Man fears all that it does not understand, all that it does not control, all that it does not overpower...but what one man fears another uses for his advantage...Naruto a small 6 year old boy is mistreated and punish for something he does not have a fault in...yet after so much pain he finally decides to leaves...finding others which were misunderstood and punish for being themselves...for having strength no other can match...for being something others will never be...and when the time comes...will he seek revenge or will hand mercy upon those who hurt his heart and body so many times before...

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-Fear The Exiled- by ToniMan

Chapter 1 "Exiled by Hate"

"Get out of here Orphan!, orphan! orphan!" "Get away from the children!" A man and a group of children chant at a blond boy who leaves the play ground in tears...

We does every one hate me?...why doesn't any one like me...?what did I ever did to them...?. He thought to himself as he ran down the streets of Konoha turning into an alley and falling to the ground his eyes filled with his tears of pure sorrow.

He slowing tries to stand up but only sits resting his back against one of the alley walls and hugs his knees. Still continuing to mope, feeling the children's painful words as they tears his spirit and heart...he who only approaches them out of friendship receives words of hate and loading...being hated with out a a felling that will consume you well as loneliness and self pity...

Why...Why...kami-sama...why?...why do they hate me...what have I ever done to them...please...tell me what I did to I can I can say that I'm they'll stop saying those mean words...and I won't be alone any more... He thinks as his teary eyes look up and watch the night sky and sees the light from a lonely star start to shine above him.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might have...the single wish I wish this night...." He whispers in a low voice not taking his eyes off the lonely star

"I wish...I can have a friend...a single friend...only I wont be lonely anymore...okay...please... just one single friend..." He whispers wiping his tears with his forearm at that moment another start shines next to it making the boy slightly smiled from such an omen...but his thought were interrupted by the grumbling in his stomach.

I'm hungry...but no one will sell me any food...besides I already spend all the money that arrives at my house every week... He though sighting from his problems...but a sweet aroma arrives at his nose captivating him and forcing him to search for the source of such a delightful smell.

He slowly walks and finally find the place, it was a stand a ramen stand to be precise, he shyly approached the stand and sits at on of the many stools in front of the counter.

"What's your order"The man at the stand said not facing the no response the man turns but his cheery attitude turns to a frown and a cold glare.

"Sorry kid...were close...leave please..." He said at the boy crossing his arms and staring him down.

"But...I'm very hungry..." "Do you even have money brat?" He answered leaving Naruto quiet...yet he still wouldn't movehoping for compassion from the old man.

"No...I don't but I'll pay you tomorrow" He answered hoping that would be enough to sway the old man into giving him some food, yet he honestly intended to pay the old man..

"Yeah I haven't heard that before...leave kid...before I throw you out" He said to the boy, who only dropped his head and started to walk away from the stand, stomach growling and spirit hurt.

"Miso ramen for me and my friend here..." A voice said as a hand was place onNaruto's shoulder stopping him and making him look up at the person.

"Yes Hokage-sama...right away" The old man said quickly preparing it.

"Oi Naruto why so blue?" He asked leaning down and wiping a few tears from his eyes.

"No...reason I just didn't have enough money to buy some food..." "That's all...?" He asked concerned for he knew the boy only shed tears when he was hurt emotionally.

"Yeah that's all..." "Here eat the ramen..." The hokage said as the old man put the food in front of them.

"Thanks..." Naruto said as he flashed a small foxy grin at the Hokage and started to eat.

As they eat a small conversation sprung up between each other mostly about Naruto's living conditions.

" ran out of you need a lot more...?" He asked a bit curios, Naruto simple gulp down the ramen he was eating and simply answered.

"Not a lot...but even if I did who could I ask...I don't even know who sends it". He answered a bit curios about the origin of the money

"And your house is it big enough?" He asked getting a nod as answered.

As theytalked Naruto keep eating more and more ramen just getting a smile from the Hokage, but a shinobi arrived and interrupted there meals.

"Hokage-sama...I have finished updating the scroll of seals...I left it at your desk so you can look it up" The shinobi said getting and approved nod from Sarutobi.

"If that's all I'll take my leave..." "Wait I have one more thing for you to do..." He said stopping the shinobi..

"What's the scroll of seal?" Naruto asked interrupting the Hokage's thoughts and words who simply smiles at his question.

"It's a scroll were all the forbidden jutsus of this village are kept" He said keeping it simple for him to understand.

"All the powerful jutsus are there!" Naruto exclaimed getting a smile of the old ninjas face.

"Not only the strongest...some that are either from other villages and those that harm the user as well as the opponent" He said the old man. "Well Naruto I have to leave, keep eating I'll pay all you eat today" He said as he signal the old cook to get close.

"I don't want you to deny Naruto ramen ever you understand" He whispered to the man who turned pale for a threat from a hokage wasn't something that can be ignored.

"Bye Naruto...I'll se you again" He said as he left accompanied by the other Shinobi...on there way Sarutobi said a few words to the man. "I want you to increase the money you send Naruto by 50 it" "Hai Hokage-sama" He answered as they walked away.

Naruto was left happily eating bowl after bowl of ramen of which he quickly become addicted to.

Time flew by rapidly it was closing time already and this time Naruto left with his stomach fill and his spirit high...toward his house he didn't care how late it was or that darkness covered the entire village.

Man that was good....I think I'll eat there every day...that way I won't have to cook...I wonder if the make some instant version of it or something like that... He pondered as he walked down the streets toward his home...but from a dark alley a drunk appeared getting close to him, he tried to avoid him but to no avail the man stood I front of him and grabbed him from his collard startling Naruto.

" did you took my family...? why did you killed them all...? why!...why didn't you killed me instead...they were so monster..." He yelled at Naruto with tears in his eyes truly scaring Naruto with his words an actions.

"Why did you have to kill them all!..." He said as he finally showed a small dagger and stab Naruto with it. "Die...please die...bleed to for what you have done to me and this village" He said in a weeping voice as he let Naruto go who fell to the ground.

"Please...please..." He mumble as the man walked away leaving Naruto face in the dirt, the dirt below him crimson red from his blood, he laid there shocked with the old man words.

I killed his family...NO!...I have never killed any one...I haven't done any of those...thing...its not fair, its not fair!....they can't hate me for something I have never done... He thought trying to stand up, placing a hand were the wound was...but found nothing, his wound had already healed leaving him a bit confuse but didn't care much as long as he was fine.

I didn't do any of those things... SNIFF. He cursed as his tears fell to the ground below him mixing with his blood as he slamed his fist against a nearby wall and started to walk again toward his he walked by people saw his bloody shirt but didn't care they simply whispered words, some of which he was able to make out. "He's hurt...! it can be hurt...?" "I wonder who was brave enough to try to kill it...?" "I don't know but I bet he killed the poor man" Were some of the phrases he heard.

All of these words were tearing him up inside so many whished his death for no reason he could think of, only those words that echoed in his mind...the mans words, it appeared that ever one thought the same way about him...yet he didn't know why the were thinking that way...but he didn't care anymore...if he saw any of them walking down the street bloody...he would have help them but they didn't help him, they just started and whispered behind his back.

If there going to hate me...I'll give them a true reason for them to hate me...they'll see, if they want to hate me so much...I will make them... He thought as he turned around making a dash toward the Hokages office just leaving a few people staring as he ran away.

- - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- -- - - - - - - -- --- - - -- - - - - - - - - -

A lone guard stood in front of the Hokages office, he was obviously tired for he yawned every minute or so...and that is when the hated blond boy would make his move and sneak into the office thru a opened window a floor above him.

"Got in hehe that was easy...let's see the man said he left the scroll of the sealing in the old mans office...last time I came his office I should have pad attention" He said to himself in a low voice while he opened door after door trying to find the office.

"Oh man...I already opened all...except for the one with the really big door..." He then slams his palm on his fore head. "Baka..." He said to himself as he opened the door and inside a huge scroll rested over a desk.

Yeah finally that must be the scroll with all the powerful techniques....He thought to him self as he walked slowly toward the scroll making sure there weren't any traps place along the way...because it was the Hokage's office after all.

He took the scroll and couldn't resist the temptation and opened it...but as he opened it a flashed came from the scroll it had a jutsu place over it alerting the few guard surrounding the office.

"Damn...I have to get out of here" He said as he took a quick leap but was stopped... the scroll was being held y many steel was tighter than it appeared.

What can I do...want can I do...he desperately thought has he opened the scroll as much as he could and ripping a piece of it quickly folding the piece he took and placing it in his pocket before he opened a window and jumped out but has he jumped, the door opened and was spotted by a guard.

- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

"HOKAGE-SAMA!, HOKAGE-SAMA!" A man yelled as he slammed his fist on the Hokage's front door.

"What...happened...why do you called at such hour..." He replied half a sleep.

"Naruto...Naruto..." "What happened to Naruto...was he attacked again...?" He answered getting a no from the man.

"No...No...Hokage-sama...Naruto....broke into your office and stole part of the scroll of sealing..." He said at the Hokage getting a shock expression.

"That can't be..." "Yes...he was spotted by one of the guards" "Go to his house quickly" "He's not there...we already checked, we believe he ran away from the village..." He exclaimed making the Hokages jaw drop.

"Go after him...but don't kill him...just bring him back" He said in a tone that showed his sadness.

"Hai..." He said back as he disappeared from sight.

- - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- -

Thru the woods a lonely figure ran thru it not turning back for fear he might see a pursuer behind him.

What did I do...I shouldn't have done that...I was mad...but...they deserved it...they'll be mad at me for stealing this...but at least they'll acknowledge me as the one who stole the scroll...or part of it any way...this is better that being hated for no reason...He said to himself as he heard the sound of leaves ruffling not so far behind him, he instinctually knew who or what that could be.

Three masked man appeared in front of him causing him to fall on his butt from the sudden shocked they cause him.

"Uzimaki Naruto...we are here to take you back to the village" One wearing an ape masked stated but one wearing a cat mask behind hi tapped his shoulder getting his attention.

"I have a better idea lets kill him an report we never found him..." He said in an evil tone to the other one who simply looked at the last one wearing a bird mask who simply nodded at the idea...witched cause a expression of shock and fear from Naruto who was amazed how his death was plan so coldly in front of him.

With that all three approached him, who took a step back but at the small sign of intent of escaping the one wearing the cat masked dash at him burying his knee in Naruto's stomach causing him to fly back and crashed at the tree behind him coughing up blood.

"Well monster...I guess it's time for you too die...finally every one who died that day will be avenged..." The one wearing the cat masked said to Naruto as he lifted him by the collar and released a left punch to his face but still not letting go of him.

"I' monster...I'm" He weakly said while struggling to breath.

"Ha...that's what you think...but you are...and what's in here proves it..."He said as he punched again Naruto in the stomach.

The one wearing the bird asked stood behind the one attacking Naruto and took of his mask showing a man not older than 25 years badly scared with one of his eyes blinded with a huge scar passing over it.

"See what you did to him...he fought you six years ago and you did that to him...he cannot even speak anymore...since that day..." He said again at Naruto who was still as confuse as ever.

"Baka...he probably doesn't even have an idea of what were talking...remember it was forbidden to speak of it or to him about it.." The one wearing the ape masked shouted at them.

"You're right...fine I'll tell him he'll die any way..." He pauses at stares straight into Naruto's eyes seeing his fear and confusion in them.

"Six years ago...a demon fox attacked Konoha...this fox killed many shinobis, destroyed Konoha and lives as well...but the fourth was able at the cost of his seal the monster inside a baby...and that baby was..." He said causing Naruto to shake his head violently denied the realization that had hit him...the reason he was hated, mistreated ignored and had suffer so many times was being reveled but he wished it wasn't truth.

"YOU...the demon fox is you...the boy that has the demon fox sealed inside him is you..."He stated as he let Naruto fall to the ground and being surrounded by all three.

There Naruto laid holding his head between his legs trying to forget those words that were told by the masked man.

"It's time to kill him...we can't let him live after all we said to him" The one wearing the ape mask stated.

"I'll kill him" The one wearing the cat mask said getting out his katana and preparing to give him a mortal blow, but was interrupted by a sound coming from the bushes.

"What was that" The one wearing the cat mask said. "I don't know...check it out" the one wearing the ape mask ordered.

"Fine" The cat complained and headed in that direction while the others stayed guarding Naruto who was in his own world shocked for all that was revealed in this last few minutes.

THUMP...Was heard as the others turned to see there teammate fall to the ground with an slash across his neck blooding the ground were he had fell.

"What!" The ape yelled as he ran toward his fallen comrade but suddenly behind him a tall man appeared, but he did not sense him the only ones who saw him was Naruto who had hear the sound of the first hitting the ground and was entrance by the new mans quick movement and the other masked man who was trying to warn his friend but was unable to speak...he only saw as the man place his arm around his friends neck an in a quick movement broke it, letting him fall on his knees then on his fallen friend.

Such a sight made fear course over the last ANBU, he didn't care any more about Naruto he only cared about surviving such a moment.

He turned and took only a step trying to run away when a large sword hit his back sending him against a tree, the sword deep in his back, the man only saw the tree were he slammed as his body was cut in two landing not to far from a terrified Naruto.

The man only walked past Naruto and grabbed his sword that hit the tree and a leaf head protector from one the dead nin and finally stood in front of Naruto.

Naruto couldn't take his eyes of the tall man who was wearing a head band with his village symbol slashed.

The man showed Naruto the headband from the dead nin and put a slash on it

"A brat like you will die not being wanted in this village" The man stated at him.

Naruto simply stayed quiet looking at the mans eyes not taking his sigh away from him.

"Do you desire to be wanted by some one" He said getting a slow nod from Naruto.

"Will you give your all for me?" He said extending his arm at Naruto who was still on the ground, who which on the words of being wanted took his arm and was helped to stand up.

"Your abilities are mine!" He stated getting and odd look from Naruto.

"But...I have no abilities I just..." He stopped not being able to say the words those man told him a while ago he only turned and looked at them, at that sigh the man knew what he was trying to say.

"Yes...I know and that's why I saved you..." He said handing him the head band to Naruto who was daze, one who wanted him for something others despise him.

He doesn't hate me like the others...he actually wants me for who I wish came true He thought as he took the head band and place it on his fore head.

"Let's go some one is waiting for us...kid" He said as he started to walk deeper into the forest follow by Naruto behind.

"Wait...I'm Uzumaki Naruto...what's your name?!" He asked the man stopped and grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and walked side by side.

"Naruto...we must hurry some one is waiting for us" He said increasing the pace.

"And I'm Momochi Zabuza..."

End chapter

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