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Indefinite Love
A Card Captor Sakura Song Related Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

Full Summary: After 5 years in capturing the Clow cards, Sakura and Syaoran have become good friends, but what happens if, Diana steals Syaoran away from Sakura and she goes insane of being apart with each other in a month. Knowing what they got themselves into, Sakura makes a sudden turn for her life in fame and glory.

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Chapter: Maybe

CAUTION: Chapter contains scenes not suitable for general audiences under the age of 15, parental guidance is recommended!

Chapter Recap: That was all that Syaoran could muster up. He fought the urge to kiss those lips that he longed for, ever since he broke up with her. It took all of his self-control to keep himself from making contact with it… but soon failed and found himself kissing Sakura But amazingly… She kissed back…

Same day…

Syaoran was shocked as he felt Sakura responding to his kiss which brought the kiss deeper. Syaoran then pulled back due to lack of air.

"Syaoran… is that you?" Sakura asked uncertain.

"Yea" Syaoran smiled. 'She knew it was me'

"Ryan never kissed me like that before… you really are unique when it comes to kissing me" Sakura managed to tell a joke but for Syaoran… he took it as a compliment… besides… what she said was true… He always saved a special kiss for her.

A little while of talking… Syaoran's cell rang.

"Syaoran-kun? How are you… haven't talked to you for a while now" Diana said at the other line

"I'm fine… I'm kinda busy so can I just call you back later or tomorrow at least?"

"Oh sure… I'm sorry if I disturbed… I'll be waiting… kiss-kiss… Love you… bye" Diana said.

"Bye" Syaoran hung up leaving a bewildered Diana. 'Didn't even say I love you… it's so unlike you Syaoran… what happened?' Diana asked herself then, like on cue… the TV got her attention.

"Famous singer/actress Cherry Blossom is now in San Juan de Dios Hospital in the Philippines due to an assassination attempt that happened this morning. Together with her is to be believed is her ex-lover, and number one bachelor, Syaoran Li…"

And the news continued to ramble it's daily broadcast but left Diana surprised… not surprised because Sakura was injured but surprised to know that her loved one is with her rival.


Sakura fell asleep again, and Syaoran stayed in the room to watch over her. He sat by the window and looked at the horizon. Busy street below, white and red lights can be seen going to and fro.

'Maybe it's wrong to say please love me too again'

He thought of those last words of Sakura when they broke up. He looked back at the woman sleeping by the hospital bed. She was really a beauty for him. Never seized to make him smile just to see her. Then there's Diana, the woman he thought he loved more than Sakura.

'How can I be that stupid' Syaoran thought

'You were just confused' Someone answered inside his thoughts.

He was pretty sure it wasn't his conscience or mind…beacause the voice sounded like Sakura. He looked at the woman still asleep but her face was facing him even if her eyelids were closed. He closed his eyes as well…

'I'm sorry Sakura… I didn't... know what I did back then I guess' Syaoran thought back.

'Remember what I said to you back then… When wewere still going out... I said... I'm always number two in your life' Sakura answered telepathically.

'Yeah, but what's that supposed to do with this' Syaoran asked confused

'I knew that that was gonna happen, and I tried not to fall in love with you that much, but you yourself captivated my heart then. But the past is the past Syaoran, we cannot change it… this was destiny… Maybe it was wrong to love you more each day… even I knew who you should belong' Sakura smiled by the bed still her eyelids closed.

'Sakura' Syaoran thought surprised and he opened his eyelids to see Sakura crying with her eyes closed.

Singapore Airport…

"Blue sky 787 heavy, ILS patch is clear… landing at runway 23… wind is at 120 northwest bound… you are clear to land"

"Blue sky 787 heavy, landing at runway 23… wind is at 120… we copy…"

As the Boeing landed, Tomoyo and the others did not get out of the plane. Instead… instructed the tower to refuel them as they make their way back to the Philippines.

San Juan De Dios Hospital… Philippines

Someone knocked at Sakura's door… it was Martin and told Syaoran about the details.

"Governor Kinomoto's instructions were to bring her back to Japan… that's all"

"I see… Very well… contact him and tell them that she's on her way… and tell Tomoyo as well"

Martin bowed and left the room as Syaoran pulled out his cell and ordered for a chopper and his plane to be fueled and ready to go.

A moment later… Sakura was being taken to the Helicopter at the rooftop. Syaoran was already talking to the pilot and as soon as they finished… the doors open to reveal Sakura's bed rolling to the Helicopter. He just stared at her and then sent her a telepathic message.

'My love has gone stronger for you, and maybe it is wrong to love you more each day as you said… Maybe we should set each other free… somebody else is waiting there inside for you… and… Maybe it's wrong to say please love me too…' And then he heard her reply...

'I still love you'

This reply shocked Syaoran and made him stop dead on his tracks… a small smile forming from his lips. The Helicopter took off and Syaoran went in… he evaded the media and went straight to his car in a closed parking lot where the media was not allowed by Syaoran's security. There he saw someone didn't want to see at the moment.

"Hey" The woman said.

"Hey… how'd you find out I was here?" Syaoran asked the woman leaning by his car.

"News… anyways… you let her go?" The woman asked.

"Meiling can we drop the subject for a while…" Syaoran glared.

"No we cant…" Meiling slammed his hands on the hood of the car… "DO YOU THINK I'M BLIND SYAORAN?" Meiling snapped

"I can tell that you still love her and I can also tell that she loves you back… but the only problem I can see is YOU…" Meiling cleared out.

"ME!" Syaoran asked unbelievably.

"Yes… You… CAPITAL Y… O… U… YOU!" Meiling punctuated each and every letter.

"You've always been a coward yet you deny it… you're a coward to tell Diana you don't love her… and more than a coward to admit that you made a mistake in the past… and most of all… much more than a coward that you can't accept the fact that you still love Sakura…" Meiling spatted out.

"ENOUGH… You don't need to rub it in Meiling… I know what you mean… and I'm trying to face that… but I'm weak as well…" Syaoran sighed.

"Syaoran" Meiling's eyes softened.

"What" Syaoran asked.

"My cousin… finally admitted something… don't worry cuz… I'm here… I'll help you through with this…" Meiling went to her cousin and hugged her as Syaoran hugged back.

"Thank you very much Meiling… you're one hell of a cousin" Syaoran mumbled

"I know that… If I wasn't like this... who would have taken care of little mommas boy here" Meiling smirked and Syaoran glared

Narita Airport…

Tomoyo and the others have landed and are now walking through the airport's corridors ignoring the questions of the media. They were instructed to head to Japan instead of heading back to the Philippines for Sakura. Now the plan was to meet Sakura in Japan. Tomoyo entered the black limousine in front of the airport's driveway and the bodyguards closed it suddenly. Eriol and Ryan were dumbfounded at what happened and another Limo pulled over for them.

"What was that for?" Eriol asked sternly

"Governor Kinomoto's orders… ask him" The bodyguard answered without looking at Eriol.

Eriol and Ryan looked at each other and shrugged it off as they entered the limo.

1st limousine where Tomoyo is in…

Touya was sitting by the heavily tinted window which made the inside dark. He looked at Tomoyo and vice versa.

"Well?" Tomoyo finally asked

"I can tell that there's something big going to happen" Touya looked outside the window… staring at blurry buildings as they went by almost 120 kph.

"What do you mean…" Tomoyo asked confused.

"It's about Sakura… that's why I want her in this country for a while… where I can keep an eye on her… don't tell her this… I'm just telling you so you can make a lookout as well… no offense but I still don't trust Ryan"

"None taken… is Sakura fine?"

"I just talked to Syaoran and he said she has an 88 percent chance to go blind… I'm guessing those guys that did that ain't JI" Touya explained.

"What do you mean again… don't make a puzzle out of a puzzle already Kinomoto-san… get the snakes out of the bag and lay it straight for me" Tomoyo snapped and made Touya sweatdrop.

"ANYWAYS… I think they were sent by someone… I dunno who it is yet… but someone with powers" Touya said.

"Now were getting somewhere…" Tomoyo said and they kept talking about it.

-TBC-TBC-Viva Papa Benedicti XI-TBC-TBC

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