Set after 'Anywhere I Lay My Head'. This story contains cutting so if that bothers you, don't read any further.

Sean woke up groaning and looked at his watch. He groaned again when saw it was three o'clock in the morning. He sighed and got up, needing to go to the bathroom. He made his way to the bathroom, too tired and asleep to hear sobs coming from in it. He opened the door and what he saw definitely woke him up. Ellie, being, too involved in making that shiny red cut, didn't notice him until he ripped the knife out of her hand. She looked up with a start.

"Sean...I..." she muttered.

"What the hell is going on?!" Sean asked worried and scared, but it came out as anger. Ellie just began to cry harder. Sean tossed the knife into the sink and pulled his girlfriend into a hug. They stood there for a long time, Ellie crying and Sean feeling like crying, while comforting her. When Ellie's tears finally subsided, Sean led her to the couch. While he cleaned out the new cuts, he asked

"What's going on, El? You told me you stopped." Ellie didn't say anything, she just handed him what looked like a letter. He took it and read it.

"Dear Ellie,

I have found a man here in rehab, and we are getting married. Then we're moving to California. Have fun with your boyfriend and have a good life,


Oh! And tell you father for me! Tell him to look me up and send me the divorce papers...we'll be listed soon."

Sean put the letter down in shock and hugged his girlfriend again.

"Ellie, I'm so sorry." He was answered by the sound of her voice in tears. "It'll be okay, though. I think its best like this..."

"I know its best," she managed through her sobs. "But just the way...the way she just left like that. Not caring at all..."

"Its okay, Ellie," Sean said in a hurry to end this conversation. He was more worried about the cutting. "Ellie, you can't cut yourself anymore." he said trying to remain calm. He knew that often times, when he was worried or scared it came off at anger. But instead, this time, it came out as both fear and worry.

"I mean, seriously, you know I'm always here! And you know if you ever need, or want me to, I'll talk you out of it. " Ellie sniffed.

"Do you think it's easy?" Ellie asked him. "Do you think I can just come up to you and say 'Hey Sean, nice weather we're having, huh? Oh, and by the way stop me from cutting.'?!"

"Ellie..." Sean said with a sigh. "Please, don't be like that. All you have to say as that you feel like it and you know I'll help you!" Ellie just started to cry again, seeing how much she was hurting the only person who seemed to care. Putting an arm around her, Sean led Ellie to his room. They lied down with her head on his chest, crying. Sean stroked her hair as he whispered soothing words to her. Eventually she cried herself to sleep.

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