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Fear The Exiled by ToniMan

Chapter 8: Withered Leafs

"Yay! We finally get a better mission!" Yelled a pink hair girl as she stretched her arms up as if trying to reach the clouds above her, as she yelled she was glared at by her team mates, a stoic raven hair boy and a pony tailed one. Their leader is who was a tall silver hair jounin ignored her and continued to lead them toward their mission location.

"Why do you have to be so loud Sakura, and why is the village so far away Kakashi-sensei and why couldn't we just used something to travel instead of just walking there" The pony tail commented as he forced himself to keep up with every ones passé.

Sakura turned and faced Shikamaru "Shikamaru! Why do you have to be so lazy, be grateful we where able o get this mission" She commented as a vein appeared on her wide fore head.

"Where almost there Shikamaru, just enjoy the trip and the sites, it's a beautiful sunny day" Said Kakashi to Shikamaru, smiling under his mask.

"Yeah! Shikamaru. Why can't you be more like Sasuke?" Sakura said, turning and looking at Sasuke, who simple mumbled something under his breath and continued walking.

"These kids are super annoying" Tazuna the employer of the group followed closely behind them, the old mans response came after seeing the groups interaction with each other, it still amazed him that these kids where ninjas.

The mismatched group continued its march toward the water country, passing calmly through the fire country's forest, the trip was calm despite the pity fights that ended quickly, for Shikamaru really didn't put up fight when Sakura started to ramble about the mission or Sasuke, but his low tone comments always managed to be heard by the pink hair girl and she wasn't the type to stay quiet. "What?" Kakashi yelled as out of no where two dark cloaked figures appeared, surrounding Kakashi with a chain and in an instant shredding the jouning to pieces.

The genins where paralyzed by the scene of their sensei killed. "Kakashi-sensei" Was all Sakura could mumble as the two cloaked figures set their eyes on her and dashed toward her. "HA!" Sakura yelled as she barely manages to draw her kunai and take a defensive position. "Nani?" Sakura heard as she opened her eyes, and saw the two nins with their hands extended just a few inches from her. "Kagemane success" Sakura heard as she turned toward Shikamaru who had formed a seal and managed to trap the nins with his jutsu. Shikamaru has a calm smiled on his face, but his smile was short live as out of no where Sasuke appeared delivering kicks to both of the nins sending them to the ground.

"Sasuke! I had them trap in my kagemane no jutsu" Shikamaru repied as he witness the nins quickly getting up and charging him this time, Damn it He thought as he started forming hand seals again. I'm not going to make it. He cursed as the nings threw their chains toward the shadow user. "HA!" Shikamaru wined as he closed his eyes awaiting the blow.

"Arg" Hear Shikamaru as he opened his eyes to witness both of the nins on their knees, forced there by Kakashi, Shikamaru quickly turned to where he though Kakashi remnants where and only saw a cut up piece of wood, Shikamaru smiled as he was wondering when the jounin would make his appearance.

After knocking the two opponents out Kakashi tied them to a tree, his disciples quickly asked how he managed to escape their silent attack, the jounin quickly explained that a few miles back the passed a water puddle, one that didn't had a reason to be there, for it hadn't rained in days and small puddle that to many was irrelevant was very suspicious in those conditions. Sakura was astounded by Kakshi's keen observations and alertness, Shikamaru and Sasuke simply had their hands in their pockets and quietly listened to their sensei.

"Why didn't you just kill them? Instead of letting them attack us?" Shikamaru asked looking at his sensei, Kakashi simply smiled under his masked and turned toward Tazuna.

"I could have killed them in an instant, nut I need to know who was their target, f it was one of us, or perhaps some one else" As he said those words Tazuna began to sweat, looking away from Kakshi. "Of course that couldt be. Or could it? Tazuna-san, because you just hired us to protect you from armed robbers and gangs, not to fight enemy shinobi, a mission like that could easily be above a B-rank mission"

All the genins looked at each other, confused about the resent turn of events, yet Sasuke seemed excited for he had wanted to test his abilities outside the village, Sakura actually didn't wanted to continue with this mission, for he was startled by the nins attacks, Shikamaru as well didn't seemed too willing to go any further.

"It would be best if you dropped this old mans mission, you wouldn't stand a chance if you go with him" One of the demon brothers managed to say, This caught Sasuke's attention, he had become very power weary these last few days, for he couldn't stand taking on D-rank missions any more, he felt those small missions where stunning his growth

"It's too troublesome to keep going, as soon as we found out, the mission details where false, this mission became invalid, we should just head back" Shikamaru said, getting nods from Sakura and Kakashi, but a cold glare from Sasuke.

Sasuke walked up to one of the demon brothers and grabbed his collar, pulling him as up as the tied man could be lifted. "Are your comrades in the wave country strong" Sasuke's grip became tighter and tighter until Kakashi was forced to make him let go.

Sasuke, turned toward Kakashi and stared deeply into Kakashis visible eye. "We have to go to that country" Kakashi simply looked at Sasuke, who's eyes refledted his determination to go onward with the mission, Kakashi looked at his other genin's, Sakura semed quiet, reluctant to continue with the mission but unable to go against Sasuke's whishes, Shimaau simply sighted and mumble under his breath how troublesome, for he knew that Sasuke would let it go, if they returned to the village.

"If by protecting this old man I can become stronger, then the mission is still on" Sasuke states, not caring if this mission was out of their league, Sakura and Shikamaru simple stay quiet, but Kakashi seems still uncertain of the mission. "Very well, but I still we will have to be very careful"

After their complicated conversation Kakashi and his genins resumed their journey toward the wave country leaving the demon brothers to their own luck, The defeated ninjas simply sat there, afraid for their well being, for failure was something that would be tolerated by Zabuza, and although they knew they had been defeated by Kakashi he would cut them any slack. "Pathetic" Caught the brother's attention, they lifted their head and on top of a tree the red hair boy stood. "Gaara-kun…" They replied in unison. "I saw everything, you should have been able to at least kill the genins, but still with the element of surprise by your side you failed miserably"

The demon brothers traded gazes and where dumb folded. For if Gaara was watching the entire time, why didn't he assist them in the attack. "Gaara-kun…why didn't you help us" One of the demon brothers asked. "I was here just to monitor you, not to complete your missions, and know I have one last thing I have to do" AS he said those words Gaara lifted his hand surround the brothers with sand from his gourd, the brothers closed their eyes just waiting for Gaaras next words.

"What?" The brothers gasped as the sand cut the roped bidning them. "You better not return until you improve your skills, Zabuza wont spare you like me" Gaara coldly said to the nins who simply nodded and vanished into the trees. You better get a lot stronger, I will have no choice but to kill you next time we see each other. Know I need to get a message to Zabuza-sama and tell them about the visits his going to get. Gaara though as he extended his arms towards the sky and a large amount of sand was carried by the wind toward the wave country.

Konoha…Naruto-niisan…I wont let them hurt you…I'll protect you brother, the leaf will pay for what they did…


In a dark misty forest of the wave country, Zabuza;s lair was located, it was a perfect place for the devil of the mist and his dangerous minions. But even thou the lair belonged to the devils of the mist, another man was making a ruckus in there, a small man, a man of weak appearance, of short stature and a pair of dark glasses hiding his cowardly eyes.

"Failed! I spent a lot of money to hire all of you because I thought you where all skilled ninjas" Gatou yelled, pinting at Zabuza, blaming him for the others failure.

Zabuza ddint liked the small mans heated comment and extended his blade toward Gatou. "Stop complaining, ill use this decapitating knife and kill that guy" As he said those words Zabuza's blade was mere centimeters from Gatou's neck, making the mob moss sweat.

"Wi…will…you guys be okay, it seems the enemy hired skilled ninjas…and since the demon brothers failed the enemy will be more cautious…so it wont be so easy" "Who do you think I am?" Zabuza cuts off a scared Gatou, a serious tone in his voice, for the little man had insulted the pride and reputation of the devil of the mist.

Zazbuza threw a glare at Gatou, his eyes narrowed and his tone became colder and more serious. "I, Momochi Zabuza, was called the demon of the hidden mist village"

Damn pompous ninja, I don't know why I hired some one like you, bit this is the last time your going to threaten me, if I'm lucky you and those ninja the villager hired will killed each other and I finally can get rid of you. Gatou though as he walked out of the room, followed by his body guard, angered by Zabuza's words and actions, still cursing the ninja and wishing for his death.

After Gatou leaves the room, the mist ninja stud up, placing his blade on his back, turning and walking toward an open window, carefully looking outside, seeing as Gatou leaves the lair, finally being able to be at peace. Haku walks and stands beside Zabuza. "I will go find Naruto-kun and find out where Gaara-kun is" Haku stated, getting a disapproving shake from Zabuza. "No, its okay, I don't want Naruto to match up with them, he's been acting oddly lately, and Gaara is my ace if things get to difficult, I'll do it alone" Zabuza stated as he walked out of the room.

I'll be close by Zabuza, ill make sure nothing happens to you.


In the village, people wondering aimlessly, children beg for scraps of food, and merchants guard what little they have with their life, Thou this scene is a desperate one, a blond boy wonders the streets of this poor village, and beside him a small child wearing a blue overall and a white and blue cap walks.

"Naruto-niisan, why are you in this village?" Inari asked, looking up Naruto, who simply smiled and looked at the Inari, Inari's eye's starting shaking, anticipating his friend's words. "I'm here to make some ones wish come true Inari"

After his words Naruto Left behind Inari and continued walkin toward his base, thou he was a member of Gatou forces, no one in the village knew it, for he always where his mask while doing so, to all in the village he was just a kid that came to village one day, and starting making friends with Inari, even thou Inari's father was killed by Gatou, Naruto continued his friendship with Inari, perhaps guilt was the reason, maybe he formed a real bond with the child, that is something only Naruto knows.


On a small wooden ship, Tazuna, Kakashi and his genin team sat, being slowly taken toward the village hidden by the think mist. The ninjas all simply watched at Tazuna, who just sat there uneasy for the ninjas constant stares.

"It looks like I have to tell you the real story" Said Zabuza breaking the awkward silence that had been with them since the demon brothers had attack them. And so own Tazuna began the story of their village, how the village fell into the hands of Gatou, one of the richest men in the world, how the evil man had manipulated everything in the wave country and had taken control of the entire marine industry, and that control was by any means necessary, including the use of ninjas and killing, but not just any ninjas Tazuna explained as he managed to use renegade ninjas and heartless goons.

Tazuna continued his story, getting equal reactions from the ninjas, and creating some guilt among them, for he stated that e would be killed on arrival, leaving his daughter alone and resenting the konoha ninjas and his grandson would just be left broken in tears.

"Well…at least we will get you home" Kakashi stated, with a bit nervous, as if the old mans words had affected him, getting all the genins eyes to drop inn disappointment, for their jounin leader seemed to been manipulated by the old man.

Sakura and Shikamaru simply sighted, as they reached the coast and following Tazuna headed for his home. Kakashi was thinking on the future enemies, who will surely be much more powerful. The group passed calmly through the forest, Tha is until a sudden rustle in the bushes caused Kakashi to release a Kunai toward it, the sound of steel hitting wood was heard by them, when the group got closer for inspection, the managed to see only a rabbit that was nearly hit by a kunai.

"Kakashi-sensei! How could you?" Sakura yelled at her sensei causing him to shrug his shoulders and try to apologize, but still thinking something else of greater importance. A white rabbit? In this season…must be a rabbit that has been kept in a cage for replacement techniques…

"Ow, copy ninja Kakashi…" A man hiding in a nearby tree mumbled to himself, as he reached for his back.

Kakshi continued to scout the surrounding, trying his best not to miss any detaile. "Every one duck!" Kakashi yelled as every one started turning their head trying to find the source of the warning, A huge blade coming their was the reason, and the children all jumped to safety, still Sakura and Naruto losing a few hairs of their heads, as well as Tazuna getting a good scare. The blade passes by and slams itself into a nearby tree and on the impaled tree a figure appeared.

Every one fell silent, for the masked man expressed and aura like no other, full of aggression and danger. Even thou this was evedent to all Kakashi aprohed the man and in a calm voice asked. "You are Momochi Zabuza. Right? The exiled ninja form the mist" The genins took out their kunais and took a looked as they where ready to attack, but their leader placed a hand in front of them, stopping any possible attack. "He is different from the others, if he is going to be our opponent, ill have to use that…" Kakashi said as he lifted his head band reveling behind it the famous Sharingan, a red eye with three dots around the pupil.

"Aw copy ninja Kakashi….I'm honored I get to see the famous Sharingan" Zabuza stated, as the rest of the present people asked and explained to each other what the sharing was, ignoring the threat that Zabuza was in front of the.

"Enough chit chat" Zabuza calmly said as he jumped onto a nearby lake and started to infuse the eanrby water with large amount of water. "Every one protects Tazuna-san" Kakshi stated as he didn't take his eyes of Zabuza, who had formed a seal. "Kirigakure no jutsu" Zabuza said calmly as a large amount of mist suddenly appeared, making him disappeared and making him live up to his reputation as a master of silent killing.

Kakashi and the genins traded words, trying to keep each other calm, and getting as much information on Zabuza out, the genins surrounded Tazuna in a tight circle, but the mist had became so thick they had lost visibility of Kakashi. This is too troublesome…why did things ended up like this…Shikamaru thought as he held his kunai firmly, Sakura was thinking about the same thing, but Sasuke was excited as he wanted to test his strength against a strong opponent.

"Eight ways…the larynx, spine, collarbone, jugular vein, lungs, liver, kidneys and heart…so in which vital organ do you want to be struck at?" Was heard from some where in the mist by the all the genins, causing them to become more uneasy.

Kakshi quickly formed the tiger seal, releasing chakra dispelling the mist around him and the genins, his chakra was so powerful, its killing intent was sense by Sasuke who became paralyzed by it. After sensing Sasuke uneasiness, Kakashi turns facing him; he closed his eyes and formed a smile under his mask. "Don't worry, I wont let my comrades die"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that…kakashi…" Interrupted Kakashi's words as out of no where Zabuza appeared, placing him self behind all the genings catching them off guard.

"This is the end…" Zabuza stated as he swung his decapitating blade.