just to get you in the mood I'm going to set up the drabbles. How exciting. Bear in mind they won't be arranged in chronological order.

You don't live in their time, you didn't know them, they must've died a million years ago.The only way you could begin to know them is through these short stories, these meaningless moments in time captured by words. Life isn't always perfect, these words won't always come out perfectly, words can only be manipulated so much.

The people drove them mad, drove them into each other's arms. They were hated, envied. Dark sunglasses and tousled morning hair. Lily was ravaged by what others thought of her, her imperfections, her flaws. Remus was left alone by those at Hogwarts--ignored, shunned. No one ate at Remus the way they ate at Lily--the way they loved to see her fall on her face and crumble.

"If someone should ever write a story about my life," Lily began, "I should hope they make it clear that I'm not always perfect...I should hope they say I like apple pie and red nailpolish and Remus most of all. Most of all. I don't care what happens, I like Remus best. Make them write that."