Going on

Robin: Hey BB, Cy want to get pizza?

Cy: Okay! (runs out the door like a madman)

Beastboy: So, It's like that(turns to a cheetah and runs)

Robin: Hey wait up(run after BB and Cy)

(Show goes to break)


Sorry about the small text it is going to a good chapter, enjoy

Crowd: Jerry!! Jerry!!! Jerry!!!!

Jerry: Well, now that Robin, Cy, and BB are back and the catfights are over! We will resolve this once and for all 'cause I have a girl that's 24 that my wife with 64 kids

Terra: (panting) You sure were busy!

Jerry: PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terra: rude much!

Jerry: what was that?

(Terra breaks Jerry's right arm)

Jerry: Wahh! Hey book lover can you help!

Raven: Oh! Yes I can! (break his legs)

Jerry: NANNY!!!!

Nanny: yes!

Jerry: Three casts please! (cries in pain) (Nanny put on the casts on Jer)

Jerry: Hey costume nerds! Help me!

Cy: (readys sonic cannon) I got the sonic if you got the boom!

(Cy and Robin does the Sonic Boom on Jerry note from Divide and conger

(kitten run into the sonic boom)

Kitten: Nobody kills Kitten, Robie-poo you're going to PAY!

Robin: When you recover from (beep) burn sent me the bill

Crowd: (laughs)

Jerry: (in full body cast) it is time for the final thought "Love make teenage heroes crazy and Beastboy needs a bladder surgery!"

Beastboy: No Oh Man! I wet my pants again!

Terra: Wanna dance?

BB: I just wet my pants!

Terra: I have the same problem!

Robin: WHAT!

Starfire: (elbows Robin's belly) "wanna" dance

Robin: Sure

Jerry: (rides in wheelchair) That a rap!

(credit starts)

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