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Chapter 3: Don't Make Yourself Sick Over it.

The officer for the most part, stayed out of Nigel's way. Standing in corners or sitting a good distance away. Bug and Nigel stood huddled over a body.

"Pretty cut and dry. What time do you get off, maybe we could go grab breakfast." Bug said, and Nigel glanced at him oddly. Bug very rarely tried to make any type of small talk.

"I get off at seven."

"Me too, so breakfast?"

"Alright." Nigel agreed, the officer shifted in his seat. "Better make it for three." Bug cracked a small smile and nodded slightly, before beginning to sew the man shut. The beeper on the officers belt went off, and he quickly stepped just outside the door.

"Isn't this your second double this week?" Bug asked suddenly, switching subjects.

"Yeah. I'm making up time for the hospital stay." Nigel replied stifling a yawn. Before Bug could reply, the door slammed open and the officer who was suppose to be watching Nigel fell into the room. Nigel started in surprise before hurrying forward and dropping to his knee's next to the fallen officer. "Call 911!" he yelled, Bug nodded and did so giving all the information they needed. He hung up and stood still, before suddenly realizing that Nigel was kneeling alone in front of the door. He clamped his hand down over the tall englishman's shoulder, causing him to start.

"Nigel..." He muttered, pulling him back, when he didn't readily move, Bug pulled him off his feet, causing him to stumble down onto his butt. Nigel grunted as he hit the floor. "Nigel, get back towards the desk." Bug moved towards the door slowly, a scaple clutched in one hand. The door swung open again, with a cry of,

"Police!" Woody brought up the rear, and he veered towards Nigel as the others tended to their fallen commrade.

"Did either of you see anything?" He questioned.

"No, his beeper went off, and he stepped outside." Bug answered.

"Is he ok?" Nigel asked looking past them and at the fallen man.

"Nigel." Woody said, stepping in front of him and attempting to block his view. "Nigel listen to me." Nigel tore his eyes away from the officer who was being loaded onto a strecher.

"It was him wasn't it." Nigel asked flatly.

"We think so. He's been bitten, and I'd imagine, the bite marks would match the one on your wrist." Nigel shut his eyes tightly for a moment before opening them again.

"No one is safe around me then."

"You should stay with someone." Woody said.

"That's a good idea." Bug tacked on, before hesitantly adding. "I've got a spare room."

"What part of no one is safe around me did you guys not get?!" Nigel snapped. "If I stay with Bug, there's no assurance he won't go after him!"

"We'll have 24 hour surveliance Nigel." Woody assured him.

"Oh yes, cause it worked so bloody brilliantly last time." Nigel replied sarcastically.

"I know your frustrated Nigel. I don't blame you, I'm frustrated too. We just want to keep you safe. This guy targeted you, who knows how far he's willing to go."

"He probably wants to kill him." Bug said, ignoring the withering glance he got from Woody. "We'll have to keep a constant watch on him."

"I'm in the room." Nigel snapped, he took a deep breath and clenched his jaw.

"Nigel, I understand your worried about bringing your friends into this." Woody said, feeling horrible for the tall Englishman. "But Bug would be the safest person to go with. He keeps the lowest profile."

"And if he does find him?" Nigel asked, without looking at anyone. "Then what? He attacked your officer, he could find Bug. He could hurt him." The wounded officer was wheeled out of the room.

"He could kill you." Bug argued. "If there's constant survelance it'll be harder for him to access you. I have a spare room and the police station is only six blocks away. Just come stay with me."

"Nigel, I'm afraid you aren't going to get alot of choice in this." Woody said as gently as he could. Nigel's head snapped up and their eyes met. Woody watched as the englishman's face went blank.

"Fine. If anything happens to him, its on your hands too." Nigel said in a flat monotone. Woody and Bug exchanged a worried glance.

"What on earth happened?" Garret asked walking into the room.

"Frank Davis was here." Woody replied, Garret stiffened and looked to Nigel.

"He attacked the officer." Nigel said dully. "May I go?" Garret glanced at Woody, their eyes met and after a silent debate, he nodded breifly.

"Yes, everyone is here to take over. Bug you can go too." Garret said, catching Bug's eye. The look exchanged clearly read, to keep Nigel in his site.

"Come on, lets get your stuff and take you over to Bug's." Woody said in a forced voice. Nigel gathered his things.

"I'll be in later." He said to Garret as he walked by.

"He'll be ok." Bug mumbled, hurrying after the taller man. Woody looked at Garret helplessly.

"He's more concerned about putting any friends in danger than he is about himself. He's your guy, can't you talk to him?" Woody pleaded.

"He won't listen to me either. " Garret sighed. Woody sighed and nodded. He quickly hurried after the other two to escort them to Nigel's apartment and then to Bug's.

They had been busy, which was a godsend for Nigel, it kept him busy but he was exhausted. Lily walked into his office, to find him leaning heavily against the counter, a unused testing needle clutched in his hand.

"Nigel?" She called, not wanting to startle him.

"Hullo Luv." He replied, and she frowned. His eyes were flat and tired, and his posture was slumped, he exuded how tired he was. She reached out and touched his arm gently.

"Nigel, your exhausted...." She murmured. "Maybe you should go to Bug's."

"I'm fine." Nigel replied, though it was becoming increasingly obvious he wasn't. He blinked tiredly and found he was having increasing trouble keeping his eyes open.

"Dr. Macy wanted to know if the DNA tests were done yet."

"Yeah, I finished it last night." Nigel replied as he moved towards the file, He stumbled over his own feet and couldn't catch himself in time. He found himself kissing the ground. The muffled thump caused Lily to look back at him, and she reacted in surprise.

"NIGEL!" Lily yelled, rushing to him and kneeling next to him. His vision swam and he tried to push himself up right. Her yell had been loud enough to draw the attention of Garret who hurried into the room. Garret knelt down and helped the brit into a semi sitting position.

"What happened?" He demanded.

"I don't know..." She lowered her voice and leaned a bit closer to him. "He's exhausted, look at him...."

"Come on Nigel." Garret said, helping pull the lanky man to his feet. "We have to talk." He lead the other man out of his office and into his own. Nigel sank down on the couch.

"When's the last time you slept or ate?" He asked in a tone that brooked no room for any games.

"I haven't been sleeping very well. A hour here, a half an hour there. I've been eating out of the vending machine mostly. Chips, candy...alot of coffee and tea." Garret's face drew into a disappointed scowl.

"Your going to eat something, and then your going to take a nap in here, then we're going to talk about your work schedual. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Nigel mumbled. Garret stood up and left Nigel alone in the room. He spoke breifly to Jordan and Lily assuring them both that Nigel would be fine. Nigel was dozing when he walked back in, and he jerked awake when the door shut.

"Eat this." He said handing him a peanut butter sandwich. Nigel did so, glancing up at Garret.

"I'm sorry." Nigel murmured. Garret looked at him and his face softened. Nigel was in distress, and anyone could see that. How anyone let him get this far he wasn't sure, he sighed a little.

"Nigel, I know things have been hard for you, and I know we've been asking alot of you recently, but you can't make yourself sick over it."

"Sorry." Nigel said again, his eyes dropping.

"Alright, sleep now. We'll talk more after you've slept for at least four hours." Nigel went to protest, but Garret cut him off with a look. Nigel nodded and Garret flicked off the lights. He stood in the doorway for a moment, watching. Nigel curled up on the couch, it was to small for his lanky form and he pulled his knee's up. He was asleep almost immediatly. Garret watched the other man sleep, curled up in a miserable little ball. He had never seen Nigel look so miserable and somehow small. A frown lingered on his face as he slipped out of the room. With one last glance back, he walked down the hall, towards Nigel's office.