at the card and slowly widen their smile. 'Thank you Charlie.'

"CHARLIE! SHOW YOURSELF!" Pegasus demanded.

"I don't think so, Pegasus."

"WHAT?" he turn to face Yugi and Yami, who have smiles on their faces.

"You'll be dead before you ever get the chance." Yugi smirked.

Then he and Yami raised the card for him to see.

Pegasus squint his eyes to see it them gasp aloud.



"DARK HOLE!" they cried and a black vortex starts sucking everything into the card.

"NNNNOOOO!" Pegasus cried as he pathetically try to stay back but increasingly failing. AAAARRRGGGHHH! NOooOOooOOoo-!"

His screams echo as he was sucked in the card.

Both Yami and Yugi stood there for a moment before sliding down to the floor.

The battle was over, the world was safe once again, and they are with the ones they love.

Jou let out loud whoop and grab Seto into a hard kiss. Ryou shyly wrap his arms round the groaning Bakura and starts kissing him. Marik and Malik are ahead of all of them as they start Frenching.

Yugi look up into Yami's eyes and smiled. Yami smiled back and slowly lower his head, their lips centimeters away from kissing.


"Hey, guys! You alright in here!" a worried voice yelled in.

Everyone stopped what they're doing, Marik took a while to stop, and look up at the door to see a very flushed and breathless Suki leaning on the door wedge. Next to him was a serious faced Saki with mussed hair, his ponytail is out of it's tie.

"So, are you guys, ok?" he asked again, looking very worried as he scan the very messy room. "Wow. You guys sure know how to party."

"We can say the same about you, too." Jou comment, looking at the ruffled pair with an amused brow.

Then they all burst out laughing when both Suki and Saki blushed, Suki almost resembles a cheery and Saki only had a tint of pink on his cheeks.

After Suki is over his blush, he remembered something he was to do.

"Oh, Yugi." he said.

"Yes?" he look up.

"There was an old guy who wants to see you. Say he's a friend of yours." he said, signaling for the person to come.

"Old guy? Could it be?" Ryou gasp at the thought he just had.

The others gasp too as they came up with the same idea.

"Do you think?" Jou started.

"Could he really be here?" Malik ask.

"Charlie?" Yugi said in wonder.

In the back, The Desert Kings were just as curious of who might come through that door. They have heard of the infamous Charlie and to be able to meet him in person is nearly impossible!

Then a shadow figure starts to walk into the room, everyone held their breath as they waited for the person to walk into the light, and then...

"GRANDPA!" Yugi gasp aloud.

"Mr. Mutou!" the Hikaris gasp.

"Solomon!" the Desert Kings gasp.

"Wait da minute! Wat da hell is goin' on here!" Jou yelled out, waving his hands up. "Are you telling me dat Gramps was Charlie!"

Then Yami step forward. "Solomon? What in the world are you doing here!"

"Grandpa, what?" Yugi didn't even know where to start.

The short old man in front of them laughed cheerfully at their shock/ surprised expression.

"My, what a way to greet an old man." He chuckled.

They just stared at the old man as he picked up a chair ad set it next to the only able that's still standing. Then he sat down.


"Now, now, everyone calm down and I'll explain. First off, I'm NOT Charlie." he said, emphasize the word 'NOT'.

Everyone let out a relieved breath.

"But he is here with me."

"Charlie? Where!" Yugi asked, looking around.

"Right here." the old grandfather said, setting down a small silver speaker box.

/Hello Hikaris./

The Hikaris all fell to the ground on their faces and the Desert Kings just stared and sweat dropped.

"Aww man, Charlie! I dought we'll finally see wat da hell ya look! Not lik dis!" Jou whined.

"You really did ruin the suspense of our life." Ryou murmured, disappointed.

Marik nudge Bakura with his elbow.

"Does this mean their Boss's just a talking speaker?" he asked.

"I have no fuckin' idea." he shrugged.

Putting aside the whole business, Yugi get serious.

"Charlie, it was you. You gave us the card to defeat Pegasus." he state, not asking.

/yes, Agent Yugi. It was I./ he admitted. /I apologize for not being able to meet you in person./

They made a small sound of disappointment.

/But I did brought you something to make it up./

Just then, Yugi's grandpa pulled out a large box and placed it in front of them. They all stare at it for a moment, before they lift up the top. They took one look inside then exploded.

"YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!" they cheered loudly and start to tear into the box.

The Desert King step back, looking shocked at their action and wait till they pulled themselves out of the box with something in their mouth.

It was...


/So, how do you like it, boys/

"MMMMM! THANK YOU, CHARLIE!" they mumble around their sweets.

Katsuya had a lollypop in his mouth, licking and sucking the hard candy. Malik was tossing little, colorful gummy animals in one by one inside his mouth. Ryou was nibbling quickly on a chocolate bunny ear, his eyes closed in bliss. And, of course, Yugi was ripping and pouring little piles of sugar powered on his palm and licking it up like a cat.

The Desert Kings just watch, wide-eyed, jaw hanging at them, getting very surprise and hard at their love's lost of control over sweets.

Damn, what a sight.


They turn their heads to the sound of the cough and was faced with a very amused Mr. Mutou.

"Seeing that they are busy," he motion to the 4 boys eating candy. "I would like to have a talk with you boys."

They notice the look in the old man's eyes and nodded, turning their full attention to him and the speaker.

"So, you boys are the famous Desert Kings, yes?" Mr. Mutou smiled. "Young, aren't you?"

"Is there anything you want from us?" Seto asked formally.

"But if it's to stay away from OUR Hikaris, you can save your breath." Yami added with a threatening look. The others join him.

That just made the old man's smile widen.

/Actually, we would like to discussed a proposition./

They thought about it for a moment.

"...We're interested."

It's a week later and everything is back to normal. No more evil, no more chaos, no more Pegasus. Just plain normal business.

How boring.

The four boys dressed in official white uniform walk to the pent house.

"Why are we here again?" Jou asked.

"Charlie has called us again, saying there was something very important." Ryou answered.

"I hope it's not another Pegasus. I'm still trying to recover the bruises from late time." Malik grumbled.

"Yeah. Me too." Jou agreed, then turn his head. "How 'bout you, Yuge."

"Huh? I'm sorry, what?" Yugi said, surprised.

"Are you ok, Yuge. You seem very distracted all week." Jou said, concern.

"yeah, I'm ok." he responded softly, though his eyes are a little sad.

Ryou patted his shoulder. "It's alright, Yugi. We're the same too."

Yugi smiled a little at that. "Thanks."

They walked in the pent house and sit at their normal seats, waiting for their boss to speak.

/Hello, Hikaris./

"Hello, Charlie." they responded, not as cheerfully.

/I'm glad you arrived quick./

"What the problem, Charlie? An attack? Terrorists? Monsters?" Yugi asked.

The speaker chuckled. /No. No trouble. I just want you to meet our new members./

"New members?" they repeated surprise.

You can imagine him nodded. /Yes. Hikaris meet the Yamis./


The door open and four teens walked in.

The Hikari's turn and literally feel off their seats at the persons in front of them.

"Yami!" "Seto!" "Bakura!" "Marik!"

Yes. There standing in similar official uniforms as them but black are the former Desert Kings.

"Hello, we are the Yamis. It's a real pleasure to meet you Hikaris." Yami said formally with a smirk.

"But-But! How? Where? When!" Yugi stuttered, tears welling up his eyes. Then he just ran to Yami and hugged him.

The others followed his action and hug their love.

"But how?" Yugi ask.

"We made a deal with Charlie, that we join his organization. In exchange we get to stay with you." Yami explained.

"What about the Club?"

"It's now our new headcounters. And we are sharing it with you."

"Do-Do you really mean it?"

Yami smiled into his eyes and kissed him. "Yes. I love you, Aibou."

"I love you, too, Yami." Yugi said kiss him back.

/Are you all happy now/ the speaker ask?

They all turn to him. "Yes. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, CHARLIE! WE LOVE YOU!"

/Heh heh. Love you too./

"Yo, Charlie!" Marik piped up. "When can we really see you?"

Somewhere in the familiar club, a man smiled.

"You might already did."

Then another person reached out to turn the switch off. he lean near the other man and whisper to the other man's ear.

"C'mon. Let's have our fine now and let them enjoy theirs."

"ok. but I'm on top this time."


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