Hey all! Sorry I took so long. I'm in a play and it takes I don't have much time to update. Thanks for bearing with me!

After a while, Ellie was finally allowed to go home. The next day she went to school.

"Hi, Ellie!" Paige ran up to her smiling so sweetly it was sickening.

"Hi, Paige." Ellie answered and kept walking.

"Ellie!" Paige called running to catch up to her. Ellie was in no mood to be nice. Not to Paige.

"Go away, Paige." Ellie said and walked off, leaving Paige there to look bewildered. Ellie proceeded to home room. As soon as she sat down, however her teacher came in and said

"Everyone, get up. We have an assembly." Ellie groaned and got up. They went to the auditorium. Ellie found Sean and they went to sit down.

"This assembly," began Mr. Radditch once everyone had quieted down. "Is a very serious one. It is about Self-mutilation, disorders and addictions." Sean felt Ellie stiffen. Mr. Radditch stepped aside and let a guest speaker come to the podium.

"Before I begin," began the man "It is important that I stress the following: if you, or anybody know, is self-injuring themselves, has an eating disorder or is addicted to anything, you need to let an adult know." That was all Ellie heard however, because she ran out. Of course, Sean followed. He followed Ellie into the bathroom where she was pacing and breathing very hard.

"Ellie." Sean stated going over to her. "Are you okay?"

"I just can't be in there, Sean, I can't!"

"It's okay, Ellie." Sean said comforting her. "It's okay. We'll just stay here."

Sorry about that…I know it sucked…well? What do you think? Let me know. You all rock!