Title: The Crow: Cabaret Nights

Rating: PG-13 for now, but I may have to up it to R in later chapters...

Summary: This time, the Crow brings back a woman, who died trying (but failing) to protect her daughter. This time, a young /man/ finds her, and helps her understand why she's back. Please R&R!


He was dressed all in black. The little boy's eyes were wide, though with more curiosity than fear. The man bent near and pulled a quarter from behind the boy's ear, and then pinched it. It glowed red for a moment, before seeming to melt away into nothing.

"How did you do that?" the child asked, almost smiling in awe. The man shook his head with his own small smile.

"Magic." He turned his head and studied the boy for a moment. "You have it too, just as strong as I do." The boy's eyes widened, becoming white saucers in his dirty face.

"I do?" The man nodded, and then stood up and turned around, all in one fluid motion. He looked back over his shoulder for a minute, and then moved away, vanishing around the corner with no farewell but for the wave of his coat.


"I believe that when a person dies, they find their way to a better place. I don't think it's easy, and I think many get lost. They become our ghosts, and it's for this reason so many people fear death. But sometimes, a Crow helps them, leading them home. And sometimes...it leads them back."


Author's Notes:

I'm writing this as a favor for a friend, and I've got a lot of papers due soon so I may not update way often, but I'll try! I hope you like it, but review even if you don't, eh? I'm not fragile. Oh, and I've only seen two Crow movies...so...if I miss something...important...let me know rather than roasting me for it, hm? Thanks! Oh, and yeah this is short, but that's 'cause it's an intro! I hope to have Chapter 1 up soon!