1Title: Water Love

Writer: Angela (O.S. Acious) The pen name has been changed. Gasp!

Genre: Romance/ Fantasy. This is an Alternate Universe fic.

Rating: PG-13 to be safe.

Spoilers: None (because it is an AU.)

Warnings: Guys who like other guys, a slow plot, a slow romance, my bad potty mouth induced from the environment I'm in, and cute little merboys who are hormonal and also have pet water dragons that their parent doesn't know about.

Pairings: YY/Y S/J B/R M/M

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, and neither do I own Tylenol.

Summary: Yuugi is the ever curious merboy with an ill-fated arranged marriage to some unknown son of an ocean kingdom. Yami is a human deathly afraid of sea water. How could these two have possibly fallen in love? This is a love story crossing land and sea, proving that love indeed knows no boundaries.

Let's begin now...

By the time he had managed to explain to Room Service that he was allergic to the chemicals in pill forms of medication, the person on the other end was very, very skeptic. Finding the words and pulling excuses from the air, Yami had been able to fabricate a story of his instant sickness from who-knows-what, that he was all right, did not need a doctor, and could only take liquid medication. The receptionist on the other side could be heard pausing, because silence could be heard, and when she was back on she asked him promptly how old he was. Indignantly Yami lied, "Eighteen."

Ninguna maravilla.

Quickly, Yami translated that as "No wonder," took a slight huff of breath and hissed under his breath, insulted. The woman returned to reply telling him that they would send someone up with fever medicine immediately, and with that Yami put down the phone on his nightstand, flopped down on his bed, already made, and sighed.

Well, that had been draining, Yami thought. Yuugi had better be thankful that he had gone through the trouble of actually planning far enough ahead to know that the dragon would choke on pills. Aquarius, he corrected himself.

It wasn't much later when the doorbell rang, irritating him greatly as he stalked to the door. Yami opened the door with a forceful twist of the knob to find a Mexican man, in hotel uniform, largely built, with squinted eyes and strong jaws standing holding out a rectangular box of Children's Tylenol. It was a comical sight to say the least.

"Thank you, amigo," Yami hurriedly offered and snatched the box from the man's hands.

"You're welcome señor," the Mexican replied, startled as he stared at Yami.

Yami blinked his crimson eyes, once, twice, three times before coughing loudly and smothering them with a hand while he used the other, still holding the medicine, to shut the door on the man well before he remembered the medicine was for fever.

Another semi-circle around the large rock cliff and Yuugi had successfully bored himself completely while fretting about his pet. He was so bored that he had quickly become scatter-brained and guilty over how Aquarius was so sick, but he could only bring himself to ponder over humans. It didn't matter that his entire kingdom counted on him to be married and not get carried away with his own life. Or if it did, then it didn't since he was very much having his own life as he tried to nurse Aquarius and wonder about the people who had legs where he had a tail.

The breezes flew by him and he paid them no mind, only to see that the breeze came from sea in the day, and with a shocked recognition, that the breeze came from land at night. Like the two were connected or something.

No, that couldn't be right because Aquarius was throwing a sick fit, writhing its blue snake-like body around and sending sprays of water to mingle with the breeze.

Yuugi had abandoned petting the dragon, soothing the dragon, and realized more and more with every passing minute that the only thing he could do for Aquarius was to wait for his human, Yami. That thought itself was damaging for the merboy to even consider, but consider it he did as he swam. Swam back and forth between both sides of the diminutive cliff with zero resolve and yet he swam. Dozens of worries made themselves known. There were things like "what if he never comes back?" or "what if someone finds out?" or even "what if Aquarius got better because he helped?" Yuugi knew very well that he, and perhaps his kingdom, would be in dept to some 'vacationing' Yami and that Yuugi would have placed all his people in jeopardy. Even if his people only wished for him to marry for their own sake, Yuugi could not wrestle with how disappointed they would be in him. Everything mattered. The opinions of his own father, down to a merchild born this very day mattered.

He swam. He repeated. He did absolutely nothing and from this action of naught he was doing everything he needed to change life such as it was for merfolk everywhere. It was pure insanity. Yuugi felt like banging his head against the rock walls hoping for sense to break through so that he could break out. Thinking it over, he found that even his own thoughts were not right. They made no sense! Pure insanity –shouldn't he be more afraid than worried? Yuugi found himself thinking like a mad man, and that was fitting because the situation felt so desperate. Every single second he stayed put was a tightening around his neck -the poor little mermaid who choked herself to death by getting caught in burivalia: Two weeks ago, Society Report 2819- and a growing sensation of suffocating. Poseidon, had it been a tragic accident or suicide? Could he leave Aquarius and just swim away, hope that the dragon got better, and live life back in the castle? Yuugi looked at the writhing dragon with horror in his eyes. The castle is nothing compared.

If he didn't wait, if he didn't bow before even one human he would have to deal with possible solitude for the rest of his long, long life. Where had he been without Aquarius? And he determined that no matter how 'depressing' that may seem to wait helplessly, it was much better than morbid solitude that he knew for a fact that he could not handle. Staying and welcoming the knots gathering at the base of his neck with sick dread and greater understanding, Yuugi decided: Society Case 2819 was a sure suicide.

Yami found himself buffeted by insecurities. The mere aspect of seeing the merboy, Yuugi, again brought forth torrents of worrisome ponderings, ceaseless confusion, and the torrents of theories as to why there were torrents to begin with.

Yami was nearly an expert in 'what should be' since he had probably broken half the rules stated. Seeing a mythical being while, at least seemingly, being in the right mind was surely one of them. Everything that happened from that point on, Yami decided, was uncharted territory.

Should that not be excuse enough for everything he felt or thought of?

Uncharted territory just made the whole ordeal more and more difficult with every passing millisecond. Yami was always aware of his black sleeveless shirt and the black leather pants –the usual and he let it pass at that. Uncharted territory, unexplored possibilities, that something so 'wonderful' was happening to him of all misfortunate people, was what made Yami notice how the loss of sleeves showed his too-white shoulders that were tanning before his eyes. Symbolism? Yami eyed them with a sideways look of fascination as he walked.

And this was, truly, where the trouble was. His pants stuck too close to his legs –the usual tight-tight-slick feel of leather, smooth, was now…deeply disturbing. Yami questioned every part about him (he had never thought about himself so completely) and wrapped his slim fingers around the medicine tightly. Like it was a lifeline that went arrow-straight to where he was going and gave him a passable 'why.'

Here the trouble ballooned back up as if inflated by his own uncertainty. He had absolutely no 'how.'

Walk or run?

The question itself had a heck load of meaning, the figurative fork in the road, and answering it would determine things for Yami. Important things.

Like, should he walk, Yami could see a nearly disgusting sense of flowing ease and relaxation. Gods, Kaiba would be proud and that perhaps could explain the disgust. Walk like through all this he was on a vacation. Like, should he walk, the expression on Yuugi's face. His own hair, tame despite the pounding waves would flop to the side as the merboy's head would turn to greet him. A 'this-is-urgent' look in his eyes.

Eyes! His eyes were- they were indescribable. They were amethyst in color and luster like the hard stone, soft like the violet petal, and, beyond all, they burned with an intensity that did not startle –but amaze. And was that it? That a mythical creature amazed him was perfectly acceptable even without going into the 'uncharted territory' excuse.

Reason –it was a reason, not an excuse.


Yami felt his footfalls across the sand with more force as the thought of slight speed worked its way out.

That would confirm everything. Yami would finally be giving a straight answer to some unheard of question. And Seto would still be proud. The corner of Yami's lips tugged to show how the thought annoyed him. Now, he was walking –though fast- but was extremely stiff about it, like moving at all was a battle.

Run! Yuugi needs the medicine, and it would make him happy, he thought persistently. Not him in action though, he still didn't run.

He didn't walk, he didn't run, he'd hardly ever done anything important before. If he had run before, Yami knew that it would be away.

Confirm what? Run to prove that he cared about whether or not Yuugi would be happy? He tried to convince himself that it was only because of the horrible guilt should anything unfortunate happen to the water dragon. Aquarius, Yami corrected again knowing that how he could not even use the name of the dragon was not helping his method of convincing.

Yami could see the merboy's face, his smile.

Amazing like the amethyst and soft like the flowers he had never seen! He'd never seen. Gods, that this world may be mythical to him.

Yami removed his shoes and ran fast, pounding and energetic.

Yuugi saw the human finally, his hair first in the breeze that flowed from the ocean to the land.

Straight to urgent matters, "Have you got the medicine? Where is it!" Yuugi beckoned with his hands as he swam over with a single vigorous wave of his tail that pushed him over to the direction that Yami was running to. Aquarius was submerged to Yuugi's right, swimming around in broken and twisting circles.

The human in question put his hands to his knees, one to one knee at least, as his other hand held out a little rectangular box for Yuugi to see. Yuugi saw the box, a large grin set upon his face. The droplets of water ran rivulets down from his sopping wet hair.

Through his breathlessness Yami saw them as tears of gratification and he exhaled loudly. Relief ran through him as he came as close as he dared to the water. It was close enough that Yuugi could snatch the offered box.

"Come on, what is this? A joke?" Yuugi asked. Yami nearly winced at the tone. He took the box back with his good reach and opened the lid to reveal a bottle with red colored liquid inside.

"This," Yami began, still seeming to catch his breath with his effective pause, "is the medicine." With that, he shook the bottle pointedly. "He might need to take two doses, just in case," Yami offered as he pulled off a small cup on the lid, tore apart the plastic seal and pressed on the lid and uncapped the bottle.

Yuugi watched intently, still urgent since his eyes slipped from the medicine being prepared to the dragon.

Yami poured the liquid medicine to a small line on the cup and held it out to Yuugi. "Make him drink this," Yami directed. With a hurried nod, Yuugi took the offered container, held it gingerly up in the air as he grabbed a hold of Aquarius's hot fins and tried to pull the dragon above water.

Yami turned away seeing the water droplets take flight from the thrashing.

"Aquarius, Aquarius!" Yuugi's voice sounded in the background.

Yami closed his eyes as well.

When he opened them again, blinking a fair number of time, the color around him came back into the focus and he saw Yuugi with the dragon in his lap. Quickly, Yami took back the now empty cup and refilled it. This time, there was less thrashing (Yami could not fathom why –cherry flavored was foul.) In a blink of his startled crimson eyes the medicine was gone and the merboy sighed heavily.

"Thank you," Yuugi mumbled. Yuugi didn't want to...give too much. Move around too much and it would be like sure suicide. He kept his head low from a sense of owed embarrassment not knowing how much Yami wanted to see his eyes.

There was a change somewhere with the breeze from sea to land. One from land to sea came randomly.

Guarded, Yami found the words (rather like fabricating stories to certain receptionists) and spoke, "It's…no problem." Well guarded because no one heard the note that wanted to come out. 'But." It's no problem but.

Nope! Never wanted to see the eyes that were stranger than mine, soft with a hard color. Smiling.

Both person's hair fluttered in the breeze, Yami biting his lip because Yuugi couldn't see. Aquarius though, sensible when healthy, broke the silence and reign of the whistling breeze with a spray of water aimed at Yami.

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