Yes, you read the summary right . . . it's the fox's point of view throughout the episode Grandad's Gifts. (If you don't know the episode, it would probablya good idea to read my "Grandad's Gifts" fic before reading this so it'll make a bit more sense) Yes, it's a weird drabble, but I was bored and I like it, so I'm forcing it on you :p And BIG THANKS to Alida for coming up with the title Through blue eyes You rock!

Disclaimer: C'mon, you actually think I own Round the Twist after writing something like this? :)

Hunger. Nose to the wind. Sniff sniff.

Smell cat. Hate. But not near. No threat.

Dog. Far away. Irrelevant.

Humans. No present danger.

Sniff sniff. Food? Chickens. Yes, food.

Close to food now. Sniff sniff. Something strange ahead. Tall white tree. No branches or leaves. Man-made tree. Strange shining light on top, like sun. Strange-Sun-Tree.

Sniff sniff. Man coming from Strange-Sun-Tree. Man slow. No danger.

Man holding strange metal stick. Have seen before. Danger. Running. Strange-Metal-Stick makes noise like thunder.

Pain. Not running now. Hot burning pain, like fire. Smell blood. Not moving now. Spirit returning to earth whence it came. Darkness.

In darkness for long time. Sudden noise. Far away. Human sounds. Then silence. Silence and darkness for long time.

Give voice. Human sounds. Sense presence nearby. Danger? No danger. Being petted. Pleasant.

Presence gone. Darkness. Presence returns. Something else nearby now. Food? Sniff sniff. Fruit. Yes, food.

Hunger. Eat fruit. No hunger.

Long darkness. Give voice again. Presence comes. Gone. Returns. Has brought more food. Many more fruits. Presence gone again.

Eat more fruit. Grow stronger. Can breathe again. Can move and feel and taste again. But still in darkness.

Sense presence nearby. Being petted again. Pleasant. Human sounds. Speaking. A she-human. Kind-Human-Vixen.

Kind-Human-Vixen gone. Long silence and darkness. Kind-Human-Vixen returns. Human sounds. Speaking. Crying. Sense something nearby. Fruits. Same as those before, but not same. Different somehow.

Silence. Darkness. Kind-Human-Vixen gone. Fruits nearby. Hunger. Eat. No hunger.

Strange. Light. Can see. No longer dark. Can see. Running now. Out of cupboard. Across floor. Down stairs.

Bottom of Strange-Sun-Tree. An opening. Sunlight. Sky. Fresh air. Freedom.

Can see Kind-Human-Vixen now. She is young. Human-cub. But saved me, she has.

Kind-Human-Vixen she no longer is. She is Human-Friend.

In case you hadn't figured out "fox-speak", here's a quick translation:

Strange-Sun-Tree: Lighthouse

Strange-Metal-Stick: gun

Kind-Human-Vixen: Linda

Hope you enjoyed it -- R&R please!