Olly, Amy and Dinah stood huddled around Mod outside the walls of the tower as he examined a tourist map. They all squinted at the paper in the dim, orange light of the streetlamps, trying to find the safest point of entry.

"Where's the amulet hidden?" Olly asked for the fourteenth time since they'd left the academy. The others let out a sigh of exasperation.

"In the Bloody tower." Amy grunted, rolling her eyes. Olly looked offended.

"Hey I was just asking!" He protested, looking genuinely hurt.

"No you ponce!" She snapped and indicated the spot on the map "THE bloody tower, opposite execution block."

"rather fitting for a band of vampires" Mod smiled, tucking it away in his back pocket.

"And nice and handy for them to pull stray spectators away from the crowds." Dinah agreed, much to Amy's disgust.

"Did we REALLY need to know that?" She moaned pulling a face. Dinah chose to ignore her and stalked off silently up the street.

"Best way in is through traitors gate," She called back softly, beckoning them on "that way we can avoid the green."

As they moved closer to the entrance the four of them pulled out their weapons. Olly looked at his tazer with a malicious smile" First one to do a 'did you know?' or try and teach me anything about the history of this sodding tower gets a tazer in the buttocks." He grinned testing the machine. A bright blue light cracked and buzzed loudly.

"Bloody" Amy reminded him


"It's the bloody tower not the sodding tower." She whispered as they drew nearer the grounds "Anyway, what if it's relevant?"

"What's relevant?"

"History, it's always relevant." Dinah explained on Amy's behalf, turning her head around the corner to check that their path was clear. "Even more so when were searching for an old relic hidden in one of the country's oldest castles."

"Whatever," Olly shrugged "just no 'Jane Seymore was imprisoned here in blah,blah, blah.'"

The others exchanged pitiful looks before Amy turned scathingly to Olly "Shouldn't be difficult," She hissed "Jane Seymore was never sent to the…"

"Forget it!" Olly sighed in frustration and threw his hands up despairingly.

Mod leant in close to Dinah and whispered in her ear "Any sign of Wolfram and Hert?"

"Nope," She said softly turning her head to face him, their lips were almost touching he was so close "no Beefeaters either," She smiled as Olly and Amy made retching noises in disgust "all quiet."

"Too quiet." Olly said seriously taking his fingers out of his throat. The others groaned and slouched of around the corner, leaving him looking perplexed "What? What?"

They were relieved to find their passage into the secret tunnel went unnoticed by the towers guards, largely because there didn't seem to be any. As they had swung around the front of the bloody tower they had expected to see at least one or two beefeaters across the inky black lawn but there wasn't a soul in sight.

Not even on the inside. They had walked almost casually through the old stone hallways straight to the entrance of the secret tunnel (hidden under a rug on the floor) and down its twisting stairwell into the cool, dark underground.

It was cold down in the tunnel and so dark that Mod was forced to turn on his torch. As he shone it around it fell on old tapestry's and statues of nuns, angels and cherubs lining the walls. There were no windows down here. 'perfect for a vampire.' Dinah thought. This seemed to have occurred to the others to. They all clutched their weapons and followed the torchlight apprehensively. but after ten minuets their nerves settled down and frustration sank in.

"What are we looking for?" Amy sighed despairingly as they trudged deeper into the tunnel. Dinah merely shrugged

"Dunno." She said distractedly, pulling back an ancient tapestry. "We'll know it when we see it."

"So it's like a secret passage or something?" Mod asked aping her behavior with a tapestry a few feet ahead. Olly groaned, frustrated and buried his head in his hands.

"Another one?" He moaned "A secret passage in a secret tunnel, why?"

"Well the tunnel itself isn't a 'secret' secret. It's been used since the late sixteenth century." Mod explained as he led the way. Behind them Dinah let out a triumphant laugh

"See," She smirked "history was relevant HA!"

"Smart arse!" Olly muttered, though he too was grinning. Mod didn't seem as at ease as they were. He paused at the end of the passageway where the tunnel branched off and peered cautiously around the corner. Finding nothing there the others were surprised to see him tense even more rather than relax. He turned back to face them looking very ill at ease.

"This is wrong." He said, shaking his head "We should have come across someone by now. A guard a ghost, a stray vampire, anything!"

Suddenly the others all became as tense as him and glanced paranoid over their shoulders. Olly pursed his lips and shook his head "You really know how to put your men at ease don't you!" He muttered sarcastically.

"We should be on our guard"

"I was before that comment, now I'm wetting myself."

A sudden whistling noise caused Dinah to turn wildly around "Shh!" She whispered hurriedly breaking up their minor spat as she strained to listen "Did you hear that?"

Both of the boys stood silent and listened intently as it came again.

"Oh great," Amy rolled her eyes "this is never good is it?"

"Will you stop being such a wuss?" Olly teased "I've seen you kick arse tons of times!"

"This is different," Amy protested, almost angrily "we're in a secret tunnel at a closed tourist attraction famed for its bloody history. Not only that but we've been sent here by an evil, untrustworthy establishment to beat another evil, untrustworthy establishment to some freaky amulet." Her voice rose as she became more worked up "This is NOT some altercation in a bar with a drunken vampire! Strange noises right now are NOT GOOD!"

By the time that she'd finished she was almost shouting. Dinah put her hand to her lips to indicate that they should be quiet.

"Shh!" She whispered "It's a whistling noise."

Olly shrugged his shoulders, unconcerned "The wind coming through a window." He suggested casually. Amy looked hopeful.

"We're two stories below surface level" Mod reminded them, trying to locate the source.

Amy turned around wildly, searching the dark passage. "Bugger!" She moaned.

Olly had spotted something. "Look, there!" He called excitedly pointing a few yards down the new corridor to a flapping piece of cloth "That tapestry's flapping in a breeze."

They all moved closer to investigate. As Dinah held her palm to the base of the wall she felt a cool breeze tickle her skin. She nodded so the Olly ripped the tapestry off of the wall with relish and threw it to the floor. Mod didn't seem too impressed, he had a slightly higher regard for other peoples property than Olly.

'Actually' Thought Dinah, ' Most convicted vandals have a higher regard for other peoples property than Olly'

All the same, Mod bit his tongue and shone his torch onto the now bare wall, slightly darker than the rest of the wall as it had been hidden from the light for so long. There was a hinge on the left hand side.

"Okay," Olly said, taking a deep breath and centering himself "so Angel and his mob built their lair down there."

Dinah merely nodded

"How do we get in?"


Olly shook his head and smiled "You're lack of preparation is astounding Di!"

"I'm just working with what they've given me" Dinah protested running her hands over the wall in search of a switch "which is Zip!"

Olly laughed mirthlessly "Do you get the feeling that they want us to fail?"

"Nonsense," Amy replied sarcastically "why would our loving headmaster send us to our doom?"

Dinah wasn't listening "There must be a trigger somewhere." She said, more to herself than the others. She reached out for Mod's torch and guided his hand across the wall until it shone upon something scratched into the stone.

meretrix meretricis

Dinah turned and scanned the tunnel for something to fit the clue. It was decorated much the same as the rest of the tunnel, religious icons and battle memorabilia. Her eyes fell onto a likely suspect "The nun!" She cried triumphantly, darting forward to a large statue of a virtuous looking nun..

Mod shook his head as Dinah pushed against the statues breast "That doesn't mean nun it means.." There was a click and the segment of the wall, once hidden behind the discarded tapestry rolled back with an almighty rumble that indicated that it hadn't been used in years.

Ollys jaw was on the floor as his head bounced between the new passage and the nun. "Wow," He breathed "Angel must have known some funny nuns!"

Mod nudged him out of the way gently and aimed his torch into the tunnel. It didn't shine very far but from the little they could see the tunnel seemed entirely different to the rest of the tower. It was decorated in an early Victorian style. Huge paintings lined the walls, brass chandeliers hung unlit from it low ceiling it must have been quite comfortable down here for the murderous band.

The four young watchers edged in cautiously. It stank, there was a musty mould smell inside that made them choke as they advanced. Each footstep kicked up dust from the dark carpet. The dust was so thick that they could see their footstep behind them, but nothing in front. It seemed at first that nothing had moved down here in years but as they drew close to a bookcase nearly half a mile in the group realized that they couldn't possibly be alone.

On the floor by the case, and leading away from it were a set of enormous footprints.

"Look at the size of those!" Olly gasped as Mod shone his torch further into the gloom.

Next to her Dinah felt Amy tremble slightly

"How big are Angels feet?" She asked in a would be calm voice.

"You know that never really comes up when I talk to Wes," Dinah replied, her mouth dry with fear "but I'll be sure to ask next time"

Mod turned seriously to the rest of the group "Might be a giant" He suggested. Amy and Olly seemed to find this funny..

"A giant!" Olly snorted incredulously "You're having me on."

"there is no such thing as giants!" Amy said confidently but her certainty wavered as Mod and Dinah exchanged a knowing glance through the gloom "Is there?"

Dinah shook her head and sighed deeply "Do you two pay ANY attention in lessons?" She demanded.

"No," They replied in unison "neither do you though."

"Yes I do" Dinah protested, though she knew deep down that they were right.

"No you don't"

"So how come I know about giants then?"

"You're a super brain freak," Amy reminded her "raised by watchers. Your first words were an incantation to summon a Brinzark daemon!"

"Oh yeah," Dinah smiled proudly. It was true her upbringing had given her an unfair academic advantage over her friends.

Olly interrupted them loudly "So what are we talking here, just a tall bloke or the good old 'fee fie foe fum…'?"

Once again Dinah and Mod exchanged an apprehensive look and glanced nervously down the passage "We're Englishman soup!" Dinah confirmed with a nod.

"I'm not," Amy smiled confidently "I'm Scottish"

"Well as good as," Mod shrugged "anyway that's just a myth giants'll eat anyone."

Amy looked outraged "Sod off!"

"Come on were practically the same," Olly said dismissively, "we've got the same national anthem!"

Amy's mouth was almost on the floor "So?" she spluttered " I don't know the words."

"Neither do I." Olly smirked "See where one and the same."

"I know the 'sex pistols' version." Mod put in unhelpfully.

"Guys!" Dinah cut in, appalled by their lack of professionalism "Can I draw your attention back to the rather large racially indiscriminant being that may well be at the end of the tunnel!"

Collectively they turned to face the dark pace stretching before them. In the distance they could hear a soft moaning sound. It chilled Dinah to the bone but she didn't want to loose face in front of the others. She indicated that they should move on but even Mod seemed reluctant.

"After you." He smiled courteously..