Interlude II – While You Were Out – November, 2004

Stas was still unused to civilization. Especially at night the city seemed a bit beyond his comprehension. He did know that vampires were in Buffalo, but the only ones of concern were those in Flynn's employ.

He came across a group of vampires almost by accident. A brush against the skin revealed a hand that was too cold for even the colder months of Buffalo. Stas had his shashka blade out in an instant.

The vampire and his two companions moved back almost as one. "I'm not in the mood to teach an Immortal a lesson," the Asian vampire warned.

The words were a warning bell in Stas's ear, and he made the logical conclusion. "You know what I am?"

"Of course we know," one of the females said. "We lived with an Immortal long enough to recognize a trench coat and sword."

Stas brandished his weapon. "You can tell Flynn that we won't all be his victims. If you survive." Stas attacked, but his shashka was blocked by a katana the Asian vampire had drawn from a hidden place. The presence of a sword surprised Stas enough that he was almost immediately put on the defensive. His opponent was considerably stronger and faster, and Stas quickly found himself overwhelmed. Maybe if he had not been caught off-guard by the vampire's sword? – No. Stas was constantly being put off-balance by the vampire's larger repertoire of sword techniques. He was going to lose to a vampire. When the sword cut through Stas's neck, he could not have been more surprised.

"Who is Flynn?" Tabitha asked, even as the Immortal's body fell to the ground. Since there was no Immortal nearby, the normally violent Quickening was simply soaked up by the ground.

"I don't know," Lau replied. "But he sounds like someone I want to meet."