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Malik's POV:

I was starving! This wasn't fair! Why is it that at every party people always eat the stuff without meat first!

I debated on raiding Yami's fridge, but as soon as I saw a head of blonde hair walking through the crowd I had a much better idea! Marik wasn't facing me, instead looking out towards the crowd, this was almost too easy! He leaned casually against the counter separating the kitchen from the family room, thankfully I ducked before he noticed me.

I grinned, flexing my fingers like a cat would claws and slowly stalking my prey, moving slow inch by inch until I was within striking distance. If there was nothing to eat here that interested me then I would hunt my own down. I bit my bottom lip, aiming the distance to the top of the counter, thankful it was clear, but then it wouldn't have stopped me if it wasn't. Crouching down I shook my ass a bit like a cat, coiling the muscles in my legs a split second before I sprung, leaping onto the counter and immediately tackling my prey with a yell.


I guess he honestly hadn't expected that since we both flew forward, though he did take the brunt of the fall for us and even held his beer up so it didn't spill. Wait… his beer! I grabbed it quickly, sitting up into a crossed legged position on his back.

"For me! Thank you Marik-chan!"

I could hear him sigh as I chugged down the half a bottle worth that had been remaining.


I blinked down at him, was there something wrong?

"Something wrong Marik-chan?"

"Yes," He smirked, damn he was so sexy when he smirked like that! "your laying on me wrong."

I looked down at how I was sitting, I saw nothing wrong, I was perfectly comfy!

"Not so Marik-chan! Your wonderfully comfy."

"I don't doubt that, but if your going to be sitting on me I need to be facing the other way, I have no interest in fucking the floor, no matter how plush the carpet is."

Hmmmm, fucking the floor….

"But Marik-chan, your dick would get rug burn."

Marik's POV:

"Exactly my point!"

It didn't look like Malik was going to move, no doubt comfortable and as I can attest to, when Malik has alcohol in him, if he gets comfortable then it takes a miracle to get him to move! Judging from how he was owlishly blinking at me, I would say he was well on his way to drunk. I had to figure out another way, and a perfect way just hit me.


"Yes Marik-chan?" He looked curious now, good.

"You do realize the hot tub is clothing optional this time?"


That was it, Malik was off like a rabbit on speed, shedding clothing as he went.

I stood, dusting myself off with a chuckle and made my way more slowly after him, picking up his discarded clothes. Something about alcohol in Malik, makes it harder to keep clothing on him as well.

I noticed one guy staring a bit too hard at my boyfriend's bared ass while he climbed in the tub.

"Time to cool down."

I didn't miss a step, body checking him into the pool as I passed, laying Malik's clothing in a safe spot before shedding my own and joining him.

Bakura's POV:

Opening a beer I watched the people dancing, most were so drunk I doubt they even realized who they were hanging on. I gave that thought a snicker, wishing I had my camera with me, but then there didn't seem to be any couplings that would cause a stir at school.

I could see Ryou instantly, the grin on his face as he maneuvered deftly away from a very drunk girl that tried to use him as a support. He had that playful little grin on his face as he locked eyes with me, crooking one finger and signaling me over. Damn he was too fucking sexy for my good! I shoved my beer into the chest of some kid standing nearby, let him drink it, or get rid of it, I really don't care since I want both hands free to touch every inch of that hot body beckoning me over.

"Glad to know you come when fingered"

I smirked to match his.

"Trust me, anything you do will have me cumming."

His laugh filled my ears, that happy laughter that reminded me of bells and just flowed with his joy. Wrapping one arm around his thin waist, I pulled our bodies together, grinding lightly to the beat.

"Good to know."

"Care to test it?"

"And miss the rest of this party!"

Were my ears deceiving me!

"This party is that great? Better than…" I bucked my hips into his, grinning at the visible shiver it caused, "quality time with me?"

"Kura, your being evil."

"Your point?"

I got a smack to the chest for that one.

"I am not having my first time in some spare guest room during a party."

I hadn't thought about that, damn, it would have been convenient, too.

"Well, I was thinking we head back to my place. Grab a bottle of something to share, not have to worry about being walked in on," I leaned forward, whispering the last bit in his ear, if this didn't work then I wouldn't be getting any from him for a long time yet. "and take all night to see how many times I can have you screaming me name."

I could tell by the shiver and way he licked his lips I was winning out.

"But Marik and Malik…"

"I thought you said you didn't want them there for the first time?"

"I… I don't, but won't they wonder where we went?"

"I can tell them if you like while you grab us a bottle from the bar."

He was pulling away, eyes slightly glazed before he blinked to clear them, a light blush coloring his cheeks.

"Alright, did you want anything special?"

"No, whatever you pick will be fine."

He pulled away, giving me a shy smile as he slipped through the small crowd. He could move so gracefully, seemed so natural as his body went with the music, making it seem like he was but an extension of the beat itself.

Shaking my head to clear it, I headed outside, most likely they were in the hot tub by now. Hearing laughter I knew I had found them, who else but Malik would be playing splash and such in a hot tub. I grinned at that thought.

Since Malik was in the middle of some game with another person in the tub I leaned down by Marik, keeping my voice low.

"Ryou and I are going to take off."

He nodded, giving me a smirk.

"Finally time?"

I couldn't help returning the smirk.

"Yeah, at least that is the plan."

"Good, we'll come by in the morning."

I nodded, unable to wipe the grin off my face as I stood back up and shifted my already rock hard erection to a more comfortable position. I knew what Marik meant, we had discussed that Ryou was hesitant about his first time but I'm certain tomorrow would definitely be memorable, and exhausting.

Heading back inside, I found Ryou waiting by the front door, talking to some guy, smiling and being and being friendly. I didn't like how the guy was looking at him though, Ryou was mine! You couldn't get more spoken for than by being in a relationship with the three of us! I walked up, casually wrapping an arm around Ryou's waist and forcing the other guy back a bit.

"Hey asshole, we were talking here."

I deemed him unworthy of my time so didn't even acknowledge that he spoke at all.

"You ready to go baby?"

I was rewarded with a very visible blush.

"Yeah, hope this is alright?"

He started to hold up a bottle and I nodded without looking.

"As I said, anything is fine…"

I was cut off as the idiot pulled roughly at my shoulder.

"As I said, he and I were talking before you interrupted!"

That was it. I released my hold on Ryou, slamming this asshole against the wall and putting my boot knife to his throat.

"Listen ass wipe, I don't give a damn! Your lucky he killed time talking to you but now that time is over, I am taking my boyfriend home now, if your smart you'll enjoy the party and shut your fucking mouth, now. I don't give second warnings."

"Kura, can we please get going," I could hear the laughter in his voice. "I mean if your done scaring him now?"

Releasing the idiot I grinned. "Your right, I have something better to be doing." I put extra emphasis on the last word and was rewarded with a fresh blush.

"Exactly, me! Now lets go!"

I had barely managed to slip my boot knife away before he had my free hand, jerking me happily out the front door.

The walk back was full of laughter, Ryou giving me surprise kisses. Some I managed to catch him and prolong, others were so fleeting as to be merely teasing. We couldn't reach my house fast enough and as the door closed I pulled the lithe body to my own, attacking the pale neck while Ryou moaned and whimpered in my arms.

Unable to wait any longer, I scooped him into my arms, almost running to my bedroom before gently tossing him onto the bed. His white hair fanned out around him, the liner around his eyes making them look sultry and seductive and that outfit… the entire picture was making me painfully hard.


My name left his mouth in barely a whisper but it broke me from my trance as I pulled my shirt off, tossing it aside as I toed off my boots.

"Any clothes your particularly fond of might want to leave your body now."

One pink lip was captured between dazzling white teeth, making me wonder if I hadn't been a bit too forward, but I couldn't make promises of not ripping the clothes, I wanted to see and feel every inch of his porcelain skin under my hands. He hesitated just briefly before grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it free before almost ripping off his boots.

Ryou gasped and jerked as my fingers unbuttoned his pants, eager to pull them off, falling back on the bed he looked at me and blushed, my clothes were long gone and thankfully so!


I looked up at his blushing face, that lip captured again.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Will it hurt? I mean a lot?"

Damn, here I was rushing, so eager to have him that I completely forgot this was his first time.

"I'll make sure it won't baby, just lay back and relax, let me handle everything."

As soon as I had pulled his pants free he hopped back, his head falling on my pillows with a playful little smirk gracing his face.

"I had fully planned on letting you handle… everything."

Shivers rocked my body, shooting fire straight to my groin and I take to take a deep breath not to just attack him. Fuck, he is so unbelievably sexy!

I moved quickly up his body, claiming those sweet lips in a needy, passionate kiss and poured everything I felt into it. By the time we broke we were both gasping for air but I wasn't about to let him catch his breath. One hand snaked over to the drawer, grabbing the lube as my mouth sought out the already hard, pink nubs on his chest.

Sucking and nipping the tender flesh had him arching off the bed as he cried out my name, it was beautiful. I used the chance to open the tube, coating two fingers well before tossing it nearby. His legs parts before me, a low, drawn out moan accompanying the motion as my mouth moved lower, covering every inch as I slid the first finger in before kissing his stomach in reassurance.

"It… it feels… weird…"

I chuckled, moving my finger around and massaging his inner depths, a look of shock and pleasure covering his face.

"You'll love it very soon, I promise."

Moving down further I nuzzled the hair between his legs, inhaling his scent deeply before I moved one hand to hold his hips still. My tongue made a slow trail up his shaft as I increased to two fingers, my one hand straining to hold his body down as it arched off the bed.


"That's it baby."

Massaging and scissoring more I was thankful that he obviously trusted me since he didn't tense, his body remaining pliable and responsive.

"Gods… Kura…"

"Ryou… fuck, your beautiful."

"More.. Please…"

I was happy to oblige, my tongue dancing over and teasing his erection as I increased the amount of fingers inside him. I wanted to make certain he wouldn't tear when I entered since I know Marik and Malik would be over first thing in the morning. Once I had the tips of all five fingers in him, moving them around to stretch his entrance and watch him writhe, I moved back to three and slipped them fully inside to explore, quickly finding his prostate. The sight of him arching off the bed and screaming my name was enough to almost make me lose my load right there. Almost.

Removing my hands I took up the lube again, coating my length as I watched his face, half lidded, desire filled eyes raking over every inch of my body while his breath came in harsh little pants.

"Gods, I want you so fucking bad, Ryou."

Two pale arms lifted, becoming me into their embrace.

"Kura… please, take me…need you…"

I wasn't about to deny that request, lowering my body between those deliciously parted thighs as I braced my weight on one arm while the other lifted the pert little ass as I could position myself at his opening.

"I love you baby."

My lips were claimed this time and I moaned, letting him control the kiss while I pushed slowly into his body. I had, it seemed, done a good job at preparing him since he didn't cry out when I entered that velvet heat, his muscles tightening just slightly around me before he forced himself to relax. Once I was fully seated I broke the kiss, looking down at him for any signs of discomfort, worried at the odd look on his face.


He shifted slightly, making me gasp.


"It feels… funny." Shit, I don't think I did anything wrong! "I feel… stuffed."

His cute little nose wrinkled and it was all I could do not to laugh.

"That is because you are…" I gave a slow roll of my hips, grinning as his eyes rolled back and a moan escaped. "Like that, baby?"

"More!… don't… ah!… stop!"

I was more than happy to grant his wish, starting with a slow pace to allow him to adjust and not over whelm him. I knew this was important, being his first time I needed to be gentle, but Ra did he good!

Watching him was completely entrancing, the look of pleasure that contorted his face so beautifully, how his hands clung so desperately to my shoulder and the whimpers and moans that continually escaped. Before I realized it I had sped up, moving faster and harder in his body and for the life of me I couldn't slow back down, try as I might.

This feeling was a drug! I couldn't get enough and my breath was quickly becoming ragged, our bodies coating in a sheen of sweat.

"Kura!… Oh Gods!… Kura!"

Hearing him cry out my name like that, so passionate and desperate, I almost lost my load instantly! Biting into my bottom lip I managed to hold out a bit longer before claiming his lips in a kiss, one of my hands snaking between our bodies to wrap around his throbbing length.

That action caused him to break our kiss, throwing his head back and screaming, giving me only the time for a few strokes before his entire body tensed under mine.

The pleasure was unimaginable!

His body arched off the bed, bowing into mine while his legs clamped down, fingers dug into my skin and my complete undoing, what had me releasing faster than I ever had in my life.

The sound of him screaming my name in unimaginable bliss. I couldn't hold my load in any longer as I slammed into that welcoming body, trying to get as deep as I could before my vision flashed white.

I was certain that in that moment I had truly found heaven.

As soon as the rush left I felt completely drained and my immediate reaction was to roll to the side, but Ryou's legs tightened, keeping me in place.


My voice sounded hoarse, had I been yelling?

"Just… stay, like this. Please."

I could help but smile, carefully lowering myself to rest comfortably on him. Tonight was perfect and I would wake up with him. To me life couldn't get much better.

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