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Flame away...

"So are you nervous about starting school?" Justin asked Jaisen as he pulled a handful of grass out of the ground.

"Eh. Not really." Jaisen replied. "Just wondering about my social status."

"Well, a guy like you? You'll be fine." Justin laughed. "And if you aint, tell them you know me, and you will be."

"Cool." Jaisen and Justin slapped hands and watched Ellie and Emmy walk out of the house.

"Eleanor, I can't believe you wont go change." Em was whining.

"You go change, Emily." El spat.

It was their first day at the community college in Alabama, and they had decided to wear the same outfit.

"Because I was dressed first." Emmy shrieked.

"I don't care." Ellie sat next to Jaisen.

Emmy screammed loudly as she walked back into the house, and stomped up the stairs.

Aerin walked ouside, and asked, "What on God's Earth is going on?"

"Emmy is changing." Ellie smiled sweetly.

"Why do you do this to her every first day?" Aerin asked as she pulled her car keys out of her Lous Vuitton.

"It's fun." Ellie laughed heartilly.

Aerin left as Justin asked aloud, "Every first day?"

"Every first day of school, Em gets crazy stressed. I think it's fun to mess with her." Ellie explained.

"That's mean." Justin said through his laughter.

Emily screamed loudly form inside, and Justin offered to go check on her. After he walked inside, El and Jaisen started talking. "You think he and her are going to hook up?" Jaisen asked his sister.

"She seems oblivious to his crush." Ellie laughed.

"Yeah, I guess." Jaisen laid back on the ground.

Justin tripped on the last stair, and as he stood up he saw Em standing in the hallway in a pair of jeans and a pink tee-shirt. "Why'd you scream?" he asked her.

"Why'd you trip?" Emily giggled.

"I asked you first." Justin follewed her into her bedroom.

"This shirt is supposed to be white." Em explained. "Ellie washed it with her red socks that she is wearing today."

"Oh. I'm sorry." Justin sat at her computer.

"It's not like you did the laundry." Emmy walked into her closet, and closed the door.

An IM popped up on the computer screen.

Druggz113: hey babez. i miss u. how iz dem hix down der?

Druggz113: r u cummin home 4 da holiday dis yerre?

Druggz113: i wuz thinkin we cud go out... i mean we r still a cupple riight?

Justin's heart fell. "You got an IM." he called to the closed door.

Em walked out wearing a black tanktop, jean skirt, and black knee high socks. She leaned over Justin to reach the keyboard. "Stupid." she laughed.

When she went back into the closet to get shoes, Justin stole a look at what she wrote.

LuvrGrrl789: Boi! I havent talked to u in furevaz!

LuvrGrrl789: We can def. chyll nex time i cum home. i miss u 2.

LuvrGrrl789: hix iz a undastatement, but mah nayburs r chyll.

Justin smiled at the last line. The n he laughed as he realized their spelling was horrid. Emily walked back out, and said, "Ready." she spun in a circle. "How do I look?"

"Great." Justin smiled. He remembered that this guy was Em's boyfriend, and stopped. "Let's go."

"Just a sec." Emily sat down on the shair that Justin had stood up from, and he read over her shoulder.

Druggz113: Hayley sez yo. u meet sum1 down der?

LuvrGrrl789: Nun ya... lol. hi hay. iight. im outtie. gotz class. ttyl?

Druggz113: u no it babii. luv ya grrl.

LuvrGrrl789: luv u 2. bye hun.

"Alright. Now we can go." Em skibbed down the stairs as Justin lagged behind her. She loved him, and he loved her. No matter how it hurt Justin, he had to stop this crush.

Emily grabbed his hand, and pulled him to the car happily. "Come on, Mr. Mopey McMoperson." She giggled, and his stomch turned.