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Stolen Time

Chapter V

Mush continued to cry as the paper fell from his hand to the ground.

"Phil?" Mush's mom asked quietly as she walked into his room. "Philly, what's wrong?"

"Mom, it's..." Mush said before crying even harder.

His mom followed his eyes to the small note as she picked it up. "Is this what's wrong?" Mush nodded as she started to read it out loud:


I'm very sorry to leave you on your birthday like this. But I'm not good enough to stay with you and your family. Please, just don't come after me.

I love you,

Aleksander "Kid Blink" "

"Philly, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let him leave. He said that he was going to school... so I let him us your bike. I'm so sorry."

Mush moved over and wrapped his mom around his mom as they both continued to cry.

Blink fought back a tear as he stopped to pull Mush's leather jacket closer around him. He had been cycling for a few hours now, and was pretty sure that no one else could figure out were his was, since of course, he didn't know.

He grabbed onto the handlebars as he started to walk the bike into an alley. He leaned it up against the wall, as he sat down and started checking Mush's jacket's pockets. The first thing he pulled out was a wad of bills wrapped around something, even though he was having a hard time figuring out what.

He began to unwrap each of the bills until he was able to see that it was only about fifteen dollars. He looked down at the small piece of paper left in his hands. It was a picture of him and Mush. It was from their spring break this past school year. Mush was smiling as Blink's arm was wrapped around his shoulders. They were both shirtless, with Mush's broken surfboard behind them.

Blink smiled as he shoved the picture and the money back into his pocket as he pulled the jacket tighter around him once more.

Mush walked over and pulled out his cell, quickly dialing in Blink's number. It rang twice before something picked up.

"Hello, Kid?" He quickly said, waiting for his response.

"We're sorry," came the very female computerized voice. "The number you are trying to reach is no longer available, if you feel you have reached this message in error, then please check the number, hang up, and try again."

Mush hung up as he dialed Race's number.



"Mush, I'm on class. I'll ca-"

"Race. Kid. Gone. Ran away."

"Calm down Mush. I'll be right over." Mush heard the click on the other side of the phone.

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