Independence Day

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Chapter One:

It happened again last night.

We were sitting by the fire place like we do every night. Daddy was reading a book, Mama was humming to her big tummy (she's going to have a baby!), and James, Dawn and I were playing chess. Well, Dawn and I were playing, James was sitting there commenting on all the mistakes we made. Big brothers are so annoying.

So we were all there, and it was quiet, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Daddy put down his book and stood up. He walked to the door, knocking our game over as he passed by. He grabbed the door handle, and let go really fast, cursing. Mama stood up and went over to stop him, but he pointed his wand at her.

"Let me out weasle." His face was really red, especially around his scar. His hand was shaking, and his hair was soaking with sweat.

Mama didn't say anything, she just backed away and grabbed our hands. Daddy started walking towards us real slow and easy. She pushed us behind her.

"You know you can't stop me. You tried once and you failed. You won't hold out. Why bother trying. After all, we wouldn't want our children to get hurt..." he trailed off, grinning like a Gringotts Goblin. Mama didn't answer, she just pulled us into the kitchen and shoved us toward the stairs. Daddy grabbed her and threw her against the wall yelling while we ran upstairs to the nearest bedroom.

James slammed the door behind us, then grabbed us, and pulled us into the closet. We huddled against him, plugging our ears against the cursing and screaming. Time ticked by. The closet seemed smaller and smaller. And soon the door opened. James got up and pulled out his wand.

"Don't think I won't use this." he warned Daddy, who shook his head.

"It's over," he sighed. His face was wet like he had been crying. But of course, Daddy never cried. Maybe Mama did a water spell....

He looked tired. He was sweaty. He was my Daddy again. With a squeal I ran to him, throwing my arms around him, followed closely by Dawn. James looked like he wanted to join in, but he didn't. After all, he was eleven now, and ready to start his first year at Hogwarts.

Daddy held Dawn to his chest, and then squeezed my hand. He looked up at James. There was a weird look in his eyes...

"Your mother's at St. Mungo's" he rasped.

We froze.

"What... why?" James had gone all pasty and pale. Daddy took off his glasses and rubbed his face.

"When we were fighting... I kicked her. In the stomach..." he looked down at me. "Something's wrong with the baby."

It wasn't the first time.

Daddy... he... he's not... like other people. Well, of course not, he's Daddy. The Boy Who Lived. The Man Who Killed Voldemort.... or so we thought. But really, he just went inside Daddy. No one knew about it, not for years. Not even Mama. Even now, only a few know.

I don't know what happened the first time Tom came out. I just know it was before I was born. It had to have been. Daddy would never hit Mama of his own accord, and Dawn and I are the only twins to survive.

Lemme explain. James had a twin, but something happened, and our sister died before she was born. After them were another set of twins, miscarried before the fourth month. Then Dawn and I (Mama took Daddy and James to stay and Grandma's and Grandpas while she was pregnant with us... Tom never comes out when other people are there). A year after we were born, Tom came out again, and hit Mama. My brothers or sisters were dead before she even knew she was pregnant.

Mama and Aunt 'Mione tried all the spells they could think of, but nothing seemed to work. Until this last one. Tom hasn't shown his face for over a year, and we really thought he was gone. But I guess... not.

We stood in St. Mungo's, waiting for news. Daddy paced. He always blames himself. James told us he's not near as bad as he used to be though, atleast that's what Uncle Ron said. The healers rushed in and out of Mama's room with bloody hands. James was "reading" his history book, though his eyes had been in the same place for the last hour. I was playing with a box of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, and Dawn was trying to look like she was asleep.

Uncle Ron and Aunt Fluer were talking in a corner - everyone else had gone home hours ago. It wasn't like they could do anything, Daddy reminded them, and though they pouted, the children (and their constant fussing) won. Aunt 'Mione took Maria, Edith and Lizzy home, so Uncle Ron could stay. Aunt Fluer worked here, so Uncle Bill took Jacque and Belle home - he said someone needed to stay to interpret the Healer gibber jabber.

I nuged closer and closer until I could hear Uncle Ron and Aunto Fluers convorsation.

"... so after Gin convinced him to wait, he began training like mad. Every day with Dumbledore. Incessantly. Then summer came and-" his face screwed up.

"I know what happened" she assured him.

"Right," he looked better, "so after, he started reading. Not the sixth year Defense Against the Dark Arts Texts, I'm talking about the Restricted Section stuff. That whole year he went utterly mad with revenge. And after seventh year... it happened. He did the spell. And everyone thought it worked."

Aunt Fluer looked really, really scared. "It didn't work?!"

Uncle Ron shook his head. "It didn't work."

"Then what... what..."

"Voldemort went inside Harry."

She froze.

"Are you... are you saying... that Voldemort is... is..." she looked at Daddy.

"Right over there? Yes. He-" Uncle Ron saw me. He stood up, walked over, picked me up, and set me down by Dawn before returning to his talk.

Dang it

The nurse came out and whispered to Aunt Fluer, who followed her into the room. Daddy stopped pacing and went over to sit with Dawn. He was shaking, and it scared me. Shaking means cold, angry, or afraid. It wasn't cold, and Daddy wasn't angry at anyone - 'cept at himself. Which only means... The Boy Who Lived... The Man Who Killed Voldemort... my Daddy.... was... was... was... afraid.

Goosebumps covered my arm.

Aunt Fluer came out, all sticky and pale... except for her hands. Those were red.

She put a bloody hand on Daddy's clean one.

"Harry" she whispered, "Ginny lost the baby." Daddy put his head in his hands.

And for the first time in my life, I saw him cry.

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