Regless: Yay! Time to restart Viral State. It's been a long time coming.

Black: Yeah, like that train behind you.

Regless: What Tra-WHAM

Black: Excellent. Now with him out the picture I can explain things. There are somethings in this story that will remain similar to the original. But we're not intending some giant battle though. Hell we're not even planning to put Guilmon in until the end. Renamon and Rika... Not sure yet, as much as we would like to continue the Rukatoness in this story. Impmon is the main character.

Regless walks back in: Funny guy... You finished briefing everyone.

Black: Pretty much.

Yami Hamtaro: Good lord you two never shut up.

Black: ...your back...

Regless grins: Well I figured, old story, old muses. Nifty plan huh?

Black: ...I hate you all.

Viral State – Chapter 1 – Honest Mistake

"Waaaaaahhhhh... UFF!" Beelzemon landed hard on a fairly soft surface. It took a moment to shake out the cobwebs and realize he was sitting on sand. But it wasn't beach sand, well, not exactly. It was a beach, but compared to this beach, being in purgatory with Anubimon didn't seem so bad. "...Well that ride sucked... and the terrain bites too."

Looking around, you'd be able to see he wasn't kidding. A grey beach, grey water, grey sand, blue cliffs... no just kidding. Those were grey too. The simple fact was everything was grey without exception and Beelzemon was adding a whole lot to the color value. He grunted to himself as the thought crossed his mind that there might not be a way out of there, but nah. That wasn't something to worry about. After all, he had the White Hazard if he needed it. But first things first, of course. He had to get up and find something so close to him, to lose it would be like losing an arm.

"Let's see. Where's Behemoth?"

"Maybe it's out for a swim." A sarcastic voice sounded off next to him.

Beelzemon glanced down beside him into the sand. "Hey Takato. Rough ride huh?"

"Well, remember I've been living with Rika for a while. Is anyone else near here?"

Beelzemon grinned. "Nope, looks like it's just you, me, and Behemoth." The two waited as within seconds a motorcycle came rolling into view, although it was having trouble with the sand and all. Takato leaned over it.

"Ah Behemoth. Have you seen Guilmon, or Rika, or Henry, or... uh Rika."

The engine grumbled a bit. Takato stepped back and blinked. "Uhhh, I think my translation must be off."

"He says he hasn't seen the violent one, the smart one, or walking garbage disposal, happy?"

Takato frowned. "...No."

"He did say though he happened to spot a mysterious guy in a cloak a fair distance back. Wanna go check it out with me."

Takato glanced around hoping there would be a better place to go. Instead all he got was the sickening realizing that he was back in the Dark Ocean. "Let's see... Uh oh. I'm pretty sure I got an idea of who that cloaked guy is."


"We'd better start walking, I'll explain on the way."


As the two started off on foot, (The sand was to soft and deep to ride on) Takato explained all about his previous encounters with Deamon, and that the place they were in was really called the Dark Ocean. Beelzemon had a bit of trouble getting some parts, but analogies from the show helped.

"So... you think the Tamers from the show might be real too?"

Takato shrugged. "Well they aren't really Tamers and I have no idea if their real or not. It still seems kinda unlikely, but not impossible."

"So... they're like you?"

"Well... some of them are."

Beelzemon grinned. "Great, more inept Tamers."


"Quiet!" Beelzemon cut him off. "We found 'em." The Viral Mega pointed straight ahead.

Takato followed his finger straight ahead to an easily recognizable Digimon, cloak and all, it was Deamon. He was hissing insanities left and right about something, although the gogglehead was pretty sure he already had an idea what that was about. He didn't get the Hazard, and was thus doomed to remain here until time indefinite. Beelzemon lifted his gun arm.

"Hang on. I'm gonna try talking to him." Takato stated, completely unaware that Beelzemon wasn't listening in the slightest.

"Corona Blaster! ...Uh, did you say something?"

Takato sweatdropped. "...You doofus. I hope you can take this guy."

Beelzemon laughed. "Sure I can. How tough can blanket with eyes be."

"He's a Mega and a demon lord, like you."

Beelzemon paused. "...Ya know. You could've mentioned that earlier."

"Funny, it must've slipped my mind." Takato replied, grinning and forcing a laugh. "Ha ha ha..." Awww nuts.

"Relax. I still got this, remember." Beelzemon held up his hand revealing a glowing white symbol.

Deamon spun around after the energy bullet hit him in the back. He didn't seem to feel it very much though. "Evil Inferno!"

Beelzemon grinned "You gotta be nuts to challenge someone who still has the Hazard."

First Beelzemon grabbed the brunnette and threw him out of the way, then jumped into the air to dodge the attack, then he held out his hand and the white piece started to glow. A portal started to appear right above the phantom and expanded downward, slicing him in half. Beelzemon loaded his data a second later and smirked. Proud of the two second victory he got.

"Nothing to it." The Viral Mega gloated.

"Well that was pretty anti-climactic." Takato sweatdropped.

"Why argue with what works." The Mega said. "Oh are you alright and whatever,"

"No, you threw me into a tree! My back is killing me."

Now it was Beelzemon's turn to sweatdrop. "Sorry 'bout that. The attack had a lot of range you know sooo... yeah. Quit whining, it's better than being burnt."

As the brown haired Tamer got up, he dusted all the grey sand from his clothes and hair he noticed a few sparks of electricity coming from Beelzemon's hand. Upon closer inspection the Hazard Piece was disintegrating.

"What the? Beelzemon, your hand!"

"My what?" The fallen angel glanced down. "AHHHH MY HAND!"

"Quick. Where does that portal you opened on Deamon lead to."

The Mega tilted his head. "Uhhh... I wasn't really thinking about where it should lead."

"Well you're a big help."

"Can it midget!"

Takato sighed. "We gotta get through that portal. If it closes, we'll be stuck here."

"Here... with... you... forever? No offence but oughta my way!!!"

"Wait!" The Tamer cried as Beelzemon took off ahead of him. "You're suppose to take me with you."

As the two surged through the portal, they ended up in a thick forest, not entirely unlike anything they had seen before but still... something seemed odd about this forest. As it turned out, they really didn't need to run for the portal. It wasn't even beginning to close. And from the looks of it never would be. The Keeper glanced sideways at Beelzemon.

"Well that was over done. I don't suppose you can close this up now can you?"

"Nope, I don't have the Hazard anymore. You saw it disappear."

"Yeah... What happened with that."

Beelzemon shrugged. "Beats me. What about the Red Piece."

Takato glanced at the back of his hands. The menacing red symbol was almost sneering back at him. "Still here... Weird."

"Hang on. I can hear something in the bushes."

"Huh?" Takato paused, tilting his head up and listened for the sound. Beelzemon was right, there was something. Although it didn't sound very big. "You think you should De-Digivolve? You intimidate the little guy."

The Mega eyed him suspiciously. "...Yeah I guess. But why am worried about intimidating stuff?"

"I'll explain later Impmon, come on hurry up."

"Yeah yeah." The about-to-be Rookie complied, if a little reluctantly. The strange thing was though, his body sparked and flash-flickered as he went back to his childish form. When he was done he looked sort of surprised. "...Well that didn't feel right."

"It didn't look right either. Are you okay?"

Impmon shrugged. "I guess."

"Nothing seems broken or anything."

The two figures speculated on Impmon's health, a small green humanoid creature ran out for the brush. While Impmon's face twisted in confusion Takato became more bewildered.

A Palmon? No way, it can't be.

"What are you guys doing? Run for it." The plant yelled.

"What?" Impmon folded his arms. "Youse gotta be kiddin'. People have been blowing fire at me, trying to take me to hell, erasing me, and now yelling at me over the last two weeks. I ain't moving unless I got a DAMN good excuse."

As if on cue, a Snimon erupted from the trees behind Impmon and landed next to the Tamer and Virus. It hunched over getting a better look at his new prey, drooling hungrily right in front of them. Impmon scoffed.

"I said a good excuse."

Takato picked the Rookie up. "It's good enough for me. Let's get out of here."

"Twin Sickle."

Takato jumped out of the way just in time as the attack turned a couple of fallen logs into confetti. Impmon was still unimpressed as they caught up with the Palmon, who turned her head an apologized repeated.

"I'm so sorry for dragging you guys into this."

"Youse better be sorry. I thought I was finally gonna get a chance to relax but noooooo."

"Come on Impmon." Takato started.

"No. I blame you for this too." The Virus pointed at Takato menacingly.

Takato was taken aback. "Me?! What did I do?"

"You have the worst luck of anyone I've ever seen. Everywhere you go there's a fight. Zhuquaimon's lair, the middle of a waste land, a parking lot, Hypnos Tower, Rika's bedroom, and the list goes on."

"...How did you know about Rika's place."

"Educated guess."

"Erherm." Palmon butted in. "Sorry boys, I don't mean to interrupt, but we could we please focus more on running for our lives until Mimi and the others get here."

Impmon was a little surprised to see another Digimon mention a human with such familiarity. "Is Mimi your Tam-"Takato clapped his hand over the Imp's mouth.

"Err, partner. He meant to say partner." The boy said hoping his new friend wouldn't notice his massive sweatdrop

"Yep. Mimi's the greatest. Are you one of her fans?"

"Err well... yeah... I guess I am."

While Takato didn't realize it, Impmon was getting tired of being carried... you know, and not being able to breathe so he bit Takato hand, forcing the boy to drop him. Now there are two things about Impmon that one must consider when predicting his actions. First of all, he doesn't usually think before he does stuff. Maybe he likes to be surprised by the repercussions of his actions but he's always been a shoot first, shoot second, shoot some more, get some eat, and go to sleep kinda mon. Second, he doesn't like to be considered weak. Even if he's gotten over the whole 'I don't need a Tamer' phase, taking him lightly is still an even bigger insult than a mama joke to him. Now when you put those two traits together it doesn't seem all that surprising that he'd get in a fight with someone a level higher than him, does it?

The Rookie got up immediately off the ground while Takato stumbled a bit and slowed down. "Impmon! Now's not the time."

"Quiet! I can take this chump. Badda boom!"

Impmon snapped his fingers with both hands forming two small fireballs. One of which he through up, and one of which he threw directly at Snimon's head. Snimon plowed right through the attack however and charged at the Rookie. Impmon didn't bother to move though. You see, that other fireball he threw upwards had successful burnt through a branch which was about one second away from crushing the Champion. It wasn't enough to destroy him, mind you, but it pinned him well.

Takato whistled. "Nice..."

"Heh, as if there was ever any doubt."

Palmon was walking back too. "Wow... I can't believe you got him."

"Hmph, I'm not just another good looking face you know. Now time to finish the job. Summon...

"Impmon wa-"

"...Fireball! ...What?" Impmon glanced back as his attack destroyed the trapped Snimon.

Takato and Palmon were both to stunned to answer. Although Takato was more concerned about how trouble they would get into and Palmon was wondering how anyone could be so cold to delete a trapped Digimon like that. Impmon was getting impatient.

"Well? What?!"

Takato was the first to speak. His mind was racing with possible outcomes, but at the moment, he could only think of one thing. "...Impmon, we should get out of here now. I'll explain why on the way."

The Rookie's face twisted into confusion. "Geez you gotta a lot of explaining to do... Fine just gimme a sec."

Takato reached forward and grabbed Impmon's arm. "No! We gotta move now. Leave the data and let's go."

"..." Again, Impmon was more than a little confused, and starting to get annoyed on top of it.

"Just trust me okay."

"...Mmmmm." The Rookie wrenched his arm free and folded it behind his head. "Alright. But you better have a good reason for this."

"I do, now let's go."

Just as the two were about to escape. Palmon blocked their path. This was exactly what Takato was afraid of. Impmon had won the fight but he still decided to try and take the Snimon's data, a relatively normal thing in his own world, but here it would be regarded the same as murder. Takato frowned a bit.

Murder? Everything that dies here comes back in Primary Village. Gatomon and Ken are the only chosen that really know what it's like to lose someone, and even then Wizardmon came back years later to warn her.

Now it wasn't that Takato didn't feel bad for the Snimon, but it, at least, would come back strong and healthy. Leomon never had that chance. It just seemed a little... unfair. Not that Palmon was willing to listen. She didn't want to fight either, but what she did want was to keep the other two around until her friends showed up so they could decide what to do. Neither Impmon nor Takato had any intention of cooperating.

"Oughta the way toots."

"I... can't do that."

Takato sighed. "Listen Palmon. I'm sorry about what Impmon did..."


"...but we can't stay around and wait for your friends to show up and punish us..."

"Punish? Dammit WHY?"

"...So I hope you'll understand and let us go."

"Translation: Let us go or I'll knock your block off."

"Impmon! Shut up!"

The Viral Rookie scoffed. "..."

"Sorry guys, but ever since MaloMyotismon we treat this stuff seriously. We gotta make sure that he or Deamon doesn't come back you know."

"I wouldn't worry about the latter." Impmon replied.


Impmon was fed up of waiting. He quickly formed a fireball in his hand and tossed it just off to the side of Palmon to frighten her. "I'm bored. Badda Boom!"

It was unfortunate the Impmon knew nothing about the Chosen or what they had been through. If e did he would know that it would take more than a pyromaniac punk to scare off one of those Digimon, and of course, Palmon was no exception. "Poison Ivy!"

Meanwhile Takato just shook his head. This was a situation that deteriorated quickly and Impmon was no help. He had to make sure they got out of their before Palmon's friends showed up. But now Impmon seemed more interesting in a decent fight. There was no way for this to end well. The closest he could hope for is that it ended quickly. He clenched his fist.

Good luck Impmon, I'm counting on you this time.