This is my first fic so don't be mean, okay? I'm adding in an extra character named Vanessa. She's Kagome's little sister. In this fic Kagome is 15, Vanessa is 10, and Sango is 16. This is going to be a short chapter, and so on with the story!!! -

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't Inuyasha; I only wish that I did! (Bows down to Rumiko Takahashi)

Chapter one: The beginning

It was one nice quite day perfect for relaxing, or so they thought... Kagome, Vanessa and Sango had just come out of the well from the future (Sango decided to start going to school with Kagome!) Inuyasha came over and said "Well it took you long enough you wenches, you take way to much frickin time in that era!" "Sit Boy!" said Kagome in a casual tone. "Why do you keep doing that you bitch! Said Inuyasha in a very angry tone." "Because you're being rude." Said Kagome "Hey where is Miroku anyway?" Said Vanessa. "Probably asking some woman to bear his child." Said the small child fox Shippo. "You got that right." said Sango in a disgusted tone. "That pervert..." Then Miroku crept up behind Sango and started rubbing her ass. "HENTAI!!!!" Sango screamed! (Hentai means Pervert in Japanese.) With that she attacked Miroku's head with her boomerang and he was therefore knocked out.

"He never learns..." Mumbled Vanessa shaking her head. Sango then dragged the unconscious Miroku back to the hut. "Hey Vanessa, Sango, do you wanna go to the hot springs?" Kagome asked with a hopeful look. "Sure." Vanessa and Sango replied. "Hey Kaede, will you watch Miroku and make sure he doesn't leave the hut?" Asked Vanessa. "It would be my pleasure." Replied Kaede. "K, let's go! Said Vanessa happily. (I'm using K as a slang word for okay)

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