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Chapter 1

Teá casually flipped through her Rolodex. She knew she had to come up with a killer story in order to impress her pain in the ass editor. Where to begin was a complete mystery. The last story she wrote had been rejected under the guise of, who really wants to read about a dance class? Sighing heavily, she continued to chew on the eraser of her gnawed pencil.

A newspaper on her desk featured a picture of Seto Kaiba from the Battle City archives. She glanced at it and quickly skimmed the headline.

CEO Stands Accused of Fraud

That was something interesting. Reading the article through she began to smile.

So, the great Seto Kaiba had stolen someone else's idea for a game. No comment had been made by him. Was he avoiding the press? Seto Kaiba was always the first to offer up lame press conferences. He must be trying to hide something. Possibly her association with him could come in handy now...

There was an actual chance he could go to prison, under the laws of copyright infringement. This was too good to be true! If she could get something out of him it would amount to the break she was looking for!

Grabbing the phone she quickly hit the numbers for the photography department extension. She would want some pictures to go along with her scoop. Luckily Serenity was working. She was the personwho picked up the ringing phone.

"You want to help out a friend?" Teá asked casually.

"How?" Asked a skeptical Serenity. The last time she had 'helped'Teá out, she was forced to accompany the nerd part of a double date. What a disaster that had been. It was the last time she would do something for a friend. Cringing, she recalled Weevil trying to hold her hand-yuk!Honestly, she should have had the better guy because everyone knewTeá only did it to get Yami jealous.

"I need you to come with me and take some pictures of an interview I'm going to have with a certain CEO." She absently twirled a lock of hair around her finger. She had no idea how she would land the interview, only that she would. Serenity didn't need to know the how yet, in fact,Teá smiled, she would wing it all! It would be an adventure.

"You don't mean Seto Kaiba do you?" Serenity asked with a groan. She had met him only a few times, but she knew the cold hearted CEO was annoying. He was driven and usually mean. She didn't like him at all.

"Do you know another?"Teá sighed. "Just grab a camera and let's go."

Serenity knew she would do a lot of regretting later on. Teá's insane schemes usually led to tragic consequences, only this time she had no intention of sitting near Weevil...

The two girls drove to Kaiba Corp. headquarters, but were denied entrance. WhenTeá tried to explain she was a friend of the CEO she was promptly kicked out. Kaiba had no friends--it was an obvious lie.

"What now?" Serenity lamented, she had way too much work todo at the office. This was starting to look like a wild goose chase and she wasn't amused or happy about it.

"Where else would Kaiba go?"Teá thought out loud. "Maybe we should try his mansion."

"You think it'll be less guarded there? Personally, I thinkit will be worse, especially with the press and the constant drove of duelists trying to compete against him...oh...and then there are the girls who sappily fall at his feet and beg for autographs..."

Serenity snickered whenTeá yelled 'enough'!

"Do you have any ideas?"Teá gave a giggling Serenity a scolding look.

"The arcade?" Serenity suggested hesitantly.

"Never, it would be too public and he would be hounded."

"Maybe he's going to try to leave by plane, you know, get out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat type thing."The red-headshrugged. This had been Teá's idea not her's.

"You're brilliant!"Teá squealed happily. She turned the car around in a dangerous maneuver, nearly taking out several lanes of traffic in order to make her horrendous u-turn. She stepped on the gas and sped off.

"Do you know where you're going?" Serenity shrieked at the stunt man moves she was being forced to endure. Her hands gripped at the dashboard, knuckles turning white.

"Yes, to interview Kaiba! He's leaving and thanks to you I know how!"

"But...but...the airport is the other way!" Serenity tried to steady herself as the car approached 80.

"He's not taking a plane, that would be too obvious...we're heading for the marina."

Teá cautiously parking out of the way in order not to arouse suspicion. They began surveying the boats. Serenity had a small digital camera at her disposal. She knew a large camera would have been way too conspicious for this task. They circled their way around the parking lot and scanned the boats that were tied to the docks.

Serenity asked her counter-partif she knew which boat was his. The only thing Teá knew for sure was the boat had to be huge. Seto Kaiba never did anything on a small scale. They abandoned the small docks and approached the large yachts. She thought of the blimp, and how decadent it was. This would be a pleasure ship of monstorous proportion.

Yachts were attached to much larger docks, not the floating ones for the small pleasure cruisers. Slowly, they made their way around obstacles and stayed invisible to the few people that happened to be there.Teá was glad that there was no press to be found, nor were there duelists or girls. Not too many people knew about theship. The only reason sheknew of its existence was through Mokuba. The boy had told Yugi one day how he missed taking rides on it with his big brother, but Seto was busy andMokuba (as always) understood.

Now she just had to figure out which one of the oversized toys was his. They were all quite impressive.

"Maybe the name will give it away. Knowing him it will be something like 'Blue Eyes White Boat'." Serenity suggested.

Teálaughed at the absurd name, but Serenity did have a point, that would be the way to figure out which one was his. What would Kaiba name a boat? Teá's eyes opened wide in excitement, a smile crept across her lips...she had found it!

"It's that one," She pointedly showed Serenity. "The Seahorse."

"Are you sure?" She asked skeptically. "Why would he name it that and not 'Dragon-something'?"

"Seto's name stands for 'Seahorse' which ties in with the dragon thing." She grabbed Serenity's wrist and started for the boat. "Just trust me."

Serenity rolled her eyes heavenward, those were the worst famous last words. Just what was she getting herself into?

They looked at theship while they hid behind a closed concession stand. There was no activity in front of it. A man had just walked down the gangplank and off into the parking lot somewhere. If there had been a lot of activity, she realized, suspicion would have been raised. Slowly the two girls made their way to the dock. They walked down past lots of multi-million dollarvessels as if they were just sightseeing. If they acted suspicious they would be detected immediately.

"Well, here goes nothing,"Teá whispered as she dragged a less than willing Serenity behind her and onto the ship.

They were very quiet as they made their way into a lush living room. She could hear the soft hum of the engines being warmed up. Where the heck was Kaiba, she was determined to get this stupid interview no matter what the cost.

"I think we're in the right place," Serenity whispered as she held up a picture of Mokuba.

"Just where the heck is Kaiba?"Teá scowled.

"If he isn't here we better get off before this thing starts moving. We could be in all sorts of trouble if we're caught breaking and entering." She put the picture down.

"Are you kidding? We aren't leaving until I have the story that will make my career. What about you? Don't you want the picture that will make you famous?"Teá looked around the ornate room and moved into the dining area.

"Yeah, my mug shot is sure to be famous...for breaking and entering on Seto Kaiba's yacht..." She was starting to get very nervous. "Can we just go?"

Teáfrowned at her, "If you want to go then go, but I'm staying."

Serenity argued in her own mind over whether or not she should leave, but then decided she couldn't leave her best friend to face that monster alone.

"I'll stay."

"We should pick a place to hide. Once Kaiba comes on board we can spring out at him. We'll get a few choice comments, a picture or two and then be on our way."

"You're acting as if he'll be cooperative! When has he ever been obliging?" Serenity kept her voice low but managed to get her anger across well.

"Come on,"Teá led the way to stairs that went down. They went in the second door they saw, it was a bedroom.

"How will we hear him if we close the door?" Serenity raised an eyebrow, growing less and less happy with this situation.

"We're right below the entrance, we can look out the porthole and I'm sure he'll come in screaming and firing someone."

They sat and waited to spring their trap on an unsuspecting CEO.

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