I know, it's been /forever/ since I've updated. I'm sorry! But here's more! I know it's short, but I really wanted to get something up before you all gave up on me! Oh, one more thing. In the song, the lines in parenthesis are supposed to be crossed out, but I can't figure out how to do that.

The young woman wakes while Jason is trying out a few chords on his guitar. The song he's writing is in front of him. He hears her shift, and quickly puts his guitar down, going over to drop beside her. She sits up slowly, and then sweeps her hair back out of her face with a distracted gesture. She looks up at him, studying his face. Her voice, when she speaks, is flat and almost emotionless.

"I'm dead, aren't I?" The young man nods. "So is Rebecca." Her daughter. Again, he nods.

"Yes." A loud cawing makes him look up as the crow lands on her shoulder. She pets it absently, stroking the glossy black feathers. It takes a lock of her midnight hair in its beak for a moment. "It was the crow, wasn't it?" It's really more statement than question. The woman smiles, and there's a flurry of movement as the crow takes off. She looks past him suddenly, to the guitar and his song.

"Can I see it?" He blinks, looking over his shoulder, momentarily thrown off, but then nods. She gets up, crossing the room slowly, and reads his writing slowly.

Dance now

(Don't pay heed) Pay them back

Too many things, so late

Pierced with talons


Without saying anything she takes up the pen, making a few changes. He walks over as she writes, reading over her shoulder.

"It's an improvement." She smiles.

The crow calls.


She slips up the new pants, black leather sliding up long legs, slim hips. Belts cling from the jacket, silver buckles with no use beyond design. Black fishnets beneath a sleeveless shirt come down over her hands, looping around her middle fingers. A toss of jet black hair, a flip of a leather collar, and a good yank on tall black boots.


She borrows his motorcycle. All roads turn from Rome to lead her after the man. She ducks low over the bike, hair snapping around her face in the wind, until she slides to a stop, leaping from the bike. It's him.

He leers, grabbing a passing blonde and yanking her around into the alley nearby. She starts to scream, and then chokes on it as a hand grabs onto his shoulder, yanking him back, turning him around. He looks up into midnight eyes framed by darker hair, and gasps.

"You!" She just smiles, grabbing him by the head and slamming him back into the wall. The blonde shrieks and runs. "No – you can't be here! I –" Not bothering to listen, she moves her hands, placing both thumbs lightly against his eyelids. When he hesitates, she gives a low chuckle, and shoves – digging her thumbs straight into his eyes. Thick, red liquid oozes from the sockets around her thumbs and he /screams/. His voice cracks, the sound going too high as she twists her thumbs, and then yanks them back out. He chokes, screaming again. The sounds dies in his throat as she brings her knee up into his groin, all the air wheezing out of him like a deflated balloon. He doubles over and she grabs his head, hands moving in a lightning-fast gesture that snaps his neck.

Some minutes later as she leaves the alley, the blonde woman stands up from where she'd been sitting by the motorcycle.

"Thank you." The woman nods, going up to the bike and swinging onto it. "Please –" The blonde reaches out as if to grab her, but quickly jerks her hand back. "What's your name?" The dark-haired woman returns her gaze for a moment, and then looks down, starting the bike's engine.

"Alia," she says, voice quiet. With that she roars off. The blonde looks back towards the alley, and shudders, hurrying away.

Back above the man's body, blood drips from the wall, the spatter in the form of a crow…