Note: English is my first language. I wrote this for one year, I'm sure it is full with grammar errors. If someone wants to correct it for me, feel free to do that and post it to my mail so I can replace this.
Also I need reviews about the idea and everything.... :-)

The Camden family-after the fifth season, when Andrew and Lucy, Mary and Wilson just got back together.
Lucy Camden - finding a way to spend the summer with Andrew Andrew Nayloss - In Paris for the summer and really unhappy without Lucy Andrew's father - still not liking Lucy Diana & Tina Fisher - Twins owning a Student hostel in Paris called the Budapest Hotel, Diana has a fiancé Tony helping the twins in the hotel, Tina has one in the States Mary Camden - making stupid mistakes like always but this time they change her whole life!
Wilson West - together with Mary deciding to never let her alone anymore...Just guess! :-) Although it's typical...

Maybe I'll add some more later, now I can't think of more!