Broekn, Third Installment

By: Roxeant

Warning: This story is strictly a Raven/Beast Boy, Robin/Starfire story. . . And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, or any related characters.

So, this is the last chapter. However, I will be writing MANY more TT fics (you can get previews on my profile for some I've got planned out. I'm gonna go on a Harry Potter streak for a bit, but I'll still be writing TT, so don't worry!)

Thanks to another reviewer, I stuck a bit about Raven going to high school in at the end. I wish I coulda used it more, but I had to fit in all the revenge stuff, you know? Still, it's a funy thought! By the way, if any of you wanna use the general idea of the Teen Titans finding fanfiction, go right ahead! But only if you promise to link me in a review or something. I wanna see what you come up with! You can give credit to me, but it's not really my idea. Or, most of it isn't. The general idea of made up characters finding fanfiction isn't. Everything else is.

Hope you enjoy the ending! Fluff, hot tubs, olive oil, whipped cream, and tickling abound. And you can't forget the psycho Robin! Gotta love the guy.

Raven grinned evilly. Raven did not usually grin evilly, but on the rare occasions that she did, it was truly a frightening sight to behold. Beast Boy shuddered, but he quickly shoved his fear off, choosing instead to focus on the wonderful feeling of revenge.

"He's so gonna pay for this," the green changeling whispered malevolently.

"As soon as he wakes up," Raven said.

They looked at each other, looked at Cyborg's closed door, and sighed. It might take a while.

"Think we should help him to get up?"

"Yes." Raven smiled. "He's been asleep for hours. He won't be able to fall asleep tonight if he stays in bed all day," she said innocently.

Beast Boy casually knocked on the door. Inside, he heard Cyborg gasp, get up from his chair, and turn off his computer. Then, the door opened.

"Hey, Beast Boy, Raven," the half-robot said cheerily. "What do you two need?"

"We want a ride in your car," Beast Boy said. "I was all for taking it out by myself, but Rae said that we should get you to drive us. See, we're going to pick up this HUGE LOAD of tofu for me. And we can't carry it back fast unless we put it in the car."

"Why's Raven coming along?"

Raven shrugged. "Because the Grocery Store with the Tofu that Beast Boy likes happens to be right next to one of my favorite bookstores. You don't think I'd let him try and get all that tofu to the Tower by himself? He'd probably kill someone."

Cyborg nodded. "Good point. But. . . why do I want to help you get TOFU here? I hate tofu! Makes me sick just thinking about it. . ."

"'Cause, in exchange for the ride, we'll buy you some ribs at the Grocery Store while we're there," Raven said slyly.

Cyborg licked his lips. Ribs. . . Tempting. . .

"Alright. Let's go and get my baby!"

Beast Boy and Raven grinned at each other behind Cyborg's back, and followed him to the garage.

"Don't let him get meeeeee. . ." Robin whimpered, his eyes shifting around. He was huddled at the bottom of Starfire's bed, under the covers.

Apparently, the boy wonder had fallen asleep on Starfire's shoulder while watching TV, and had had a terrible nightmare about Slade. He was off like a rocket as soon as he woke up, with Starfire close on his heels.

As soon as she entered the room, Starfire began coaxing Robin out from inside the huddled mound that had formerly been Starfire's covers. Slowly but surely, he was responding.

"I won't let Slade get you, friend Robin," the Tamaranian princess assured him, offering a hand to the pile of bedcovers. "Now, please, come out? It is not healthy to hide from a nightmare."

Robin saw the logic in this. He was acting rather foolish.

But. . .

Slade. . .

"You don't understand," he said with a shudder. "It's so true! All of it! It's so disgustingly realistic! The thought, I mean. It hasn't happened yet, but it could. It could. . . It really could."

"Robin, while we are nearby, Slade cannot harm you. Especially in the Tower! I will remain with you, Robin. I won't let Slade find you alone. I promise."

"You promise?" Robin whispered hesitantly.

"I promise," Starfire sang.

Robin climbed out and smiled. "I really need to relax," he mumbled, trying to calm his frazzled nerves.

Starfire nodded. "That seems like a good plan, Friend Robin. What do you suggest doing to pass the time?"

Robin thought for a moment. "Something where I can't fall asleep. . . and I don't wanna go back to the training room right now. . ." he thought for another few seconds. "How about we go to the showers in the Gym and have a waterfight? We haven't done that in months!"

"Just us?" Starfire asked.

"Sure," Robin said.

Starfire nodded. "Alright. I shall meet you there after I have donned my suit of bathing."

Robin grinned. "Okay. I'll meetcha there." And with that, the boy wonder (feeling a bit better) went off to his own room to grab his swim trunks.

Cyborg opened the door to the garage, flipped on the light switch, and screamed.

All three of the Titans toppled to the ground.

Raven and Beast Boy fell over, clutching each other and trying to keep from crying with laughter. A few pieces of scrap metal in the garage twisted into knots, but it didn't really matter. Raven kept on laughing anyway.

Cyborg fell over because of the terrible shock he had just received. His car. . . his lovely car. . .

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABY?" he shrieked, rushing over to his car and pulling off the saran wrap that covered it. Big mistake. Underneath, he found olive oil. Lots of olive oil.

"And what is this stuff?" Cyborg asked frantically.

He tasted it.

"Oh. . . Olive oil."

A pause.


Raven was still laughing. Beast Boy answered for her.

"Well, Raven's one smart cookie. She knows lotsa stuff. . . including the fact that olive oil will ruin the paint job on any car."

Cyborg cried. He fell down on his knees and cried like a small toddler after a particularly bad nightmare.

Raven had, by now, regained her composure. . . almost. "Op-open th-th. . . Openthecar," she managed to gasp out before laughing even harder. The lights flickered, but none of them noticed.

Cyborg, his stomach twisting into knots, opened the car to see what horror lay within.

Whipped cream poured out of the door and covered him from head to toe. Cyborg looked as if he were about to throw up.

"That was my idea," Beast Boy said proudly. He grinned at his mortified friend. "If you freeze a can of whipped cream and cut it in half, it'll get all frosty when it heats up. It goes EVERYWHERE!"

Cyborg looked at Raven and Beast Boy, the former of whom was crying tears of mirth into the latter's shoulder. "Why did you do this to me, guys? We're friends!" Cyborg said, his eyes shining with tears.

Raven stopped crying. Beast Boy stopped laughing.

"We paid you a little visit while you were asleep," Raven said.

Cyborg paled.

"Raven wanted to turn off your computer to save energy," Beast Boy continued.

Cyborg began to feel very, very sick. Sicker than before.

"And we found something that I never want to think about again," Raven growled.

"Dude, not cool. Why were you reading sex stories about me and Rae? It's just not right, man!"

"I'm. . . sorry?"

"Get him!" Raven yelled.

"Right behind ya," Beast Boy cackled.

And the two picked up whipped cream in their hands, (okay, so Raven used her powers too) and threw it at Cyborg.

They would force him to clean up the garage later.

Starfire and Robin were completely soaked. Water balloons, squirt guns (he had taught Starfire how to use one, after explaining that they weren't like the guns that many evil villains had), and even showerheads had been used in the massive water war.

The shower was soaked, but the water would drain out eventually. Ah, the showers. . . they were indeed a wonderful installment to the tower. They weren't for nice, long, relaxing baths, but they were great for a quick scrub after training.

They were a bit like the kind you'd find at camp, or in a locker room, except cleaner, larger, and more comfortable.

The best part? In the back, there was a hot tub, just in case one of the Titans wanted to use heat on a strained muscle. All of them loved it. It even had jets!

And that is where our two Titans are currently positioned, right next to each other in the nice, lovely, warm hot tub.

For the first time in two days, Robin felt completely relaxed. He said so.

"Star? I just wanna say. . . thanks. For not freaking out on me while I was. . . you know. . . all weird and stuff."

Starfire giggled. "It was nothing, friend Robin. I am just glad that you're back to normal now!"

"Pretty much," Robin said. It was true, Slade would haunt his darkest nightmares until his dying day after his experiences, and there would be more mental breakdowns in the future, but, overall, he was much better than before.

"So, the fanfiction pairings no longer scare you?"

"The Slade one doesn't."

"Friend Robin, what do you mean."

"There's one more pairing that scares me," Robin admitted.

"Which one?" Starfire asked, concern shining in her eyes.

"The Starfire/Robin pairing. Robin's afraid that Starfire won't ever like him." Robin put on the best cute-face that he could. . . which was, to say the least, pretty damn good.

Starfire smiled. "Robin shouldn't be worried about something so foolish," she said. "Starfire really, really likes Robin."

"Do you think she'd like to go out on a date with him this weekend?"

"I think she would," Starfire said.

Robin beamed.

"Think she'd let me kiss her?"

Starfire thought about it. (Or, pretended to.) "She'll get back to you on that. Is that the correct earth term, Fr- Robin?"

Robin nodded. "Yep. You're vocabulary really is improving, St-"

He was interrupted as she pressed her lips against hers. As Robin kissed her back, he couldn't help but think that he loved this hot tub even more than before.

"Do you think we were too hard on Cyborg?" Beast Boy asked Raven as they sat on the living room couch in front of the TV.

"Nope," the empath said. Her eyes were closed, and a small, contented smile flitted across her lips. Beast Boy was propped up on a corner of the couch, and she was leaning against him, tilted at a horizontal angle. His arm was draped lazily over her stomach.

The smile grew bigger. "Stop!" she said, opening one eye to look at Beast Boy's hand, which was idly tracing patterns on her abdomen. "That tickles."

Beast Boy grinned at her. "Ticklish, are we?" he asked.

Raven knew she was in for it now. 'No,' she tried to say, but her mouth wouldn't cooperate. Instead, she began laughing as Beast Boy shifted, tickling her stomach with both of his hands.

"St-st," Raven gasped, while trying to push his hands away, but Beast Boy wouldn't give up. Both of them were laughing now. Somehow, he'd gotten on top of her, and was tickling her everywhere he could reach.

They didn't even notice when the chairs in the kitchen fell over, or when a few glasses in one of the cupboards shattered. If they had, they wouldn't have cared. A bit of fun was worth a few broken cups. They'd buy more tomorrow.

And so, this is the end of our tale. Or, almost.

Raven got on the next day, and spotted fanfictions in which she and the other Titans were forced to go to high school. She talked to the Jump City Council, and they assured her that the Titans were legally able to stay out of school. Lucky them.

The empath was also slowly gaining control of her powers, with a bit of help from Beast Boy, and a lot of practice. A LOT of practice.

Starfire and Robin went on their date, and had a wonderful time. So, they went on another. And another. And another. Soon, they were going out regularly (of course), and were officially in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Though Starfire often asked Raven if she and Beast Boy would like to double date, Raven refused. She and Beast Boy were perfectly happy as they were. (That is, to say, they had dates in more secluded places. Beast Boy didn't mind Raven's tastes. He didn't really think that his girlfriend wanted to end up in the tabloids. He could see it now: Jump City's hottest new couple. Ew.)

And so, the two couples lived happily ever after. . . (Even if Robin could be found hiding at the bottom of Starfire's bed about once a month, whimpering after having a terrible nightmare about Slade. . . he never would recover completely.)

And as for Cyborg?

"Guys?" the half-robot called from in the midst of the mound of whipped-cream. "Raven? Beast Boy? This isn't funny anymore. . . Let me out."



More silence.