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Summary: It's almost Christmas time and a big celebration is planned…Sequel to "Of Chocolate and Babies"

Pairing: McWeir, implied Sheyla, implied Zelenka/OC
Rating: PG-13
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A/N: Okay, for the past two days I've been subjected to Christmas songs and decorations (we're decorating the office where I work early this year) and it's driving me batty. So, I decided to continue my "Of Chocolate and…" series with a bit of Christmas cheer. Enjoy!

P.S. To those Carson lovers out there…I'm leaving him open for you guys to play with ;)

Of Chocolate and Christmas Songs

Chapter One: Christmas Party?

Elizabeth, a polite and interested expression on her face as a young scientist spoke to her, was remembering her last luncheon with Rodney. Ever since the incident with the Dream Machine-as it had been dubbed-he had been distant. Oh, they still spoke about inconsequential matters and there was still that…something…between them that neither wished to admit, but whenever she tried to get him to talk about his experience, he clammed up.

Had he had the same 'dream' as she had? Had the Rodney McKay in her dream been the real one? Elizabeth fought back a sigh, and forced herself back to the present.

"…so anyway, that's my idea. What do you think? Dr. Weir?"

Elizabeth shook her head to clear it of recent thoughts and smiled apologetically at the red-head standing before her. Nicole Landers--one of the few research assistant, those without at least a doctorate, that had been allowed on the Atlantis expedition-was waiting expectantly for an answer, her blue eyes wide, as if she were worried about what it would be.

Elizabeth really didn't want to tell her she hadn't been listening, especially since Landers was notoriously shy and hesitant about speaking with anyone except the few scientists she worked with. Still, it wouldn't do to agree to something that could cause harm to the people of Atlantis, nor would it be good for the girl's morale, or fair, to simply dismiss it out of hand.

"I'm sorry, Nicole," she said, "I'm afraid my mind was wandering…"

Landers blinked and ran a hand through her short curls. "Oh. Would you like me to start over? Or do you need some time to your thoughts? I'm really sorry if I caught you at a bad time…"

"No, no!" Elizabeth protested quickly, "Please, if you wouldn't mind beginning again?"

"Okay…" the girl gave her an odd look before continuing, "I overheard Major Sheppard telling Teyla about Christmas. He was trying to explain everything about it, and as you can imagine got a lot of the facts confused. He was going to find someone who could explain the history behind it and stuff, and I thought that maybe we could do better than that."

She paused and looked at Elizabeth, who nodded. "Well, what if we put on a show. Sort of like in White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye? Only where each act shows a different historical fact about Christmas and about the other holidays associated with the time period. Then, for the last section we do several numbers with the more modern Christmas songs, like Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas'? We could invite all the Athosians, and it would be good for morale to make it into a sort of party."

Elizabeth smiled, in appreciation this time. "It sounds like a wonderful idea, Nicole. There is one thing though," she added, "how…?"

"Oh! When I was in high school my parents made me join the drama club and take theatre and stuff. I directed a musical and a one act play, so I think I can do this," Landers said, her eyes sparkling with excitement, "All we need are the people to play the parts, musicians and a place to rehearse. There's nearly two months before Earth's calendar says it's December so…"

"All right, all right," Elizabeth said, laughing, holding up her hands in supplication, "Don't forget you also need some place to actually hold this at." It was nice to see the young woman finally interacting, and maybe this would bring her out of her shell a little. Plus.."I'd like to help if I could…" she looked around to make sure no one was listening, then leaned in close and said in a stage whisper, "I'm a pretty good singer myself."

And if she were busy with that sort of thing, she'd have less time to dwell on her feelings for Rodney McKay.

"Wonderful!" Nicole gushed, a bright smile splitting her face, "Well, I'm off to plan. And finish up this report for Dr. Zelenka. Oh! I'm late!" And with that, the girl rushed off, running pell-mell down the corridor, nearly knocking a soldier down in her haste.

Elizabeth grinned and shook her head, before returning to her office to start on AT-1's last mission report. As usual, Ford's was the first one there, with Teyla's stacked neatly on top of it. John's was laying on the corner of her desk, where he had thrown it, and Rodney's was nowhere to be found.

As if on cue, said acerbic scientist walked through the door, folder in hand. His eyes widened when he saw her there, and had the grace to smile apologetically. "Sorry," he mumbled, "I just found that…"

"That you had to fill up the entire thing with notes that are entirely incomprehensible to my non-scientific eye and then realizing what you did, tried to rewrite in order that I may understand," Elizabeth finished for him, smiling.

She felt a tiny pang in her heart as he grinned back at her. "I guess this is starting to become routine, huh?"


"Well, I've got some things I need to work on in my lab," he interjected quickly, "See you at lunch? Good. And good luck." He disappeared around the doorframe, leaving her to sigh to herself.

"Maybe this is just the way it's supposed to be…"

"The way what's supposed to be?" Sheppard asked as he stepped in, Ford following close behind, "You and McKay avoiding each other like the plague when you start noticing the chemistry between you? No, I don't think it is."

Elizabeth gave him a repressive stare, but the annoying major just grinned and settled himself on the corner of her desk. "See, Dr. Weir," he began, "When two people…"

"I think that's quite enough, Major," she told him sternly, "My personal life is my business."

"Fine," he agreed quickly, "It's your business. Except when everyone but you can see that…okay okay!" he held his hands up as her glare turned rather threatening, "Anyway, Ford and I were just wondering if what his dear friend Niki told us was true. Are we going to have a Christmas party?"


"Cool!" Ford interrupted, "Oh, sorry ma'am. The major and I were just thinking that while Niki sets up the show thing, we could set up the party aspect. You know, the part for after the show, when the young Athosians are put to bed?"

Elizabeth fixed each of them with a stare. "Fine. But that means we'll have to have the date of the party at least two days before any missions off-world. I could tell you no alcohol, or at least limited amounts, but I've been to several Christmas parties in my time and know how those things go. So." She looked down at her desk and then back up, "Can I now finish my work?"

"Yes ma'am," Sheppard said cheekily, "have fun."

Elizabeth shook her head as she watched the two of them leave the office, chattering excitedly about what they were going to do. It was like having two teenagers, she decided. Much worse than two little kids.

So, what'd you guys think? Is it on par with my usual standard? Should I continue this? Should I take it down and start over without Niki?