"Luce?"Mary appeared.
"Sis"Lucy hugged her sister again.
"I don't know how I could do that..I love Wilson a lot, and I wanted to be his wife, but somewhere in the future, where we finished school and got a job...Now I have to give up on basketball..oh no! How can I live without sport?"
"You don't have to give up! It's your life! You did something and have to take response but you don't have to give up yourself!"
Mary smiled at her.
"He said you are crazy?"she asked rolling her eyes.
"Yeah..and he has right..."Lucy turned away, she shouldn't talk.
"What? You did it too?"Mary held her shoulder and turned her back towards herself.
They heard something behind the door. Mary stood up and opened it. None was there anymore.
She closed it again.
"I always thought you will wait until you are married, but...Did you enjoy it?"she grinned.
Lucy sighed, she doesn't have to talk about the wedding.
"Well, I couldn't enjoy it more...Andrew was soooo gentle and..I never thought it could be that...enjoyable...And what about you?"
"It was okay?"
"Just okay?"Lucy had big eyes.
"I liked it but somehow I felt it wasn't right...Like I would know it before that would happen..."
"You can't let it destroy your feelings, and I think you will be really happy with Wilson."
"I know, but..."
"No but, it had to happen. Don't forget, nothing happens without a reason!"Lucy said.

Annie was in the kitchen. It was late night and she couldn't sleep. When she heard voices from upstairs she stood up and went to the backdoor.
Lucy came down and looked around. She couldn't see anyone so she dialed Andrews's number.
"Hallo!"a sleepy voice answered.
"Hallo, Mr. Nayloss! Can I talk to Andrew!"she asked.
"Do you know what time is it?"
"I am sorry, but it's important"
"Sure and it can't wait 3 hours"
"Dad, is that Lucy?"
"Yes, she is"Andrew held for the phone and watched his father going back to his room.
"Mrs. Nayloss?"
"Mr. Nayloss, I don't have time for that play!"
"What's wrong?"
"I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you that I miss you. And.."
"You have time for that, but no Mrs. Mr. plays?"Andrew grinned.
"Sure. It's just I hate to be angry about you and..."
"Oh, this! You know that I didn't meant it like this.."
"I know, and I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry, that I just hang up the phone."
"I love you"
"I love you too!"Lucy smiled.
"Guess what happened last night!"
"What? Did you told them..?"
"No. Did you?"
"Never. But what happened then?"
"Diana called and I invited them for the next week. They come back because of the college."
"It's great. I miss them a lot."
"That Tony too?"Andrew turned a bit jealous.
"Just as much as you miss Tina!"she said with the same feelings.
"Then it's okay..."Andrew grinned again. Lucy imagined him smiling but that made her thinking of his lips and she turned red longing for him.
"I miss you!"she said.
"Me too. Couldn't we...?"
"No, we can't. Not now!"
"I see. I love you honey!"
"I love you too"Lucy hung up the phone and went upstairs smiling.
Annie appeared from the back door. Now she was sure that IT happened. Both her daughters slept with a boy, who wasn't their husband.