Indefinite Love

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Full Summary: After 5 years in capturing the Clow cards, Sakura and Syaoran have become good friends, but what happens if, Diana steals Syaoran away from Sakura and she goes insane of being apart with each other in a month. Knowing what they got themselves into, Sakura makes a sudden turn for her life in fame and glory.

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Chapter: 2nd Stage

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"Sakura" Syaoran said in fear.

Sakura knew what was going but still feigning ignorance since she was hoping that it would be different from what she was expecting

"I'm breaking up with you" Syaoran said. It felt that he hit himself hard, but he was sure about this

Sakura on the other hand played calm and said, "Fine, as far as I'm concerned, I never was your girlfriend" Ouch that's gonna leave a mark as well on Syaoran.

"Sakura don't say that, I loved you" Syaoran desperately trying to lighten his now ex-girlfriend

"Now we're in past tense agreement, don't tell me your going to use metaphors as well, wait, let me get my dictionary" Sakura said sarcastically. Before Syaoran spoke any words, Sakura put is left hand up signaling him to stop.

"Hmmm, 'I loved you' you say, well if that's the case, were back to last name basis again, well as far as I'm concerned, I never met you okay" Sakura said then she walked away.

She controlled her emotions well and since then, she forgot a certain guy with amber eyes and brown chestnut hair.

2 months after the shocking incident

"Breaking News, famous business woman, Hollywood actress, international singer, and international model, Cherry Blossom will be having a concert tour in China in the upcoming week with numerous artists. Chinese fans are now excited for her arrival with International Fashion Designer, Hollywood actress, international singer and manager of Cherry Blossom, Tomoyo Daidouji-Kinomoto, famous business man, Hollywood actor international singer and in the 2nd spot of hottest men list and also the cousin of miss Cherry Blossom by her father's side, Eriol Hiiragizawa, and miss Daidouji's cousin who has a business tycoon in the US, Europe and the Middle East, famous actor in Hollywood and an international singer as well who is also in the third spot of the hottest men list, Ryan Daidouji. These successful teens will also be launching their albums next week so keep your eyes peeled. For more updates log on to "

News all over china spread like the speed of sound as local and national TV stations declare wonderful news to Cherry Blossom Fans.

Sakura, who is now the hottest chick in town, is also the famous Cherry Blossom. Tomoyo, Sakura's half sister, is her manager and unrelated to Eriol, which made be legally engaged. Ryan, Tomoyo's cousin, met Sakura in school, although he was already a star, but he was raised to the top because of Sakura and he is very thankful for that, but that was not the reason why he loved her, he loved her because of her personality and Sakura knows that. Meiling, Sakura and Tomoyo's childhood friend is also an actress with her fiancé Brian, a multi-millionaire and a business tycoon owner.

Sakura has mastered the use of her cards by her mind. Eriol has been training her as the reincarnation of Clow reed. Ryan on the other hand, also knows magic and is a wizard. Meiling, being Syaoran's cousin also knew some tricks and Brian has been training her to be... well... basically to have powers. Eriol as well is training Tomoyo, since she has a powerful brain, Eriol tried to bring out Tomoyo's special powers by making her move things.

Syaoran is now engaged to Diana, a daughter of another clan. They fell in love and did not care about the engagement since they were getting along. Syaoran as the hottest bachelor in the world and a famous actor as well, still goes with his cold demeanor.

Although they are all in the entertainment industry, Sakura and Syaoran never saw each other in tapings, shootings and other events such as Tony awards, Grammy awards and other events for celebrities. But tonight will change their lives.

December 1 tonight is Cherry Blossom's arrival in Beijing where she starts her recording and concert tour. She will be recording singles with Blue, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Enrique Iglesias and some local artists.

Beijing International Airport, Beijing, China

"Japanese Airlines flight 437-heavy has landed, thank you for flying Japanese Airlines," The intercom said as Cherry Blossom and comrades came out of the tube. Media were now waiting for her at the exit, but fortunately, they had already ordered a limo service and her 20 bodyguards restraining the crowd with the local authorities.

Sakura just smiled with her shades still on and the rest of them as well greeted their fans. The other band members such as Blue arrived a bit earlier than them.

Sakura, now inside the limousine with police escorts. Wondering why? Fujitaka and Sonomi got places in the government. Fujitaka as the Second head of the country and Sonomi as one of the members of the Parliament. Touya, Sakura's brother is now their city's governor.

They arrived to a five star hotel and unpacked. They were about to meet their co-artists that will be staying in the hotel as well and they will all be acquainted with the Producer and the local artist.

An hour and a half passed, Sakura and company were waiting at the restaurant of the hotel when the producer was heard arriving. Squeals from girls and other fans are heard way at the back of the Hotel. He entered and suddenly greeted the manager, Tomoyo.

"Syaoran, meet my star, Cherry Blossom" Tomoyo gestured Sakura to stand up since her back was facing the producer and actor.

Sakura turned around and both of them stared at each other thinking 'Is it really you?'

Good thing Sakura was wearing sunglasses so she said casually "Nice to meet you" and shook his hand. He on the other hand was confused, in some way, he did not want to let go of the hand but then jealousy strikes.

"Ahem... I'm Ryan Daidouji, Cherry Blossom's fiancée" Ryan said and gestured a handshake. They both squeezed each others hands as they were about to crush each other.

Sakura then sat beside her fiancé, Syaoran sat in front of her and was somewhat jealous. He knew that this was his Sakura, take note 'WAS' his Sakura.

The next day:

At the recording studio of the LOVE media (Li Orchestral Vintage Entertainment) Sakura held hands with Ryan as they entered the sound proof room where, Blue, Elton John and Enrique Iglesias were waiting with their instruments. (Blue doesn't have instruments only Elton John and Enrique) Sakura entered with Ryan and started singing with jealousy in Syaoran's eyes as he saw Sakura kiss Ryan before they sang.


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