"HARDER" she hissed

She couldn't believe she was here she had always want this he was someone she could say she loved or wanted but It would never matter it was only for one night, she gasped when he push harder and harder in to her making her bleed causing blood to surround his length it felt so right but so wrong at the same time

"What about JT and Ashley" I moaned kind of feeling guilty "they don't have to know," he said before he bit my neck to keep from moaning out loud.

This has to stop I keep telling myself this I just can't ever follow though with it I avoid him so I don't say yes. I always say I'm gonna leave him he always laughs and say we are supposed to be together you can't leave me. I keep telling him I will it doesn't work. Every time he comes crawling to my door step I take him back. I let him use my body for his own pleasure sure I get off on him going down on me or causing me pain. I know every time my boyfriend won't hurt me or go down on me I can come here. He will always be some one I can count on. "Craig you have to go" I say after we're though "yea I have to meet ash in a little while anyway" he kisses me its so hot it just makes me want him more "bye em" "bye" I have to leave him