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The snow was coming down in sheets, and it was the most beautiful morning 15-year-old Mia had seen in a long time. Her love of snow and winter was her biggest connection to her mother, other than her looks. Mia mirrored her mother in looks, her hair was longer but it had the same deep brown nearly black wave to it. Blue eyes so clear everyone always said they could see right through them.

Mia, though she looked like her mother and had a deep love for snow and everything winter, was her father's daughter.

She loved the outdoors, she loved to hike and fish, she was on the track team, soccer team and baseball teams at school and Mia wouldn't dare put anything that did not do something good for her body into her mouth.

Except the occasional bit of white chocolate, she loved white chocolate.

Mia had woken at 5:30, she had showered dressed and left quietly waking to the diner that her father owned. Something she did whenever she did not have an early morning practice. Being that it was winter she did this about four times a week.

Mia arrived at the diner five minutes late and slightly surprised to see a beautiful and yet foreign woman sitting on the front steps.

"Good morning." Mia said and then had to step back when the woman looked up. The woman had the most familiar face, and yet Mia could not place it.

"Um I'm sorry, I thought, doesn't Luke Danes own this diner?" The woman asked standing up, she was dressed in a dark business suit, her hair pulled back into a very tight bun but the wear of travel had forced several strands free.

"He does, I just work here." For some reason Mia didn't want to tell the woman that Luke Danes was her father, so she unlocked the door and walked in flipping the lights and sign to open before heading behind the counter and starting some coffee.


"Please." The woman sat down at the counter and Mia went into the kitchen and began pouring muffin batter into trays then placing them in the oven. When she came back out the coffee was finished so Mia filled a large mug and placed it in front of the woman.

"Anything else, I just put the muffins in, they should be done in about twenty minutes."

"No thanks." The woman guzzled the coffee down, and Mia refilled her cup. Mia had to smile at this she was drinking the coffee as if it where a fix that she had been waiting years for, reminding her of her mother.

"What's so funny?" The woman looked up.

"Nothing," Mia made more coffee. Then bustled around doing a couple more things before pulling out a school book and settling on a stool behind the cash register to read. The woman gave her an odd look but Mia ignored it and continued her reading, glancing up every once and a while to stare at the mystery woman and to refill her mug.

She was so familiar, yet Mia could not place her. Then it hit her Rachel, dad's ex who traveled the world.

"So, where you from?" The woman hesitated. She didn't dress like a world-traveling photographer.

"All over really, Right now I call home London, England. You from Stars Hollow?"

"Born and Raised." Mia answered, she did seem to travel a lot but well she wasn't quite old enough to have dated her father. Just then the bell jingled and two teenage boys ran in.

"Quick, Me! Four blueberry muffins, fast!" Mia walked at normal pace to the fridge and took out the muffins.

"Come on Mia, we can smell the fresh ones!" one of the boys cried.

"You guys want free and fresh muffins go home and get them from you mom Davie. The ones in the diner are for customers." At the mention of Davies name, Mia noticed the woman's head snap up and stare at the boy.

The guys ran out. Mia stared at the woman.

"Was that Davie Melville?" she asked.

"Yes it was, do you know the Melville's?" The woman nodded, well she knew Sookie and Jackson, but Davie hadn't recognized her and she knew her dad too. Who was this woman?

"Who was the other boy?" The woman asked.

"Joshua William Danes." Mia rolled her eyes at the name of her younger brother, leaving out that her was her twin brother. Mia and Josh where fraternal and in daylight looked like siblings but nothing more than that.

The woman seemed even more shocked by this name than she had by Davies.

"Luke has a kid!" The woman said under her breath in disbelief.

"He has four actually."

"Four!" The woman's eyes widened like saucers and this was the last thing she said before leaving ten minutes and two more cups of coffee later.

Rory sat in her rental car for another hour or so watching the young girl working in the diner, she looked so familiar.

Then at about eight o'clock Rory saw Luke enter the diner.

He was fifteen years older and yet her looked happier, younger and more relaxed than her had in all the years she had known him. She wondered who could have made Luke so happy.

The last person to have made him happy, had been her mother, but Lorelai had ruined that right before Rory had left by involving herself in Christopher's life to many times to count.

They couldn't have gotten back together, could they?

Rory watched the exchange between Luke and the young girl it was so familiar and safe.

The young girl grabbed her books and Rory was stricken with the urge to follow her, but she stopped when she saw a group of kids, one girl and four boys entangle her amongst them.

These where her friends, Rory assumed. One of the boys she recognized as being Luke's son, Joshua. They looked like a fun group of kids and Rory found herself wondering if any of those children where her siblings.

Fifteen years she hadn't spoken to anyone from her past. She knew absolutely nothing about her mother, she could have moved away or died and Rory wouldn't know it. She silently prayed neither of those things had happened.

All she had known was that when the strip had turned blue, she had written a short but sweet note to her husband and boarded a plane to Connecticut, rented a car and driven to the small town she had once reigned over.

Rory had left Eric a letter and that was all. She had left a mother a letter as well, and that was all. Rory was terrible at leaving, though she wasn't planning on leaving her husband forever. She just had to see her mother.

Rory gathered her courage and drove to the old house that had been her home for years. She parked down the street and walked the rest of the way.

When she arrived in front of the house she was shocked at how large it looked. Someone had renovated, the house was longer on the sides and deeper in the back. The second floor also looked larger.

There was no car in the driveway and Rory could see a small wood playground in the back, a tire swing was attached to the front tree and there where three bikes scattered beside the shed.

So Lorelai did have kids. Or someone else lived there. Rory shuddered at this thought this was her home, a Gilmore home.

Rory walked up the front steps and knocked on the door, when no answer came she tried the knob, they had never bothered to lock the doors. It was open…






















At first the house looked the same. But then Rory started to notice the small things. There were more shoes on the floor, smaller ones, children's ones, beside the closet. The closet itself was also different it was more full and it was now packed with not only girls jackets but boys jackets as well. There was a sport bag with wood and metal bats sticking out on the floor opposite the carpet. A family lived in this house.

Rory walked into the living room and saw that where it had ended before, there was now a door leading to what looked like a bedroom. The place was littered with clothing and toys and sport equipment. There were pictures everywhere a life line in a way and Rory found herself oddly thrilled when she saw a photo of her and her mother when she was ten. Rory stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a picture of Lorelai and Luke in a hospital room a baby in each of their arms. One baby was wrapped in pink the other in blue blankets.



Her mother had married Luke and they had had twins.

Rory then moved on to another picture this one was of Luke, he had a toddler - a little girl on his lap and he was holding another baby in his arms. Then she remembered that the diner girl had said Luke had five children. She quickly scanned all the photos and saw that the most she could see were four kids and quickly wondered if she were the fifth, if they had told their children about her.

Rory's hand fell unconsciously to her stomach.

She moved again around the room, scanning pictures more closely. Everything was so foreign to her now, so new.

Rory walked then to the kitchen and she saw that the back wall had been moved back and now held a breakfast nook type thing. She saw the cereal bowls in the sink and noticed a loaf of bread on the counter. Her house held actual food, that had to be Luke's doing.

Rory collected herself and opened the door to her old room. The room no longer belonged to her. The walls were painted light green, there was sports equipment everywhere and books lying half-hazardly around the room. The bed was in the same place but the comforter had changed and she noticed that the headboard now held a beautifully painted name on it, Emily.

Their where pictures in this room as well. The girl from the diner was in a few and Rory thought that perhaps she was her sister. Why wouldn't she have mentioned that Luke were her father then?

The house had changed so much, had her mother changed? Rory began to panic, she shouldn't have come back here.


Lorelai pushed through the front door, groceries in her arms. Groceries, it didn't matter how many times she bought groceries she would never like the idea. Unfortunately Luke had turned her kids into children who expected regular food, as they called it, on the occasion.

"Daniel if you swing that bat one more time, you won't have it anymore." Lorelai told her youngest child.

"Mom, what should I do with these bags, Mia and Josh are gonna be home soon!" Her daughter eleven year old Brooke cried.

"Uh … put them under my bed." Lorelai called from the kitchen as she began unpacking the food. She noticed an open bag of bread on the counter and sighed picking it up and twisting it shut as she called Daniel in.

"Daniel!" The boy ran in a look of distraction on his face.

"What mom?"

"Did you have toast for breakfast?" He looked up at her and away from the living room.

"Yeah, why?'

"Because you forgot to close the bag again, you're lucky mommy found it you know how dad hates it when we waist good food. Don't forget next time kiddo."

"Mom!" Brooke came running into the room, her face drained of color.

"What's wrong?" Lorelai discarded the bread and focused on Brooke.

"There's a woman in your bed."


"I swear mom, she's just laying there. She has that picture Kirk took of all of us like 7 years ago in her arms." Now it was Lorelai's turn to go pale. It couldn't be could it, had her baby come home? Lorelai's knees gave way and she fell to the floor beside the counter, both Brooke and Daniel raced over to her side.

"Mom, mom!"

"Brooke, go get your dad, go with her Daniel." Lorelai ordered blankly.


"For once Brooke, just do what I say." Lorelai said a little to harshly and immediately felt bad for it. Both children stood and walked from the house. When Lorelai heard the door shut she pulled herself to her feet and walked slowly up the stairs. When she reached her room Lorelai slid the door open and felt her heart break at the sight of her baby lying on the bed. She had missed that girl with every fiber in her being and seeing her on the bed Lorelai was a mess of emotions. Part of her was so angry at her daughter for running away that she wished she had not come home and the other part of her felt extreme and overwhelming amounts of relief and happiness to have her back again.

The last fifteen years came flooding back to her, every birthday and holyday, every anniversary everything had been slightly tainted by the loss of Rory, by the one person she had never thought would leave her, ever.

The front door opened again and Lorelai pulled herself away to run downstairs, she stopped dead in front of Luke.

"She's back."

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