Summary: Serena's grandmother, Sylvia, lives in a nursing home. Sylvia hates Serena's fiancé and tries to set her with the new doctor that came to the home. They can't stand each other. Will they finally set aside their ridiculous behavior and get along...maybe even fall in love? Will Wal-Mart aid in their true feelings?!


"Hi Grams, how are you feeling today?" I asked as I walked into the pink nursing home room. I carried a bouquet of fresh flowers in my hand and set them down on the table.

"Hello Serena. I'm feeling well today. Are those for me?" My 86 year old grand mother asked me. She was still quite spunkful for someone of her age. I don't know why my father ever put her in this place.

"Yes they are. Lovely flowers for my lovely grandmother." I said as I hugged her.

"Ok Serena, what is it you want?" She asked eyeing me cautiously.

"Grams! I'm hurt! I don't want anything. I came to see you like I do every day."

"Alright, I'll let it go for now. Guess what?"


"There's a new doctor on staff and he's quite handsome. You should really-"

"Gramma, how many times have we been through this? I'm engaged. You know, that step before marriage! I'm happy with Seiya."

"Horse shit. You know as well as I do that he's a good for nothing bum! It's not too late to break it off."

"Grams, I know you don't like Seiya but you aren't the one marrying him. You'll only have to see him at the wedding. And when we have children I would like them to get to know you."

"Serena you can't be serious about having kids with that-that...thing that you like to call a fiancé?! My heart couldn't handle it."

"I'm very serious about having kids with that thing that happens to be my future husband. Now, before we start another argument over this why don't you have some applesauce?"

"You mean the shit in the jar that they bring me from the cafeteria? No thank you I'd rather starve."

"Well it just so happens I brought you some from home." I said reaching into a bag that was by my side.

"Have any beer in there?"

"You know you're not allowed any alcohol, Mrs. Clark." A male voice,

I diverted my gaze from the applesauce to the door. Be still my beating heart! That was an incredibly gorgeous individual. Ebony hair, tan skin, sexy blue eyes...and a butt to die for.

"Doctor this is my granddaughter, Serena. I believe I've mentioned her before. Serena, this is Dr. Darien Hall."

"How do you do, Serena? Your grandmother has told me much about you." He said politely as he shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you."

"Doctor what time do you get off work?" My grandmother asked.

"5 o'clock. Why?"

"Why don't you take Serena out? I'm sure you two would enjoy each other's company."

"GRAMS!" I shrieked embarrassed. "Please forgive my grandmother. She seems to forget that I'm engaged." I said between gritted teeth giving her a death glare.

"Yeah to a yutz! Serena turn back before it's too late. Marry the nice doctor here. Have kids with him!"

"Well you seem to be doing fine today. Serena, it was nice meeting you. Mrs. Clark, as always it's a pleasure." He smiled arrogantly and walked out the door.

"Gramma I can't believe you did that!" I scolded angrily.

"What? I was just asking if he was busy after work. No harm in getting a drink, right?" she tried innocently.

"If you don't stop pretending that I'm single then I won't come here to visit you!" I threatened.

"Oh please, Serena. You know as well as I do that you have a conscious. You wouldn't leave me here to rot alone."

I knew she was right. I'd never leave her no matter how angry I was. Sighing defeated, I grabbed the brush from her dresser and walked behind her where I began to brush her silver hair.

"Serena, answer me truthfully. Are you in love with Seiya?"

"Yes I am."

"Then alright. I won't make another fuss about it. Even if he is a good for nothing son of a b-"

"Thank you grams." I cut her off.


"I have to be going. I'll see you tomorrow." I kissed her forehead.

"Serena could you do me a favor?"


"Could you ask the nurse or someone if I could get a glass of cranberry juice?"

"Of course. I'll be right back."

Venturing out into the hall I was a mission to find a staff member. I must've walked down three hallways before I spotted someone.

"Excuse me." I said as I tapped the man on his shoulder.

Turning around to face me, I noticed it was the incredibly sexy doctor from earlier.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yeah my grandmother is Mrs. Clark. You left her room about an hour ago. She wanted to know if she could have a glass of cranberry juice."

"I'm afraid I can't help you." He replied and turned to walk away.

"What do you mean you can't help me? It's a simple task. Tell a nurse or go to the cafeteria yourself and get it."

"Look, Serena was it?, I'm a doctor, not a servant. I didn't spend my time and money going to med school to get some loud mouth senior citizen a glass of juice. That's the nurse's job so why don't you find a nurse?" He retorted.

"Excuse me? Who the hell do you think pays you? She does! Who puts a roof over your head, food on your table and money in the bank? She does! If it weren't the thousands of dollars that she spends a year to live in this god-forsaken place then you wouldn't be a doctor! So I suggest you deflate your male ego, go to the damn kitchen and get my grandmother a glass of juice before I have a word with my father about your heinous behavior!"

"Aren't you a little old to be complaining to your parent's about the 'mean doctor who yelled at you'?"

"Hmm, I suppose that would be immature except for the fact that my dad is the president on the board of directors for this damn place!"

"You're Dr. Clark's daughter?" He asked exasperated.

"Yeah I am so if you value your job then I suggest that you close your mouth, and get my grandmother her drink!"

"You do know that it's really immature to use your father as a scapegoat right?"

"Scapegoat?! I wouldn't need to mention my father's position at all if you weren't such a cocky, arrogant, know it all, egotistical bastard!"

I was fuming. I wanted to punch him, deflate his ego a bit. Who did he think he was?!

"Tell your grandmother that I'll have it sent to her shortly. Good day." He gritted.


'Milk? Check. Paper towel? Check. Shampoo and conditioner? Double check. Eyeliner? Negative.' I thought mentally. As I continued to push my cart through the aisles of the Super Wal-Mart, my eyes drifted to the sale that they were having on Tampax. Suddenly I felt a thud and I heard someone say ow. I raced over to the front of the cart to see the body lying on the floor.

"I'm so sorry are you-oh it's you. Watch where you're going." I said flatly after seeing who it was I ran over.

"Do you always not pay attention while you're driving a shopping cart?" Darien said as he stood up off the ground.

"Do you always have to be such a jerk?"

"For your information, Miss Clark I am well liked amongst many."

"And that's supposed to impress me?"

Darien rolled his eyes.

"I think you broke my finger when you ran over me!" He cried over exaggerating.

"Awwww. Poor Doctor has a boo boo on his wittle fingeh." I said in a sarcastic baby voice.

I grabbed his hand in mine completely shocking the hell out of him. Quickly I grabbed his finger and pulled it, cracking the knuckle.

"OW!" He shrieked.

"Grow some balls, it didn't hurt that much." I snapped.

"How would you know it didn't hurt?! It wasn't your hand! And how would you know whether or not I have testicles?!"

"Are you married?"




"So you're single I'm taking it."

"Not that it's any of your business but yes I am."

"Well seeing that you only have your hand at the end of the day to comfort you, I'm going to assume that you don't have testicles due to the fact that you won't stop playing with them long enough to let them drop!" I yelled.

The whole store went quiet around us. The two old ladies in the aisle next to us popped their head around the Coke end cap to see what all the commotion was.

"And seeing that I've reduced your ego down to nothing, I'll be off. Have a pleasant evening, Doctor." I said sweetly, leaving Darien incredibly embarrassed from our...delightful meeting.

"Tell me, Miss Clark. How does your fiancé put up with you?" I heard him yell from behind me.

"Easy. I'm good in bed!"

With that I smiled, turning around and walking towards the glorious Tampax selection.


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