Chapter 1

Luna felt like the happiest girl in Hogwarts, her cousin was coming. She was frolicking through the halls as people stared at her. Draco watched her dance through the halls and went up to her.

"What happened Lovegood? Finally got asked out by someone?" said Draco as Crabbe and Goyle chuckled.

"No, my cousin is coming!" said Luna cheerfully.

"Let's pray she's prettier than you, come on guys." said Draco as they walked away.

Luna suddenly looked at her watch and thought,'Oh no, I'll be late for Potions class!'

Luna hurried of to Potions class and saw there was only one seat available and the was next to Pansy Parkinson. She put her books on the desk and suddenly Pansy threw them to the ground.

'Don't scream Luna, just calm down.' thought Luna to herself.

"No way your sitting next to me and by the ways this seat is reserved for Draco so go on sit on the ground or something." said Pansy.

All of the sudden there was so much more confidence in Luna, she picked up her own books, threw Pansy's on the ground and simply said, "No."

Pansy bent over and picked up her books just as Neville came in.

"Come on Neville, I reserved a seat just for you." said Luna.

Neville and Luna sat down as Draco came in. Pansy screamed, "Tell that fat ass and loser to get off our seats Draco!"

"Get up Lovegood and Longbottom!" said Draco.

"Make us." said Luna.

"Well, well, where'd Loony get the confidence to stand up to me?" asked Draco.

"I've always had the confidence, I just held it in." said Luna standing up.

Suddenly Professor Snape came in and Pansy quickly sat in Luna's seat. "Why are you standing, you must be late. I wouldn't expect this from you. Lovegood and Malfoy detintion. Longbottom, Parkinson, get up I want Lovegood and Malfoy sitting here in the front so they don't cause more trouble." said Snape. Luna let out a long sigh as she sat down.

"What's you problem Lovegood? You should be happy your getting a chance to sit next to me." said Draco.

"Why? What's so great about you?" said Luna purposely annoying him.

"You'll find out soon." mumbled Draco.

"Did you say something?' asked Luna.

"Not to you." said Draco.

Neville sat on a seat and it broke. His face flushed with embarresment.

"Geez...they don't call you Longbottom for nothing." said Draco.

"Oh shut up Draco! Your not perfect either." said Luna helping Neville up.

"I'm so embarrassed Luna." whispered Neville.

"It's alright Neville it was probably just the seats, their too old, and by the ways I'm here so don't worry." said Luna.

"That's not true Luna you're so thin and weightless." said Neville.

"Oh no I'm not." said Luna blushing.

"Oh look the fat ass has himself a girlfriend." teased Draco.

"Well you don't have a girlfriend, do you?" said Luna.

His face was pale and didn't say a word.

"I thought so." said Luna sitting back down.

Luna and Draco didn't talk to each other all class and finally class was over. Luna got up to leave for dinner but Snape said," Remember Lovegood detention. By the time I'm back this room should be spotless, the cleaning utensils are in the cabinets and I'll see you in approximately 75 minutes." said Snape walking away.

"Luna I have to talk to you." said Draco.

"What? No Lovegood or Loony?" said Luna.

"I realize...I realize I love you." said Draco.

All of the sudden Luna started coughing loudly.

"Excuse me? "said Luna shocked.

"I really love you and I hope you love me too." said Draco.

"Is this a cruel joke or a nightmare?" said Luna.

"It's just I'm attracted to your sudden confidence and that's all I've ever wanted in a girl." said Draco.

"Doesn't Pansy have enough confidence? I already love someone else." said Luna.

"Just give me the name and I'll kill them" said Draco.

"Oh come on now I'm really going to tell you." said Luna

"It isn't Potter is it?" said Draco.

"Hell no!" said Luna disgusted.

"Oh yeah it that fat bloody bastard Longbottom isn't it?" said Draco.

"Maybe." said Luna.

"Oh come on! You'd choose him over me? You really are loony!" said Draco.

"Don't bother me. I'm going to start cleaning." said Luna.

Luna cleaned the windows ,jars ,dusted the shelves and alphabetized the books. Draco just sat there watching her. Luna almost forgot Draco was there and took off her robes revealing a knee-length skirt and short-sleeve shirt.

"Oh shit, would you stop looking at me you perv?"said Luna.

"I'm not looking at you! Who'd want to look at you." lied Draco.

"I bet Neville would." said Luna smiling.

"That fat ass is so desperate I bet he would want to look at you." said Draco.

"Stop calling him a fat ass! I'm guessing we'll have a small ranch house somewhere in England and have little chubby blonde children and will be just as naïve and clumsy as Neville." said Luna.

"Oh come on stop dreaming! I bet he can find a better girl that you." said Draco.

"Alright then, that's a bet. Then who do you think I'll be with?" asked Luna.

"No one will." said Draco.

"Whatever, I'm tired of this, I'm leaving. I'm already done cleaning." said Luna.

"That's not a good idea. I tried sneaking out and got caught. I got into a lot of trouble." said Draco.

'He just wants to spend more time with me, bloody fool!' thought Luna.

Luna ran down the hall. Draco ran after her and caught her by the arm.

"Don't touch me ever again you slimy snorlack!" said Luna.

"What?" said Draco.

"Oh come on." said Luna.

Draco was about to give Luna back her robes instead he stuffed it in his bag. Draco and Luna heard moaning in the closet.

"What the hell is that?" said Luna.

"I'm not sure but it sounds like someone getting it on." said Draco.

Draco and Luna found Pansy and Neville making out in the closet.

"What the fuck Neville I thought I could trust you! I hate ass! I loved you." said Luna running way crying.

Draco started giggling,

"Don't cry Draco I can explain!" said Pansy.

"I'm not crying I'm laughing! I never liked your bitchy ass anyway! I'm telling everyone." said Draco

Draco ran and Pansy chased him and Neville made his way sadly up to the dormitory and tripped and rolled down the stairs.

The End (for now)

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