Author's Note: Well, I started writing this forever ago but it kept getting pushed aside for other things. It's set more in the seventh season, before you really find out about the Super Soldiers. Right in there. (You can see from that that it's old).

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Summary: When Jack falls victim to amnesia, what will happen between him and Sam? Will anything?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the sweat and blood (from my papercut) on the pages.

Pairings: S/J

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: adult situations

Ancient Wonders:

Chapter One

Everything moved in a slow blur to her. Just like in the movies, it seemed that everything was moving in slow motion. First stepping through the 'gate with only her companion to help her carry the weight of Colonel O'Neil's limp body. Half dragging the man as shouts for a medic found their way out of her mouth. Handing over the unconscious man to her best friend and doctor. Watching as they quickly checked his vitals and rolled him from the room.

She walked slowly off of the ramp, not taking her eyes off of the door they had taken her CO out of. Though it was not her fault, she felt as if it were. As if she could have prevented what had happened. As if…

"Major, what happened?" Boomed a man's voice over the intercom. She looked up and through the large windows. Inside of the control room stood a man, holding himself with obvious power and prestige.

Her tired, blue eyes met the man's, equally exhausted but curious and concerned. The question was clearly directed at her, she being the second in command of the team. But she found that no words came to her mind that could easily explain the circumstances behind the events leading up to that moment.

The knife caught the gleam of the sun as the villager went to swing it. Sam watched with horror for she knew she was about to die pined to the ground with no hope for escape. Suddenly, the knife was knocked out of the man's hands when he was knocked unconscious by a single blow to the head.

Sam looked up into the worried eyes of her commanding officer. He gave her a cocky smile as he went to offer her a hand. She was about to accept it just as another arm was wrapped around his throat and pulled him back away from her.

She watched, trying to stand but not quite making it through the soreness of being tossed to the ground. She tried to help, but couldn't pull her body off the ground. Just couldn't stand to help free him from the restrictive hands of his captor.

When she finally managed to get on her hands and knees, all she saw was the blunt end of the villager's knife hit his neck and he fell to the ground. She was sure his head hit something on the ground as well for blood streamed down the side.

SGC, Briefing Room December 1

"Major Carter? What happened?" General Hammond, the commanding officer of the SGC, asked Sam, startling her away from her unsettled reminiscing.

Carter sat, uncomfortably, in Colonel O'Neil's seat- the first seat on Hammond's left- rather than her own. She adjusted herself in the chair, not quite used to it, as her uniform clung uncomfortably to her legs, back, and arms from sweat and blood. SG-1 hadn't been given time to clean up before the debriefing had started.

"Uh, after setting up camp, it had already gotten dark so we opted against exploring until morning," Sam started, remembering what was shared around the campfire.

"So, Carter, what are you gonna do for Christmas?" Jack asked, letting his long, thin stick bob in and out of the sparking fire.

The light of the fire glowed in Sam's eyes as she watched it, thinking of an answer. "Oh, I don't know. My dad's supposed to be coming home, so I'll probably be spending it with him. We might even go visit Mark and them."

"That'd be nice," Jack commented, his gaze focused on the stick.

"What about you, Jack. What are your plans?" Daniel asked, having already shared his.

"Nothing really. Maybe I'll spend it on the base. Might stay home. I might go to my cabin. Not really sure at the moment," Jack told them, his plans actually less than that before being asked.

"We just went to bed. Something woke us up… I'm not sure how long it had been but it was already light out. We went to check it out and were ambushed…"

"What the hell," Jack asked under his breath, some sort of arrow just barely missing his arm. "Daniel! Dial us up!" He yelled as more arrows came and people began to be visible.

"Daniel went to dial the 'gate while the rest of us tried to hold them back. The Colonel was in hand to hand with… one of the villagers. He had a knife and used it to knock the Colonel out. When he fell… I think his head hit a rock…"

She watched, trying to stand but not quite making it through the soreness of being tossed to the ground. She tried to help, but couldn't pull her body off the ground. Just couldn't stand to help free him from the restrictive hands of his captor.

When she finally managed to get on her hands and knees, all she saw was the blunt end of the villager's knife hit his neck and he fell to the ground. She was sure his head hit something on the ground as well for blood streamed down the side.

"Then I assume you carried him through the 'gate and the rest we know?" The General asked, receiving three nods from the quiet table. They were all concerned and wanted to see how he was, not relive what they remembered of him getting injured.

And, just as he was about to release them to get washed up, Dr. Fraser walked in, clearly ready to tell them the condition of Colonel O'Neil. Her expression was bleak; telling half of his condition without intention- his situation was bad, perhaps fatal.


Janet nodded her head and took a seat next to Sam. "I'm afraid I have bad news. The Colonel suffered from two hard blows to the head- one in the back of the neck and the second on his forehead." At that point she took a deep breath, steadying herself and rephrasing the words in her head. "He's in a coma."

The news hit SG-1 and the General. Though half expected, it wasn't at all. Sam just closed her eyes and let the waves of guilt, sorrow, fear, worry, and anxiety wash over her. Let them hit her very core.

SGC, Infirmary December 6

Twining her hand into his, Sam stroked his hand. Spoke in whispers to him. Saying good things and pleading with him to wake up. Telling him that everything would be fine and that she was at his side. That everything would work out for the best.

Daniel had just left. It was her turn to watch him, to talk to him, in hopes that he would wake up. So far, it had only been two days. There was still plenty of hope that he would, indeed, wake. What he would be like when he did was another problem in itself.

Janet moved about. Busying herself in the background. She came by to check on Jack… on Sam. Took vitals and then left the two alone. It was clear to her that her friend was frantic about what had happened to her CO. That she felt responsible somehow. She had heard the debriefing and knew that she wouldn't have been able to do much. But Sam was miserable, none-the-less.

So Sam sat there with no protest about being there. But much protest when Teal'c would soon come by to relieve her. Just as the last two, three times, Teal'c would accompany her for a time before persuading her to get some rest in one of the base room.

But, for the time, Sam sat there with Jack. Absorbing the beeping of the heart monitor. Absorbing the sight of his chest rising and falling. Hearing but not hearing the sound of the nurses and doctors rushing about in the back. Her eyes taking in only Jack. Her words speaking only of his waking. Her ears hearing little but what was around her. Her mind… her mind remembering all of what happened in fractured, but detailed images.

His face was hard. Determined. Set in the act of what he was doing. Dirt was smudged all over his face; whether it was merely that he hadn't bathed in some time or that he was trying to hide his identity, she didn't know. A clump of his greasy black hair slipped away from the rest and flew into his face as his strong, muscular arms swung down.

Slowly, Sam's hand trailed its way up Jack's arm and shoulder. Then moved over his chin. Her fingertips feeling the scratchy feel of stubble growing over it. Then her hand went up to the cut above his brow. Her eyes taking in the stitches Janet had put in. Her fingers gently running over the cut. Taking in the rough skin, the foreign silk.

The dark, red blood streamed down his cheek. The small yet hard rock poking out of the ground near his head. His brown eyes closed. The blood flowing over his eyebrow. Just missing the eye. Just missing his closed eye.

Sam's ears heard the sound of the kazons in the background. Could almost see the red light out of the corner of her eye. She knew a similar moment had occurred after Daniel had dialed the 'gate. Before their IDC code had been received. Even once they had been through the 'gate, the lights still continued to gleam unnoticed by the veteran SGC officers.

Daniel ran by, taking her hand. Helping her to stand as she starred, uselessly, at the still body of her CO. The pair pulled him up, unsure as to what his condition was. The blue light shimmered as they approached. The sound of a staff blasted filled her ears as Teal'c fired his weapon at the again charging villagers. The blue light shinning on her face. The 'gate beckoning her closer. Her feet trying to move. Her body trying to carry that of her coworker… her friend… her…

Soon she knew Teal'c would be there. Soon she knew that he would somehow get her to leave Jack's side. And, soon, she knew that she would again be laying on her back, starring at the ceiling. No sleep granting her blessing.

SGC, Infirmary December 7

His eyes gazed over the still, listless body of his friend. He watched the chest rise and fall with a steady beat. The monitors beeped in synchrony with his heart. His eyes followed the wires back to the multiply machines, the IV tubes leading from his arm to the bag of saline, the tube they had put down his throat to help him breath.

Sitting there for hours, staying with him, gave him plenty of time of think about everything. About his life at the SGC. About his relationship with Jack. About how noble their jobs truly were if this was the result. They had been through so much, survived so much, and this was what finally got him in the Infirmary.

Daniel ran a hand through his hair, leaning back in his stool with a sigh. He was exhausted; going to bed around midnight each day and waking only a few hours later, pulling odd shifts, and working for hours after hours on nameless translations that he hardly remembered doing. He knew burying himself in his work wasn't helping, it just made him feel better about everything. About what happened.

Sitting up straight, Daniel scooted his chair forward, getting closer to his audience. In a quiet voice, he started to talk again. To remind his old friend of his presence. To try and coax him out his slumber. To just tell him about his day, even the "rocks" he had looked at and translated.

SGC, Hammond's Office

"How's Jack doing?" Hammond asked the doctor as she took a seat across from him.

"Quite frankly, sir. I'm more worried about Sam at this point," Janet stated, voicing her worries about her good friend. "But, Jack's vitals are stable. We can keep him stable on life support… indefinably. If he'll ever wake up… I don't know. But the longer he doesn't, the less likely he'll ever wake up."

Hammond nodded, solemnly. He was worried and concerned about both his officers. He just didn't see that there was anything that he could do.

"You mentioned you were worried about Major Carter."

"Yes, sir. She's hardly eaten since they returned, and that was only because I practically force fed her. She hasn't gone home. She only leaves the Infirmary and goes to her base quarters when Teal'c and I manage to persuade her. I doubt she even sleeps," Janet went on, stopping only because she sensed that the General got the idea.

"And how do you suggest we deal with it?"

"I don't know… she needs to sleep, giving her something would be my only suggestion. How to get her to even do that, I couldn't begin to tell you," Janet said, defeated and concerned.

"Try it. If she refuses… tell her it's an order from me."

"Yes, sir," she agreed, standing.

"Keep me informed… about both of them." Janet nodded and walked out of the office.

SGC, Infirmary December 8

Sam sat alone by Jack's bedside. Her eyes were full of fear and worry for the man lying unconscious. Her hand still entwined with his, her other stroking his arm. Her mind focused on his breathing; she never noticed her friend's approach.

The firm, strong hand being placed on her shoulder startled her, made her jump slightly. But her hands stayed where they had been and she continued starring forward; she knew who was behind her, she just hadn't expected him.

"Do you wish to stay longer?" Teal'c asked, knowing his normal insistence on leaving would be ignored and that she would stay even through his and Dr. Fraser's protests.

"Yes, Teal'c. Thank-you."

"Do you wish me to leave and come back later?" He asked, his hand still placed on her shoulder.

"No, that's alright."


Shoving a second forkful of food into his mouth, Daniel looked down at his food, his appetite slowly withering away. He hadn't felt much like eating all day, the thought of Jack still in a coma troubling him, but he had forced himself to at least eat dinner.

The sound of a tray suddenly hitting his table startled him. Daniel looked up in surprise to see Janet sitting down across from him. The dark circles under her eyes told the same story he knew- she hadn't been sleeping well. None of them had, especially Sam.

Despite her fatigue, Janet smiled at him, asking, "You finally found time to eat?"

"More like I finally forced myself to come down," Daniel corrected, taking another bit of his tasteless food.

Janet gave a weak smile, the facts the same for her. If it weren't for Teal'c sitting with Sam at the moment, she doubted that she would have been able to convince herself to come.

The doctor sighed, taking a bite of her meatloaf. The bland taste made her cringe but she had long ago become accustom to the horrid taste of Air Force food. "Wonderful, today, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah. Really good," Daniel joked with her, the actual taste making, what was left of, his appetite quickly evaporate.

A long pause stretched as they ate most of their food. Finally, Daniel broke it by saying, "How's he doing?"

"No change. You do realize the long he's in a coma, the less there is of a chance he'll ever come out of it?" Janet asked, her food momentarily forgotten.

"Yes. What will you do if he doesn't wake up before too long?"

Janet looked away from his tired, sad brown eyes, looking at her half-eaten food instead. "We'll have to ship him to a hospital where he can be better taken care of… mostly likely after a month of waiting."

"So if he doesn't wake up by the end of this month, we're just… shipping him away," Daniel spat, his anger coming from the exhaustion fueling his mind.

"Yes," Janet answered truthfully. She didn't take anything he said personally, but it was true.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. Come on, let's go check on your team."

SGC, Infirmary

"I should go now, I guess," Sam said, beginning to rise from her seat. Sam squeezed his hand as she whispered good-bye to Jack. "See you later, sir."

Just as Sam moved away, she tried to release his hand. But, instead, Jack squeezed her hand back. Immediately Sam was back at his side just as Teal'c moved in closer after a quick shout at Janet.

"Hey. How ya feeling, sir?" Sam asked, her voice soft and calm.

With a grunt of discomfort, Jack's eyes opened. He blinked a few times, his eyes not adjusted to the lighting. Once opened, they moved and settled on the person the voice had come from: Sam.

His eyes took a moment to take her in. The looked uneasy, worried, concerned. When his eyes met hers, he froze. His heart skipped a few beats as his breathing quickened. Her beautiful blue eyes and golden hair were breathtaking.

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he whispered, his words taking all present by surprise, including Dr. Fraser who had just joined them. Sam looked behind herself, worried eyes meeting Janet's. When she looked back, she saw he was still starring at her.

"Do you know your name?" Janet asked, stepped closer.

Jack looked at her, his eyes taking her in. It felt as if he should know who she was. Who they all were. But, as hard as he tried searching his mind, he couldn't recall much of anything. Not even his name.

"No… I don't… I don't remember it," he admitted, sudden realization hitting. His mind became frantic, searching through itself for answers to anything he could think of. Memories of anything that had happened to him. But nothing came to mind. Just… nothing.

"Do you remember anything?" Sam asked.

He looked back at her, a sad look in his eye. "No."

SGC, Jack's Office Hours Later

"So, this is my office?" Jack stated as he took a look around. Stacks of paper lined the desk just as more, crumpled up paper surrounded the trashcan. "I take it I'm not the neatest one around."

"Not really, sir," Sam agreed as she stood by, almost guarding, the door. Jack had asked her personally to show him around and Janet said it would be a good idea to try and help his memory to come back. That only made Jack more persistent that she be the one to do it.


"Excuse me?"

"Jack. You said that's my name. Why don't you ever use it?" He asked, turning his attention away from the room and was far more focused on her.

"I… You're Colonel O'Neil. Second in command of this base and the leader of our team, SG-1."

"So, I'm kind of your superior twice?"

"Technically three times if you add rank. I'm a Major."

"And… how do the ranks work again?"

Sam smiled at his perplexed look, it seemed he had tried to figure it all out in his head but couldn't quite understand. "Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel... and General."

"Right. So, since I'm not technically your commanding officer at the moment… Jack? Please?"

With his cute, innocent smile and the look in his eye, she couldn't help but say, "Fine. Jack. I'll try to remember."

"So, Sam, right?" With her nod, he continued, "How long have we known each other?"

"About seven years now."

"And... in all that time you've never called me Jack?"

Sam almost laughed at his tone but answered, "You've always been my CO."

"And… since I've always been your CO… there's never been anything… between us. I would assume."

"No," Sam told him, not looking him in the eye. "We should be going. I should get you back to the Infirmary."

"Sam, wait!" He called, grabbing her sleeve. "One more question?"


He looked away, as if embarrassed to ask. When he looked back, his emotions were hidden by his humor. "I do have a house right? I mean, I don't live here 24/7?"

Sam smiled and laughed, telling him, "Yes, you have a house."

"Will you show me? I mean, later, when I can leave this place. Can you take me there, show me some stuff?" he asked, his voice far more serious.

"I haven't been there that often… but I can try."


SGC, Hammond's Office

"So… he doesn't remember anything?" Hammond asked in disbelief.

"Not a thing, sir. Sam's showing him around now but… I doubt that will help anything immediately. He may never recover at all or fully… we have to accept that as a possibility," she explained, getting as much out in the opened as she could.

"Is there anything else you can do to increase his chances?" Hammond inquired, his worry showing on his features.

Janet bowed her head, licking her lips. "Normally I would treat him with 30mg of Nimotop… but I'm afraid that it may have an adverse reaction with all of his 'gate travel."

"I don't understand, 'gate travel has never affected medical treated."

"Yeah… certain chemicals did have a adverse reaction with a member of SG-5. I would rather not use it on the Colonel without knowing for sure… it could make things worse," Janet explained. "There's nothing, that I can think of, that would do much for him."

"Very well, Doctor. Please, keep me informed."

SGC, Sam's Lab December 9

"Hi." Jack's unexpected voice startled Sam, causing her to jump and almost knock over what she was doing. "Sorry."

"It's ok. What are you doing here?" She asked, just realizing that he should be in the Infirmary.

"The doc said I could look around. Try and remember. I wanted to come down here and talk to you… remember you," he told her, a sly smile covering over the fear in his eyes. Sam blushed, noticing how openly he was flirting with her.

Jack walked over to her desk, leaving his guard behind at the door. Sitting down on the stool, he put his elbows on the table and leaned, trying to get a good look at what she was doing. "What are you doing?"

"Examining some samples SG-7 brought back from P3X-9784," Sam told him, not realizing until after she had said it that her words meant nothing to him. "I'm sorry," she apologized, stopping her work and turning towards him. "They're just minerals I'm examining."


Sam looked him over. She was used to Jack acting dumb and ignorant but she had never truly seen him as a curious, naïve child. It… scared her more than she ever would have thought. He may not be the sharpest or quickest at times but he was still smart.

"To see if it can be used as power source or be of some use," she explained.

"Right." Sam, sensing that he didn't have any more questions for the time, turned back to her work. But, just like her Jack, the moment she started, and asked, "The doc told me a little about what we do here. What I do here. I was wondering, could you actually explain it to me using more than two words?"

Sam smiled. He was still impatient and sarcastic. But he didn't remember anything. The reality of Jack's situation still hadn't sunken in to her yet. She still couldn't believe, after days of sitting by his side as he lay there in a coma, that he was awake. Much less could she accept the fact that he had amnesia. It was just a lot to take in.

"Well, years ago an ancient piece of technology was discovered in Egypt, called the Stargate. Eight years ago it was discovered how to use it. We sent a team, commanded by you and accompanied by Doctor Daniel Jackson, to a planet called Abydos. You… battle and destroyed… an alien masquerading as the Egyptian god Ra. Once you came back, the Stargate program was abandoned until it was reopened by another alien, similar to Ra, who took and killed an Air Force officer.

"Basically, you, some of your old team, myself, and a few others went through and tried to stop him. We brought back Dr. Jackson, who had stayed on Abydos. Once we came back from that mission, the Stargate Program became permanent. You were put in command of SG-1, which is you, Daniel, a Jaffa named Teal'c, and myself. Other teams exist as well. Almost everyday we go off world," Sam explained, rambling on and on about the beginnings on the SGC.

Jack hung on every word. He took it all in. To him aliens and such wasn't so absurd- he didn't know that it supposable was. He found himself absorbed in the story. Hearing each word in vivid detail. But, once she had finished, he found that, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't recall a single thing she had told him.

"Definably more than two words," he commented, seeing that she was done with her speech.

"You don't remember any of it, do you?"

Jack heard the seriousness in her voice, saw the look in her eyes. He shook his head. "No. But, is that how… how I… When we went to another planet?"

"Yes. We were on a mission to… go on a mineral survey. Some of the locals attacked us. You were hit on the head and knocked out before falling and hitting your head on a rock. We carried you back through the Stargate, by then you were already in the coma," she said. Jack could easily tell that she was reliving the moments in her mind. Remembering each event with a clarity he knew he would most definably never have.

"Thanks for talkin' to me. Maybe we can… again… later."

"Yea. I'll see you tomorrow, sir." Jack winced internally at the formal way she addressed him before getting off the stool and walking out. Only a final wave his last departing words.

SGC, Infirmary December 10

"Hi, Jack. How're you feeling?" Daniel asked, walking in. Dressed in his civvies and his jacket on his arm, it was evident that he was preparing to leave.

"Fine. It's… Daniel, right?" Jack asked, looking over at the stranger. His stance was kind and not encroaching on his space. He stood just far enough away that he didn't appear dangerous but not intimately close as he knew Sam or Janet might.


"Sorry, I'm still trying to get people and things straight," Jack apologized.

"That's all right, you don't have to explain. I know how it feels- not remembering anyone or anything," Daniel told him.

"Really?" Jack inquired, regarding him skeptically.

"I just recently recovered from my amnesia. I guess the biggest part is wanting to remember," he said, his mind going back to what it was like. To the tent, to being Arum.


"Don't apologize," he said, not scolding but more informing Jack. "So… how… are things?"

"Not bad I guess, all things considering. I don't remember anything and may never but… whatever. Not like I know what I'm missing," Jack snipped.

"Yeah, usually how life is."

The two stayed silent, neither knowing what to say to the other. The quiet was only broke when Daniel said, "I should probably get going."

"Yeah… thanks for visiting."

"You think I wouldn't come see my best friend? I'll see you later," Daniel told him with a faint smile.

As he went to leave, Jack called out, "'Bye."

"'Bye," he called back before disappearing from Jack's view.

SGC, Infirmary December 11

"Augggg!" Moaned Jack as he pushed the various pictures away from him. Putting his face in his hands, he shook his head and told the other two in the room, "I don't remember this stuff!"

"All right, Jack," Janet told him with a sigh. She looked over at Daniel- who had volunteered to come as moral support. His eyes told her that he was thinking the same as she was: the more they pushed, the more frustrated Jack was becoming. He was trying so hard to remember but just couldn't recall everything they were showing him, everything they were trying to teach him.

She had tried giving him an assortment of medication- all of which she felt semi-secure in giving him- but none appeared to be working. She had only one other idea than letting his memory come back on its own- something she doubted- and that wasn't even a grantee that it could be done much less work.

"I'm sorry. I'll try again," he said, moving to pick up the scattered pictures.

Janet shook her head, stopping him progress. "No, that's alright, Jack. That's enough of that for today."

"No, I want to keep trying," he practically begged, his look one of complete sincerity.

Before Janet could rebuttal his request, the phone rang, making her jump. "I'll be right back." Moving away from her frustrated patient, she headed over to the corner where the wall phone was hung. "Hello?"

On the on line, her caller greeted Janet with a simple hello and introduced herself. After a few seconds of speaking, Janet knew what the call was about. "Oh good, I had hoped I would be able to reach you."

Jack's House December 12

"This is my house? I live here all by myself?" Jack asked, stepping through the threshold of his large, moderate house.

"Yep," Sam answered, she and Janet tagging behind him. It had taken to the point of total annoyance for Jack to talk Janet into letting him go home. She only agreed because he had reasoned it might help his memory come back quicker. Sam was only there because Jack would only get in the car with her there.

Of course, with his curiosity, Jack found his way through glancing at most things as he made his way out into the living room. There he found his selves of pictures. Many of the more recent ones being of SG-1 or at the SGC, the older being of Charley and Sarah.

"I think I recognize most of these people: myself, Sam, Daniel, Dr. Fraser, Teal'c, and… General Hammond. Who are they?" He asked, pointing to the older pictures.

Sam walked up behind him, looking down at the young boy smiling from his frame and the happy looking woman she had met only once. Those pictures represented a happy part of his past but also one of the hardest. She wasn't sure she wanted to be the one telling him.

Taking a deep breath, she began to telling him, "That's Sarah and Charley…" At that point she paused, the brunt of what she was going to say being in her next few words. "Sarah was… your wife and Charley… your son. Almost… eight years ago… Charley… found your gun at home… and killed himself on accident. You and Sarah split up sometime after that."

Jack listened to her every word. At first he had watched her as she talked; absorbed how she said everything and her facial expression. But, after he began to heard the sorrow in her voice, he had to look away. Look at the child he now knew was his but someone he would never see again. And the woman he now knew to be his ex-wife that he probably would never have the chance to meet.

When Sam finished her explanation, she turned to leave and give him a moment alone. But she found that, rather then leaving him be, he followed her. He seemed to be taking in things and leaving them until a bit later to try and deal with.

"Did you know either of them?" He asked, assuming she'd know who 'them' was.

"No, I didn't met you until a year after the accident. By then you and Sarah had already divorced," she explained; he just nodded.

After a few minutes of silence and walking through a hall filled with pictures, Jack asked, "May I asked another question?"

"You may ask as many questions as you want," Janet told him with a smile.

"Why is there all this… green stuff everywhere?"

Both Janet and Sam smiled. Neither had remembered to tell him about Christmas or anything like that. Perhaps they took it too much to granted, thinking even a man with amnesia would remember.

"They're decorations for Christmas." At his confused look, Janet elaborated, "A holiday that happens once a year on December 25. You're supposed to exchange presents on this day with friends and family."

"Basically, the story is that a man lives in the North Pole with thousands of elves who work year round to make toys for children. On Christmas Eve he packs all the toys in his sleigh and his flying reindeer bring him from house to house before Christmas morning," Sam told him.

"How does he get the presents inside?" Jack inquired, seeming genuinely interested in the story.

"He goes down the chimney after landing his sleigh on the roof."

"Of course," Jack responded to her sarcasm.

"You do know this story is just make belief… for children, right?"

"How do you know that?" Jack inquired before brushing past her and into the next room. Sam just stood there and smiled. It would be an interesting tour with him.

SGC, Hammond's Office

"Now, I realize that you and the rest of SG-1 have been promised some downtime, but I an… extremely important mission for you," General Hammond began just after Teal'c sat down. Teal'c nodded, telling him to continue.

"I don't want to have to do this but… you can not tell anyone else, for the time. All they need to know is that you're leaving on a mission for the Tok'ra, nothing more," Hammond told him, his wording making Teal'c interested in just what he was about to do.

Teal'c gave a slight nod, saying, "Of course, General Hammond."

"This is what I've been told…"

Jack's House

"That's the grand tour," Sam jokingly announced.

"That's it? You didn't even give me dates and… other useless numbers and trivia," Jack complained, wearing his smile.

Janet shook her head at the friendly banter between the two; it was almost as if nothing was wrong. Through the entire four hours, Sam had been constantly at his side- talking to him, showing him things. But, when he needed it, she would back away without even a word.

The sudden ringing of her cell phone caught her attention. Excusing herself from the two, she pulled the object from her pocket and moved into the kitchen. Leaving them alone in his cozy living room.

"So, how do you like your house?" Sam asked, finding that statement sounding weird.

"It's pretty nice. Better than the base we were on." He paused to look at her and joked, "I was beginning to think the entire world was that boring."

"On the contrary, the US alone is quite the diverse place… if you go to other countries, even states, everything is so different," Sam told him, her mind actually thinking of the many hundreds of worlds she had visited over the world she was supposed to be.

After a moment of comfortable silence, Jack finally built up enough courage to ask, "Hey, Sam?"

"Yeah?" She asked, looking up from her spot by the fireplace.

He hesitated before saying, "Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

Sam smiled, understanding what he was doing. She tried to find a gentle way of putting him down but, instead, found herself saying, "No. Why?"

"I was just thinking… that… I only get to see you on the base… that we never talk outside of work. And… it would be nice… to talk more… outside of work," he stuttered. Sam's smile grew, but she didn't intervene in his talking. "Um… so… would you… to do something… tomorrow… or something?"

He looked at her with hopeful eyes, begging her to say yes. Sam walked over to where he was standing- by the large, body-sided windows- and told him, "I'd love to."

And, before she could say more, Janet seemed to have finished her call and walked back into the living room. She announced, "That was the General, he said we should be getting back," cutting Sam off.

"You mean I can't stay here?" Jack whined.

"I'm afraid you have to come with us. I still have to monitor your condition." Though Jack groaned, he followed them as they left.

SGC, Weight Room December 13

The feeling of sweat dripping down his face was barely noticed as Jack lay on his back. Slowly, the gripping of the metal bar starting to annoy his hands. At the same time, the muscles in his arms started to feel the weight of the object as he pushed it up in the air and back toward his chest.

The movement of metal bars similar to the one he used pierced his ears and he did not need to look up to know that someone had joined him. Gloved hands pounded against the plastic-like material. The grunts and moans of a sparring matches indicated two were practicing. At the same time, their feet made muffled noises against the padded floor- something that gave away their spots to even Jack.

But he was more focused on the bar he held in his hands. On the reality of working his frustration on working out. Of keeping his mind off everything yet nothing as he exercised and rebuilt his unworked muscles.

Suddenly, the words, "It is good to see you again, O'Neil," broke the oddly noisy silence.

Without mounting the bar, Jack looked up at the dark, stoic man. At the same time, he looked down at him with his dark eyes, watching his friend as he lay on the bench. Jack had seen Teal'c once or twice before but he was neither a constant companion that Sam was nor the regular visitor he new Daniel to be. And Janet, well, she was his doctor, of course.

"Nice to see you, too." Jack was unsure how to approach the intimidating looking man. It was hard to believe that the two got along, just as he commanded the man. It scared him a little, to say the least, but, for some unknown reason, he trust Teal'c.

"I have come here to wish you parting, O'Neil. It may be sometime before I am able to return, I fear." With those words, Jack stopped his familiar motions. Lifting the bar, he mounted and sat up, now having to crane his neck to see the strong soldier.

"Where ya goin'?" Jack asked, feeling that it was somehow necessary.

"Nowhere of concern. I will return within the next few weeks… I wish you well on your quest to retain your memory," Teal'c informed him with a smile and nod.

"Thanks," Jack said, seeing this was the side of the warrior that had allowed him to bound with the, otherwise, unapproachable looking man. "I'll see ya in a little while then. Maybe by then I'll remember you."

Teal'c said nothing more, he just bowed his head once more and then turned and departed.


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