A/n: Okay, I got this idea based off one of the songs from the play Wicked, which the song is Defying Gravity. The song makes me think about the good and the bad side of witchcraft and wizardry. Well, we have to good side: Dumbledore, Potter; and then we have the bad side (referred as the death eaters): Lucius Malfoy, Lord Vodie; but I decided to make a story about to girls. Both desintied for greatness... when one decides to turn bad and the other not. It is sort of based of the play Wicked but I haven't seen it so, I am adding what I want to this idea. So...

Disclaimer: I don't own the idea or the characters or the song Defying Gravity.

Chapter 1: Flying off the Handle

The great hall was dark and cold considering that it was around midnight in the school of Hogwarts. Ginny Weasley slowly walked down the Gryffindor steps sneaking passed Snape and her brother as that fact. For all he knew, she was hanging out with innocent Gryffindors. But it was different. She was hanging out with a young 8th year that was in Slytherin. Ginny was pushed up a year because of her good grades. She was a friend with at least everyone in every house. Popular was the word for her. But, she only had one friend in Slytherin, and that was Mindy.

"Are you there?" A voice asked from the distance. Ginny looked at the dark spot in the corner. She laughed and walked over there.

"Come on Mindy!" She said wanting to head to the woods.

"Geez, all right, I am coming." Said Mindy as she stepped into the light showing her jet-black hair and her emerald green eyes. Ginny smiled and they ran off to the woods in the north part of the school. Mindy was the only Slytherin to have a Gryffindor friend. And Mindy was the only one to have one friend. She was a loner but didn't like having friends. Ginny knew that Mindy's dad was a death eater and she knew that Mindy wanted to be powerful like her dad but not in a bad way. At least Ginny thought so.

"Ginny, we're here." She said walking past a large rotted tree. Ginny looked around then up through the trees seeing the bright stars. She smiled and wanted to just dance in the moonlight under the bright stars with her best friend Mindy. They walked further into the open space. Mindy looked up and stared into the stars also. "They're beautiful."

"I know." Ginny said as she sat on the dry cool grass. Mindy looked at her.

"We have to go before they get here." Mindy said.

"I just want to look at them." Ginny said placing her arms behind head.

"Ginny! Come on, I am not being funny. If my father finds me here little alone with you, I am in it deep." Mindy said trying to get her up.

"Mindy, calm down." Ginny said standing finally deciding they should go further. Mindy let the breath out of her lungs and keep walking. The lantern in her hand was about to go out.

"Ginny, I think that we should get to the spot before anyone gets here. Death Eaters can smell fear." Mindy said. She knew this because her father always knew when she was lying with her fear.

"Who said I was scared?" Ginny looked at Mindy with a deadly look.

"I didn't say you were. But I am, have you ever seen Lord Voldermort?" Mindy asked.

"Not the way he looks now. I saw him in my 1st year. Well, his reincarnated body." She said laughing.

"Ginny, I am so serious. I have seen him. He has been at my house in the summertime. He has seen me since I was a baby." Mindy said.

"I am sorry. We better hide then." Ginny said. Suddenly, someone grabbed Ginny's shoulder and she turned around and saw Snape.

"Miss Weasley, Miss Mullens? What do you think your doing out here?"Snape said. Mindy and Ginny didn't say anything as they realized they were in trouble. "Do you understand the danger that is out here?"

"Yes Professor Snape." Mindy said.

"Alright, you two are in big trouble. 50 points from Gryffindor!" Snape said. Ginny signed in pain.

"Snape, what about me? Don't I deserve to have points taken away?" Mindy asked.

"No, I think you learned your lesson. Plus, you like potions. That ought to be a positive. Eh?"Snape said. Mindy signed in pain to that Ginny was suffering and she wasn't because of her smart-ass teacher. "Now, off to Dumbledore's office." Snape said taking them. As they entered Dumbledore's office, they could see the disappointed look in his eye.

"Miss Weasley, Miss Mullens, I am so ashamed of you." He said.

"Dumbledore, It was my fault." Ginny said.

"No Dumbledore, its mine." Mindy said.

"I assume you both are the blame so you will be on detention duty for Professor Snape for 2 months until you have completed your time. And for now on I want you two to stay in your dormitories when curfew is up." Dumbledore said.

"2 MONTHS!" Mindy yelled. "They won't let me play on the
soccer team!"

"I am sure they can find a replacement till you get detention duty." Dumbledore said.

"This isn't fair." Mindy said.

"Well I am sorry but you need to learn your lesson." He said.

"Lesson! Cleaning classrooms is a lesson?!" Mindy asked getting angry.

"Miss Mullens, do not under mind me. You don't see Miss Weasley over there getting angry." Dumbledore said.

"Fine." Mindy said stepping off.

"Alright. Now Snape will escort you, Mindy, back to the Slytherin, and Professor McGonagall will escort you, Ginny, back to Gryffindor. Goodnight you two." Dumbledore said heading back to bed himself.

"Mindy why couldn't you just stay calm for once instead of flying off the handle?" Ginny said as they exited with the teachers behind them.

"Sorry." She said as they were both lead there separate way.

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