Title: Water Love

Writer: O. S. Acious

Genre: Romance/ Fantasy... this is an Alternate Universe fic

Rating: PG-13 to be safe

Spoilers: None (because it is an AU)

Warnings: Well...there's yaoi...cute mermaid boys...water dragons...maybe some language.

Pairings: YYY with side SJ and mentioned BR MM...you should know who they are.

Disclaimer: This is a 'disclaimer.' The point of having one should be blatantly obvious. Either way...I'll still say it...I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

Summary: Yuugi is the ever curious merboy with an ill-fated arranged marriage to some unknown son of an ocean kingdom. Yami is a human deathly afraid of sea water. How could these two have possibly fallen in love? This is a love story crossing land and sea, proving that love indeed knows no boundaries.

Plot Bunny: LittleMermaid (thanks to whoever drew it and posted it!)

Let's begin now...

The gradient of the ocean was always a fascinating thing to watch and try in vain to order. Far from the land the blue was a dark thing and nearly black from the depth. It was a navy blue that stretched far and wide, jealously covering the earth with its color. Moving back in where the fishing boats can be seen, one would no longer be afraid of the mystery unseen in the deep. The water turned ever slightly into a normal blue with rhythmic waves moving it high and low. Slowly the sapphire washed itself of even more shades as it grew to be lighter and lighter with each wave. The water still held a majestic brightness even as it soon appeared turquoise from the white sandy beach. Viewing it as a whole the ocean seemed to go through a metamorphosis from dark to light ending at the beach where innumerable amounts of people have come before to contemplate the water.

Dark crimson eyes looked out into the clear blue waters pondering the cheerful image cast over the cold depths of the unbelievable. He scowled at the liquid thinking softly along the lines of 'if looks could kill...' The cerulean waves lulled onto the sand continuously doing nothing to quell his open detest of the ocean. He glared at it fiercely feeling oddly wronged by the water. Just looking at it made him narrow his eyes even more. From the window high up in the hotel room he finally turned, gold bangs turning with him. He had tri-colored hair, a completely natural phenomenon. His bangs hung like captured lightning bolts and the rest of his hair was black with dark red tips. Forget the hair and odd look. One mere glance at his hard crimson eyes was enough to stop any thought of making a remark on the hair.

"No," he forcefully said, carefully spitting out the one syllable. His word was hard, unmovable and it could be imagined whether he was just being stubborn.

"Oh come on! The water can't be that bad," quickly replied another voice from the room. He had tousled blond hair and rich brown eyes with that encouraging smile on his face. He spoke with a sense of pleading and cajoling, trying hard to stir the other from his place. Another man came into the lavish hotel room just then, the sound of the door unlocking, a blunt welcome. Icy blue eyes looked out behind thin frames and effortlessly scanned the room. Sighing, he removed his glasses with arrogant grace and prepared himself for speaking to the others.

"Now, now puppy. It's not his fault that our dear Yami is afraid of seawater." His sarcasm was not wasted. The azure eyes glanced at the aforementioned man's angered face before letting a small smirk show.

"Quiet, Kaiba! I don't fear it, I loathe it!" Yami shouted back.

"Whatever you say, Yami," Kaiba shrugged continuing on in his mocking tone, "Puppy and I are going down to the beach, something we had planned to do since first stepping on the plane." The statement was absolutely dripping with hidden accusations.

The blonde looked helplessly between the two wanting to be angry and yell at the both of them while also wishing for them to get along by themselves. He went to Kaiba's side however knowing when to play his part. The tri-color haired man only scowled in their direction as they left.

"Come meet us at the restaurant for dinner!" the blonde decided to call back before leaving out the door as well.

Yami 'hmmed' in understanding at the dinner invitation and turned back to the window overlooking the ocean. He slumped down into a hotel chair, resting while trying not to fall asleep.

Hotel chairs are a funny thing. They may be a bit boring and match far too much with the rest of the room, but they were always incredibly comfortable...especially if one were to slouch down deep enough and close their eyes. With this knowledge it would be no surprise that Yami had fallen asleep.

30 minutes later found Yami in the hotel room just waking up with the afternoon sun just about to set. He yawned and then pulled himself up from the sleep trap previously known as the hotel chair while moving towards the window. Each room in the hotel had a unique view and to him it was one of the best. Yami didn't like salt water in any way but looking at it was all right to him. Sliding open the glass door he stepped out onto the small balcony and leaned against the iron frame bending closer to the view. Yami flicked a gold bang to the left of his face and hunted through the people still on the beach. It was no wonder that the beach was nearly empty despite it still being a nice time. Seto Kaiba was a rich prodigy that had no problem in showing it. The hotel they were staying in was relatively small but had its own private beach sections.

Yami stopped...there, there they were. He recognized the shade of blonde hair next to Seto's own brown. He appeared to be sticking out from the beach...

Seto was buried in the sand! Yami chuckled slightly making sense of why Jou was playing in the sand. The two were a fantastic pair despite often seeming to hate each other. It was a pointless thing really...something Yami had immediately seen through at first sight.

Yami focused on the sun casting a warm glow over palm trees and other green plants farther in than the beach. The sight was dazzling and wonderfully relaxing. It was a wonder he didn't fall asleep again watching the whole place and how the ocean seemed to fit. He still hated the water even if it was a beautiful thing to look at. Yami gazed at it some more slipping back into his odd dislike for it. It was saturated with salt and strange and mysterious...and...had a large fish?

Crimson eyes opened wide and ran back into the hotel room looking for a set of binoculars. Seeing them on the table he grabbed them and raced back out onto the balcony. Yami raised it to his eyes seeking that light blue fin he had glimpsed earlier. No fish should be that big and be that color! The circle of what could be seen danced madly across the blue waves caked with white froth. Back and forth he swept them from side to side, looking.

Nothing...it was gone. Whatever it was was gone and nothing was left save a swimmer.

Someone was still swimming that far out? The man wasn't even using his arms! Yami switched a knob clarifying the image slightly. Was the fish swimming behind him? Oh...what if it was a shark? Then again, sharks don't have those type of fins that seemed huge and decorative...

Yami stopped his idiotic worrying and kept watching the swimmer, noticing black hair streaked with other colors that were harder to see. The fish was gone and then back again...it continued disappearing and reappearing for a while. The swimmer swam through a place where the sun reflected onto the water making things there extremely bright. For a moment the fish and boy were merged. Yami pulled away from the binoculars. He decided that Kaiba's binoculars were broken, as he stepped back from the balcony edge to only notice how being so intensely focused, he had been leaning over the edge. He left the balcony feeling slightly strange and a bit curious at what exactly he had seen. Yami sighed and slumped back into the chair, completely defeated. Although he was not really tired, he somehow found himself drifting off to sleep again in the hotel chair with hard cushions and ugly floral designs.

Yami would rely on his stomach to wake him before dinner.

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