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Twilight of the New Senshi



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Part Five

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"So for the next two weeks, the Amazons had taught us the laws of their village and started teaching us some fighting tricks. I really don't know about Red, but they had told me that I had some inept potential to use the staff, so they started teaching me the ways of fighting with the staff." Steve said as he was finishing the tale. "At the end of the two weeks, Genma was persistent enough to get us to agree that we needed to get back to Japan to finish some 'Family Business'. So I told Cologne to keep Shampoo in the village; and I would be back to get her when I got a chance to get back to China. Needless to say, the 'Family Business' turned out to be about the Tendo/Saotome uniting and we all know where it went from there."

The Tendo's sat there in shocked silence at what Steve and the other's just said to them. They had just heard that Steve had acquired a Chinese Amazon slave that technically wasn't really a slave. The Tendo's each had their own opinions about the matter that was told to them, with Shampoo thinking about her own reasons at what she had just found out. It was Akane that was the first of the Tendo's to get their voice back.

"You would make your own grandchild a slave?" Akane said in surprise.

"It was the laws of our people; I couldn't do anything about, even if she wasn't my great-granddaughter." Cologne replied.

Shampoo got fed up at what was going to be said and got off the floor and ran outside. Everyone was surprised at the sudden movement that Shampoo had done. Kasumi was about to get up and go after Shampoo when Steve told her that he would go after her. Kasumi looked over at him and he explained that he had an idea what she was upset about and he glanced over at Cologne. Cologne nodded her head in understanding and Kasumi relented when she realized what Steve was talking about and let him go and talk to Shampoo.

Steve left the living room and walked towards the direction he saw Shampoo run off to. He realized that he didn't have to search too hard for her, her crying made it easy to locate her. He followed her crying sound and found Shampoo sitting on the ground with her arms wrapped around her legs, rocking back and forth while she cried. When Steve approached her, Shampoo looked up suddenly and looked at Steve, while quickly wiping away her tears.

"Are you alright Shampoo?" Steve asked.

"Shampoo alright." Shampoo said but Steve could tell that she wasn't.

"Can I sit here?" Steve asked.

"Shampoo don't care." Shampoo replied as Steve then sat down near her.

"I tried everything I could think of to get you out of that slavery law, but Kho lon told me to keep playing your master." Steve said.

"Shampoo know, heard Stack story."

"I don't know if it will mean anything to you, but I'm sorry for what happened. I really didn't want anything like what happened to happen. I'm also sorry I'm not really the person you thought I was." Steve said to Shampoo as a way of an apology.

When Shampoo didn't say anything, he looked down at the ground trying to think up of anything else to say to Shampoo. When he gave up trying to think up of anything, he decided to let Shampoo gather her thoughts by herself and was going to get up and leave when he felt a hand on his arm stopping him. He looked at the hand and then looked over at Shampoo and noticed a new batch of tears rolling down her cheeks. He sat back down and waited for Shampoo to make the next move, because he really didn't know what to do at that moment.

"If Shampoo was going to be slave, Shampoo glad Shampoo had Stack as Mistress or Master." Shampoo said after a long silence. "Shampoo had seen a couple of Amazons be punished under the slavery law and the masters that they had were very abusive and mean to them. Shampoo just glad that Stack wasn't like that, tried to treat Shampoo nicely when had every right to be mean to."

"I'm glad that I wasn't like that, I just couldn't bring myself to do that to you. I'm just sorry that I couldn't get you out of being a slave from the beginning." Steve replied.

"Shampoo know, and Shampoo understand why great-grandmother kept Shampoo a slave. After hearing great-grandmother's reason's, Shampoo thought back on life and saw that Shampoo was as Shampoo heard recently. Shampoo had nose stuck in air and was only concerned about Shampoo and not anyone around Shampoo."

"Sorry about how it had to be done."

"Shampoo understand, but Shampoo still getting use to fact that Mistress is really Master."

"Yeah, well, according to the Elders, Red and I are seen as females now with male cures, since everything we did was in our female forms."

"So what Stack going to do now with Shampoo?"

"How about we start over?"

"Start over?"

"Hi, my name is Steve Stachowicz, want to be friends?" Steve said and held out one of his hands. Shampoo looked down at his hand and then at him for a bit. Then a smile slowly appeared on her face and she then reached out and took Steve's hand.

"Xian pu of Jyoketsuzoku Chinese Amazons." Shampoo replied. "Shampoo accept Stacko as friend."

"Glad to meet you Xian pu. It's good to see you smile, you look nice when you smile." Steve said.

"Stop it, Stacko embarrassing Shampoo." Shampoo said blushing as she lightly punched Steve in the shoulder.

"I didn't mean too." Steve said rubbing the spot where Shampoo hit him.

"Shampoo never really had any friends when growing up, male or female." Shampoo said a little sadly. "The males just wanted into Shampoo's pants or married to Shampoo. The females were just rivals for village champion. Shampoo glad to have real friend, even if friend is Shampoo's mistress or master."

"Well, I think Kho lon was going to say your slavery is over, but to be technical here, you are Talia's slave, not mine." Steve said confusing Shampoo.

"Talia, who she?" Shampoo asked confused.

"The name we came up with for my female form." Steve replied.

"How that come about?"

"Well, I guess I should tell you what's been going on since I left the village."

Steve then proceeded to tell Shampoo what had happened to Ranma and himself when they left the village. He told her everything from when they found out about Ranma's engagements to the first day of school. He told her how a slip of the tongue of Akane has his female form playing the adopted forth sister to when he met his first sensei again and found out about his fox curse. He even went and told her how he was glad when he was able to visit his uncle and his family. Shampoo sat there smiling at some parts and had gotten angry at a few of them, but overall she found the story enjoying, and Steve found her giggling at the end of his story.

"Stacko's life hilarious." Shampoo said giggling.

"Oh ha ha, laugh it up." Steve said and then saw Shampoo thinking up of something. "What you thinking about?"

"What you think about Shampoo slavery?"

"It was something I didn't want to happen. Why are you asking?"

"Shampoo want to keep slavery going." Shampoo said quietly.

"What! Why?" Steve asked in surprised confusion.

"Because of this." Shampoo said and then leaned in to Steve and started whispering in his ear.

What Steve was hearing from Shampoo surprised him. He had figured that she would be willing to get out of her slavery, but what she was telling him was the complete opposite. She was telling him how her entire life she was forced to do things to support her family line and with her being the heir to the Matriarch seat of the village. He was surprised at how Shampoo was secretly glad that she had lost to Ranma and him, and was hoping that they had succeeded on escaping so she could follow them. She was a little upset that they didn't escape and found out that she was defeated twice, but was glad that it was Steve that had defeated her.

She was a little nervous to find out that she was going to be subjected to the slavery law and was worried on how Steve was going to treat her. It was that first night that showed Shampoo that she need not worry on being mistreated, when Steve had pulled her inside to stay out of the rain and fed her some breakfast that Steve really didn't need to do. So Shampoo had figured during the test that she would put up a good fight, but purposely lose. The ground giving out from under her wasn't planned, but was very glad that Steve was able to save her life. It was at that point that Shampoo knew that she wanted to stay with Steve and willingly be his slave.

When they had explained the story of what the test really was for, Shampoo was shocked that Steve was willing to give his life to give hers back. What caused Shampoo to run out of the room, it was not because she was upset that they had fought to save her honor, but to find out that her technical freedom from having to deal with her life at the village was at an end. She really didn't care that her fellow Amazon sisters were teasing her about her being champion one moment and slave the next. What Shampoo wanted now was to stay a slave so she didn't have to deal with the life that her great-grandmother wanted of her. She had talked her great-grandmother into finding where they were and help train them, also so that she could get out of the village and be with her mistress, in which she found out was really her master.

Shampoo also explained on how she started falling for Steve's female form. She had said that when she was younger, she had fallen in love with another female Amazon. Because the person was somewhat ill, she couldn't handle being a warrior, so she became a healer. Because of her gentle nature had caught the interest of Shampoo, she started seeing her as much as she could. It was Mousse that had first found out about their love affair that he used it against them so he could get closer to Shampoo. When Shampoo refused to love Mousse, he went to attack her lover, and when she was injured from one of Mousse's attacks, Shampoo went and beat him to an inch of his life. The injury to her lover had proved fatal and she had died in Shampoo's arms. Shampoo cried for days but was forced to forget about her so she could concentrate on her training. It was when Shampoo was treated to Steve's kindness that she realized that she was falling in love with Steve's female form, because Steve's female form reminded Shampoo of her past lover.

After Steve had heard her reasoning, Steve sat back and looked at Shampoo to process what he had just heard. He saw Shampoo looking at him with worry and some hope he could notice. From what Steve could tell, Shampoo was tried of her life in the Amazon village and from what he could tell, she didn't want to dishonor her family in the process. He could tell that in the short time that Shampoo was out of her village, she was having a blast in what could be like a new world to her. He sighed at what he figured out she was asking and knew that he was going to help her out.

"Are you willing to tell Kho lon that you want to stay a slave for a while longer?" Steve asked.

"Yes." Shampoo said.

"Then we better get going and tell her, because I know the other's are probably wondering what is keeping us." Steve said as he got up and started heading back inside. "Besides, I still have to get you back for what you did to my shirt earlier today." Steve had his back towards Shampoo when he heard some rustling of clothing and figured Shampoo was getting up to follow him.

"We even now?" Steve heard Shampoo ask. He turned and saw Shampoo kneeling on the ground and had pulled her shirt over her breasts so that she was baring them for him to see in their bare glory. He stared at them in surprise as Shampoo giggled at his expression. "Well?"

"Uh ... sure." Steve managed to say at what Shampoo had done. Shampoo smiled evilly as she lowered her shirt and then lead a shocked Steve back inside the house.

Once they got back into the living room, the usual questions were asked of everything okay with them, in which Steve and Shampoo replied that they had to work some things out and it took a while to do. So they were asked if they had everything taken care of, which they replied that they had. Akane then asked Steve why he seemed so flushed, and Steve replied that Shampoo had paid back for ruining his shirt. They could only guess by what he meant since he wasn't going to explain what Shampoo had done.

When it seemed that there wasn't going to be anymore questions, Steve turned to face Cologne and asked her what she was going to do about Shampoo. Cologne said that if he so choose, Shampoo can be released from her slavery and reinstated as a warrior again. Steve asked if Shampoo was going to kill Ranma if he released her. Cologne said that since Ranma was now an Amazon, the 'Kiss of Death' no longer applies. Steve looked over at Shampoo and then turned back to Cologne and said that he wants Shampoo to be a slave for a little longer.

After the gasps of surprise was over, Cologne asked why he wants to keep Shampoo a slave for longer when he was fighting for her freedom. Steve replied that it wasn't fully his choice on the matter. Cologne looked at him and then over at Shampoo, who was hanging her head down, and then looked over at Steve again saying she understood what he meant. Steve then told Cologne that Shampoo was really the slave to his female form anyway. Cologne said she knows about the 'Talia' situation from everyone else there while he was talking to Shampoo. Cologne said she would be glad to help Nabiki in handling any problems that came up that they needed to cover, like adding that Talia had acquired a slave recently.

Steve thanked her and then asked why they decided to come to Japan. Cologne asked what was wrong with her checking on her two most promising students. Steve gave her a look saying that he didn't fully believe her and she chuckled, and then said that she was here to continue their training and to give Shampoo a view of the outside world. In doing so, she had bought a place that she was going to turn into a restaurant. So she was asking if Steve was willing to help out, with a reasonable paycheck when the restaurant opens up.

Steve agreed quickly and asked if Ranma was going to help out. Cologne said that she hadn't asked yet since she was waiting for Steve to return before she brought it up. So Steve turned to Ranma and asked if he was going to help out at the restaurant. Ranma replied that he wasn't going to be wearing a skirt, and Steve asked did he ask about wearing a skirt. Ranma realized that Steve didn't ask about wearing a skirt just was wondering about helping out at a restaurant. Steve could feel what was confusing Ranma and pulled him off to the side to talk to him privately.

Steve asked Ranma what was wrong and Ranma replied he was unused to going to work, that the way his father taught him was something against working. Steve then told Ranma that if he could help out, one, he would be doing something of his own that would prove his father's teachings wrong, and two, it would help him get Nabiki off his case. It was mainly the second reason that pushed Ranma into accepting the offer to help out. The only thing that Ranma didn't want to do was wear a skirt, which Steve replied that if Ranma had to work in his female form, that they could probably find pants for her to wear. Ranma thought it was better than nothing and they both accepted to work at the restaurant. Cologne said that if they weren't doing anything else that night, that they could come over and see the restaurant and help out with some of the clean up, both Ranma and Steve agreed to do, with Nabiki wanting to check it out, which then caused all the rest to want to check the restaurant out.

After they had got to the restaurant, they saw that Cologne had called the restaurant 'Nekohaten'. Cologne explained that it was Shampoo's idea that gave her the idea for the name. The only person that had trouble with the name was Ranma, and Steve was the only one in the group that fully knew why. After they entered the building, Cologne had Shampoo give everyone a quick tour and explained what Cologne had planed for the building. When the tour was over, Genma and Soun left the building because they didn't want to help out in the clean up. Kasumi left so she could finish cleaning the Tendo Dojo before she went to bed. Akane left because she had some homework she had to finish. Nabiki had a talk with Cologne about possible ideas that Nabiki had, Cologne told her that she would talk with her later about it.

In the meantime, Steve, Ranma, and Shampoo were cleaning out the main room were the dining room was going to be. They were sweeping, taking out trash, washing the walls and floors, and started bringing in boxes of tables and chairs. While Shampoo and Ranma were putting some of the tables and chairs together, Cologne and Steve were talking about Shampoo's future. Steve explained on how Shampoo wanted a little freedom from her Amazon upbringing for a while, so Steve came up with Shampoo going to school to help with understanding the outside world. Cologne agreed with him and left so she could pick up a uniform for Shampoo to wear.

While Shampoo and Ranma were finishing the tables and chairs they were going to do for the night, Steve was taking trash bags out to the dumpster. While Steve was throwing the bags into the dumpster, he heard a noise nearby. He looked over and was surprised at what he saw. He saw a bluish black fox hiding behind trash cans, and the fox had a curious look to it and was a little nervous to come out. Steve walked back into the restaurant and grabbed a little of the snacks that Cologne left and went over to the fox. Steve offered the food to the fox, but the fox didn't want to leave its spot, so Steve set the food down and went back in to help Ranma and Shampoo to finish what they were doing.

After Steve left the fox alone, the fox came out of its hiding spot and walked over to the food and started eating it. After it was done eating, another fox walked over to it.

"How is everything going?" Helios asked.

"I think I'm going to like Saria's male host." Polyarch replied.

"What do you mean?" Helios asked.

"Just a feeling I'm getting."

"Plus he gave you food for no reason."

"That too."

"So how is everything going?"

"Everything's going according to plan. We just need the enemy to start their plans."

"Then we are still at a waiting game."

"Yep, let's go before Saria's host comes back out again."

"Okay." Helios said and the both of them left to join the others.

x x x x x

In the meantime, in Juuban, the Senshi found another monster attack in a park. When the Senshi got there, the monster turned out to be another humanoid creature. This one was about eight feet tall, a bird-like appearance, but instead of feathers, it had black fur. It had a bird-like head that had seemed more reptilian than bird. Its feet were like a bird but its hands were reptilian. The monster was tearing the park apart when the Senshi realized it was there.

The only problem was when the Senshi got there; Sailor Moon was with her parents and had to trick them to let her go. The Senshi didn't know that and the Nanocites in the other Senshi was causing them to think that Sailor Moon was blowing them off. As the Senshi was fighting the monster, they realized how quick the monster was when it kept avoiding most of their attacks. The monster was having a fun time being able to give some hits to the Senshi before they were able to hit it. It was when Sailor Moon arrived that Sailor Mercury was able to figure out what they needed to do. Mercury yelled out that they had to hit it all at once.

All of the Senshi powered up their attacks and launched them at once at the monster. The monster was unable to dodge all the attacks and got hit enough times to stun it enough so the Senshi could power up another rounds of attacks. The second round of attacks all centered on the monster and caused the monster to disintegrate. Once the monster was fully gone, Sailor Moon, Saturn, and Chibi-moon celebrated the defeat of the monster. When Sailor Moon tried to get the other Senshi to join in the celebration, she quickly noticed the angry looks on her fellow Senshi.

When Sailor Moon asked the others what was wrong, it seemed like a door was opened and the others started laying into Moon. They kept yelling at her at how she was always late to everything, how they couldn't count on her to be any help, and how much of a crybaby and a klutz she was. After Moon started having tears running down her cheeks, each of the Senshi started giving a reason why they hated her. When the last one said their peace, Sailor Moon ran off crying.

Saturn and Chibi-moon couldn't believe how mean the other Senshi were being when they were yelling at Sailor Moon. When Sailor Moon ran off crying, they decided to ignore the others when they had called for them and ran after Sailor Moon to try and comfort her, since it seemed it was only going to be the two of them that is going to care for her. When the others watched Saturn and Chibi-moon run off after calling for them, they were a little upset that the two of them ignored them and just shrugged their shoulders. When the police sirens were heard, they decided to stop thinking about the matter and ran off before the law could get there.

x x x x x


Steve woke up and became slightly nervous at the unfamiliar room. Then he remembered that he had moved into the Neko-hatten and that he was in his room at the place. He remembered having a talk with Cologne about Shampoo going to school and that today was going to be her first day. He was glad that Cologne had allowed him to sleep in due to having to get to school early to register Shampoo.

Speaking of Shampoo, Steve wondered where she was, and then it was then that he sensed that someone was near him. He did a quick look around and found Shampoo kneeling at the foot of his futon with a smile to her face. He also noticed that she was only wearing one of his t-shirts and since the t-shirt was big on her, she was wearing it as a nightshirt, but the t-shirt was small in the chest area on her and it showed that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Nihao." Said Shampoo cheerfully.

"Morning Shampoo, how long have you been there?" Steve asked.

"A while." Shampoo replied.


"Shampoo wanted to watch Stack sleep." Shampoo said and Steve looked at her.

"There's something else, isn't there?" Steve asked. Shampoo smiled at him and then started to crawl up the futon, over Steve until she was eye to eye with him. Steve swallowed nervously as he felt Shampoo rub her body on him as she crawled up.

"Hai, but that for Shampoo to know and Stack to find out." Shampoo said and Stack stared at her nervously as Shampoo smiled mischiefly. Suddenly Shampoo collapsed on Steve and started laughing which confused Steve. "Stack look funny." She said when she could get her breath back.

"Oh, ha ha, don't you have to go to school today." Steve said when Shampoo started to stop laughing.

"Hai, want to take bath with Shampoo?" Shampoo asked as she held herself up with her arms, giving Steve a good look down the collar of the t-shirt.

"Ah, I better not; you better get ready for school."

"Stack miss out." Shampoo said as she got off of Steve.

"I know I'll regret it later." Steve said.

Shampoo smiled over her shoulder at Steve before she left the room. Steve then sighed after Shampoo left as he couldn't believe what Shampoo did, but chuckled at the humor of what happened. He then got ready to go to school, and waited until Shampoo was out of the bath be fore he entered. After he was done, he had a quick breakfast and waited for Shampoo to come down.

When she did, Steve almost choked on the drink he was drinking. Shampoo was dressed in the normal school uniform, but the uniform bordered being out of regulation. The shirt and jacket was almost skin tight and the skirt looked like a mini instead of its normal length. When Steve had mentioned that to her, she replied that the uniform was still in regulation. Steve dropped it to let the school worry about it, and then the both of them left to Furinkan to register Shampoo to the school.

x x x x x

Ranma and Akane were running to school to face the usual crowd, but when they got there, there wasn't anyone there. They stopped in confusion and looked around. The only people they saw were the ones entering school and Kuno lying unconscious on the ground. They walked over to Kuno and looked him over. It appeared that he was unconscious because it looked like he was run over by several people. They shrugged their shoulders and walked to their classroom.

When they entered the classroom, they found Steve sitting in his seat. When they approached him, he was surprised that the both of them were in the classroom so early. Ranma and Akane asked him if he knew what happened to the crowd outside. Steve replied he didn't know since he had just entered the room a minute before them from helping Shampoo check into the school. So Ranma and Akane took their seats and waited for the teacher to arrive. The teacher entered several minutes later and informed the class that they have a new student. Shampoo entered the room and started to introduce herself. Many students gasped at her uniform, with the boys leering and drooling and the girls being envious of her looks. The school day in the morning went without a problem and at lunch time, Ranma, Akane, Steve, and Shampoo sat under a tree to eat their lunches.

They were soon joined by some of Akane's friends and other girls. When they were asked what they were doing there, they replied that they wanted to get to know Shampoo.

"What you want to know of Shampoo?" Shampoo asked the girls.

"Tell us about yourself, like why you are here." One of the girls asked.

"Well, Shampoo from China, and is Amazon of the Jyoketsuzoku." Shampoo replied.

"You're an Amazon?" Another girl asked surprised.

"Was village champion until recently." Shampoo replied.

"What happened?"

"Shampoo lost in a challenge."

"What was the challenge?"

"An Amazon test that Shampoo failed."

"What happened to you?"

"Shampoo became a slave."

"What!?" Exclaimed several of the girls.

"How could that happen to you?" One of the girls asked.

"Is law of village, Shampoo is now slave."


"Village don't need weak Amazons."

"Who are you a slave of?"

"Talia Tendo."

"What?!" Exclaimed the girls and then one of them turned to Akane. "Akane, your sister has her as a slave?"

"Afraid so, we found out about it recently." Akane replied.

"What are you doing in school then?" A girl asked.

"Mistress wanted Shampoo to be smarter, so sent Shampoo to school." Shampoo said.

So Shampoo started telling the girls her life and Amazon laws. By the end of lunch, the girls were amazed at Shampoo's life, even though she was still a slave. By the end of the school day, rumors were spreading throughout school about Shampoo's slavery. Shampoo didn't care about the rumors since some of them were funny to hear. Shampoo had met Kuno when he came charging at Ranma about enslaving another female. It took Shampoo, Nabiki, and Akane to convince Kuno that Ranma hadn't enslaved another female, it was Talia who was her mistress. Other than that, Shampoo's first day of school was uneventful.

x x x x x


Another monster attack was going on and this time it was only one monster and it looked like a humanoid lizard with a scorpion tail. The problem was that the monster was very agile and was dodging all of their attacks, it started to get the Senshi frustrated and their temper started rising. Then all of a sudden, the ones that were hit by the ray started to get a sharp pain in their head, and that is when the problem started.

"How do we defeat this thing?" Mars said angrily.

"My scans show that it is very easily to defeat we just have to hit it." Mercury said.

"Let's distract it and hopefully Moon can hit it." Uranus said.

"Distract it to the left and I'll fire at it." Moon said.

So the Senshi started to launch their attacks to get the monster into position. When the monster was in position, Moon fired off her attack but the problem was that Mars ran into the path of the attack. Moon quickly pulled her attack so Mars wouldn't get hit, but Mars was angry that Moon was attacking her and not the monster. After the monster moved away, they had to try again but it resulted in the same effect with a Senshi or two would be in Moon's attack path. After it happened a couple more times, the Senshi were getting angry that Moon was attacking them and not the monster. It was a lucky shot from Saturn that the monster was killed.

When they made sure the monster was fully dead, the Senshi started to lay into Moon. All the Senshi, with the exception of Saturn and Chibi-moon, were saying that she was attacking them on purpose. Moon kept denying that she was doing that but the Senshi kept saying that she was a menace. They started saying that they couldn't trust her since that she was never on time and never paid attention to their meetings, always eating or reading manga. Each thing they said was like stabbing Moon in the heart. The final blow was from Mercury saying that she was a danger to her friends and the people around. Hurt, Moon ran away from them crying. Saturn and Chibi-moon were going to follow her but were stopped by the others.

"Let her go." Jupiter said to Chibi-moon.

"Come Saturn, we're going home." Neptune and Uranus took Saturn with them.

"You can stay at my place." Mars said and took Chibi-moon with her, but both Saturn and Chibi-moon were worried about Moon.

x x x x x

Usagi was still crying as she ran home. Along the way she had changed out of her Sailor Moon outfit into her normal clothes. She was hurt that her friends could be so mean to her. As she was making her way home, she decided to see Mamoru and hoped that he could cheer her up. By the time she made it home, she was able to stop crying just in case her parents were home. When she got to the door, she realized that her family was gone for the moment, which she was glad since she didn't want them to see how hurt she was, it was then that she saw an envelope with her name on it. She picked it up as she entered the house. She then opened the envelope and saw a letter that was from Mamoru in it, so she started reading it.


It pains me to write this, but I feel that in light of recent events I must. I find that I can no longer pursue any form of relationship with you now or at any time in the future. Some would say that the fault for this must lie with me, but in all truthfulness I can no longer bear the sight of you. Not only are you immature, but your very immaturity is a danger to those around you. Why the Kami saw fit to grant the power that you possess to such a selfish and headstrong girl, I will never know. I can only hope that somehow the danger you pose to all of humanity will be averted, for I do not see you ever becoming worthy of that power.


When she finished reading the letter, she was entirely devastated. Her last hope turned on her and she realized that no one wanted her around. She came to a decision to stop being a burden to everyone and started to write a letter to everyone to 'apologize' for being a burden and being so dangerous to everyone around. She left the letter on the kitchen table and left the house to a nearby bridge.

When she was at the bridge, she was glad that no one was around so there would be no one to stop her. She was in a zombie like trance as she climbed the bridge to get ready to jump off. As she was standing there looking down at the water below, she was having an internal monologue about how everyone turned on her and no one cared for her, so it was better for her to be out of everyone's life. Just then a little voice in her head reminded her of one person that cared for her.

That stopped her for a moment when she started to think of the one person that called her cousin and how worried he was when that monster attacked. She also remembered the plush rabbit he gave her for no reason but to give it to her. So for not really knowing fully why, she climbed off the bridge and headed to the nearby phone booth. She remembered the phone number that Steve gave her and dialed the number.

x x x x x

"Moshi Moshi, Tendo residence." Kasumi said as she answered the phone. "Yes he is, please hold on while I get him." Kasumi set the phone down and went in look for Steve. She found him getting ready to leave by the front door. "Stack-san, there is a phone call for you."

"Really, who is it?" Steve asked surprised that someone was calling him at the Tendo's since he told his family he was now staying at the Neko-hatten.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask, but she sounded like she was crying recently."

"Okay, thank you Kasumi." Steve replied and went over to the phone and picked it up. "This is Steve."

"Cousin?" Came a very timid female voice on the other end.

"Usagi?" Steve said recognizing the voice.

"Please help." Usagi said and Steve could hear the depression in her voice.

"What's wrong?"

"They all hate me, they don't want me around."

"Who hate's you, who doesn't want you around?"

"Everyone." Usagi said and then went silent.

"Usagi, talk to me, what's going on?"

"It would be better if I wasn't around."

"Don't talk that way, where are you?" Steve asked, starting to panic at how she was talking.

"Near the bridge overlooking the harbor. We walked past it when I showed you around."

"Don't do anything until I get there, promise me."


"Promise me."

"Okay, I promise."

"I'll be there as soon as I can."

Steve went and placed the phone back, but in his hurry, the phone fell to the floor. He ran to the door, grabbed his jacket and shoes and left the Tendo Dojo running in order to make it to the train station. Kasumi came out of the kitchen when she heard a noise. She saw Steve running out the door in a hurry and then noticed that the phone was on the floor. She told herself that she must have a word with Steve about leaving the phone on the floor. So she picked the phone off the floor and placed it back where is should belong. She then went back to finishing her after dinner cleaning.

Steve ran to the train station as fast as he could. He purchased the ticket he needed and ran over to where the train picks up the passengers and saw to his dismay the train he needed just pull away. He started swearing as he was pacing back and forth waiting for the next train, which he noticed won't arrive for another fifteen minutes.

When it did arrive, he ran into it and was anxious for it to get moving. Once it finally started moving, he was wishing it would hurry up. After twenty minutes and several stops later, it finally arrived at the stop he needed. He got off the train and started running towards the bridge, hopping that Usagi hasn't done anything drastic during his delay at the train station.

x x x x x

Usagi sat by the phone, waiting for Steve to get there. She kept glancing at her watch, estimating how long it will take Steve to get to where she is. After she waited for ten minutes after her estimated time for Steve to get there, just in case she was wrong in her math, she figured that Steve wasn't coming. So she stood up and headed towards the bridge again, feeling depressed again, thinking that Steve blew her off. Not really caring anymore, she made her way to the spot where she was before and started climbing on the bridge.

Steve was running as fast as he could to the bridge. As he got closer to the beginning of the bridge, he saw Usagi climbing on the bridge. Panicking, he didn't realize his eyes lose focus as he started to run towards Usagi. The only thing on Steve's mind was stopping Usagi before she jumped. As he approached her, it appeared she didn't hear him running towards her. When he was near enough, he jumped towards her and wrapped his right arm around her waist and twisted in the air so it pulled Usagi from the bridge. Steve landed on the ground roughly, but pulled Usagi to him as he rolled to a stop to protect her.

Usagi was about to jump off the bridge, thinking on how many people will be happier with her gone. Just as she was about to jump, she felt something wrap around her waist and pulled her from the bridge. She found herself falling to the ground as something pulled her closer to itself. She then was rolling but she wasn't feeling any pain from hitting the ground. When she stopped rolling, she quickly broke free from whatever had her. When she was free, she looked at what grabbed her and was surprised at who it was.

"Stack?" Usagi asked cautiously as she watched the person struggle to sit up and then smiled at her.

"Hey Cuz, I thought I told you to wait for me?" Steve asked. He then saw Usagi start to tear up and then she went and started to give him a crushing hug.

Usagi started crying as she held Steve, realizing that Steve really did care for her. Steve wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug while gently rocking her. While Usagi was crying, she was mumbling about what was wrong. The story that Steve was able to make out surprised him, he couldn't believe that all of her friends turned on her. When Usagi's crying died down, Steve raised her head so she was looking at him, and used his thumbs to wipe away the tear streaks she had on her cheeks.

"Feeling better?" Steve asked.

"Not really, but with you here, it's helping." Usagi replied quietly.

"Sorry I was late, I missed the train." Steve said feeling sorry.

"You're here now." Usagi said a little bit louder.

"Shall I take you home now?"

"No! I don't wanna go back, no, no, no." Usagi had a panicked look and tried to move away from Steve.

"Okay, okay, I'll take you back with me." Steve said trying to calm Usagi while maintaining a hold on her so she wouldn't escape him. "I'm sure the people I'm staying with will understand. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes." Usagi said quietly after she calmed down.

"Okay, let's go then."

Steve struggled to stand up, realizing he injured himself, and helped Usagi to stand. He held her to himself as they made their way to the train station. Usagi had stopped crying and wasn't talking when he tried asking her something. When they arrived back in Nerima Ward, and left the train station, Usagi suddenly went limp in his arms. Steve reacted fast enough to catch her before she fell to the ground. When Steve looked at her to see what was wrong, he noticed that she had a zoned out look to her. He shook her to wake her up, but it had no effect on her. He looked at where he was and realized that the Tendo Dojo was closer than the Neko-hatten and decided to head there instead. So he picked Usagi up in his arms and headed to the Tendo Dojo.

When Steve arrived at the Tendo Dojo, he realized that everyone had gone to bed. He was about to leave and head to the Neko-hatten when he noticed that Kasumi was still up. Steve then called out to her before she headed upstairs.

"Kasumi, I need your help." Steve called out.

"Stack? What's wrong?" Kasumi asked surprised to see him back so soon. She walked over to him and noticed that he was carrying someone. She looked at the person and saw he was carrying a girl, and Kasumi noticed the state of mind the person was in. "Oh my, who is this and what is wrong with her?"

"This is my cousin, Usagi, and I thought everything was all right, but we got a couple blocks from the train station and she went limp in my arms." Steve replied.

"What made her do that?"

"I don't know the full story, but it's something like this from what I was able to make out." Steve said and then started telling Kasumi what he was able to make out from Usagi.

"That's horrible. You did the right thing bringing her here until we can check with Dr. Tofu. I figure she was the one that called you that made you leave in a hurry."

"Yes, sorry about the phone, I was kinda in a hurry."

"Don't worry about it, you had a good reason."

"I just wish I knew what is going on with her right now."

"We can worry about that tomorrow. Take her up to my room; we'll let her sleep there."

"Okay, thanks Kasumi."

"No problem Stack."

Steve carried Usagi up to Kasumi's room while she went and got a spare bed linen to use. When Kasumi entered, Steve had set Usagi on Kasumi's bed and helped Kasumi make the spare bed. Once it was made, Steve placed Usagi on the bed. Just then the phone started ringing, and Kasumi asked Steve if he could get it while she finished tucking Usagi in. Steve left and went to answer the phone before it woke anyone up, while Kasumi made Usagi more comfortable before tucking her in.

"Moshi, moshi, Tendo Dojo." Steve answered the phone.

"Is Steven there?" Came a male voice that Steve recognized.

"Uncle Kenji?" Steve asked.

"Thank goodness you're there. Have you seen or heard from Usagi recently?" Kenji asked.

"Yes I have, she's safe with me right now."

"She's with you?"


"Oh good, we came home and found a note from her that scared us. We'll be by shortly to get her."

"As much as I'd like that, but I don't think that would be a good idea."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say if I was thirty seconds later, we would be attending her funeral."

"How did you know where she was?"

"She called me and thought I blew her off when I missed the train. She was trying to kill herself and so far all I was able to make out from her was her friends turned on her and that no one cares for her. I talked her into coming home with me after I mentioned of taking her home. When I mentioned about taking her home, she became hysterical and I had to calm her down. I got her sleeping right now and I have a friend looking over her with me. So I'm saying let her stay here until she feels comfortable." Steve told Kenji. He could then hear Kenji talking to someone and he figured it was Ikuko.

"All right, we'll let her stay until she's ready." Kenji replied.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Can you promise not to tell anyone where she is, I don't think she is ready to be troubled by anyone she knows."

"Okay we will, just keep her safe for us."

"I will."

"Thanks and good night."

"Night Uncle Kenji." Steve said and hung up the phone. He turned and saw that Kasumi was standing near him.

"Who was that?" Kasumi asked.

"Usagi's parents looking for her. They gave their permission to let Usagi stay here."

"That's good."

"Speaking of Usagi how is she?"

"Sleeping right now."


"You can stay here tonight if you want."

"Thanks, let me call Cologne to inform her what's going on."

"Okay, I'll get you some blankets while you make the call."


While Kasumi went to get Steve some blankets, Steve called Cologne to tell her where he was and what was going on. Cologne thanked him and told him she would send Shampoo there in the morning for practice. Steve hung up and took the blankets Kasumi offered and then slept on the couch.


Steve woke up early and made his way to Kasumi's room. He knocked on the door and was surprised that the door was answered so quickly. Kasumi noticed that it was Steve at the door and let him into the room. Steve noticed that Kasumi was wearing only her nightgown and saw that the material was very transparent. So he looked away and decided to look at Usagi, who he noticed was awake but still had her zoned out look.

"She was awake when I woke up. I tried talking to her but she doesn't reply back. She's been like that ever since." Kasumi replied to Steve's questioning look.

"Let me give it a try." Steve said and then knelt by Usagi and tried talking to her, but he didn't get any reply either. "This is beginning to worry me."

"What are you going to do?" Kasumi asked.

"I think I'm going to try some shock therapy."

"You aren't going to really shock her are you?"

"No, I was thinking of giving her a bath, with your permission, of course."

"You are not going to strip her naked are you?"

"How else am I going to do it?"

"Leave her in her underwear." Kasumi said and then thought for a moment. "I'll help you with her. Carry her to the bathroom; I'll be down shortly to help."


Steve picked Usagi up and took her to the bathroom. Kasumi gathered some clothes for her and a change of underwear for Usagi. She was about to leave her room when she realized she was just wearing her nightgown, her 'naughty' one at that. She blushed when she realized that Steve had seen her dressed like this, but was happy that he didn't mention anything about it. So she quickly put some panties on and grabbed the clothes and headed to the bathroom.

When she got there, she found Steve had all ready had started undressing Usagi, she also had found him in his boxers. She set the clothes off to the side and helped Steve in removing what Usagi still had on. Once Usagi was in her underwear, Steve commented on the rabbit heads and carrot theme to her underwear. They then proceeded to bathe Usagi. The only trouble they had was undoing Usagi's hairstyle. When they were done, they were sad that the bath didn't wake Usagi up; Steve said that he would get a spare set of clothing for Usagi to wear if Kasumi would dress her. Kasumi smiled and said she would be glad to do it. So Steve left as Kasumi started to remove Usagi's underwear and started to dry her off.

Kasumi had finished drying Usagi and had her in the new underwear when Steve returned with a change of clothes. She thanked him and after he left, she got Usagi dressed in black pants and a black silk Chinese shirt. Kasumi didn't know how to do Usagi's hairstyle, so she just pulled her hair into a ponytail. When she was finished, she made sure Usagi wouldn't fall where she sat and started to get dress herself. When she was dressed, she urged Usagi up and was surprised when she stood up. She then led Usagi out of the bathroom and found Steve waiting outside the door.

Steve was happy that Usagi was slowly coming to, and the both of them led her to the dining room. They sat her down near the table and then Kasumi apologized for being improperly dressed when he was in her room. Steve said there was no problem; he was just surprised at it. He then said why don't they just keep it between the two of them, he then glanced down at Usagi and corrected himself and said the three of them. Kasumi smiled and agreed and thanked him for not making a big deal of it. Just then they heard Shampoo enter the house.

"Nihao." Shampoo called out.

"Oh, morning Shampoo." Kasumi replied.

"Hey Shampoo." Steve said.

"Shampoo miss Stack this morning." Shampoo said smiling.

"I know, but I had to deal with a problem." Steve said placing his arm over Usagi's shoulder. Shampoo noticed that and suddenly she became jealous but hid it well.

"Who her?" Shampoo asked.

"This is my cousin, Usagi." Steve replied. Shampoo relaxed when she found out the girl was a relative, but she then noticed the state of mind Usagi was in.

"What wrong with her?" Shampoo asked. Steve then told her what he knew what happened to her, and Shampoo felt sorry for her. "Shampoo have idea to wake up."

"Go ahead and try, please." Steve said.

Shampoo went over to Usagi and then slapped her across the face. Steve was surprised at what Shampoo did, and then watched as Shampoo slapped the other side of Usagi's face. The only response that Usagi gave was turning her head with the force of the blow and the reddening on her face where she was slapped. Steve stopped Shampoo from continuing when he saw it caused no apparent results. Shampoo realized how much Steve cared for Usagi and relented, it was then that they heard Ranma land outside and start yelling at his father. Steve realized that the training had just started and sighed. Both Steve and Shampoo went outside to join Ranma and his father in training, but they were working on staff fighting while Ranma and his father were doing their usual thing. Kasumi set Usagi so she could watch the training and left to the kitchen to start with breakfast.

The training went on for half an hour, during that time; Ranma had asked Steve who the girl watching was during on of their breather moments. Steve explained who she was and then they continued on with their training. It was at one point where Steve was getting the advantage over Shampoo when Shampoo knocked him into the Koi pond. Steve surfaced from the pond and yelled at Shampoo for the unfair advantage of using the pond, which Shampoo just smiled at her. It was then that the both of them heard a gasp behind them and they turned and saw Usagi staring at them mumbling.

Steve and Shampoo made their way over to Usagi with Steve staying outside since she was still wet. When they were closer, they could make out that Usagi was mumbling about seeing Steve change. Shampoo finally got Usagi calmed down enough that Usagi started looking back and forth between Shampoo and Steve. Steve became worried, called out to her. Usagi looked at Steve and then crawled over to her and reached out to touch Steve's face.

"Hotaru?" Usagi asked uncertainly.

"No, it's me, your cousin." Steve said, grabbing Usagi's hand and lowered it.

"Stack?" Usagi asked.

"Hey cuz." Steve said smiling.

"H-how, you look just like her." Usagi said.

"It's a Chinese curse I have. I picked it up recently." Steve said and then remembered what Usagi had said. "You know the person I keep getting mistaken for?"

"Yes, she's a friend of mine." Usagi replied.

"Not one of 'them'?"

"I don't know, she wasn't saying anything while the others were." Usagi said. "How did you change and who is she?"

"That's Xain-pu and she's a ... friend of mine from China." Steve replied.

"Shampoo, what kind of name is that?" Usagi asked confused.

"Just one that sounds funny."

"Oh, how do you do, I'm Usagi." Usagi said to Shampoo.

"Shampoo fine, nice meet Stack cousin." Shampoo said.

"How do you change?" Usagi asked Steve.

"Any type of cold liquid changes me to how I look now and warm liquid changes me back to normal until next time." Steve said.

"That must suck." Usagi said.

"At times it does." Steve said. "So tell me about the person I look like." Usagi was about to start telling Steve about Hotaru when she saw Ranma go into the pond and come out a girl and start attacking her father. "Uh yeah, I'm not the only one either."

Usagi then nodded her head and then noticed how she was dressed. She looked at what she was wearing, felt her hair and noticed that it was in a ponytail. She then looked down the collar of the shirt and noticed that she was wearing different underwear.

"What am I wearing?" Usagi asked confused.

"Some of mine and Kasumi's clothes. Kasumi and I sent yours to the laundry." Steve replied.

"Why am I wearing them?"

"Well, when you zoned out on us, I thought of shock therapy and gave you a bath with your underwear on, and I did like the theme on them."

"You what!" Usagi exclaimed in surprise.

"Kasumi was with me, I didn't do anything." Steve started panicking when Usagi looked at him in surprise.

"Don't worry, I'm joking around, I don't care if you had me nude when you bathed me." Usagi said to Steve smiling mischievously.

"Why Stack take bath with cousin and not Shampoo. Shampoo want Stack to bathe Shampoo in nude." Shampoo said feeling hurt that Steve took a bath with Usagi and not her.

"You pervert!" Came a female shout behind them.

All three look behind them to see Akane standing there looking pissed. Akane got in Steve's face and started blaming her of being a pervert. Shampoo not liking what she was seeing, got up and stood between Steve and Akane, to stop Akane from insulting Steve. Usagi was surprised at the hostility that Akane was showing. She looked over at Steve and saw that she had a panicked look. Steve tried to explain what was going on but was saved when Kasumi entered the dining room from the kitchen and told Akane and Shampoo to stop fighting since breakfast was ready. Both of them came to an agreement and lowered their stances. Kasumi then noticed that Usagi wasn't zoned out and said she was glad to see her about. Usagi smiled at her and thanked her. Kasumi then asked her if she could help bring breakfast out while the others get their after work out bath in.

When everyone was ready and sitting at the table, Kasumi and Usagi brought the food out. While everyone was bathing or waiting for breakfast, Kasumi was talking to Usagi and checked to see if she was doing all right. Usagi said she was doing better now, but seeing her cousin and his friend change genders was an eye-opener, especially with Steve changing into a look a like to a friend of hers. They then grabbed the food and set it on the table.

When everyone sat down, most of everyone wondered who Usagi was. Steve told them Usagi's situation and why she was there. The Tendo's and Saotome's accepted the reasons why she was there and continued eating. When breakfast was over, Steve and Usagi helped Kasumi clean up while the others got ready for school. During dishes, Usagi was asking Steve if he had any knowledge of the Moon Kingdom or a Star Kingdom. Steve told her that none of that rings any bells and asked why she was asking. Usagi told him it was nothing really, she was just curious.

Kasumi then asked what they were going to do with Usagi while they were at school. That caught both Steve and Usagi off guard since they weren't thinking about it. They both had a confused look and Kasumi chuckled at their expression. She then commented to them that Usagi should go to school with them as a visitor. They looked at each other and Usagi shrugged her shoulders. So Steve agreed to take Usagi with him to school. When the others came down, Steve explained to them that Usagi was going with them to school, basically to give her something to do during the day. The others had no problem with her coming along and were willing to help out with anything she had trouble with.

While they were making their way to school, Nabiki ran on ahead to set up bets, Ranma was running on the fence with Akane on the ground next to him running also. Shampoo was running just ahead of Steve, who had Usagi running next to him. While they were running, Usagi whispered over to Steve about Shampoo's uniform and how short it was. Steve told her that Shampoo was flirting with him and that she likes to tease him. Usagi commented that she could see Shampoo's panties at times, and Steve told her that Shampoo is only doing it when no one is around but people she trusts. He doesn't have a problem with her doing it as long as she doesn't cause any problems for other people. They continued to school and Steve failed to notice that Usagi was deep in thought.

x x x x x

When they got back from school, Usagi was having a great time. When she got to the school, she witnessed the morning fight that Akane had to deal with, the fight with Kuno and Ranma, and several boys trying to hit on Shampoo. With Nabiki's help, Usagi was able to get a visitors pass easily and sat next to Steve in all of his classes. During lunch, Usagi witnessed the hassle that Ranma had to deal with, from Kuno to Akane yelling at him. She had asked Steve if this was a normal day and Steve told her it was normal, but it's been a little slow for the day. She also had some of the other girls talking to her, which she enjoyed.

So when they got back to the dojo, she was asked how she was doing. Usagi replied she was doing better and she had a great time at school. It was then that it was commented that she should transfer schools momentarily so that she didn't miss out of any education. Usagi didn't really want to, but Kasumi persuaded her to try it out. So then Steve and Usagi called Usagi's parents. Usagi didn't want to talk to them so Steve started talking to them about Usagi's transfer. It was her parents that wanted to talk to her, so she reluctantly went to talk to them.

She then proceeded to talk to her parents and explained what had happened to her that caused her to do what she was going to do. She told them everything she could, leaving out anything dealing with the Senshi. When she was done talking, her parents weren't too thrilled to hear what she said, but they agreed to let her stay where she was. Nabiki offered to help with the transfer and Usagi's parents were glad for the help. They then had Steve agree to come over and pick up some of Usagi's clothing until they can figure out where Usagi is going to stay over there. So before Steve left, Usagi told him of a bag in her closet that she wanted him to get, but she didn't want her parents to know about it. Steve agreed to make sure he didn't reveal it to her parents and gave Shampoo Usagi's home phone number to have Cologne call to talk to her parents.

So when Steve left for Usagi's house, Shampoo took Usagi over to the Neko-hatten to meet Cologne and show Usagi where she will be staying for a while. When they arrived, Usagi met Cologne and was surprised to know that she was Shampoo's great-grandmother. She was shown where she would be sleeping until further arrangements could be made, which Usagi found out was the same room as Shampoo, and then given a tour of the Café. While the tour was going on, Cologne called Usagi's parents to figure out what was going on with Usagi and what Steve had pasted onto her on where Usagi was staying. Cologne told them that Usagi would be staying at the Neko-hatten and if Usagi wanted, she would be hired as a part-time waitress, which Cologne would take the cost of Usagi living there out of her pay check. Usagi's parents thanked her and information was traded for emergencies.

When Shampoo was done with the tour, they all met in the living room upstairs. They talked about general things before Usagi had to explain again what happened to her when she was asked again. When she was done talking, Cologne knew that she was hiding something but didn't press her for any details. Usagi then asked Cologne and Shampoo how they came to know Steve and Ranma. So Cologne and Shampoo started telling the story of how they met Steve and the others, since Usagi told them her story, they felt it was only right to return the favor. During the story, Usagi brought up the question of how Steve and Ranma change. Cologne explained to her the history of Jusenkyo and its various pools before continuing on with the story. Usagi was surprised at what she was told that Shampoo was really a slave to Steve in his female form and that both Cologne and Shampoo are Chinese Amazons. After that, they continued talking until Steve returned from visiting Usagi's parents.

When Steve got back, he found that Usagi was enjoying herself talking to Shampoo and Cologne, that he smiled that he figured that Usagi wasn't going to harm herself in the near future. He then handed her the bag that she wanted him to get for her, and the bag of changes of clothes that her parents wanted to give to her. Steve asked her what was in the bag and Usagi said it was some 'interesting' clothing that she didn't want her parents finding while she was gone. She also told him that if he was a good boy, she might model some of it for him. She laughed at his shocked expression and ran up to the room she was going to be sleeping in, which was the same room as Shampoo. Cologne chuckled at him and told him he is going to have his hands full when dealing with Usagi. Steve just nodded his head and then went to his room to go to sleep.

x x x x x

Steve woke up the next morning and knew that he wasn't alone. He opened his eyes and expected to see Shampoo Again, but opened his eyes wide in surprise when he saw Shampoo and Usagi in his room. He looked the both of them over, after he got over his surprise, and saw that the both of them were kneeling on each side of his futon smiling at him. He then noticed that by the way the both of them were kneeling, that they were wearing only their nightshirts. The girls giggled at Steve as he groaned as he tried not to look at the view the girls were offering.

Steve commented to the girls about whose idea it was to do what they were doing. Both of the girls smiled evilly and told him that it was the both of them. He groaned again and said what he was going to do with the both of them. The two girls then laid next to him, on each side of him, and rubbed their cheeks on his shoulder, saying that he should love them and care for them. Steve chuckled and patted their butts and told them that they better get ready to head over to the Tendo Dojo. The girls pouted and told Steve that he was no fun, but got up anyway and headed to their bedroom to change clothes. Once all three were ready, they then headed over to the Tendo Dojo, with Usagi deciding that she wanted to join in on the practice.

After practice was over, Shampoo had once again tripped Steve into the Koi pond. After Shampoo and Usagi had a good laugh at Steve's expense, Steve offered her hands out to be helped out of the pond by the both of the girls. When Shampoo and Usagi had grabbed a hand each, Steve suddenly jerked back, which caused both of the girls to lose their balance and fall into the pond. When the both of them surfaced, they were glaring at Steve who was laughing at them. Then the three of them got into a water fight that lasted until Kasumi came out to stop them.

When Steve went to take a bath, Shampoo and Usagi went in with him. When Steve tried to complain, but the both of them wouldn't hear any complaints and dragged Steve into the bathroom be her arms, complaining all the way into the bathroom. Ranma laughed at Steve's predicament while Kasumi frowned that it wasn't right to do what they were doing. Akane grumbled on how much a pervert that Steve was being, but she knew it wasn't all Steve's fault since Steve was being dragged to the bathroom.

After the bath was done, they got dressed and met everyone at the table for breakfast. During breakfast, Nabiki presented Usagi with the necessary paperwork to turn in to the school office for a temporary transfer. Usagi looked at the papers in surprise as she didn't think she would get them as soon as she did. Steve explained to Usagi that Nabiki could do anything if she set her mind on it and had enough money. Usagi thanked her and they all finished their breakfast.

When Breakfast was over, Nabiki took Usagi to school to finish the transfer paperwork. The others left shortly afterwards to head for school. Along the way, Ranma asked Steve what happened in the bath when Akane wasn't in hearing range. After Steve joked with why he wanted to know what happened, Steve just told him that all he did was bathe the both of them and they in turn bathed him, even though he was in his cursed form at the time. Ranma then joked how Steve was starting a harem, when Steve started saying it wasn't true, Ranma pointed out that it was his cursed form that seems to be collecting the harem. Ranma joked about 'Talia's Harem' and started running when Steve started chasing him. The thing that both of them missed was that Shampoo had over heard them talking and started thinking of what Ranma had said.

At the end of the school day, Usagi had enjoyed herself at her first real day at another school. Shampoo had told Usagi about what Ranma was joking Steve about having a harem and both of them agreed to play it out to see what would happen. At lunch time, the both of them were having fun messing with Kuno's mind by confusing him. Telling him that Ranma wasn't enslaving them, that they were enslaved by Talia. Kuno didn't know what to do, he wanted to free the girls, but he couldn't bring himself to attack a younger girl and Akane's sister at that. The rest of the day went by uneventfully.

x x x x x

Over in Juuban, the Senshi had started to feel guilty about the way they had treated Usagi. They were going to apologize to Usagi for losing their temper, but Usagi didn't show up at school the next day. When the second day came and Usagi wasn't there, they became worried. They tried contacting Usagi through the communicator, but Usagi didn't respond. So they all agreed to head over to Usagi's house to see what was wrong and then to apologize.

When the school day was over, they all gathered and headed over to Usagi's house. It was Rei that knocked on the door and waited for it to be answered. After a couple of minutes, the door opened to reveal Ikuko. When she saw who it was at the door, her smile changed to a cold look. The Senshi were surprised at the sudden change of expression they received.

"What do you all want?" Ikuko asked coldly, making some of the Senshi shiver at the tone.

"Is Usagi here, we would like to talk to her." Rei asked.

"Haven't you all done enough to Usagi all ready? Please leave and don't come back here again." Ikuko said and then shut the door in the Senshi's faces, causing some of them to be confused.

"What was that all about?" Makoto asked.

"I don't know, but let's head to my place." Rei replied.

When all of the Senshi had gathered at Rei's shrine, they all were feeling a little down since they couldn't talk to Usagi. They were all wondering what was going on, they knew they had hurt Usagi's feelings, but they never had seen or knew of Usagi not being in school because of it. More questions were being added as no answers were forth coming. Eventually they were getting more depressed as more questions were being added. After several minutes of just sitting there in silence, they were about to head home, since they realized that they weren't going to find out anything. Just then Chibi-Usa came running inside the room breathing hard. The Senshi was confused and asked Chibi-Usa what she was doing.

"I'm sorry but this has to be quick," Chibi-Usa said between breaths. "I told Auntie Ikuko that I had to do an errand."

"Why?" Ami asked.

"She doesn't want me to be with you all because of what you all did to Usagi." Chibi-Usa replied.

"We know we hurt her feelings, we tried to apologize, but Usagi's mother wouldn't let us talk to her." Makoto said.

"You wouldn't have been able to anyway." Chibi-Usa said.

"Why is that?" Minako said.

"Usagi hasn't been home for the past two days."

"What?" The Senshi said surprised.

"Why?" Ami asked.

"After you all yelled at her, she ran home hurt."

"We know that, what about it?" Rei asked.

"Well, it looks like you all weren't the only ones putting Usagi down; it looks like Mamoru also had some nasty words to say to her." Chibi-Usa said as she pulled out a letter and handed it over to the Senshi to read. The Senshi read the letter and couldn't believe Mamoru could be so mean; they all had comments to say about it.

"How could he do that?"

"I thought he loved her."

"Wait until I see him."

After the Senshi calmed down a little, Chibi-Usa pulled out another letter.

"After that letter, we guess Usagi wrote this one." Chibi-Usa said and handed it over to the Senshi. The Senshi read that one and gasped at the meaning of the Letter.

"Are you saying that Usagi tried to kill herself?" Makoto asked.

"What I over heard, she did almost kill herself but she was stopped." Chibi-Usa replied.

"So that is why she isn't home right now?" Ami guessed.

"Yes, but where she is now exactly, I do not know, but I do know that she is with cousin Stack, since he came to gather some clothes for Usagi last night."

"He's the one we met recently?" Minako asked.

"Yes, that's the one." Chibi-Usa replied.

After Chibi-Usa said she better be heading back, the Senshi started to feel even guiltier than they were before. They couldn't believe that Usagi would go and try and kill herself like that. They were glad she was still alive, but they wished they could have talked to her to apologize for what they did. But since they couldn't, they left for home with a heavy heart each.

x x x x x

After the school day was over, Usagi had persuaded Steve to go shopping with her and Shampoo. Usagi earlier in the day had talked to Shampoo about what she wanted to do and Shampoo agreed to go with her and help out. When Usagi confronted Steve about going shopping with her, Steve was not really into wanting to go. When Usagi mentioned it was 'Talia' she wanted to go with, Steve really became nervous. It was when Shampoo joined in the persuading that Steve's defenses started going down. When both Shampoo and Usagi started giving him the puppy dog eyes, that he agreed to go with them.

So after school, Shampoo splashed Steve with some cold water and all three went to a nearby mall. Steve dreaded what was in store for her as she was being led to several stores. The stores that made Steve blush heavily was when she was led into the lingerie stores. After purchasing several items, since Usagi or Shampoo wouldn't let Steve go without getting something, they headed back to the Neko-hatten. When Cologne saw Steve carrying several bags of clothes, she started chuckling and Steve started grumbling saying 'She knows'. Usagi and Shampoo dragged Steve up to her room for her to start trying on different combinations.

Ranma entered the Neko-hatten an hour later and saw Cologne working on some paperwork. He asked Cologne where Steve was and Cologne chuckled saying that Steve, Shampoo, and Usagi are in Steve's room. Ranma wondered what Cologne was chuckling about, made his way to Steve's room. Ranma reached Steve's room and heard Shampoo and Usagi laughing and Steve, in female form, grumbling. He opened the door and walked in, when he did, he froze where he stood. The reason being, he saw Usagi and Shampoo holding clothes up to Steve, who was only dressed in a pair of black lace bra and panties, and all three of them were facing Ranma when he had entered. It was Steve that got her voice back first.

"Hey Red, a picture will last longer." Steve said smiling.

"I wasn't ... I didn't ... I ..." Ranma started stuttering. Steve then walked over to Ranma and placed her hand over Ranma's mouth to shut him up.

"Red, shut up. I was joking; you've seen me in less all ready, so it shouldn't be a problem." Steve said.

"I know, but still." Ranma said blushing.

"Well, the good thing is, you can help the three of us." Steve said.

"Help!?" Ranma said in surprised shock.

"Hold on a sec, you two, I have to talk to Red here for a moment." Steve said turning to face Shampoo and Usagi. After the girls nodded that they heard her, they started going through the clothing while Steve pushed Ranma out to the hallway and closed the door.

"Stack, what are you doing?" Ranma asked confused.

"What does it look like, I'm playing dress up." Steve replied.

"Why are you doing that?"

"It makes Usagi happy. I don't like it, but it's better than seeing the look Usagi had when she was trying to kill herself."

"I see."

"By the way, why are you over here?" Steve asked and then saw Ranma looked embarrassed.

"I some how made Akane angry at me again and Kasumi recommended I leave for a while to let Akane cool down some. I came here 'cause I didn't know where else to go."

"Ah, okay."

"Now what is that help you needed? Not getting you dress is it?'

"You only wish, but no, the girls want a guy's opinion of what they got me, and I'm somewhat bias, so you came at the right time."

"So you only needed my opinion on your clothes?"

"Yes, that is ... oh yeah, we also got you your uniforms."

"Um ..."

"Don't worry, your waitress uniform doesn't have a skirt, since I know how much you hate that idea, it has pants." Steve replied as Ranma sighed in relief.

"So will you play along, 'cause I'm getting cold standing here." Steve said as she rubbed her arms to get a little warmer.

"I can tell."

"Huh?" Steve asked confused at Ranma's reply and saw him looking at her. She followed Ranma's line of sight and noticed what he was looking at and then got what he meant. Steve stuck her tongue out at Ranma and then grabbed Ranma's arm and entered the bedroom. "Okay, he agrees."

So Ranma suddenly found himself commenting on all the outfits that Steve had to wear. Ranma had found himself enjoying himself and chuckling to some of the outfits Steve was wearing. He even found himself suggesting some of the things for Steve to wear. The only part he had trouble with was when Shampoo and Usagi broke out the lingerie to put on Steve. When it was over, Steve was left wearing a purple teddy, since the girls wouldn't let him change into anything else. Ranma suddenly found himself changing to his female form by a glass of water by Usagi. Then to Ranma's discomfort, they broke out clothes for her to wear.

Ranma started complaining that she wasn't there to try on clothes when it was pointed out that it was her waitress uniform and they needed to see if it fit properly. Steve reminded Ranma that she went through dressing in front of everybody and had no problem with it, so Ranma shouldn't either. When it was mentioned that they had got some female underwear for her to wear, she was afraid of what it was, thinking of some of the things that Steve had to wear. She was surprised when Steve gave her three sets of plain cotton panties, one in red, one in black, and one in white. She was also given three sports bra's, in which Steve reminded her that women wore them as shirt's when they went jogging, and Ranma saw they were matching colors to her panties. Since Steve had reminded her that she had no problem changing in front of the others, Ranma decided to change into the white set. Ranma blushed when Usagi made the comment of how she couldn't believe how big Ranma's breasts were when Ranma was suppose to be really a guy.

After Ranma had gotten over her fear of changing in front of the others, Steve asked Ranma if the underwear fit comfortably and was the right size. When Ranma contemplated it for a moment, she was surprised that they fit her quite well, much to her horror. It was then that Steve brought out the Chinese pant suit waitress outfits. There were three of them that Ranma found out, one white, one red, and one in pink, and all three had flower patterns all over them. So Ranma then tried each one on and found out that all three fit her perfectly. Ranma commented on that and Steve replied that both her and Shampoo had guessed correctly. So Ranma took off the outfit and Usagi then started folding them up and started putting them away as Steve brought out two more items.

Ranma opened the first one and saw that it was a female's swimsuit. She was glad when she found out it was a one-piece swimsuit and not a bikini. She took a look at the suit and saw it had two colors, red and black. She then noticed that there was a word on the suit, much like the 'Body Glove' style that Steve had on her swimsuit, but the one on hers say 'Boy'. Ranma caught the meaning of it and was glad when she found out she didn't have to put it on. She took a look at the other item and saw that it turned out it was a red silk Chinese dress, with a dragon motif on it. Ranma looked over at Steve and noticed that Steve had a slight blush on her and wasn't looking directly at Ranma. Steve said that she got them for her as a present for what she's done for her lately. Ranma then realized what and why Steve got her the items and minorly blushed as she put the dress away.

While Ranma was checking the two items Steve gave her, Usagi had gotten up and went to her and Shampoo's room to get an item. When Usagi got back, she was carrying the bag that Steve had brought from her home. Steve and Ranma wondered what was going on when Usagi said it was their turn to do a modeling session. So both her and Shampoo started showing Steve and Ranma what was in the bag, since Usagi said it was only fair to return the favor. So the both of them started undressing in front of the both of them and started to put on what was in the bag. Much to the surprise of both Steve and Ranma, they found out that Shampoo wasn't wearing a bra and that both of the girl's hair color was natural.

The girls then started to put on the many selections of clothing that Usagi had in the bag. The only thing was Shampoo's breasts were bigger than Usagi's, so most of the stuff was very tight on her. The items Usagi had, was several different types of lingerie, from being very skimpy to practically not there. There was also clothing that was very small on Usagi, like micro-mini skirts and tube tops, to shirts that were see-through. The final items in the bag were swimsuits. The suits in there were so skimpy, Steve and Ranma were surprised it covered what it should. The one that got Steve was the one Shampoo wore, which was a one piece, but the suit was only an inch wide over the nipples and came down to form a thong to reach behind her until it separated to form the shoulder straps. When the show was over, both of them got into some of the underwear and they sat in a circle wondering what to do.

Steve, on a burst of inspiration, grabbed a pillow and threw it at Usagi, hitting her in the face. Once Usagi got over the shock and looked over at Steve and saw her smiling, Usagi caught on and grabbed the pillow and then started to attack Steve. Ranma and Shampoo were confused at what was going on as they watched Steve and Usagi hit each other with pillows. So they looked at each other, shrugging, grabbed a pillow, and started joining in. Ranma teamed up with Steve to fight Shampoo and Usagi.

During a wrong moment, Ranma tripped on a blanket and fell on top of Steve. What got everyone was when the both of them landed, Ranma was on top of Steve and their lips were pressed together in a kiss. Steve was just staring up at Ranma in surprise while Ranma was staring at Steve in shock. It was when Usagi asked if she could join in that Ranma finally got off of Steve, stuttering an apology. It was Usagi that silenced Ranma saying that Ranma needed to loosen up and not be so uptight.

Steve finally sat up, blushing a little and noticed the time. She told the others that they better get some sleep since they would have to go to practice soon. Ranma realized that she better get going, started to get change her clothes, when the others persuaded her to stay. So all four of them went to bed together, talking about general topics to some more private ones. Ranma had mentioned that how much she was revolted at what she had just done; she had really enjoyed herself by what she had done. Eventually all four of them fell asleep together in the same bed.

When Cologne went to wake them up the next morning, she found them in a sea of purple, red, black and yellow hair. She chuckled as she noticed that Steve had once again used Ranma as a pillow. So she woke them up and told them they better get ready for practice. She raised an eyebrow when she noticed the attire that they all were wearing, but she let them have their fun. After they changed, they headed over to the Tendo Dojo for morning practice. It took all three of them to explain where Ranma was to the Tendo's when they had asked Ranma where he was all night.

x x x x x


In Juuban, the Senshi had to deal with another monster attack. When the Senshi saw the monster, to them it looked like it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The monsters appearance was like a movies humanoid sea creature. During the fight, the Senshi were realizing that they were having trouble in defeating it. Mercury was only able to make out that the monsters weakness was that it couldn't take much damage. After a long fight, the Senshi was able to pool their attacks until the monster was dead.

The only problem with that was, it left them very exhausted and they were trying to catch their breath. Some of them were realizing that they needed Usagi's help, but they couldn't contact her to tell her they were sorry for what they did. The reason for that was they found out that Usagi had left her communicator at her house, and they found that out by Chibi-Usa telling them that she found it there. So the Senshi had barely made it out of the scene before the emergency vehicles arrived.

Back in Nerima, the Neko-hatten had its grand opening. Shampoo and Usagi were waitresses, which the guys that entered enjoyed, because of the mini-dress outfits they wore. Ranma was a part-time waitress, when in female form, or a busboy, when in male form. Steve was in the back, helping Cologne in the kitchen with the cooking or anything else that Cologne needed. The Neko-hatten suddenly became very popular with how good the food was and the 'Shows' that was going on during the service, which was Cologne giving training while they worked.

During the last few days, Steve was noticing some changes in Usagi, but he couldn't tell if it was for the better or not. She suddenly became a big flirt, especially around Shampoo, Ranma, and himself, much to Akane's anger when Usagi was flirting with Ranma. She started wearing the clothes from her bag, her skimpy ones when she wasn't wearing her school uniform, which she changed to match Shampoo's. She was walking more gracefully and wasn't as clumsy as he had first heard. She also had started wearing her hair in a ponytail and not in her usual style. The final thing he noticed was that Usagi was teasing both him and Shampoo in an almost sexual manner. Her teasing would get to the point of almost 'going all the way' with the both of them, but luckily Usagi would stop herself before it did reach that point.

So on the one day that the Neko-hatten was closed, Steve took Usagi and Shampoo out to get some ice cream. Steve had a fun time getting Usagi into some normal looking clothes, and after several minutes argument he had to settle with her wearing a mini skirt and a long-sleeve shirt that was practically transparent. It was thin enough that if you looked carefully enough you could make out the design of her bra, which Steve was very glad, she decided to wear. Shampoo wasn't much help since she was wearing one of her mini dresses that Steve realized that she liked to wear. After the major debate of what to wear, they all left to get the ice cream.

After the ice cream, they were planning to head over to the Tendo Dojo for a small party that the Tendo sister's had planned, since both Soun and Genma were going to be away from the dojo for a while. So when they were done having their ice cream, they decided to head over to the dojo. While they were walking towards the dojo, Steve noticed a person walking on the other side of the street that he hadn't seen in a while.

"Ryouga!" Steve shouted out to get the persons attention. Ryouga stopped and looked in the direction the shout came from. When he spotted Steve, recognization shown on his face and he headed over to where Steve was standing.

"Stack! How've you been, what are you doing in Yokohama?" Ryouga said as he reached Steve.

"Yokohama?" Usagi quietly whispered to Shampoo who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Hey Ryouga, I've been doing okay, but you are in Nerima." Steve replied to Ryouga.

"Oh yeah, I knew that." Ryouga chuckled to himself and then he noticed the two girls standing behind Steve and had to look away quickly when he saw how the both of them were dressed. "So who are the two girls you are with?"

"Oh sorry, Ryouga, this is my cousin Usagi and this is Xian-pu." Steve said as he placed an arm over each girls shoulder and gave each one a small hug.

"Shampoo? What kind of name is that?" Ryouga asked confused.

"It's her name and it's Chinese, so no making any jokes about it." Steve said giving Ryouga a glare.

"All right." Ryouga said holding his hands up to fend of the glare.

"Usagi, Xian-pu, this is Ryouga Hibiki, my first Sensei." Steve said continuing the introductions. After the introductions and greetings were made, Steve had wondered about something. "Hey Ryouga, where did you visit this time?"

"Several places."

"You'll have to tell me about them sometime."


"We're off to the Tendo Dojo for a small party, want to join us?"

"If it won't be any trouble."

"If you don't attack Red, then I don't see a problem."

So the four of them started to head to the Tendo Dojo. Ever so often, Steve had to keep Ryouga from wondering off. Usagi was the one that commented on it and Steve explained that Ryouga liked to wonder off if he wasn't paying attention. It was then Ryouga made a comment that Steve seemed to be forming a little harem. Steve told him that if he really was starting one, he was glad to start with the two girls he had with him as he hugged both Shampoo and Usagi. Both of the girls punched Steve in the arms and glared at him, but after a few moments, all four of them started laughing.

En route to the dojo, they passed by an old woman's house and Ryoga found himself being splashed by the old woman as she was empting her bucket. Usagi and Shampoo were surprised to see Ryoga just vanish within his clothing. The both of them then saw movement from within the pile of clothes until a foxes head popped out of the clothing. Steve was saved from being splashed because Shampoo had grabbed his collar to halt his forward movement.

After seeing what happened, Steve went and collected Ryoga and started to explain that Ryoga had a Jusenkyo curse when he noticed Usagi and Shampoo were giving him questioning looks. After the quick explanation, in which Steve was unconsciously petting Ryoga, much to Ryoga's enjoyment and embarrassment. Shampoo and Usagi then went and collected Ryoga's stuff; Usagi collected Ryoga's clothes while Shampoo got the backpack. As Usagi was collecting Ryoga's clothing, she started teasing Ryoga about his tiger stripe boxers, until Steve told her to quit it when Ryoga started whining.

Shampoo, as she collected Ryoga's backpack, was surprised at how heavy it was. When Steve offered to carry it, Shampoo told him she had it and grunted as she put it on. She smiled at Steve as she then continued walking towards the dojo. Both Usagi and Steve shrugged their shoulders and quickly caught up with Shampoo.

As they were approaching the Tendo Dojo, the four of them heard a scream from above and it was getting closer. They looked up and saw a person falling towards them. As the person was getting closer, the four of them wee able to recognize the person as Ranma. They watched as Ranma got closer until he landed in front of them. Some of them winced at how Ranma landed on his back, but Ranma quickly recovered as he looked up and saw who was near him.

"Pissed off Akane again, Red?" Steve asked.

"I only made comments to help her." Ranma grumbled.

"One of these days, you'll realize that how you make comments will piss her off all the time." Steve said.

Ranma just grumbled about uncute tomboys and their poor ways of taking comments. It was then that he noticed that Usagi was standing almost over him. He noticed that she was wearing one of her mini skirts and that he had a good view up it to see that she was wearing her pink mesh panties. Ranma suddenly went wide-eyed at the view as he continued to look at it. Usagi looked down at Ranma and saw him staring at her. It took her a moment to realize what Ranma was looking at and started smiling. She smiled and started to flirt with Ranma.

"Enjoying the view, I can give you a closer look if you want." Usagi said seductively. "Besides, you've seen me wear the pink mesh ones before."

Ranma was suddenly panicked as Usagi started to flirt with him. He was saved as Steve told her to stop flirting with Ranma and saw her pout as she walked away from Ranma. He quickly stood up before anything else happened to him and saw that Steve was talking to Ryoga, in his fox form, about not making any comments about Usagi's panties. They then all decided to head into the dojo and as they were heading inside, Steve asked Ranma what was he commenting Akane on and Ranma replied that Akane was cooking some snacks for the party. Those that know about Akane's cooking, shivered at the concept that some of the food they should watch out for.

They entered the dojo and headed to the living room. Shampoo was glad to stop carrying Ryoga's backpack and it made a heavy thud as it landed on the floor. She started to massage her sore shoulders, but stopped when she felt someone massage her shoulders. She stiffened up when she felt someone else touch her, when she looked to see who it was; she saw it was Steve who had set Ryoga down, so she calmed down. As Steve was massaging Shampoo, Usagi had noticed that the TV was showing a news program about the Senshi, so she started listening to what it was saying. When she heard what it was talking about, she gasped and dropped Ryoga's clothes in shock.

Everyone heard Usagi and saw her just standing there staring at the TV. Steve became worried when he saw Usagi just staring at the TV in a shocked expression. He then went over to her to see what was wrong with her. He started shaking her to get her attention but she wasn't responding. He really started to become worried and started shaking her more violently. Steve's concern started bringing everyone over to see what was going on.

Suddenly Usagi started crying and wrapped her arms around Steve. Steve wrapped his arms around her and looked at the others with a questioningly look, saying he had no idea what was going on. He started asking Usagi what was wrong and all that he could get out of her was her saying it was all her fault and that she should have been there to help them. Everyone was clueless on what Usagi was talking about when Nabiki realized what the news was talking about and drew a connection.

"You're Sailor Moon, aren't you?" Nabiki asked Usagi.

"What?" Most of everyone exclaimed to Nabiki's announcement.

"Yes." Usagi said after she realized it was pointless to debate and she really didn't want to argue the fact. Suddenly she went limp, but since Steve was holding her, he was able to catch her quickly enough so she didn't fall to the floor. He then moved her to the couch and sat her down and sat next to her with Shampoo on his other side. The others stood around them and looked in worry at Usagi.

"Want to tell us what really is going on?" Steve asked.

"Okay, it's pointless to deny anything anymore." Usagi said defeated.

So Usagi started telling them everything from when she first became Sailor Moon to when Steve saved her from jumping off the bridge. Everyone was surprised at what she was telling them and at other times, angry at what had happened to her. When she was done talking, Steve and Shampoo were comforting her, much to her enjoyment that she didn't show. All the others started talking about what they should do to help out Usagi. After a minor debate on what they could do, no one was able to think of anything to help, which caused some of them to be chest fallen when a voice called out.

"I know of a way to help out with your problem." Came a male voice from the porch. When they all turned to face the voice, they only saw a fox.

"Helios." Usagi said quietly but everyone heard her.

"How are you doing, Serenity." Helios said, shocking everyone that the fox was talking.

"Not so good." Usagi replied like a talking animal was normal.

"Um, what do you mean you know a way to help us, Mr. Fox?" Kasumi asked nervously.

"Easy, all of you are Star Kingdom Senshi." Helios replied matter-of-factly.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

To Be Continued