Viral State - Chapter 9 - Blazing Bridges

"Uhh, Impmon. You're in my seat."

"Bite me." Retorted the Rookie.


Takato shook his head a little, not that Impmon paid him any mind. Although the boy wasn't too happy about having his spot taken, Myotismon's sadistic sneer make him not want to start bickering with his partner. It was just too creepy. The other baddies weren't helping either. They all seemed to be watching him… which shouldn't really have been a surprise. Humans were the enemy, and now their new boss was claiming their victory depended on one. Talk about pressure.

"Quite both of you. You can argue on your own time." Lilithmon said sternly emerging from the darkness. As usual she took her seat at the head of the table and delivered a flirty smile that would cause a lesser mon to assume she like them. "Now as you might have guessed, I called this meeting to discuss our next move… any ideas?"

"Is erasing Myotismon an option?"

"I'll make it a side note." Lilithmon commented while the Vampire growled beneath his breath. "Something you have to say to me, darling?"

"…I tire of these games. We have more than enough power and those insolent brats have lost one of their most powerful warriors. I believe an offensive operation is in order." Myotismon grinned wickedly at Takato. "Why don't we see what kind of villain our new recruit really is and have him terminate one of the chosen children."

"Eh?" Takato did a double take. True, he was expecting to be ordered to do this stuff eventually, but he was hoping he'd have some kind of plan worked out by then. At the moment his plan currently consisted of pretending he misunderstood the order, and well, nadda. "D-Don't be ridiculous. Impmon isn't strong enough to take on any of the Digidestined!"

"What!? Says who?" The Virus jumped onto the table with his fists up.

Lilithmon sunk back in her seat. "Really? Oh Dear, he's incredibly useless isn't he?"

"Listen toots. I can do more with one hand than everyone else in this entire room combined."

"Snake Bandage!" Mummymon hollered as he fired off his gun at Impmon. The attack connected easily snaring the Rookie and two seconds later he began dragging his comrade off the table, holding his weapon as though it were a fishing rod. Impmon was holding onto the tabletop so tight he was leaving claw marks in the marble surface. "I think I've picked up a live one. Care to give me a hand dear?"

"…How 'bout a fist."

"Urgg… Lemme go ya six foot roll of toilet paper. Hyughk!"

"…" Lilithmon looked sympathetically to her furniture. "…That's going to need more than a qick polish..."

Takato sweatdropped. "Uhhh, sorry?"

"…" Lilithmon glared at Impmon for a moment as the Rookie dangled helplessly (and angrily) by Mummymon's side. "You look better tied up… still not good, but better."

"You wanna try it yourself toots?"

"My" Lilithmon put on one of the most fake innocent smiled anyone had every seen and pretended to flush. "I didn't know you were into that sort of thing."

"Into what?"

Lilithmon rolled her eyes. Just talking to the damn Rookie was giving her a headache, and there was no telling how many new wrinkles had appeared on her delicate face thanks to all the stress. She'd have to find the boy a new partner eventually, but for now… "What about you Devimon? You seem awfully quiet."

"Hmph, compared to the others I spent little time battling the children. Even now there is still so much I must catch up on… However…"


"I've noticed something strange. There are many prophecies here, and a great deal of them pertain to the Digidestined. My defeat was no accident, it was foretold, as was Myotismon's first great loss."

The vampire nodded. "Yes, I remember the angels firing their arrows at two of the children to empower the wolf and the dragon was part of some prophesy or another."

Devimon nodded. "I do not know to what extent these prophecies can predict the future. I do not know where they come from. I do not even know if there are any pertain to this time. I do know, however, that our fate may already be sealed if one of these prophecies does exist."

"Last time Gennai informed the Digidestined about the prophecy. If any others have indeed been procured, then he is most likely the one that has them." Myotismon stated.

"Unfortunately therein lies the problem." Devimon continued. "None of us know where Gennai's home or base is."

Lilithmon nodded. "Well, at least no evil Digimon do… And even if we did. Attacking it now would expose ourselves too early… Oh Takato"

"Uhhh, Yes?" The boy gulped, already beginning to form a picture of what was going to happen.

"I believe we just found another job for you…"

"Awww nuts."

It was several hours before Takato and Impmon were ready to leave on their next mission. Apparently leaving the base before nightfall wasn't allowed. It was too risky that someone might detect them. It was deemed alright for Rika to give the boy a lift, mainly because Lilithmon didn't want to risk the guardians recognizing one of her round table baddies.

"Won't Gennai just detain you." Rika asked.

"Well…" Takato scratched his head. "I don't think he knows that I took the Digivice. Off course, that could change with one word from Izzy."

"So what's the plan?"

"...Ummm… Tread lightly."

Rika sighed. "That's a pretty sad plan… Alright, what about this. You go in and keep Gennai distracted while Renamon and I scope out the place. We'll come get you when we're done."

"Sounds good." Takato nodded. "Anyone have any complaints."

"I still can't believe youse guys are going along with it." Impmon smirked from his spot between the two children. "I was half expecting to go deaf from Takato whining when he got this job."

"Just because we find something doesn't mean we have to report it back to Lilithmon." Kyuubimon replied.

"Besides." Takato added. "I'm curious to see if there actually are any that involve me or Guilmon. Who knows, it might help us find him."

"Geez, even Gogglehead's starting to think like I do." Impmon grinned. "I think I created a monster."


The team didn't reach Gennai's house for another hour. Rika had put the use of all modify cards on hold for now for obvious stealth related reasons. Meanwhile the boy behind her just watched the scenery pass by peacefully.

"Heh, a full moon. Do you think that means good luck for us or bad?"

"How would I know, gogglehead?" Rika replied sternly. "I don't pay attention to all that superstitious stuff."

"Oh, right. Sorry… Sure is nice though." The gogglehead said quietly. It was hard to tell if he was just deprived of sleep, or if he was actually starting to enjoy his time in the world. With all the commotion happening with Lililthmon, The Digidestined, and Guilmon, he hadn't really had time to relax.

To be honest, he still didn't. Kuzuhamon and Possibly ChaosGallantmon were still out there unaccounted for, Gennai may already know about the boys shady doings, and of course, the new Megidramon was never far from the boys mind. A moment later and the Tamer felt his worries returning to him. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted...

"We're here." Rika announced lifting her gaze in visual surveillance of a large metal building reminiscent of the old movie Tron.

It wasn't very discrete except for the fact that shrouded by a thick forest, the kind you can usually only get through with a hack saw, or a very maneuverable Digimon.

"Already? Well, let's get this over with." Takato muttered, his voice giving way to the agitation he felt about coming back here. Kyubimon and Rika disappeared as soon as the boy hopped off with Impmon still resting in his arms. He was just about to knock on the door when it slid open on it's own and the infamous Tentomon stepped out.

The bug Digimon tilted his head in confusion at running into the Tamer there of all places. It had been almost a day and a half since he was supposed to have left for his vacation. He knew the boy and his partner had lied about the Digivice, but… instead of running and hiding… they decided to go directly into the stronghold of the only organization that might be even more connected than Izzy Digimon-wise? That… didn't make any sense. Unless they came to return ken's preperty.

Awww nuts.

"So… How's your vacation coming along?" Tentomon asked.

"Uhh, good. We just forgot something here so we… decided to drop by." The boy prodded Impmon a bit wake him up and the Virus was visibly unhappy about it. Rika and Kyuubimon were still nowhere in sight as well.

Looks like they're going ahead with the plan.

Impmon strode up beside his partner and began to use him as a resting post while he traded stares with the insect. Unlike Takato, though, the Rookie seemed completely oblivious to any awkwardness as he yawned lazily and rubbed his head.

"Impmon I presume?" Tentomon asked respectfully.

"Who wants to know, bug-eyes?"

"Impmon! This is Izzy's partner, Tentomon. He's one of the original eight Digidestined so show some respect."

The Virus just glared at Takato for a second, as if not understanding why that should warrant any nice behavior from him at all. A second later and the bulb went off. Izzy was the smart Digidestined and probably knew what he had done. Tentomon could go to Ultimate… or was it Mega…? Bah! There were too many weird humans for the poor Rookie to keep track of, but either way this was bad news.

"So…" Impmon began, a little more diminutively this time. "…Is uh, what's-his-face in there? Your partner?"

"No. Izzy has a test tomorrow and he's been cramming for it all night. He really should get some sleep too, but once he gets going…"

Takato chuckled. "Yeah, that sounds about right… Like that time he got stuck in that maze with... never mind."

Tentomon tilted his head while Takato started to mentally kick himself for almost recounting an event that no one but the main Digidestined should know about. Of course, Impmon was just as perplexed by the boy's sudden case of foot-in-mouth disease as the bug-type.

"Please come inside. You can meet some of the others." The bug moved aside letting Takato and Impmon pass by easily.

"Others?" Impmon asked. The tension in his voice building slightly.

"Biyomon and Gomamon are inside too. We've all heard a lot about you. Impmon."

The Virus smirked, mistaking that for a compliment. "Biyomon huh… Sounds familiar for some reason."

"Impmon, you're worse than me with homework. She's Sora's partner. Remember the bird type that caught us with Palmon?"

"Oh yeah, the pink parrot. How's she doin'"

"…" Tentomon stiffened at that. You could tell he took offence to the rude nick-name bestowed upon his friend. "I think she prefers Biyomon. Oh by the way Impmon. We had some trouble locating Ken's Digivice."

"Maybe you're just incompetent."

Takato smacked his forehead. Getting Impmon to be nice, or even non-insulting seemed like an effort in futility. "Impmon…"

"What, I didn't lose it!"

"That's not what we were thinking." The insect Digimon buzzed to himself quietly. Unfortunately Impmon caught enough of it to know it was a shot at himself.

"What?! You got something to say to me ya windshield ornament?!"

The vaccine jumped nervous at Impmon's instant aggression. "Errr, no sorry. Just… thinking to myself. It's a bad habit I picked up from Izzy, nothing more."

"Ya right! I heard what you said ya smart-alec."

A small fire ball appeared in the Viruses hand as he lurched forward, prompting Tentomon to take to the air and bolt down the hallway.

"Hey! Get back here before you really make me mad, kapeesh?! Hey, wait up. No fair, you got wings."

Impmon would have kept following his new bug friend but a hand clamped down on his arm. It was Takato, naturally. "Impmon! Do you not understand 'Be nice'? What in the-"

Impmon turned back with an angry glare, then let it soften for a second. "Lemme' alone Goggles. The bug is Izzy's partner right? He's fishing for information."

"Huh?" Takato loosened his grip, surprised by the serious tone in his current partner's voice.

"Everyone knows what we did but dose kids are way too nice to do anything about it as long as they don't have proof…" Suddenly, Impmon smiled. "..And 'dey can't find proof as long as I keep chasing them down."

With one more strong pull Impmon freed himself and took off down the hallway, rounding a corner and disappearing before Takato even had a chance to voice his objections, or even point out the various flaws in Impmon's logic.

Impmon… Heh, even when you're trying to think ahead you're still as reckless as ever. I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone.

Takato proceeded down the hallway until it opened it up into a larger foyer with every sort of doo-dad gadget and trinket adorning the walls. There was barely an inch that wasn't covered with some sort of screen showing an algorithm or a map or some sort of graph. Even the middle of the floor showed a 3D map of the Digital World. Hooded figures easily identifiable as Gennai's comrades were milling about busily, most of them holding graphs as well.

"Did something happen or is it always this busy." Takato wondered aloud. One of the cloaked surveyors that was passing by halted at the sight of the young boy.

"Takato? You've found your way back, excellent. At least that's one thing off our list to take care of." The figure pauses, glancing around for a moment. "Uh, Impmon…"

"Oh. He's around, don't worry."

The man nodded. "Good. And welcome back. You should probably go see Gennai and let him know you're safe. That explosion with Megidramon… well some of us thought we lost you."

"You guys haven't spoken to Izzy?" Takato asked perplexed. He half expected to be treated like a criminal when he got back.

"No, we sent an E-Mail to Davis a couple days ago giving him a brief overview of the situation so it wasn't deemed necessary."

Takato blinked, dumbfounded. Exactly how much did Davis know about what was going and why didn't he tell anyone else. The notion that this might all be some sort of elaborate trap crept into the boys mind for just a second, before he shook them out. He knew these guys better than that. Heck he grew up watching and mimicking them. There's no way they would stoop to something so low.

Again, the gogglehead felt himself fall back into a state of relaxed curiosity. Not seeing the need to waste any more time, he quickly began darting through the room looking for Gennai. Eventually he was directed into another room hidden in the left corner. Inside it was set up to appear much more homely. The part where the boy was standing was set up to resemble a typical porch. Grass indistinguishable from the real thing sprawled out behind it until it hit the walls.

"Hang on, this look like where the Digimon were dispatched from to fight Diaboromon."

Takato smiled at the found memories. The ever young Gennai was sitting off the far side typing away on some sort of panel while Gomamon and Biyomon peered over the man's shoulder trying to get glimpses of what he was doing. He didn't seem to mind. Far from the active hustle and bustle just outside the door, Gennai was the picture of tranquility.

"I'm back."

Gennai glanced up and smiled. "I was wondering when you'd return. I think you're a bit late, you know. And you didn't need to make up that story about going for vacation."

The boy shifted uncomfortably. Leave it to Gennai to know almost everything. "Uhh well… you see, Impmon-"

"Say no more, that explains everything."

Takato nodded before addressing the other two individuals. "Nice to meet you again Biyomon. And the infamous Gomamon, Joe's partner, right?"

The bird type Digimon waved her wing while Gomamon snickered. "Yo. You sure make a nice first impression. Hey Bi, you sure this guy took Ken's Digivice."

"Eh?!" The bird's eyes widened as she immediately tried to clamp to the seal type Digimon's mouth shut.

"Mrph?" Gomamon reached up to remove the feathers from his mouth. Gennai, ever so carefully glance out the corner of his eye so as not to be seen.

Takato sweatdropped nervously. His pulse was already quickening again. "Digivice? What's a Digivice? I don't know anything about any Digivice."

Aww geez. Even Guilmon could see through that.

Gomamon chuckled at his animalistic friend. "Yeah that's what I figured. I mean, what would a human want with someone else's Digivice? It's not like they can use it or anything."

Biyomon shook her head. "Sorry for doubting you Takato. But strange things have been happening ever since you showed up."

"That and from what I heard your partner doesn't exactly bring out the best in people."

Takato blinked at Gomamon for a second. "…You're like a slightly more polite version of Terriermon."

"Better looking too."

Biyomon put her wing over Gomamon's mouth again, giving him another mouthful of feathers. "You know Willis?"

"Uh, no. The Terriermon I know is with a guy named Henry… Oh that's reminds me Gennai. Have you had any luck finding Guilmon?"

Gennai shook his head. "No luck Takato. Sorry. I do however have some good news that might lift your spirits."

The Tamer smirked. "Like what, another prophecy?"

"Sorry kid. Haven't seen one of those things in years. Actually I was referring to the decision to get the help of the Digidestined."

"That's why we're here." Biyomon chirped.

"Uhh, are you sure that's a good idea Gennai?" The boy asked nervously, trying not to offend some of his lesser idols. "I mean, I know the Digidestined are strong but… what if they get turned into Viruses… or worse?!"

"You worry too much." Gomamon waved his paw.

"Actually he's right..." Gennai stated seriously. "…The opponent is the living embodiment of corrupt data. You may have noticed but the list of disturbances has begun to increase again as of late. And heaven help us if a real problem shows up… Still, if we leave it it'll just get worse, and it's not as though we can send just anyone to battle this new Virus. We need the best, and there is no denying that 'the best' are the ones who took down Venom and MaloMyotismon."


"Or so he says." Gomamon butted in. "But he won't even tell us the name of this new Virus. Talk about being stingy."

"Maybe he doesn't know."

Takato shook his head sullenly. "So… the Digidestined… are going to be hunting Guilmon?"

Gomamon arched a brow. "Hmmm? What's a Guilmon."

Gennai sighed "Excuse me you two, can I talk to Takato in private for a second."

"But it's just getting good."

"Come on." Biyomon began tugging her friend towards the door as best she could without opposable thumbs.

Gennai waited patiently for them to exit before turned his attention towards the Tamer. He knew the poor boy wouldn't like what he had to say, but unfortunately the new Megidramon warranted serious action, even if the beast was currently hiding dormant somewhere.

"First of all, I should tell you that we're doing everything to find your partner…"

"…" Takato nodded quietly.

"…Unfortunately we're not exactly sure what to do after that. Thanks to our own mix up earlier were not sure we can fix the damaged data."

So it's your fault?! Takato clenched his fist, but kept quiet. He knew the guardian was just trying to help.

"Next, The Digidestined aren't hunting your partner. There's been other disturbances as of late as well we want them looking into. Three Digimon have been maliciously deleted but only two have been corrupted by the Hazard since you got here. Compared to what happened to the Southern Quadrant this is a walk in the park."

The boy let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Gennai."

"Don't thank me yet, it's not all good news."


"The data in the different quadrants is formatted different, that's why the Hazard can't absorb any of it here, and that's why it's hasn't been growing rapidly out of control like it did before. However, it can still alter Digimon, and there's more than enough loose data out there for it to cause problems."

"You mean… like Impmon's digivolved forms."

"Precisely, but there is also the possibility that dark versions of anyone and anything Impmon has absorbed data from may reemerge. Chatsuramon, Makuramon, even Daemon. Hopefully though, most of it will simply be reborn in Primary Village or remain docile until we can collect it."

"Primary Village…" Takato's eyes widened. It was drastic, very drastic... But what if... "Wait, If Megidramon gets deleted, will he come back there too?"

"That is the last thing I wanted to mention to you. We have no way of knowing if that'll work or not. We've never tried resurrecting one quadrants Digimon in another area before, and even if we had, the Hazard and now the X-Antibodies have made your partners data even more unique. There's nothing we can test this on…"

"So… If Guilmon dies, It could be forever."

"Yes… and if Megidramon does resurface… well… We aren't going to risk losing another quadrant… I'm sorry Takato."

There was a long pause as Takato bit back the feeling of anger and bitterness that were trying to take him over against his will. "…It…it's fine." The boy barely managed to squeak out.

Actually… it really isn't.

"I understand… you have to protect this world."

And I have to protect Guilmon.

Gennai reached out and rested a hand sympathetically on the boys shoulder. He would've said something else, if anything new came to mind. But all that came to mind was just repeating the same tired old apologies.

"I think I'm going to go to my room for a while."

"Do you need help finding it?"

"No thanks, I'll be alright."

Takato turned around and stepped out the door letting Gennai's hand fall to the ground. This little visit was more than he expected. He wasn't sure what part was bothering him more, having to lie to the people that were really trying to help him, or hearing that they would go after Guilmon at the drop of a hat. He needed some time to think, to get his feelings straight about this.

That wasn't going to happen.

Spiral Twister!


Marching Fishes!

The Tamer stepped outside just in time to witness two attacks, apparently from Biyomon and Impmon explode in the center of the room. Both Digimon were blown back, but when the latter tried to get up, hundreds of fish began pouring out every nook and cranny in the building and dog piled on Impmon, effectively pinning him to the ground. A bunch of the cloaked individuals had gathered around as well in case their assistance was needed.

Takato stared at his partner blanket while Impmon tried to fight his way free. "…Do I even wanna know?"

The Virus grunted. "What am I psychic? I don't know what you want. These two goons just stepped out of nowhere and began attack-"


Biyomon silenced that Virus with one strong wing. "Shame on you. You were chasing poor Tentomon around with fireballs."

"Only the little ones!" The Virus protested, just before he notice the aquatic Digimon chuckling to himself. "Whaddaya think you're laughing at, ya overgrown sea slug?"

"Heh heh. You mad Biyomon mad"

"Impmon…" Takato sighed, ever so slightly cracking a smile. "…I told you, you should've listened. Be nice."

"Yeah yeah, how 'bout a little help?" Impmon reached out his hand.

"But if I did that, you'd never learn."

"Impmon? Learn something…? You sure that's possible." Gomamon snickered again.

"Serves you right." Tentomon added, flying off to the side as Impmon chucked another miniature fireball at him. Honestly, that Virus couldn't seem to control his temper if his life depended on it.

Takato reached forward and began to pull the Digimon out of the pile. Hopefully Rika would be done soon and they could sneak out… Takato blushed a little realizing how that sounded in his mind… like two kids trying to skulk past their parents.

Takato was just starting to cheer up a little when the room started flashing a red hue. Buzzers and error messages began popping up everywhere. One of the main screen switched too a map and began zooming in on a specific area, unfortunately, the maps weren't like anything the brunette had seen on the series, he had no way of knowing where or what it was locking onto too.

"What's going on?"

Impmon grumbled something rude and tried to act disinterested while still stealing glances out of the corner of his eye. A bunch of the hoods were conglomerating around the screen speaking to each other, some shacking their others, other making large hand gestures. Gennai came running outside to join them.

"Gennai! What's happening?"

The older man narrowed his eyes. Why now of all times did they finally detect it. "Takato, take Impmon and go to your room. We'll deal with things here."

"Deal with what?!?"

Impmon tugged on the boy's hand prompting him to look down at the Digimon. However there was a slight red glow in the way, the Hazard symbol was active once more. That's what had everyone in a panic. Fortunately the red alarm lights were making it difficult to notice. At least the other three Rookies hadn't reacted to it yet.

"It looks like a lot of data, will we be alright if we try to deal with it ourselves?" One man asked.

"Why risk it. We should let Izzy know and have him send one of the Digidestined to get rid of it." Another responded.

"Just one?"

"Now now, let's not be drastic." Gennai interrupted, trying to keep everyone calm.

"Guilmon…" Takato murmured to himself, remembering the briefing he just went through.

'…If Megidramon does resurface… well… We aren't going to risk losing another quadrant…'

So I have to lose a partner instead? I only have one, I only want one!

' …It…it's fine.'

There isn't anything about this that's fine!

'I understand… you have to protect this world.'

And I have to protect Guilmon.

I'd do anything for him… Because it's my fault he's like that.

You guys won't help him…

You can't…

You… You don't even want too!

Takato felt his blood rushing through his body. It had been a while since he felt like this, and it was taking everything he had to keep himself in control but it was a losing battle. He couldn't stand by while this was happening in front of him, but he couldn't seem to figure out what to do either, like his whole mind was stuck in a haze, like he couldn't calm down no matter how hard he tried. He felt one of the cloaked gentlemen take his hand and try to turn him around, to lead him away.

Away from Guilmon…

That wasn't going to happen.

Before anyone knew what happened the map screen exploded into a hundred tiny fragments of glass and wiring as a chair tore through the middle of it. The men that had been operating or observing it leapt out of the way and turned to the source of the projectile, there eyes slowly coming to rest on the Gogglehead himself, looking just as confused as they were. It was almost as if he couldn't believe he just did that either.

Aww who am I kidding. He really couldn't believe he just did that! Especially in front of everyone. It was like his hands moved on their own before his brain could tell them to stop. But he did it anyway, and it was too late to take it back now.

"Takato… what are you-"

"I won't let you guys hurt Guilmon!"

Gomamon and Biyomon traded glances, both trying to decipher what the other was thinking. Were they suppose to attack now or try and reason with him. Takato was a friend, but suddenly he was behaving very erratically. And what in blazes was a Guilmon for pete's sake. Meanwhile Tentomon was more focused on the boys hand. He wasn't sure his insect eyes were telling him the truth, but he could swear the child hands hand was glowing… Yes, it was definitely flashing brightly now.

On the other side of the boy, Gennai lowered his head. He couldn't believe this either. But the look in Takato's eyes told him he wasn't going to give in easily. And yet, he had to try to talk to him, to keep things from getting worse.

"Takato, please think this through. I know the circumstances are less than ideal but we are your best chance at getting Guilmon back. You can't return him to normal on your own."

"Uhh, hello! What's-a matter with youse guys, ya blind? He's got me in case ya didn't notice." Impmon hollared

Gomamon cupped his mouth towards Biyomon. "I almost think he'd be better off on his own."

"I heard that."

"Good for you!"

"I've… made my decision. I don't believe you can do anything to help Guilmon… but I think I can. So I'm leaving. Please don't try to stop me." The boy murmured, still not sure if he had made a good choice, or just screwed everything up again.

"If you get near Megidramon he could wake up again. This could have the exact opposite effect you want it too, child!"

"Better than waiting… I think." The boy forced a half-smile, but it was obvious that comment dug into him a little.

Takato's eyes shifted towards the door. There was nothing more really to say to the Digidestined or Gennai. But he didn't get the feeling they wouldn't let him leave so easily. Quickly the boy darting for the exit, grabbing Impmon's gloved hand as his did so.

Spiral Twister!

A spiral of green energy hit the ground directly in front of the Tamer, and Virus, coiling around a bit and blocking off the only exit long enough for Biyomon to fly around and cover it with her body. Tentomon joined her while Gomamon stood ready behind the duo.

"You better move if you don't want to get hurt, kapeesh?"

"You don't scare us!" Biyomon taunted.

Impmon narrowed his eyes. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn ya!"

Summon Fireball!

Spiral Twister!

Super Shocker!

The attacks collided, canceling each other out. Impmon's attack was slow and strong, but against two Rookies of Digidestined Caliber, he was in trouble. And he still had Gomamon to worry about too.

"Careful Impmon. Gomamon's Marching Fishes attack can come from anywhere, not necessarily where he is."

"And Biyomon and Tentomon have the flying advantage…" The Virus brumbled. "Well I was looking for an excuse to break this in, now's a good time as ever."

"Huh?" Takato glanced over to his partner just into to see his body start to glow and increase in size.

Impmon Digivolve tooo… Boogeymon!

Soon the Rookie would be replaced by a large red demon of the gross variety. Black tattoos adorning ever part of his otherwise red saggy flesh. Two small batwings sprung up from his back with purple skin webbing them together. Finally the last touch, a short, but pointed, black, demonized pitchfork.

"Boogeymon…" Tentomon repeated "You're that Digimon that cause all that fuss a couple days ago and almost hurt Kari."

"You kidding me? I'm way better than that husk of a mon! I got personality baby."

Death Clash!

The Virus began to hover using his wings and lunged at the Rookies viciously swiping at them with his weapon to clear the way ahead. He was a little slow on the draw though, giving them just that little bit of extra time to move or be sorry. Takato followed in closely behind and took off down the hall as soon as he saw an opening.

The gogglehead glanced back after a few moments when he noticed the Champion hadn't caught up with him yet. "Awww man. Hurry up Boogeymon."

"Hang on, you think they can still find Pineapple head with what's left of this junk."

"I don't know."

"…Let's make sure they can't."

Ruby Eye!

"Impmo- I mean, Boogeymon!" The boy sighed. It was too late. Boogeymon was going ape-wild with his new attack. "…That's too much."

"Nothing we can do about it now." Said a calm feminine voice. The gogglehead turned back in front of him to see Rika and Renamon, standing there calmly as if they had materialized out of the air itself… well, at least in Renamon's case that was actually possible.


"We were just coming to get out when wouldn't you know it, the air duct we were in exploded." Rika said, narrowing her eyes a little at the boy. Uh oh, she was angry at him again and all immediate exits were either blocked, or lead to a massive brawl.

"Sorry." Takato scratched his head nervously.

"Don't be. Impmon's the one who's going to get it as soon as he gets out here."

"Takato, you're hand." Renamon motioned to the boy's side.

The Tamer glanced down forgetting about his permanent tattoo for a moment. "Oh right. I'll explain after we get out of here."

"Good, cuz I'm about done!" Boogeymon hollered, searing down the hallway. No Digimon or cloaked figures were chasing him. The Virus made sure they had their own problems to deal with.

"Man… you realize they aren't going to go easy on us after this. Are you guys alright with that?"

"You aren't the only one who will do whatever it takes to get Guilmon back." Renamon replied.

The Tamers made it out of the building, but at Takato's request it was several hours before they began heading back to Lilithmon's lair. He wanted to make sure everyone got out of the building okay. And even after everyone had evacuated, he only stirred when Impmon tugged at the child's shirt flipped his thumb out in the opposite direction. Sunrise… They wouldn't be able to stay hidden much longer. Already streams of light were cutting through the trees.

"Time to go." Impmon muttered softly. He was exhausted, and not surprisingly. Digivolving here tired you out if you weren't used to it.

Takato lifted his gaze past Impmon and onto Rika. The girl had passed out in boredom while she had been waiting… and honestly, she looked really cute when she was sleeping. "Can't we stay like this a bit longer."

"You think I don't want that?" Impmon yawned so wide his lower jaw almost feel off. "C'mon gogglebrain. Time ta get a move on. We'se got a lot to deal with now… And that big beeping dot on the monitor…"


"You know. Dat spot where da Hazard went nuts again…"


"Well, I overheard one of dem freak shows talking about it… I think I know where it is."

A/N: Alright, this chapter felt a little rushed… and sloppy in some areas. I went through it twice to kind of iron it out though so hopefully no one else will notice, at least until they read this AN.

I am glad about two things though, that I've been able to keep the good guys and Takato from looking like jerks. Impmon… not so much but he's more loveable that way. I also managed to set up the next chapter so hopefully I won't be suffering from too much writers block.

Oh and a third thing I finally took care of, There is no longer any doubt about Impmon's innocence. I was hoping to keep the Digidestined out of the loop with Megidramon for a little while longer, but I figure as long as I keep it under control it might be alright for now.

I am still worried because the DD need a plausible way to combat the Hazard. But on the other hand it might be interesting if they are forced to focus their effort on the Tamers alone. Well, I'll work it out eventually. Ciao.