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Shift in Space

Chapter 7

"I've got good news!" Reeve announced via Cait Sith. "We found another tunnel like the other two. It's where the ultimate weapon was destroyed."

"Which one is that?" Tifa asked Cloud.

He shrugged. "I don't know. The only way I know is if the materia tells me."

"We better check it out then," Zack decided. "Cid, did you hear that?"

"Of course I did ya-" the pilot halted his sentence glancing at Sephiroth. "I mean we've already changed course."

"Good. How long until our arrival?" Sephiroth asked.

"At least a day. The winds are kicking up much too quickly to go rush in.

Cloud's eyes lit up. "Do you have a video room Cid?"

"Yeah. Go ahead and use it kid. Down the hall, on the right."

Cloud turned to Zack using his best puppy eyes. Zack groaned, "Not again. You've seen it a billion times all ready!"

"Seen what?" Yuffie asked.

"Pirates of the Caribbean."

"What's that?" Tifa asked.

"You've never seen Pirates of the Caribbean?!" Cloud yelped waving his hands angrily. "That's sacrilege!" He snatched the DVD from Zack's hands and dragged the two women out of the room.

"I wonder if they know what they've gotten themselves into," Zack murmured to Sephiroth.

"No," the general returned. They shared an amused glance. This would be interesting.


"Are you aware Cloud has every line of that movie memorized?" Tifa asked Zack as they waited Cloud to finish freeing the summon.

"Yes. He's obsessed with it." Zack sighed. "That's why we don't like to watch it with him."

"AHHHHHH!" Cloud shouted falling back. The summon burst it existence.

"That's the Titan."

"And he's not happy!" Reno yelled.

"He's one of theirs!" Cloud responded dodging Titan's fist.

By now everyone had begun attacking the summon. "It's not doing a thing!" Elena screamed in frustration.

Cloud smacked himself in the forehead as he figured it out. "Duh! We have to get him off the ground! He's an earth spirit!"

"That's a lot of help!" Barret grumbled letting off another shot. Next to him Vincent cast an ice spell.

Cloud bit his lip from his position behind the party. Perhaps Shiva could help? A summon against a summon? 'No, that wouldn't work. He'd still have his power source…I've got it!" Linking spells together Cloud mimicked Vincent's earlier action and cast an ice spell. Only he aimed it at the earth underneath the Titan spirit. A thick plate of ice formed making a skating rink on the ground. More importantly it separated the summon from its power source. Sephiroth moved in quickly and finished off the spirit with a few short blows. He landed gracefully in spite of the ice beneath his feet.

"Is everyone alright?" Tifa asked.

"A few minor injuries," Cait replied taking stock of the group. "Good thinking Cloud."

"Just remembered an old legend," Cloud shrugged.

"Let's get back to the Highwind," Nanaki suggested.


"The wind has increased," Vincent observed. He turned to Cloud. "Could the Cetra have caused this?"

"I don't know," Cloud admitted.

"Typoon, the wind summon," Yuffie suggested. "If it was one of the Cetra's it might do this."

"Better find him soon or else we won't be able to fly at all." Cid announced from his place at the wheel.

"Anything?" Vincent asked Cloud.

"It's just air!" Cloud replied sounding frustrated as he focused on the red materia. "How in the world can they anchor a crystal in air?!"

"Then we'll look for it the hard way," Cid grumbled. "Reeve, get your but moving and get your blasted pilots into the air." He took a long drag on his cigarette. "I'm gettin' too old for this."

Several hours later Reeve called back. "We've found something. Head to the west continent mountain range. Be careful, the winds increase as you go in."

Cid quickly took off guiding his plane into the middle of the storm. If it had anything other than the Highwind they would have been ripped to pieces. Finally they reached the eye of the storm.

"Bloody hell," Barret swore as the group gathered on deck.

Hanging in mid air between the mountains was Typhoon. Unlike the others they had faced so far, he appeared to be free of his crystal enclosure. Worse yet it was blatantly clear he was on the Cetra's side. "Cloud?" Tifa asked.

"He's still tied into the spells. That's why he can't come at us directly. But the Cetra let him out of his physical prison allowing him to manipulate the atmosphere." Light began to flicker about his fingertips. "I'll see what I can do but I'll need time. Without a physical connector it's harder to access the spells."

"Exactly how are we supposed to fight like that?" Barret grumbled.

"Same way we fought the Ultimate weapon," Tifa replied calmly. "Cid, take us in a close as you can!"

"We're gonna loose our wings!" The spear wielding pilot snapped back, but he moved his men into position.

"All right. Vincent, Reno, Rude, Elena, you guys take the front. You've got our long range weaponry." Zack directed. "We'll stay back here and spell cast."

"Oh no you don't," Cloud snapped. Sweat poured down the blond's face as he concentrated. "No spell casting unless you absolutely have to. Any more energy bursts around here and the bindings will fall completely. We really don't want to fight Typhoon directly."

"I'll handle potions!" Tifa volunteered grabbing the bag. She tossed a smaller one to Zack. "That's our miscellaneous weapons. See if there's anything you can throw."

The next few minutes proved very stressful for all concerned. The Turks, Yuffie and Vincent seemed to make very little process other than angering Typhoon.

"We can't take much more of this!" Cid shouted over the intercom from the command deck.

"Ah ha!" Cloud shouted. Three beams of force flickered into existence from Typhoon to the mountains. The winds abruptly halted as Cloud contained the summon's power. "Alright, we just have to sever those lines!"

Reno took careful aim and shot one of the beams. His bullet promptly melted. "Kid, don't look now but I don't think regular bullets are going to do anything."

"What are those things made out of anyway?" Yuffie asked.

"They're Typhoon's energy. It's directly linked to the spell containing him. Shatter those and he'll loose his connection to the planet and most of his energy."

"Physical weapons don't sever energy Cloud," Sephiroth reminded his ward.

"Oops. Right. Umm…Yuffie, come over here!" He quickly cast a spell on her Conformer. "There, that should do it. All up to you now. Be careful, there's an energy blade surrounding the metal ones. You can't see them but it can cut right thought your hand."

"'Kay." Yuffie carefully took aim and severed a line. The conformer returned to her hand. She quickly repeated the process twice more.

"Can we use a summon now?" Red asked. Cloud nodded. Red gestured to Tifa who summoned Bahamut, Red summoned Neo Bahamut and Vincent summoned Bahamut Zero. The dragon trio unleashed their attacks quickly destroying Typhoon.

Strangely, the dragons didn't vanish immediately. Instead they flew up a short distance then turned and went back to ship level. After a few repetition of this odd behavior Vincent spoke. "They want us to follow them."

Cid grumbled but directly his crew to follow the dragons. One by one they vanished. Finally the last, Neo Bahamut, faded as they caught glimpse of a floating rock. "Is that…" Tifa asked Cloud softly.

Cloud nodded though the three glowing materia in his lab. "They lead us right to their anchoring place." He ran to the edge of the deck and jumped from the ship to the rock.

"Are you nuts?" Reno yelled.

Cloud ignored the redheaded Turk and approached the giant crystal. It was actually three crystals fused tighter at the edges. Cloud carefully tapped the crystal. The three dragons arose again, only this time in his mind. After a few minutes Cloud figured out what the Cetra had done. He quickly removed the barriers between the three forms. The dragons snapped into one spirit. Thank you child. I am at last whole and free again. Goodbye He promptly vanished. Unfortunately so did the rock.

"Ack!" Vincent, closest to the rail, leaned over and snatched the child and pulled him back onto the deck. Cloud looked up at Sephiroth's unhappy face. "I'm in trouble again aren't I?"


"I think we should look at putting Cloud someplace safe," Tifa announced several hours later after they had landed.

"This is not a job for children," Red agreed.

"I'll let you know if I see any," Cloud muttered. He raised his voice. "This mission was entrusted to me. You can't do it without my help."

"He's right," Zack reluctantly admitted.

"Then do your job and stay out of the way," Elena snapped.

"Fine, fine," Cloud grumbled with a roll of his eyes. He pulled out the decreasing pile of summons. "Right, Knights of the Round next. Time to check out a lake surrounded by mountains."

It wasn't exactly an easy trip to get there. The Highwind had to land outside the mountain range and they headed in on foot since the land was too rocky for Chocobos. Finally they reached the glistening lake. "Exactly how are we supposed to find a crystal in a lake?" Tifa asked Cloud.

"Do any of you read?" Yuffie asked sounding annoyed. "Look, Cloud told you we're looking for the Kings of the Round. We're at a lake. Get the connection?"

Mass blank stare. "No."

Yuffie sighed. "There's an old legend about a king who founded a perfect city in which there was a round table composed of his knights. Legend also has it he had a mystical sword from a lake."

"So now some stupid sword is just gonna flight out of a lake?" Cid grumbled. "Don't be stupid.

"Cloud?" Zack questioned while Yuffie and Cid continued to fight. "Do you sense anything?"

"There's something there but I can't locate it."

Greetings seekers.

The group jumped at the voice. No few hands strayed towards their weapons. "Who are you?" Red asked the faint outline of a woman standing on the lake.

I am Entil'za, Lady of the Lake and daughter of Gaia the former spirit of the planet. I guard the seas and lakes of the world. You have come seeking that which is in my possession, yes?

"We're trying to free the souls of the Knights of the Round summon." Zack confirmed.

My children. They were sworn to me as the Champions were to Gaia. They save me by giving up their lives and destroying the Cetra advance. Unfortunately my mother did not survive.

"What happens to you if they leave?" Tifa asked softly.

I will go with them. It is time. I miss my mother and there is one now who can take my place. The waters of the lake parted revealing dry land. Go free my sons and daughters. However, their leader isn't here. Alexander, my head knight lies elsewhere in a place beyond my reach.

"We'll find him." Cloud promised. With Sephiroth in the lead the group traveled down the path. At the center of the lake they found-

"Alright, this is getting ridiculous," Reno growled.

-a crystal sword inserted into a dark rock. Cloud lightly touched it. In a few moments it shattered.

"Well that was easy," Yuffie said cheerfully.

'Maybe too easy,' several of the fighters thought glancing around nervously.

"It's okay. They had almost gotten free on their own. All I had to do was give them a push," Cloud calmed them. "They're still around actually. They won't leave until we finish so if we need help they'll step in. But we might want to get back on dry land before the water falls back in."

This statement resulted in a mass run back to land. The Lady of the Lake smiled and closed the passage behind them.

End Chapter 7

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