A/N: This is my first attempt at a songfic. The player: Tom Marvolo Riddle. The period: A few months after the conclusion of Riddle's seventh year at Hogwarts. Theme: Riddle's random thoughts shortly after leaving Hogwarts. The entire piece is set to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (from the Classic Queen CD, copyright 1992). Great song, I might add. ^_~

Warning: In case you didn't see the summary, this piece is dark and a bit sick.

Disclaimer: Bohemian Rhapsody belongs to the late Freddie Mercury. Harry Potter characters, places, and ideas belong to J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros.


Desultory Muse

By Auror5

Is this where it starts?

Is this just temporal?

Out in a vast world,

An escape from orphanages.

Open my eyes;

Now I'm a man who is free.

I'm Lord Voldemort.

I want your loyalty

Because I'm rising up,

Rising up

Very fast,

Very high.

Evil and good aren't real; power only matters to me,

To me.

Mother, just cursed a man.

Put a wand to his chest, said my Death Spell, now he's gone.

Mother, your life was stolen.

Now you can rest in peace, thanks to me.

Mother, ooooh, desired your love all my life.

If your sweet and lovely being came tomorrow...

Forget it; forget it...because power only matters.

Tainted, my span is cut.

Runs Muggle blood inside.

Filthy Mudbloods need to die.

Pureblood families have long to live.

Half-bloods, like me, are condemned to a short life.

Mother, ooooh, I don't want to die!

I often wish I'll never feel death at all!

I saw a fragile apparition of a girl.

Crucio, Crucio, do you like the ecstasy?

Dementor and giants, very, very loyal see.





Imperio basilisk


I'm just an orphan, and nobody wants me.

He's just a wroth boy from a foul orphanage.

Grant him his wish for dominion.

Take my heart.

Take my soul.

Will you give me more?


No! We will not give you more.

Give me life!


We will not give you life.

Give me Mum!


We will not give you Mum.

Give me war!

Yes, we will give you war.

Give me wealth!

Yes, we will give you wealth.

Give me life!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

O, lovely Mother, lovely Mother, lovely Mother, give me you.

Slytherin had a serpent in chamber for me,

For me,

For me.

So you thought he loved you and would stay at your side!

So you just pushed me out and then gave up to die!

O, Mother, why did you do it, Mother?

Why didn't you live?

Why didn't you live just for me?

Power only matters, any fool can see.

Power only matters,

Power only matters to me.

Evil and good aren't real.


Lyrics source: Freddy Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody, Classic Queen, (Queen Production Ltd./Raincloud Productions Ltd., 1992)