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Me and my brother, Scott, were out looking for a job. I'll tell everyone a little about my life before we get to the newsies. I have an older brother and a little brother, so I am basically the only girl in our family. Our mom died when I was 11 and our dad left when our mom was still pregnant with me. My mom didn't have my little brother, Kevin, till I was 5.

My brother Scott needed a job to earn money so I tagged along to find one too. We were walking down a street then he went inside a store to ask about a job they had available. Out of nowhere I bumped into someone.

"So youse out looking fer a job? I know a job yer brodda could have. He could be a newsie like me." he said once he knew why I was outside waiting for Scott.

"I said I was lookin fer one too." I said wondering why I was talking to him.

"I don't know if de job is good enough fer a lil' goil like yerself." he said with a grin.

"De names Angel, not goil. Mebe I could be a newsie." I told the boy who claimed to be a newsie.

"A goil newsie...Whudd'er ye crazy? Derre shouldn't be goil newsies."

"An who exactly are you?" I asked getting aggravated.

"Me? I'm Jack Kelly."

"Whudd ye mean yer a newsie?" my brother asked walking out of the store.

"Who're you?" Jack asked annoyed.

"I'm Ang's olda brodda. Mah names Scott."

"Whudd a pretty lil' goil like you wanna be a newsie fer?" Jack asked turning his attention back towards me.

"No reason." I answered.

"Oh really? Don't ye got anythin betta te do?" Jack asked sarcastically. "Er did ye get bored wit bein a goil?"

Hearing that made me flare with anger. "Lay offa me sista." Scott warned.

"It was just a joke. I didn't mean te insult her." Jack apologized.

"Nobody messes wit me sista, ye got it?" Scott stepped up to Jack as I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Whudd'er ye her bodyguard er somethin." a boy asked as he walked around the corner, my breath caught at the site of him, Scott noticed me starring.

"Mebe I am, who is it dat wants ta know?" Scott asked angrily and I nudged his side.

He had glossy blue gray eyes and was wearing a gray newsie hat and was holding a black cane with a gold design on the top. In his pocket he had a slingshot.

"Dis is Spot Conlon de leada of de Brooklyn newsies an he's one a de most respected newsies in all a New York." Jack introduced to me and Scott.

"It's a pleasurre te meet ye." Spot said to me and I started to blush.

"Well she ain't pleased te meet you!" Scott said as he noticed me blushing.

"So youse a wise guy eeh?" Spot said to Scott "Someone widd a smart mouth like yers is gonna git soaked."

Just then Jack stepped between them. "Don't fight in front of de goil. It ain't right."

Spot looked at Scott then at me "...Yer right. So ye wanna be a newsie huh? Jack could show ye de ropes. Round hea if yer a newsie ye gotta watch out fer de Delancey broddas."

"Who're dey?" I asked interested.

"Derre some goons ye gotta watch out fer," Spot grinned. He walked over and put his arm around Scott's shoulder. "If youse a newsie we could help ye out an watch out fer her." Spot pointed at me. "We don't want anythin te happen te her."

"Are dey really dat bad?" Scott looked at me.

"Yea dey are, so ye gonna join us er whudd?" Jack nagged. "C'mon I'll show ye de gang...but we'll think bout havin a goil newsie." Jack glanced at me. "Derre are goil newsies but dey've been newsies practically derre whole lives."

"Why?" I asked.

"Lets go te de Lodgin House. Spot can tell ye on de way so ye can meet de gang if yer gonna be a newsie." Jack said leading the Scott to the Lodging House.

"De goil's ain't got much family if dey gots any." Spot said as we followed Jack and Scott. "Some a em are orphans er derre family died. Whudd happened te yer parents?" Spot asked eyeballing me, but I quickly looked away. "S'matta?" he stared at me.

"Nuttin." I told him catching up to walk beside Scott.

"She don't wanna talk bout it." Scott told him for me.

"I didn't ask ye te answa de question did I?" Spot snarled.

"Look she don't talk bout our parents, it still boddas her." Scott gave Spot a hard look.

"Its fine, our mudda died and our dad left us. I don't need ye ta take care of me. I can take care of mahself." I glared at Scott.

"Ha ye can't take care of yerself, yer a goil!" Scott laughed. We walked up to the Lodging House with the three laughing.