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"Well, I'll be damned! Hey, Mel. Look at this." Bobby Ray called from the front of the Carmichael residence.

Melanie Smooter-Perry raced to the front porch with her youngest son on her hip, Michael. "What is it Bobby Ray?"

"We've got us some new neighbors." He pointed across the street, and showed Melanie a moving van.

"Oh, my God." Melanie placed her seven year old son on the ground, and gasped. "They're from the North."

Melanie walked back in the house, and called her mother. "Momma, can you make some jam? We got some new neighbors." She said into the receiver.

"Of course. I'll drop it off in a couple of hours." Her mother replied happily.

"Thanks, Momma." Melanie hung up the phone.

Her family had bought the Carmichael plantation after Mr. Carmichael had passed away. They could, after all, afford it, not to mention, they needed the space with three children.


"Em and El share a room." Jill Massey said to her children.

Emily and Eleanor Massey climbed the stairs in the huge old house, and chose the largest room they could find. "It's not fair." Emmy whined. "Why do we always get stuck sharing a room?"

"We're twins, Em." Ellie replied flatly.

"You think, really?" Emily began to unpack her boxes, as she spoke sarcastically.

After a few hours, their room was beginning to look homey. "I'm going to go sit in the sun." Emily stood up, and walked outside.

She was sitting on the steps to her house, and watching her neighbors across the street. There was a tall brunet man talking with a dirty blond man. Both of them were wearing plaid shirts and jeans. Em looked at her father in his suit and tie, and laughed to herself. We are not going to fit in here. She thought.

She stared back across the street in time to see the dirty blond man take off after a dirty blond younger man, and a platinum blonde woman run out of the house screaming. "Don't do that, Jake. Put Justin down. Jake, I mean it."

We are SO not going to fit in here... EVER! Her mind screamed at her. She saw the people from across the street walking towards her, and she ran inside to get her mother and father.

The three walked outside and met their neighbors. "Emily, get Eleanor, Jaisen ,and Aerin." Her mother said softly.

Emily walked in the house, and yelled, "Guys, our neighbors are here, and mom wants you to meet them.", and walked back out.

"I could have done that." Eric Massey said.

"My name is Jake, and this is my wife, Melanie. These are our kids, Hannah who's 20, Justin. He's 18, and Mikey. He's 7." The dirty blond man introduced.

"I'm Eric." Mr. Massey replied. "This is my wife, Jill, and our four kids, Aerin. She is 20 as well. Jaisen, our only boy, is 16, and our twins, Eleanor and Emily. They're 18 also."

"My momma made y'all some jam. It's the best in three counties." Melanie placed a jar in Jill's hands.

"Well, thank you." Jill replied.

"Would you guys like to join us for dinner?" Jake asked.

"Sure." Eric replied.

"Okay come over around 5:30." Melanie said eagerly.

"We'll be there." The Massey's all headed back into their new home, and Jill looked at her watch. "It's 5:00. Get ready troops."

Aerin raced to the bathroom to put on makeup while Jaisen went to his room to change his clothes.

"Nice clothes, guys. We want to make an impression on these people." Eric yelled up the stairs to his children.

Aerin came down in a white button up shirt, a black cardigan, and black Capri pants. Jaisen wore a pair of khaki pants, and a blue button up shirt. Ellie wore a long patchwork skirt of different shades of purple, and a white tank top. Emmy wore the same thing, only her skirt was shades of pink.

The family headed over, and rang the door bell.

"Hi. I'm Mikey. Can I take you to the living room." The little boy said.

"Of course, Mikey." Jill said.

The family walked into the living room, and realized that their neighbors wanted to make an impression on them as well. Jake was in a suit, and Melanie was in a black dress. Hannah wore a light blue tank top, and a white knee length skirt. Mikey was in a suit. The odd man out was Justin. He was in a pair of black dress pants and a black button up silk shirt.

Well, dinner won't be ready for about a half an hour, so let's talk." Melanie said.

"Jake, what is it that you do for a living?" Eric asked.

"I am a glass blower. I made everything glass in here." He replied.

"Really?" Eric checked.

"You know it." Jake assured him. "And what about you?"

"I am a lawyer." Eric told him.

"Well, we aint never had one of them things in Pigeon Creek." Jake announced. "And you?" he said to Jill. "What do you do?"

"I'm a doctor of psychology." Jill said sounding prestigious.

"I'm a fashion designer." Melanie said. "My daughter, Hannah, is one of my runway models.

"Aerin's a nursery school teacher." Jill replied.

"Well, hot dog!" Hannah said. "I could never work with children. It's hard enough living with Mikey."

Emily and Eleanor were in there own little corner, talking to each other.

"I can't believe this." Ellie complained.

"I know they are like... I don't even know." Emmy agreed.

"It's not right to share secrets." Justin leaned over towards them.

"It's not a secret." Emmy said sweetly.

"Yeah, okay." Justin laughed.

"Justin," Jake said loudly. "Why don't you show them two around?"

"Yes, sir." Justin said and led the girls out of the living room.