Title: Possibilities

Author: Chibi/Yetsu/Warlordess

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Summary: The sequel to "Closure". After his week at Misty's gym, Ash returns home, becoming aware of his feelings for her. Given the chance to tell her, he makes his leave to Cerulean City. Will it end happily ever after? AAMR.


Chapter Five: Fulfilled


Suddenly he felt his lips brush against something. He knew what it was now. That feeling was slowly intensifying, and he knew what it was. He loved that feeling… As he drew back, Ash knew that it wasn't over yet… He could feel his lips against hers again, but…

Wait. Was she stirring?

Ash panicked. What if she woke up and saw him like this…?

He threw himself away from her and the chair that he'd been sitting in slowly began to teeter in the direction of the door. If he fell, he knew for sure that she'd wake up… What could he do to stop everything from going wrong again?

Somehow he managed to hold himself up by grasping the corner of the desk, and he sighed in relief at the fact that he'd be able to make it out of the room freely.

Misty has stopping turning in her bed and so Ash made positive that Pikachu was on his shoulder before hop scotching his way towards the door. He was barely two inches from the hallway when he stopped himself short.

Hold on… I came here to tell Misty how I feel about her… Why am I running? I'm no coward… He gave an affirmative nod before turning back towards Misty.

He walked over and stood by her site, holding out a hand to shake her awake. He knelt over her and pressed his palm to her shoulder and – slam – a door from downstairs opened and shut with a resounding snap, and a voice shouted upstairs from the foyer.

"Like, Misty! I'm back!"

Misty's eyes blinked open and she closed them again, letting out a half-yawn… Before realizing that Ash Ketchum was standing over her with his hand on her shoulder.

And Misty did the one thing that any teenage girl would do in that situation; she screamed. Loud.

"Oh, my God, Ash, you idiot! I can't believe you're in my room again, trespassing! I should charge you with Breaking and Entering!" Misty swatted his hand away, jumping to her feet, "I really should--"

"--But, technically, there was no breaking involved…" Ash attempted sheepishly, any means of a confession dying immediately in his throat.

"Not yet, anyway." Misty scowled, but only part of her mind seemed to carry any violent tendencies because she took the moment to pull him into a one-armed hug, "You're lucky that I'm just glad to see you, over-all."

"--Misty, what's, like – oh…" The two teens broke apart as Daisy came tumbling through the doorway, recovering with a knowing grin, "You two could have, like, told me that you'd finally become an item… My little sister is, like, starting to grow up, isn't she?"

"Hey, hold it! We're not together like that! Duh! I haven't seen Ash in over two months! Am I not allowed to greet him without a catcalling audience?" Misty ranted, "I mean, really… Right, Ash?" She turned to him in expectance of his usual blunt denial of a reaction, but he seemed to have taken a more bashful retreat.

"Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that, Misty. Uhm, you see…"

"Awe, Snubble Love is just, like, so adorable." Daisy continued pining over the two trainers while Misty tried to push her out the door. It was a tough act to pull off, stubbornness, but she had always been a good actor.

"C'mon, Daisy! Just get out of here. Ash obviously wants to talk to me about something, and your hair is lacking its natural curl." The redhead stated, knowing full-well the reaction she'd get.

"Like, oh, my God! Where's my hairspray! MY CURLING IRON!" She wailed, running off to the bathroom. She had just enough of a chance to say, "Don't, like, do anything that I wouldn't do!" before Misty slammed the door behind her.

"So, what's, uh, been on your mind…?"

Ash knew that sitting down for this would be the best thing for both of them but his throat didn't seem to have the ability to voice such a gesture. His mouth opened wordlessly, reminding Misty of a Goldeen.

She would have laughed if she hadn't recognized that expression, that speech impediment, only too well. She'd always had some issues when it came to open admittance about her feelings for Ash.

"I guess I should thank you, after all…" She gave a half-sarcastic laugh, "If you hadn't snuck a peek in my diary, I probably wouldn't ever have gotten the chance to be honest with you. I mean, it was such a huge secret for almost three years… Who knows if I'd have ever jumped the gun and told you on my own…"

Her words seemed to undo the lockjaw Ash was having issues with.
"I… I love you, Misty!"

There was a vast, sweeping silence between them as Misty tried to comprehend his statement. It was all very blurred, like a strong wind was blowing in her ears, keeping her from understanding properly. Slowly, she came to grasp exactly what had just happened.

"I-wait… What?" Misty stepped backwards towards the doorway, seemingly frightened that he was going to do something drastic as jump her, "You're saying that…"

"You believe honesty is the guide to a healthy relationship, right…? Well, I'm going to be totally honest with you, then…" He looked up at her for the first time, "When I first found out about-about how you felt, and we started talking about it, one of the first thoughts was 'oh, no'…"

Misty's expression sunk into a deep sadness at that comment.

"…But it wasn't an 'Ugh, no way am I ever going to put up with this' type of 'oh, no'… It was more like a 'How do we drive past this huge sinkhole without maximum car damage?' type… I mean, I told you to expect something of me, right? I wouldn't have said that if I knew there was no chance of me ever feeling that way towards you…"

"B-but how are you sure that you do feel that way for me? I mean, what could possibly have changed?"

"I don't know exactly… I talked to my mom about this for one thing… I asked her how she might feel if our relationship, that is to say, yours and mine, became more of a priority for me than mine with her… She said that there was a chance of her feeling angry, bitter, upset… And do you know what she told me next? She said that it was okay, however much she had to give up for my happiness, because it's part of a mothers' job to sacrifice for the sake of their children." Misty looked like she was getting closer to tears with every word he spoke. With slight resentment in his tone, Ash continued, "But that in itself isn't all; I feel wrong for saying this, but that she would forego so much… I was okay with her having to lose me. I guess that that's how much I care about you."

"Ash… I don't ever want to be the cause for one of your other relationships to die out. Besides, knowing that you feel the same for me as I do for you… That's enough for me. Do you realize that those three years I spent crushing on you were the hardest of my life? Harder than the time my parents died, than my time here alone, managing the gym… You wrecked me, somehow."

"I'm… Sorry?"

"It's alright now. I would have lived through it either way, but you've made it so much easier by picking up the pieces. Thanks for telling me, Ash… I love you, too." She hooked arms with him and gave a small laugh, "But, then, you've known that for awhile now."

They stood there like that for about two minutes until, Ash, evading her eyes, started talking again.

"So, uh… Now what?"

"Oh…! Let's see…" Misty started ticking off a list of events on her fingers, "You found out how I felt, took some time to figure out your feeling for me, accepted how I felt and reciprocated it… Hmm," In normal tones again, "Well, I'd say all of that constitutes the first passionate kiss of our relationship…"


"--But this is the first time this has happened to me, obviously, so I'm not sure…"

There was another extended silence. Ash contemplated removing her grip from his arm and making a run for it back to Pallet… Before remembering that Misty had known for a long time now where he lived.

"So… D-do you want to kiss…?"

"Well, we're going to have to at some point… Maybe it's best to get that first one over with…"

Ash didn't reply with words but, rather nodded silently. They both closed their eyes and started to lean towards each other, their heartbeats quickening to the point that they could barely breathe…

A split second later, Misty opened her eyes and turned her head so that Ash's lips smashed immaturely against her cheek. His eyes opened as well at this point, noticing that something didn't feel right. He broke away from her questioningly.

"Sometimes it's okay to move ahead and get it over with, but other times, when the participants are either unsure or so nervous that they drool on each other," She took a moment to wipe at her face and Ash turned pink with embarrassment, "It's probably better to wait until everything's perfect, so that everyone can be sure to control their saliva level. The first kiss is supposed to be special, after all."

"O-oh… So this would probably be a bad time to let you know that I kissed you while you were sleeping…"

"Very bad…" She glared.


"Wow; you just don't understand the concept of a glare, do you?"

"Hey, you're the one who said that honesty was the best policy in a relationship." He attempted to shrug nonchalantly but he was too worried for his life for his brain to send the signal to his muscles.

"Not when that honesty could mess the relationship up!" Misty replied exasperatedly, "The way I see it, you owe me now. And I've got the perfect assignment for you."

He sighed, "What is it…?"

"You, my little honey-bunny, get to tell my sisters about 'us'."

"Well, that… That doesn't seem so bad…"

"You've never heard my sisters' reactions after someone's admitted to them about a relationship, have you?" She walked over to her bed and picked up a couple of pillows, tossing one to Ash, "You'll need that."

"Wait, you're writing up a sequel to the Mermaid play?" Misty asked, shocked, "You guys can't be serious… I mean, c'mon, what more is there to add to the story? 'Mermaid girl lives peacefully with Pokemon, peace gets disrupted by evil Poke-Poachers, prince arrives to help save the day, peace is restored for the mermaid and the Pokemon'; the end."

"Not exactly; that play, like, revolved around the Mermaid's friendship with the Pokemon. The sequel's going to, like, revolve around her relationship with the prince."

"I'm not having a relationship with you, even if it is fabricated! No way!" Misty shouted, turning red with embarrassment at the very thought.

"If you haven't forgotten, like, Team Loser locked me in a locker, remember? Ash had to, like, take my place." Daisy stated, disgruntled, "Everyone knows that a sequel is, like, no good if the actors aren't the same. It'd totally kill the, like, mood for me to play the part. But now that you two are together, and hopefully just a bit more comfortable with each other, we can do this."

"Wait; I distinctly remember the prince costume sporting tights. I don't do tights, and I never will in a million years."

"Huh… How'd this sequel go again?" Misty asked eagerly, grinning cattily at the thought of Ash in such a humorous position.

"Well, the Poachers, furious that they were, like, thwarted in their attempt to capture the, like, Water Pokemon, kidnap the Mermaid and hold her hostage, like, hoping that the Water Pokemon will come to save her, thus walking, er, swimming straight into their trap. Luckily, the, like, Water Pokemon knew that the prince, who, like, loved Pokemon so dearly, would do anything to help them--"

"--I am not wearing the tights. How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not wearing the poofy shirt either, for that matter." Ash interrupted.

"C'mon! Like, sacrifices must be made for the sake of art--"

"--When they made up that saying, I'm sure that they didn't mean a modern teenage boy's dignity." He mumbled.

The three older sisters sighed in dismay, "Well, I, like, guess that means that we'll, like, have to call up that other friend of yours. The, like, squinty-eyed one. He was there too, wasn't he? We only, like, need one prince for this to work. We just thought that you'd, like, wanna work with each other… I mean, there is this, like, huge romantic scene in there…"

"Hold it. I am not doing any of that type of stuff with Brock--"

"--You've got that right; you're not!" Ash made them all jump as he leapt from his seat in anger… Or jealousy… Or both.

"Great! So you'll, like, do it, then?" Violet asked.

Ash reclaimed the chair he was using and sighed, unsure of what to do. There was really only one legal choice if he didn't want to kidnap his older friend and hide him away until after this was all over. And even if he did do that, Misty would have to perform with some other boy… No. There was only one way around this.

"Like, hello?" One of the Waterflower sisters asked.

"F-fine; I'll do it…"

There was some hugging and shrieking as the three girls jumped around for joy. Ash sighed embarrassedly, an image of him in the costume he'd be forced to wear entering his mind.

"Oh, my, like, God! We have to start getting ready! The show starts in three months, after all! We have to, like, fit your for your costume, skim and practice the skit in depth and - where'd did we put the waterproof make-up?" Daisy turned to the other two sisters and the three of them clamored from their seats in excitement.

"Hey, Ash! It's your mom!" Misty's voice called from the lobby. He hadn't beard the phone ring or noticed his… girlfriend (it was weird calling her that)… get up from her seat, but he was happy for the escape route non-the-less.

"Thanks." He said blushingly to Misty as she handed him the receiver, "Uhm, hi Mom; sorry that I haven't called yet. I only arrived here a few hours ago--"

he was suddenly interrupted by a bright flash that temporarily blinded him so that all he could see was a lot of spots for the first few seconds afterward.

"—What was that…?" He asked distantly.

His mother was holding up a Polaroid camera in one hand and waving a four-by-four photo in the other before she stopped and took a moment to look at it.

"Oh, my little boy looks so different now that he's in his first relationship…!" The woman squealed, giggling like a teenage schoolgirl, "I'm proud of you, Ash! Misty told me how you came right out and told her how you lived her. It wasn't exactly subtle, but at least you didn't waste a lot of precious time beating around the bush."

"Thanks, I guess, mom. It was you Brock that convinced me that this was the right way to go, though."

"You took advice on love from Brock… And it worked?" Misty snuck up behind him, "I almost think that he's worthy of a girls' affection now… Huh…"

"Well, why'd you call, mom?" Ash asked.

"I'm sorry to say this, but I did only give you permission to see Misty in order to tell her how you felt. Now that you've done that, you have to come home and face your punishment for staying with her unsupervised for a week and not even bothering to tell me." A sudden fire burned bright in her eyes; one that could only exist in the expression of an adult with vast authority.

"Awe, but mom, look at what a happy couple we are…" He took Misty around the shoulders and held her close, "You wouldn't wanna be the one to ruin this, would you?" he followed his comment up with his best ever puppy-dog face.

Suddenly, there was the sound of three pairs of feet pounding down the stairs behind them and Ash, Misty, and Mrs. Ketchum looked around to see the oldest Waterflowers, each holding something in their arms. Daisy and Lilly were sporting many different fabrics and Violet was holding something that looked suspiciously like a really big make-up chest, upon which sat a thick booklet.

"Like, look! We found the nylon!" Lilly shouted ecstatically, holding it up.

Ash shuddered and slowly turned back around, letting go of Misty.

"Nevermind… I'll see you in a few days. Bye!" They exchanged nods and he hurriedly put down the receiver and shoved past the four girls to get his backpack next to which Pikachu was napping, "Get up, Pika-buddy! We're leaving."

The rodent cautiously reached his feet, confused about his masters' feelings. Then he hopped from the table and ran to Misty, giving her a quick hug goodbye. By his sudden change in pace, it was easy to tell that the Pokemon had recognized the threatening materials in the girls' hands and quite possibly thought that they were going to dress him in some frighteningly frilly object, as well.

"Right; say goodbye to Misty. Eh, sorry guys but it looks like we're going to have to… Reschedule this." It was noted that the three sisters were smarter than given credit for, as they could see he wasn't exactly excited at the prospect of his future costume fitting. They sulked out unhappily and Ash, still not wanting to slow down, called Pikachu to jump onto his shoulder, and the mouse obliged.

"So I guess that I'll see you when I see you. Next time, I mean…"

"I guess so…" Misty turned her face towards the door, obviously sad to see him go.

Ash bit his lip. He could just pat her on the back and walk away, but that seemed even more uncomfortable at this point than making out with her. And so he decided to meet her halfway and kiss her cheek. He leaned forward to do so, much less nervous than last time since he knew what he was doing, but--

"Ash, uh--"

She had turned back to face him and, in the process, had caught him full on the lips. There wasn't any real intimacy, though, and they pulled away before they had to.

"D-did we just…?" She started.

"Uhm, yea, I think we did… But… Does that count? I mean, it wasn't exactly what I was going for…" Ash let his head drop in embarrassment.

"I don't really know… Maybe we'll try again some other time. That wasn't what I was thinking it'd be like either…"

"Okay, well, uhm, I guess I should just go… Oh; I'll call you before showing up next time…" He stated sheepishly, his hand scratching his neck, memories about her reaction to seeing him so suddenly in her bedroom earlier that day catching up to him.

"Yea, you do that." He could tell by the look on her face that she remembered it all very clearly as well.

"So… Bye…" And he started walking towards the front doors, leaving her behind, "Oh, by the way…"

Misty looked up, somewhat hopefully, like she expected something lovely or affectionate of him in that last moment.

"…What was your phone number again?"


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