Jerry Sringer


The teen titans

Disclaimer: I did NOT make Jerry or the teen titans but enjoy

Don't read if you like Terra or Robin (I like those characters) 


Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry: (Stands up) Hello, Today we have the Teen Titans on our show. We hear that Robin is cheating on Starfire

Starfire: (walks on stage with Robin) "Robin you (beep) we were happily dating for three (beep) months then you date that (beeping) (beep) Terra.

Robin: Don't have a (beep) cow

Starfire: I'm not pregnant. We did not do this "humping" that you talk about doing

Crowd: (laughs)

Robin: Star, it mean don't get mad

Jerry: Well Starfire he right, but you are not the only one who's mad at Robin. Meet Beastboy, Cyborg, and Raven!

Beastboy: I'm so mad at you that I don't eat tofu no more!

Cy: If you ask me it's kinda a good thing.

Beastboy: Dude!, who's side are you on!

Cy: Mine

Raven: Shut up you two, quit flirting.

Cy: I'm not gay you little (beep)

Raven: At least am not robot

Cy: Well, I'm not the one who fell in love with a book!

Raven: Why you little-

Starfire: You will bring wreakmas!

Jerry: we'll be right back!

(goes to break)

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