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Final Chapter:

Inuyasha and Kagome left the resturaunt, both laughing a smiling. Inuyasha lifted Kagome into his arms and spun her around as she smiled a smile that seemed to light up his whole world. They were both happy as could be. Then he put her down and kissed her lightly, but she pulled him back to her, wanting a loving kiss from him.

Once they broke away, they looked into each others' eyes, mesmorized by them. Then Kagome's eyes went wide. "Oh my God! I have to tell my mother! I need to tell Grandpa, Mama, Sango, everyone! They're all going to be so surprised!" Kagome exclaimed happily. "I'm going to go home and call them all tonight."

Inuyasha just listened to Kagome go on about her plans to tell everyone and how excited they would be, and her smile never left her face. He loved it more than anything. He was glad he was the one to make her smile so much.

They walked down the street, only a block away, talking about who they would tell the news to, when they could have the wedding, and future plans together. Kagome even went far enough to say she wanted a daughter. But it all ended when they saw a familliar face blocking their bath. He grinned evilly as he looked them over.

"Well, well, well. Look at the happy couple." It was Koga. He sarted to pace around them, his goons never taking their eyes off of Kagome and Inuyasha. "I got your present Kagome. Loved the sweater. And what was it you had tucked away in there? A restraining order?" He paused. "What type of person do you take me for?" He asked. Then he held a gun up.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Kagome asked with a glare.

"Now Kagome, you don't really mean that." Kagome said with a smile.

"What do you want Koga?" Inuyasha growled.

Koga cleared his throat. "Fine. Cut to the chase as they say." He said, then started to circle the couple again. "I gave you a choice, mutt. But decided not to listen to me. And I really don't like it when people don't listen to me. So, what do you think we should do about this?" Koga asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Well I don't know Koga." Inuyasha replied.

"Well I do." He said as he pulled the gun out and aimed it, ready to shoot.

"NO!" Kagome screamed as she pushed Inuyasha.


Everyone looked around. Inuyasha nor Koga were shot. Then Inuyasha looked beside him on the ground, seeing his worst nightmare come to life. "Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled as he fell to his knees beside her. He pulled out his cell phone. "911. I need an ambulence. I'm on Shikon Drive out side of the Material Girls Dress Shop. Hurry!" Inuyasha yelled into the phone, then hung up and looked down at Kagome. "Why? Why did you do that Kagome?"

"I-I didn't want you t-to be hurt." Kagome stuttered.

Inuyasha grabbed her hand. "Don't go on me Kagome. Please. No one has ever cared for me like you have. No one." Inuyasha cried, feeling the tears stinging his eyes. "Please..."

Kagome smiled. "J-just b-be happy, Inu-Inuyasha..." Then her eyes closed.

"Kagome? Kagome!" Inuyasha cried. "Wake-up! Please!" He shook her, but she didn't move.

The ambulence pulled up and did what they could before rushing her to the hospital. Inuyasha went with her, never letting go of her hand until she went into the emergency room.

One Year Later...

Inuyasha walked into the cemetary on Christmas Eve. He went to a grave carrying a poinsettia. He placed it in front of a tomb stone and scraped the snow off to reveal a name. 'Kagome Higurashi 1979-1997, Beloved Grandaughter, Daughter, Sister, and Fiance." A tear ran down Inuyasha's cheek as he read it. "Merry Christmas, My Christmas Love." Inuyasha said, then stood and let out a breath before he stuffed his fists in his pockets and headed home, promising to come back everyone Christmas Eve to visit her, to visit his Christmas Luv.

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