Chapter 1: Hangover

It was half past six when the alarm went off at the watchers academy in Wiltshire so the dormitory was still very dark. Dinah Wyndam- Pryce jerked wildly awake as the sound drilled through her consciousness. Angrily she pulled her head under the covers to fight against the cold. It was freezing and as she had spent a great deal of the previous night in the pub having a drinking competition with a Samlack demon she wasn't feeling great. She knew it was a stupid thing to do. Samlack demons have three livers and are roughly the same size as a mature hippo. There was no way she could have won but after her eighth tequila slammer she wasn't too bothered.

She felt something soft hit her and peered groggily over the top of her itchy blue blankets down the row of beds to where her best friend Amy Phillips sat looking as bad as she felt. Her curly blond hair had matted and was sticking up at arkward angles. She wrapped her blanket around her pink nightie as she slipped her glasses on and called down the dark dorm it a thick scotch accent.

"Di... I'm dying!"

The other sixth year girls groaned

"Do it quietly then." Came a muffled cry and Dinah could just make out a small black hand waving angrily from under the covers in the bed by the window. The Watcher academies dorms were split up into girl and boys year groups. This meant Dinah was bunking up with nearly fifty other sixteen year girls, none of whom were keen on getting up so early. They moaned collectively and made hushing noises as Dinah sat up and called back to her friend.

"You're dying?" She moaned incredulously "Four pints, twelve tequilas and whatever the hell was in that bottle! Why didn't you stop me?"

"I was too drunk" Amy sighed getting up. "Come on, it's our turn to make sure the firsties are up and ready before lessons."

Dinah rolled out of bed and shivered as her feet slapped against the cold wooden floor. Her head span dangerously and she swayed for a moment then steadied herself on the headboard. She hated being a prefect, it meant that she was always first up and last to bed.

"I'll kill Atlee for this, he only made me prefect out of spite!" She growled reaching for the sidelight.

"Wyndam-Pryce," Growled the girl in the next bed dangerously, "If you switch that light on I'm going to shove it up your arse!"

"that's no way to speak to a prefect!" Dinah smiled back viciously switching it on. Wrapping a dressing gown over her to cover her faded 'Man united t- shirt Dinah and Amy left the sixth year girls dorm quickly as it erupted with angry yells.

The dining hall was a large Edwardian room lined with bookshelves. It looked more like a library than a dining room but as the Watchers valued books above any other resource the school was filled with them. Dinah felt that it spoke volumes about the establishment that they only had one computer room but enough books to fill a football stadium twice over. 'There so old fashioned' She thought angrily, taking a seat at one of the small cafeteria tables that lined the room

Her seventh year boyfriend Mod Bruce smiled at her as he slid an aspirin across the table. She took it gratefully and helped herself to a glass of water.

"Girls night out went well?!" He smirked knowingly. There was a hint of accusation in his tone. Mod was the head boy and took his duties a little seriously. Hanging out with Dinah had loosened him up a little though.

He was exceptionally handsome. Tall and muscular with deep blue eyes and dark curly hair that flopped down over his face. He was captain of the rugby, cricket and football teams which meant that every girl in the school had a major crush on him. Most girls would have found this a little intimidating but not Dinah, she found it quite cute that he blushed whenever a group of giggling second hears passed them.

Dinah rested her head down on the table and he patted he short spiked hair sympathetically. It was bright pink at the moment, purely for the purpose of winding the teachers up. It clashed horribly with the schools red blazer and the girls red and black kilts but Dinah didn't care, it was worth it to see the headmaster Walter Atlee sneer in horror as she passed. She and Atlee were caught up in a game of 'see who can wind the other up more' Mot recently he had made her prefect, so she dyed her hair an 'offensive' colour.

It had been going on since her first year when she had corrected him on his lecture on the most dangerous modern vampires. She hadn't agreed with the argument that Angel was a vicious killer that murdered every human that crossed his path, especially as her brother had been working with him for the past few years and was, as yet still very much alive. It had only gone to strengthen her belief that the watchers were stuck in their ways and couldn't accept that not all demons were bad. They were worse than regular people sometimes.

A loud clatter made her jump up. Mod's best friend Oliver Jules slammed his plate down on the table as he and Amy took their seats. Dinah didn't understand how Olly could be so slim when he ate so much junk. He squeezed a large dollop of tomato ketchup onto his fried breakfast and pushed his dreadlocks out of the way as he tucked in.

"That's disgusting" Dinah moaned, sneering at he mountain of sausages..

"Full English is the best way to start the day!" The Brummie smiled, waving a fork full of bacon at her "Besides, you might have more of an appetite if you two hadn't drunk your weight in vodka last night."

"It was tequila," She corrected sarcastically, "and don't you start. I've had enough from him"

"I didn't say anything!" Mod protested.

"It's the way you looked at me," Dinah moaned leaning over and resting her head on Amy's shoulder "all disapprovingly. It's like having breakfast with my dad!"

"Are you two sure you're fit for lessons?" Olly asked concerned

"Yeah," Amy yawned, "It's Latin and ancient civilisations this morning so we can have a kip and be totally refreshed for our Demonology practical in the afternoon."

Olly laughed but Mod didn't look impressed.

"You shouldn't sleep in lessons" He sighed.

"we're going to have to" Dinah shrugged "we've both had too much time off. And as we both snuck out last night and are underage I don't think 'sorry sir, I have a hangover' will go down to well."

She got up and kissed Mod lightly on the head and left him and Olly to finish their breakfast. As she and Amy left the hall a cold sneer called Dinah back into the room.

She turned to see a very strict looking man beckoning her closer with a long, crocked finger. It was Walter Atlee, the headmaster of the academy and he didn't look very pleased. His short grey hair was ruffled and messy and coupled with his filthy lab coat and thick NHS glasses gave him the air of a mad scientist.

"Miss Wyndam-Pryce" He called waving an ominous looking letter at her "a word in my office if you please."

"Bugger!" Dinah moaned assuming that the letter was a tip off from one of the villagers, "I've been rumbled. Look you go ahead and if they haven't' kicked me out I'll see you in lessons."

She patted Amy reassuringly on the back and wearing her most innocent expression prepared to meet her doom.

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